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  • Posts

    • Margo and Bill! SALLY SPECTRA!!!    A lot of the time I was Team Rivals like Bill Spencer and the Spectras against the smug Forresters.   Darlene Conley was a true gem.
    • Someone posted on a different board that Andy Cohen kept Vicki on the show after season 10 to redeem her and see if she could win back favors with the others.  I could see his reasoning but after she again blew it in season 11...he should have cut ties with Vicki.  If he and the show fired Gretchen for making up the proposal and not owning her part in things then certainly Vicki should be fired (im not even a fan of Gretchen, but I can see the double standard at work).
    • The issue so much the rumor but that Vicki spread it and put it out there on tv. I cant see Eddie ever being cool with Vicki after that. Hetero (and closeted gay men) who aren't as confident with their masculinity take that very personal and view it as an attack. Tamra is going to stand by her husband, as she should and if he doesnt want anything to do with Vicki than that means she and Tamra are done. Thats just how it has to be. Its going to affect her marriage if she goes back to being friends with Vicki. Likewise, its why Vicki and Shannon are done. The only way any of these friendships could be repaired is if the women divorce their men
    • @Soaplovers @Nothin'ButAttitude Interesting that you both thought Vicki found out in the middle of the season and basically tried to pull a Nixonian cover-up job. When I originally watched S10, I was convinced that Vicki believed Brooks had cancer right until the end and her "nailed on the cross like Jesus was" speech. It was only when Reunion started that I thought "She knows now." But today in hindsight, it is obvious that when she presented those fake medical documents to Tamra, it was a messy clean-up job. The fact that she didn't kick that gross turd out of her life as soon as she found out is stupefying.   100% agree that Vicki's inability to be alone is a major flaw. She constantly admits to her own neediness, but I wish she would do more to deal with it in therapy. It has left her personal life, her business and her family in tatters.   Wow, you advocate cleaning house, huh. Actually, I wish they would. The rot definitely has set in. However, RHoNY S5 frightened Bravo producers forever with regards to major purges (I don't understand why. Were ratings really that bad?). I would guess that Vicki will be gone after this season but Tamra will remain for S13 because she has allied herself with Shannon and made up with Kelly.     Agreed that they wouldn't fire both at once. Not sure the Eddie is gay rumor is that big a deal as Tamra herself has acknowledged that it has been around since the dawn of time and she doesn't care. It was more an excuse for Tamra to let her anger explode re: Vicki pretending cancergate never happened. Tamra despised (and was right about) Crooks, and never forgave that Vicki chose him over her (unlike Tamra, who chose Vicki and the show over Simon).   I agree that there is no coming back from S10 and S11, and the show is hurting as a result.
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