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    • He probably misspoke, but it cracks me up nonetheless. They may as well have one of them come out at a desperate attempt at pandering. It will probably be Tiffany, but Don Jr is the most believable as a trisexual type, especially since he has entered full Requiem for a Dream mode.    
    • I wonder are they gearing up for a teen scene with a SORAS Katie, Johnny, Connor, Faith? Or is she going to be for Jared the kid Devon and Amanda helped at the Help Center? 
    • Wait, did Eric Trump just out himself on national television?
    • I’m wondering if she’s actually gonna be a SORASed Katie?
    • Right to  Happiness summary 1941. The Kranskys had vanished by this  point.   ALMOST everybody wants happiness; almost nobody knows quite what happiness really is. And the struggle to achieve this elusive state of bliss often has the strange effect of creating a great deal ·of unhappiness. For instance, in Ima Phillips; serial show "Right to Happiness" (heard Monday through Friday over CBS) . Here the struggle results in a muddle of love triangles which. would confound the wisest adviser to the lovelorn.   First, Bill Walker (Reese Taylor), an advertising executive, falls for widow Doris Cameron (Connie Crowder), a woman's magazine editor until he meets her daughter, Carolyn (Eloise Kummer), whom he marries while Doris is away on business. Carolyn is ignorant of her mother's love for Bill, later finds life with him-he is twenty years older than she-- quite incompatible. Her real heart interest is Bill's young business associate, Dwight Kramer (Frank Behrens) . She threatens divorce, but Bill refuses to leave her. Another triangle develops as Louise Sims (Sarajane Wells), comes to live with Doris, meets Lyle Anders (Karl Weber), a young writer, to whom she becomes engaged out of pity on learning that he has only six months to live. But his recovery places her on a .spot, for she really is in love with a young lawyer named Dick Gordon (Monty Mohn).   A third trend is introduced when Fred Minturn (Art Kohl), who loves Doris, is spurned because she still carries the torch for Bill Walker. All of these men and women search for one possession- happiness .

NBC | Peacock

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