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  1. Josh! What's goin' on with TGL?! It's been ages!

  2. The Guiding Light: Episode 090Wednesday, February 20, 2008 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> <HR> Josh rolled over in bed and could feel an intense headache forming. “Hell…” he swore under his breath as his feet hit the floor. He rubbed his eyes and tried to recall the previous night…a fight with Shayne, drinking and then Cassie was the last memory he had. He reached for his phone on the nightstand and came back with a note from Cassie. “Reva never came home last night. Left around 7:00, thanks for last night. It’s what I needed – Cassie.” Josh crumbled the note up and tossed it into the trashcan beside the nightstand. He picked up his cell phone and saw “13 Missed Calls” from an assortment of people: Reva, Billy, Marah…he turned his phone off, tossed it back on the bed, ignored the countless voice mails and headed to the shower, determined to rid himself of this hangover before Reva returned from where ever she had been all night long. <HR> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> Marah and Danny appeared from the ICU hallway to see Reva on her cell phone, leaving Josh yet another message. “Hey, any change?” Marah shook her head, “No. He’s just lying there, so still and almost life…” she stopped herself and composed. “Lillian said that they’re going to do a shift change and that should take them about two hours.” “Two hours?” Reva gasped. “Well what are we supposed to do just sit here and wait? No, I want to go see Shayne.” “Reva,” Lillian approached, “this is typical. We do shift changes twice a day and during that time family isn’t allowed in the ICU, I’m sorry.” “But you’ll be here the entire time, right?” Marah questioned. “Of course,” she answered. “Listen, Buzz called this morning and he wants to offer you guys a room at the boarding house, free of charge.” “No,” Reva shook her head. “No I want to be here if anything happens, right here.” “Mom be reasonable,” Marah spoke. “Company is right across the street if anything happens we’ll be close and we have to keep our strength up for Shayne.” “She’s right Reva.” She shook her head, “All right. Danny would you take us back to the house I need to get a few things, some clothes and insurance information?” Danny shook his head. “And Lillian you have our cell phone numbers right?” Reva gestured amongst her, Marah and Danny. “If anything changes, anything…you’ll call?” She gathered up her coat and purse, “Okay, let’s go…I’ve got to find your father.” <HR> “How are my favorite girls?” Bill asked as he entered the Bauer kitchen. “Hey! I’m not a girl,” was the reply Robbie hollered back at him. “Squirt…” Bill gave him a high five, “I know you’re not a girl, you’re my favorite little man.” Robbie laughed and went back to eating his apples. “Where’s your Mom?” “His mom is right here,” Michelle came down the stairs with Grace in her arms. “Do you want to go see daddy? Huh?” She handed him the baby and finished packing Robbie’s lunch box. “Sweetheart, Mrs. Thompson is here to pick you up,” she handed him his lunch, kissed his forehead and sent him out the door. “Bye Bill,” he called from halfway down the sidewalk. “Can you believe how big he’s getting? Or how big she’s getting? Huh?” Bill questioned. “They’re growing fast,” Michelle noted. “How are you doing this morning? Holding up okay? I know that today’s your day with Grace but I just figured you wouldn’t be here until later.” He put Grace in her high chair and gave Michelle a look, “I must be missing something. Why would I give up a day with my daughter?” “Um…Shayne’s accident. I just figured that you would have wanted to be with your family today, that’s all.” “What accident?” “You don’t know about Shayne’s accident? Last night at the Beacon? Bill, how can you not know what is going on? It was in the Mirror this morning. Hope even saw it online in Chicago.” “I really have no idea what you’re talking about Michelle,” Bill told her. “You need to go to Cedars, right now,” she told him. “Rick and Mel spent the entire night there working on Shayne. He was attacked at the Beacon, he has severe internal injuries, head trauma and he’s in a coma. Did your father not call you?” “My phone broke yesterday, I just got a new one.” He grabbed his jacket from one of the empty chairs, “We can reschedule?” “Of course,” Michelle answered. “Listen if there is anything Reva or Josh…” she paused, “or you need, please call me.” “I will,” Bill told her and then stopped in before rushing out the door. “Can I do something that I’ve been wanting to do for months?” “What...” Michelle asked and before Bill could answer, she found herself engaged in a passionate kiss with the father of her daughter! <HR> Cassie entered the farm much the same way she had left it the night Tammy left for Washington D.C., quite and dark. She tossed her purse on the table and was about to head up the stairs for a shower and then to bed when the lights suddenly came home. “Decided to finally come home?” “Oh my God!” Cassie screamed at the top of her lungs, “Tammy Nicole! What are you doing here?” “You know I think I’m going to reverse the mother-daughter role here for a minute and ask you the questions? Where have you been all night?” “None of your business,” Cassie answered. “What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in D.C.” “I stopped by the Beacon last night and Emily said that she wasn’t sure where you were so I checked your suite and nope, not there. So I called Towers and then Company and no one had seen you in like hours. Then I decided to just come on back here and wait to see if you eventually showed up.” “For starters, I don’t know why you’re here or why you’re giving me the third degree, but I don’t appreciate it. Why are you not in school?” “Because when my plane landed in Indianapolis I decided to check my messages and I had like four from Marina and another five from Lizzie. Shayne had some kind of accident last night at the Beacon. I canceled my flight to Washington and headed back home.” Tammy glared at her, “You should probably check your phone, I’m sure…” “I turned it off…” Cassie rushed over to her purse. “Don’t bother,” Tammy shot back. “I don’t know what you were doing last night or with who, but you stink. Take a shower and get dressed, we’ll talk more in the car.” <HR> Josh wrapped a towel around his waist and walked back into the master suite to find Reva sitting on the bed. “Well, look who decided to finally come home? You enjoy you’re night out?” Reva sat in silence for a moment, “Did you? Where in the hell have you been Joshua? I tried to call you last night. Billy tried, Marah…” “Is there a reason you’re checking up on me Reva?” he questioned. “I’m your husband, not your child. I don’t appreciate...” “What did you just say?” Reva stopped him. “There is a very long list, which is growing at the moment, of things I do not appreciate, Bud. Have you even bothered to notice that I’m still wearing the same damn dress I was wearing at the wedding last night?” she paused. “I’m going to ask you one more time, where were you all night?” “And I told you that I’m not your child that needs to be checked up on,” Josh replied angrily. “Don’t…” Reva said softly, almost under her breath as she walked across to the dresser and looked in the mirror at him standing there. “Don’t…do not get some holier than thou attitude with me. And please forgive me if I cannot stomach your self righteous indignation this morning Joshua. I’m a little tired, seeing as I’ve spent the entire God forsaken night at Cedars,” she revealed. “The hospital what happened? Reva…” “You tell me Joshua, you tell me where you were when I needed you the most? she paused and raised her voice, “When this family needed you the most Bud!” “I was having some work issues and decided to go have a beer at Outskirts,” he finally revealed. “I had one to many and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to drive so I got a room at that little run down motel across the street.” “Finally, an honest answer,” Reva sighed as she began packing an overnight bag. “You know most middle aged men who have a family, a career and responsibilities don’t normally go out and get wasted. I guess I should be grateful you didn’t drive. That’s the silver lining here isn’t it? Tell me, did you at least go alone?” “So why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you. Why are you here drinking like there is no tomorrow?” Josh shrugged his shoulders, “It doesn’t matter.” “It does matter,” Cassie touched his shoulder. “Come on talk to me, I just opened up to you about Tammy, let me help if I can.” Josh finished off his fifth glass of bourbon and took Cassie’s hand, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you forget about Tammy leaving for at least awhile and I’ll forget about what is bothering me and we’ll…” he stumbled off his barstool, “we’ll have us some fun.” “Of course I did and I don’t deserve that,” Josh answered. “Are you going to tell me why you spent the entire night at Cedars? Is it Marah?” Reva gathered her composure before speaking, “No…Shayne.” She finished dressing and allowed the news to hit him as hard as it had hit her twelve hours earlier. “He was attacked last at the Beacon, in the parking garage. Lucy Spaulding found him.” “Oh my God…Reva…is he…” “Alive?” she questioned. “Just barely. Rick and Mel worked until about three this morning to stabilize him. He has internal bleeding, severe trauma to his head. The doctors are worried that his brain is either bleeding or swelling…they don’t know which yet.” she shook her head. “He’s in a coma…” she choked back tears as Josh reached for her. “No! No…no…no! You don’t get to sweep in here after the living hell that I have been through last night and make this all better, you don’t get do that…” she yelled! “Do you know how petrified and frightened I was last night? And the answer is no, you don’t because you didn’t go through what I did. I sat there…” she sobbed, “on that sofa and held Lucy Spaudling in my arms and just kept staring at her, covered in Shayne’s blood. Each time that door swung open I just knew, I knew that Rick was going to come and tell me he was gone…” she relived the night in her mind. “I was all alone…I have never needed you as much as I did in that moment…” “Why didn’t you call Billy?” Josh questioned. “I didn’t want Billy! He’s not my husband. He’s not Shayne’s father. I love him like a brother, but I wanted you and you weren’t there. Do not even try to make excuses for that Joshua!” “I’m not Reva. That is the last thing I am trying to do.” She wiped her face with the back of her hand and attempted to compose herself. “Danny and Marah are downstairs,” Reva grabbed the bag she had packed through the screaming. “Buzz is letting us have a room at Company and…and…” she repeated. “What?” “And I want you to sit here for awhile. I want you to worry about Shayne the way I worried about him last night…alone! You sit here and you think about how scared he must have been when he was attacked and then you think about me sitting there in a cold, empty waiting room all night long with the woman who perhaps saved his life and then you think about your daughter pouring out her heart and soul out over a brother she may never see alive again and then after you do that, after you take yourself to hell and back, then you come to the hospital and see your son. But not a moment before…do you understand me? Because I pray to God that you do…” she told him as she stormed out of the room! :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Reva connects with Lillian. - Gus makes a decision about his future. <HR>
  3. Thanks Jay! And thanks for reading...
  4. The Guiding Light: Episode 089Friday, February 8, 2008 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> Holly sat her coffee cup down by the morning copy of “The Journal” and continued to listen as an eager junior reporter tried for the fourth time in less than fifteen minutes to get permission to run the Shayne Lewis story. “Listen to me, Tracy, again. I have known Josh and Reva Lewis for well over twenty years. I am not about to print a story that will cause them any additional grief just yet.” She listened again as the reporter, pleaded with Holly for the okay. “It’s not going to happen Tracy, not yet anyway. I promise you that after I talk with the Lewis’ then we’ll run the story…” more talking from the reporter. “Well that has yet to be decided. Good-bye Tracy.” Holly closed her cell phone and for some reason her mind jolted back to the night of the rainstorm… Like the rain beating down on the windshield, Holly’s tears fell down her face. “This has got to stop.” She told herself and in sheer desperation she slammed on the brakes and screamed out at the top of her lungs. “I have to save myself!” Ed finally managed to spot her car, “Oh God what are you doing?” He threw the car into park and raced to the driver side window. “Holly you open this door!” It was locked and she turned her head away from him and screamed out. “I told you to leave me alone!” She picked up her cell phone and scrolled down the address book to a listing for “Ed Bauer.” After a few rings the voice mail answered, “Hello you’ve reached Dr. Ed Bauer, please leave a detailed message and I’ll return your call. Thank you.” “Ed, hi it’s Holly. You’re probably at hospital…I was just sitting here going through some pictures and other things…I thought I would call you and see how you were doing. Anyway, I would like to talk to you sometime soon…I know that I said we were finished and that I didn’t want to talk to you again, but well…I would like to sometime soon. So give me a call. Okay, bye.” <HR> “If your father sees you here Phillip…” “He’ll what?” Phillip cut her off. “What Alexandra? He’ll call security have me escorted off the premises. I’m not afraid of him, not anymore.” “That’s fine, don’t be afraid. But I am, he’s my brother Phillip and he very well could have another heart attack if he gets worked up like he did that night at the mansion.” “Please, a heart attack?” Phillip mocked. “That man doesn’t have a heart Alex. I thought you of all people would know that by now.” He tossed some personal items into a box and looked around his desk, “Besides I’m not going to be here that long. Ava left some files and other personal effects of mine here when she cleaned out my office.” “What type of files?” Phillip grinned shyly, “I see that got your attention. There just files from clients that I brought to Spaulding over the years. They’ve promised their loyalties to me, if and when I ever left the company She slammed the door behind her, “Phillip those are property of Spaulding Enterprises, there was a reason you didn’t receive them when Ava cleaned out your office.” “And what part of you thinks that I give damn Alexandra? I worked incredibly hard getting these clients to sign with the company. Moreover, don’t you stand here in what used to be my office and lecture me about principles. Mind you, while you were off parading around Europe ignoring this company some of us were here, running it.” “A job that you were rewarded for quite nicely if I do recall,” Alexandra snapped back. “Don’t use my time away from Springfield against me. I don’t deserve that.” “And I don’t deserve to be treated like an heir to the throne one day and a bastard the next!” Alexandra fell into a chair in front of Phillip’s desk. “I am so sorry that you feel that way. I’m sure it was never Alan’s intention to make you feel like that…” “When are you going to stop defending him Alex? After all that he has done to everyone he claims to love,” he listed, “Alan-Michael, Olivia, you. Not to mention the ones he doesn’t even care about.” “Don’t you bring Gus into this fight. He has no place in it,” Alexandra told him under no certain terms. “You can take the damn files Phillip. You can leave here and go into business for yourself, with Lewis Construction, with anyone you want, I don’t give a damn. What I do give a damn about is this family whether you want to believe it or not! And I want to know one thing, I want to hear it from your lips, right here and right now. Just the two of us…is she worth it? Is Olivia Spencer worth all the hell she is putting us through?” “Alex, let’s not do this again. I don’t think I have it in me to continuously defend her…” “I understand that. I really do. I just need to hear it from you, Phillip. I need to her that Olivia is worth all that you are giving up. You’re father, Lizzie’s not talking to you and you ending a marriage with a woman you have loved your entire adult life. How is it possible Olivia is worth all of that? How?” “I love Beth in a way that no one and that includes you and Lillian, will ever understand. Our love is complicated and old. We’re not in love with one another like we once were.” “Then why did you marry her?” “It was a means to an end,” Phillip fell into his chair. “I know how awful that sounds, I really do. But it’s true. There’s something about Olivia that causes my heart to spark again like it used to with Beth, I come alive when she’s around, when I hear her name, when I think about her. I love her with such entensity that words don’t even come close to describing it.” “And what about Alan and Lizzie?” “Alan sat this plan into motion, he tested my feelings for Olivia and her’s for me. In some twisted, sick way he brought us together instead of driving us apart. He has to deal with that, not me. And as for Lizzie, well it won’t be the first time she hasn’t spoken to me and I’m sure it won’t be the last. She’s not a child anymore Aunt Alex, she has to understand that this is the real world.” Alex walked behind the desk and slid her ams down Phillip’s shoulders. She sighed heavily before speaking, “I was afraid of this.” “What?” “Don’t what me…you love that…that…woman…” she said with hostility in her voice. “I worry about you. You and Alan-Michael…Nick and Gus…” she smiled. “You are all my children in so many different ways and I care about each one of you. And there are times when I think you don’t even know how much I care, it’s why I insert myself into every situation that you all are going through.” “We know how much you care, well I do at least.” “Well I’m sure glad that you do.” She kissed the top of his head, “You better get out of here before Alan shows up. I can’t go another round with him, not yet anyway.” “I have a few more things to pack and then I’ll go.” Alexandra shook her head. “I love you very much Phillip. And for what it’s worth I do hope that Olivia has your best interests at heart or you know who she’ll answer to.” <HR> An hour had past since Holly had made the phone call to Ed and he hadn’t replied. Holly looked at the coffee table were old newspapers, letters, cards and an assortment of pictures of Roger in various stages of his life. She almost had the entire box packed away when the knock on the front door came. “Ben, come in…” Holly kissed him on the cheek, “I haven’t heard from you in weeks.” “I know, ever since I canceled our dinner date.” “Yeah.” Holly took his coat, “I tried to call you a couple of times but always got your voicemail. I hope that Alexandra isn’t working you too hard over at Spaulding. You know if she is I can talk to her, get her to slack off a bit,” she smiled. “Little hard work never hurt anyone,” Ben smiled and noticed the pictures. “What’s all of that?” “That is memories of a life I sometimes want to forget, but just never seem able to,” Holly replied. “Roger.” “Oh…I’m sorry,” Ben stood up from the sofa, “I should have called before I just showed up unannounced.” Holly shook her head, “You’re fine. You can come by anytime, day or night unannounced. I’ve had these things out since Roger died. I think it’s just time I put them away.” She put the lid on one of the boxes. “I just made some coffee would you like some?” “Sure.” Holly poured him a cup from the kitchen, “You know there was something that you wanted to talk about awhile back. I’m so sorry that I just always seemed to miss you. Between the paper, therapy and Blake’s wedding I just never seemed able to find the time.” She handed him a cup, “Black, right?” Ben shook his head. “How are you doing? How have you been doing? Winter seems to keep dragging on lately and that groundhog…” he smiled, “You’re doing okay?” “I see you’ve been talking to Blake. I don’t want you to feel like you have to check up on me or even worry about me Ben.” “I worry because I care and yes I do talk to Blake. We try to have lunch about once every week or so.” “That’s nice,” Holly smiled. “But I’m doing very well this year. I think I have my SAD under control.” Ben shook his head, “That’s good to hear.” He sat his cup down on the table. “I normally wouldn’t want to bother you with things that are going on in my life, but…well…you’re the only person I have here in town. You’re like a mother to me in so many ways…” “I want you to feel that way Ben. I think of you as one of my own children. I have ever since your father and I were married.” Holly took his hand in hers, “Sweetheart, if you’re going through something that you can’t handle by yourself, then please tell me. Let me help you.” Ben rubbed his face with his free hand and swallowed hard, “About three months ago a doctor Chicago diagnosed me with Stage One testicular cancer.” “Oh..” Holly covered her mouth and then immediately took Ben in her arms. “Are they sure?” Ben shook his head. “And you’ve had a second opinion, right?” “A second and a third,” Ben answered. “The doctor in Chicago referred me to a specialist in Houston and then she referred me to one in New York City. They’ve all said it was cancer.” “Oh Ben, honey. I wish you had come to me earlier than this. I would have gone with you to those visits.” She kissed his forehead. “Have you told anyone else? Blake or Marina?” Holly paused for a moment, “You’re father?” He shook his head no. “I wanted to tell you first because of course I need to tell him what’s going on, but there’s more to it than that. Each of the doctors has told me to find out if my biological father has any history of this in his family.” Ben took her hand, “I need you to go with me to visit with my Dad, I can’t do this alone and Marina she can’t find out, not yet anyway.” Holly shook her head, “Of course. Anything you need Ben, I’ll do it.” She said aloud, but in her mind, the mere thought of seeing Fletcher again caused her to panic. Nevertheless, she knew now, more than ever that she was needed, no matter what the price was she had to pay, she was needed! <HR> “Excuse me, I’m looking for someone with the Lewis family,” Danny asked at the nurses station. A nurse pointed across the room and spoke softly, “Mrs. Lewis is over there.” Reva sat with her head propped up by her hand, half-asleep when Danny knelt down beside her. “Reva…” She bolted awake, “What?” rubbing her face she questioned. “Oh Danny, hello.” “Hi. I brought you some coffee,” he handed her a stryofoam cup. “It’s from the cafeteria but I figured anything is better than nothing, right?” She shook her head. “How did you know? Please don’t tell me it’s in the papers.” “No, Billy called me last night. He thought that Marah might need some company. Is she here?” “She’s back with Shayne,” Reva answered. “You know that’s very nice of you to come down, Marah will appreciate that. I appreciate it, thank you.” “Of course,” he replied. “Has there been any change?” “No…” she answered softly, empty almost. “Rick and Mel stablized him last night. He fell into a coma…they said that was normal because of the shook that his body is going through he needs this time to heal…” Reva shook her head. “They think he may have swelling around his brain or even bleeding, they’re just not sure yet.” “Do the police have any idea how this happened?” “No…and that Danny is the part that just pisses me off the most, you know? He was attacked for some unknown reason, why?” She shook her head. “And then to make matters even worse I can’t get ahold of Josh and no one knows where Ed is at.” Danny had taken the seat next to her and put his arm around her, “Is there anything that I can do to help? I will call in specialist from wherever, anything you need Reva.” “Thank you very much. That means quite a lot to me, more than you know actually. But I think the only thing you can do right now is go see my daughter. Let her know you’re here.” “Okay…” Danny stood up. “It’s room um, four. You can go on back if you want.” Reva watched him take a few steps and then spoke, “Danny…” “Yeah?” “I know that Marah hurt you when she left after Grace was born, but you have to know how sorry she is. You have to know that she loves you so much and that she is complicated, stubborn, hard-headed and at times headstrong. There’s a reason for that, you know, she’s a Shayne woman. Believe me when I tell you this and Josh can confirm if you doubt me, but Shayne women are not easy to love. We’re good woman, but the men who loves us, they’re great men. It takes a mighty fine man to love us and I think that you could be that man for my daughter.” Reva smiled again, “That’s all.” “Thank you Reva.” <HR> Alexandra and Alan-Michael finished a phone conference with the New York offices and were having idle chat before parting company. Alexandra told her nephew that she didn’t notice Lucy at breakfast this morning and he tells her that she spent the night at the Beacon. Alexandra rubbed her temple and Alan-Michael noted her uneasiness. “You want to talk about what’s bothering you?” “Do you want to hear about it?” she retorted. “I’m sure that I can take an educated guess as to what it has to do with,” he replied. “Dad and Phillip.” She shook her head, “And don’t forget about your step-mother, Olivia.” Alex covered her entire face to avoid crying in A-M’s presence. “I’m sorry…I just hate this so much.” “Aunt Alex don’t hold back,” A-M told her. “Whatever you have bottled up in there, let it out. Come on, I’ll be your sounding board.” She drew in a deep breath to calm her nerves. “The family’s divided with Alan and Phillip at war again over her. Gus, well he doesn’t want any part of our world. He keeps retreating further and further back, shutting me out at every turn. I went to such great lengths to keep him from learning the truth, for his own benefit. You know how screwed up this family is, I never meant to hurt him Alan-Michael or anyone for that matter.” “But you did Alex,” he told her. “You hurt a lot of people, including my wife and Harley.” “And I’m very sorry for that…” she spoke as the words dawned on her for the first time since all of this had started...”Oh Alan-Michael, I never told Lucy how sorry I was for all the pain I put her through…” “She knows your sorry Alex. Telling her would be a good start to rebuilding some relationships that you’ve had a hand in wrecking.” Alex shook her head in agreement. “Can I give you some advice?” “Of course. Please.” “You care about all of us, the entire family almost to a fault. You know I’m right. You’re not a patient woman, but you’re loving and you’re a good mother and a good mother figure to both Phillip and I.” “Thank you,” she mouthed. “Eventually, in someway or another, Gus is going to come around and see what the rest of us, that loving and kind woman who has been there for us countless times. He’ll eventually see you as his mother, but you have to wait now. Let him do it on his own time table.” Alexandra leaned over to kiss A-M on the cheek and suddenly heard Alan yelling in the hallways. “What is going on…” She threw open her office doors to see Phillip and Alan engrossed in a screaming match. “STOP IT!” she demanded. “Phillip! Alan!” she wiggled her way in between the two of them. “What part of you’re no longer employed here do you not understand Phillip?” Alan shouted. “Oh go to hell Alan!” he shouted back at him. “That is enough…” Alexandra said ruthlessly. She grabbed Alan’s coat and dragged him into her office, “Alan-Michael bring your brother in here, right now!” She slammed the door and seethed with anger! “What in God’s holy name are the two of you thinking? I don’t give a damn if the two of you want to tear each other to shreds at the house, but at this place, in this building and in this office you will act like the civilized human beings that I know you are!” she glared at Alan with a rage he had never seen before in her eyes. “You are the Chief Executive Officer of this company and you are acting like a school yard bully. And if you think that I am going to let you act as such, it will only be over my dead body.” She spun around and pointed at Phillip, “And you…what part of leave before your father arrives do you not understand?” “I am not his father…” Alan said full of anger. “Alan Spaulding! One more word out of your mouth and I swear I will slap you so hard across your face that you will feel the pain come next Tuesday!” “Alexandra…” Phillip attempted to reason, “I’ll go.” She shook her head, “Oh no. You stayed and you caused this. After the conversation, we just had and you stayed. I tried Phillip, I tried to understand where you were coming from, I tried to understand why you love this woman…” she looked at Alan, “I tried to understand why you both loved her so strongly, but I cannot understand. Both of you, both of you claim to love this gold-digging bitch so much…” “Step lightly Alex,” Phillip warned. “You both claim to love this woman so much, that you are allowing her to come in here and rip apart this family that we have spent decades upon decades building. And I know, oh God, do I know that we are not perfect, but we are a family and within one year, one year…Olivia has hooked her claws into us and pulled us apart…look around…look at the two acting like two horny teenagers…you’ve allowed this woman to do this.” She ran her fingers through her hair as three of them stood in silence. “You two are self destructing before my very eyes and it makes me sick to watch. Maybe Olivia destroying this family was for the best, because we only love one another, we only need one another when it’s easy for ourselves. I’m guilty of it just as much as all three of you are.” She threw open the door of her office, “So go ahead, destroy one another. I have my own problems to worry about, my own issues to deal with and I can’t deal with anymore of yours. She stopped in the doorway. “Some people in this family have stood by you both,” she spoke to Alan and Phillip, “perhaps even at times when neither of you deserved it. But, when she needed you to stand by her, when I needed your support the most, there was only one person willing to offer me support and compassion. Yell, scream, kick, holler, I don’t give a damn. But do somewhere else, because right know this company is the only thing that is keeping me sane.” She paused for a moment, “The two of you should be ashamed of yourselves.” :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Cassie gets a surprising shock! - Reva confronts Josh! <HR>
  5. The Guiding Light: Episode 088Friday, February 6,2008 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> She burst through the doors of Cedars, her eyes heavy with tears of fears. “Hi…” her voice cracked, “excuse me, please. My name…my name is Reva Lewis.” She attempted to speak, “I need someone to page either Lillian Raines or Dr. Ed Bauer, immediately.” <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> San Jamar Island “Ice tea?” Marissa Spencer-Randall extended a glass to her sister, “I just made it.” “Thank you,” Olivia smiled. “For this and for all the sacrifices you’ve made the last few months. I know that it hasn’t been easy on you and Alfred.” “Please don’t apologize Olivia,” Marissa took a seat next to her on the sofa. The two of watched as Hannah played quietly on a blanket in the corner. “Can you believe how big she’s gotten?” “Nope, I certainly can’t.” “So, how long are you going to hide out here Olivia?” Marissa questioned. “Please don’t get me wrong because I love having you so close. We haven’t spent as much time talking and just being sisters since we were little girls, I love having you here.” “But you want to know how long I intend on hiding from my husband?” Olivia asked directly. “It’s okay. I’ve asked myself the same question over and over again since I got here.” She paused for a moment, “And I’ve came up with about half-a-dozen different answers. I’ve worked hard to have the things I have in my life…Hannah and my career. I saraficed far to much, I have done a lot of things in my life and deserve a lot, but what I don’t deserve is to have Alan Spaulding rip the benefits of my hard work away from me, I don’t deserve that Marissa.” “Well of course not,” her sister agreed. “And from what you’ve told me your husband sounds like a first-class son-of-a-bitch. What kind of man fakes two heart attacks and turns his back on a child he’s raised as his own their entire life?” “Alan Spaulding does,” Olivia answered. “Can I ask you something sis?” Olivia shook her head yes. “How well do you know Phillip? I know you say that you love him and he’s Hannah’s father but there is a difference in truly knowing someone and loving them. And I only ask because, well, you haven’t always made smart, sound decisions when it comes to men: Richard, Josh Lewis and now Alan.” “You know the old saying, ‘You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince charming?’” “So are you saying that you’ve found your prince charming or is Phillip just one more frog that you’re going to have to kiss?” “There’s something different about Phillip, he’s not like any other man I’ve been with. For starters Marissa he is my daughter’s father. Those other men, Richard, Josh and even Alan to an extent were never that. He is a good man, one worth fighting for.” “I just don’t want you to get hurt again, you don’t deserve that Olivia. Moreover, to me it sounds like this Phillip has his own version of Reva Lewis…are you sure that you’re ready to compete with that all over again?” <HR> Upon returning home from the wedding, Beth saw her mother off to work, took a shower and put on a pair of PJs that Lizzie had gotten her for Christmas last year. She put on a pot of coffee and made her way back into the living room, tonight was just about her. She was going to drink coffee, eat something very unhealthy and watch “Steel Magnolias” for what she was certain was the tenth time since the divorce. However, the ringing doorbell had other plans for her… “Alexandra…” Beth forced a smile. “How are you?” Alex shook her head, “I’m not going to lie…not okay. I got back to the mansion and was going to have a glass of wine but there wasn’t anyone there to have it with.” “So you came here with liquor?” Beth smirked. “How very Spaulding-esque of you. Come on in.” She held open the door for her. “In all fairness to me and my liqour,” Alex noted, “came to see you mother.” “She had to work tonight. But you know I am glad that you’re here.” Beth told her. “Since the divorce we don’t seem to talk much, not like we used to anyway.” “I know and I’m very sorry about that, but you have to understand my position, Phillip’s my nephew and right now I’m the closest thing to a parent he has right now.” “That’s not true nor is it fair Alexandra. He has Ross and Elizabeth is out God only knows where doing God only knows what. If she was so concerned about her son she could come home you know.” “I can’t answer for Elizabeth or even explain her actions,” Alexandra replied. “You’re not his mother Alex and I know that is hard for you to hear, but you’re not. You have to realize that Phillip has parents and other family to lean upon.” Beth disappeared into the kitchen and brought back two wine glasses. “And I’m not saying that you have to stop by everyday to see how I’m doing, because Momma does that. It would just be nice if you recognized the relationship you and I had for all these years.” Alexandra took Beth’s hand, “I will, from now on I will do just that. You’ve been a very important part of my family for many years and no matter if you or Phillip are married, my love for you will never change Beth.” “Thank you Alex.” Beth poured herself another glass of wine, “You know this beats what I had planned on doing tonight.” “And what was that darling?” “Watching Steel Magnolias again, it seems to have become my comfort movie since the divorce. Momma refuses to watch it with me anymore.” “I would love to see that movie, it’s been years since I last seen it,” Alex told her. “If you don’t mind me inviting myself.” Beth shook her head, “Of course not. It’ll be fun.” “Okay then, I’ll go get some popcorn.” Beth shook her head in agreement and smiled, this was the last thing she expected tonight. <HR> “Come on in,” Marina held open the front door of her and Frank’s house. “You sounded pretty upset on the phone.” “I was at Braxton’s apartment. I thought that since he couldn’t get off work for the wedding that I would give him a little surprise…” Lizzie raised her eyebrows. “Oh…and did you, give him a surprise?” “Hardly. I’m the one who got the biggest surprise…no that is, biggest shocker of all time.” “You caught him there with another woman, didn’t you? Was it someone that you knew? One of those slutty nurses from Cedars, huh?” Lizzie shook her head, “You watch to much television Marina. No, I didn’t catch him with anyone because he wasn’t there. He left town…” “What? What do you mean he left town?” “How many other ways can I say it Marina? He left Springfield. He left me a dear John, or in this case a dear Jane letter, packed his clothes and skipped town.” “Bastard!” Marina gasped. “What did the letter say?” “Oh who cares?” She shrugged, “Actually it said something about how he wasn’t the person I thought he was…” “Uh, yeah obviously.” “And how he had this clear cut agenda and couldn’t go through with it after he got to know the real me.” Marina embraced Lizzie with a tender hug, “I’m sorry honey. Is there anything that I can do to help?” She shook her head, “Yes. Call Shayne and see if Reva cares if we come over. I want to watch a movie where the incredibly sexy hero gets blown up by something, anything I don’t care.” “Okay. I don’t think Reva will care,” Marina searched for her phone. “You Shayne could probably use some cheering up anyway. Tammy left for D.C. tonight.” “She did what?” Marina shook her head, “I know. She got accepted into this intersession course she needed so she took off tonight after the wedding.” “Well, that is just…wonderful! You know what not only are we going to watch men blowing up movies, but we’re going to eat pizza and chocolate and ice cream!” “Sounds great, but we may have to settle for a girls night,” Marina waved her phone in the air, “voice mail.” She left him a short message to call her when he got the message and then tossed her phone onto the sofa. “Want to make the trip to the video store or should we see if my Dad has anything that will fit your criteria?” Lizzie shrugged her shoulders and Marina’s phone began ringing. “Hello! Oh hey Dad…” her words trailed off. “Oh my God…when…” her voice turned and Lizzie could tell that something was the matter. “Actually Lizzie’s here with me we’ll be right down.” “Marina? What happened?” Lizzie questioned. “Put your coat on.” “Marina!” “Shayne’s been in some kind of accident…I don’t know what’s going on. Dad couldn’t tell me much but something has happened to Shayne. We have to get down to Cedars right now!” <HR> “I can take care of myself you know. I’ve been doing it for a very long time, alone without any help from you, Marissa.” “Don’t you get defensive with me, not here of all places. I’m your big sister and there have been times in your life that I haven’t always had your best interests at heart, but I do now. You can’t keep jumping from one man’s bed to another, not anymore Olivia. You have someone else to look out for now, someone else you have to protect and care for, Hannah.” “And that’s what I am doing here,” Olivia picked up the baby and held her close. “I am anything but naïve Marissa. I know my track record with men and yes this relationship with Phillip could work out, but I also know it could fail. I have to prepare myself for both of those things to happen. And when it comes to dangerous men, contrary to popular belief,” she gestured around her, “I can deal with dangerous men. The woman that left San Cristobel all those years ago, she’s grown up.” “You have grown up,” Marissa smiled for a moment and then it fell. “You know, speaking of dangerous men Jonathan refuses to come from boarding school because Edmund is now back here in San Cristobel.” “Oh God, that’s right. How is he doing as the sophomore Ambassador?” “Who the hell knows? Or cares for that matter?” Marissa shook her head, “Jonathan refuses to even come back here for a visit. I sent him an email last month, practically begging him to come home and he flat out refused.” “I am so sorry Marissa, I had no idea.” “Plus, it doesn’t help that Reva popped in awhile back. I wanted to tell her what was going on but Alfred insisted I not.” “Why did you do that?” Olivia asked shocked that her sister would do such a thing. “You know as well as the next person that there is no love lost between Reva and me but she has a right to know how Jonathan feels.” “No!” Marissa said firmly. “Reva gave Jonathan to me, I’m his mother. Jonathan maybe almost grown, but I still have to protect him. It is my job to protect my son from Edmund, from Reva and anyone else who threatens his well being. Anyone.” <HR> “I forgot how terribly sad and yet wonderfully funny that movie was,” Alexandra smiled. “Thank you for letting me stay Beth.” She began folding a blanket, “Well I’m glad that you and your liqiour stopped by.” Beth smiled, “You know when you got here you said that you weren’t doing all that well, is there anything you want to talk about?” Alex shrugged her shoulders, “It’s Gus. He and Harley broke up a few weeks ago, he’s living in some trashy, run down motel on the edge of town and you know what Beth, it’s all my fault.” “All your fault? Alexandra I some how doubt that.” “No it is, really. I kept too much from him and tried to cover it up. I knew what Alan was capable of, you’ve what he’s capable of. I just didn’t want another one of my sons to be put through the turmoil of having me as a mother.” “What are you talking about? The turmoil? Yes you are anything but common, you’re over-the-top at times, pushy, domineering, but above all of those flaws Alexandra you’re a good mother.” “You’re just saying that Beth. And I think it is very kind, but you really don’t have to sugar coat anything for me.” “Who said I was doing that? I don’t sugar coat anything any longer, I don’t have the time or the desire.” Beth smiled at her, “Can I give you some advice?” Alex shook her head, “I think that would be nice.” “After Lorelei and I integrated there were nights when I would lie awake and berate myself for being a bad mother. For not being strong enough to handle that flood, for leaving my children and countless other things that I had no control over.” “Yes, but I had control over giving Gus up. I made that choice, not Alan and not my father.” “But because of the choices that were made for you already in your life by them is what forced you to make that choice. You made the choice yes, but it was because of their actions,” Beth explained. “The point of this story is that I couldn’t move forward with my life as Beth, until I came to the conclusion that I was a good mother. Lorelei’s mistakes were just that mistakes and I finally realized that. I decided to move forward and rebuild a relationship with my children.” “So what are you saying Beth?” “That you have to admit your mistakes to yourself, to Gus and then move forward. Look around you Alexandra, you have Nick, Phillip and Alan-Michael in your life who respect and look up to you know. At some point in your life you did something right with them and more importantly for yourself. You’re capable of doing it again, you just have to want to.” “You know what you’re right. One-hundred percent without a doubt right,” Alexandra leaned over and kissed Beth’s forehead. “Thank you for listening, the movie…the wine.” “Anytime Alexandra, anytime.” <HR> She burst through the doors of Cedars, her eyes heavy with tears of fears. “Hi…” her voice cracked, “excuse me, please. My name…my name is Reva Lewis.” She attempted to speak, “I need someone to page either Lillian Raines or Dr. Ed Bauer, immediately.” Billy placed his hands on shoulders, “Reva…darlin’” She spun around to face him, “So help you God, Billy Lewis…” she wiped tears off her cheek, “if the next words out of your mouth are calm down…because if they are…” she was trembling with fear, “have her page Lillian. Please Billy…please…” Lillian pushed open the doors marked, “trauma room one.” “Reva,” she spoke softly, “come over and sit down for just one moment.” Lillian led her across to a vacant sofa in the corner of the waiting room. “Reva you need to take a very deep breath right now and remain as calm as can be expected. Okay?” Reva shook her head yes and took Billy’s hand. “Do you know where Josh is?” She shook her head, “No. He left to go somewhere earlier tonight. I’ve tried to call him several times, but nothing.” “All right,” Lillian took Reva’s other hand. “What is going on?” Reva pleaded, “Lillian you have to tell me what is wrong with Shayne?” “There was some type of accident at the Beacon tonight. Shayne was…he was…” “What?” Billy asked. “Tell us what happened…” “Frank seems to think that Shayne was attacked with some type of club or a baseball bat.” “Attacked…” Reva shook her head, “what do you mean?” “Frank and the police detective working with her seem to think that he was mugged. They don’t know that for certain, however that’s what they think happened.” “Is Ed in there with him right now?” “No, Rick and Mel are working to stabilize him,” Lillian explained. “Listen Reva, Frank’s with the person who found Shayne at the Beacon and she’s going to want to ask you some questions about where Shayne was going tonight…” “Who found him?” Reva questioned. “Who was it Lillian? Not one of the girls, oh please tell me it wasn’t Marina or Lizzie?” “No.” “Was it someone that I know? Who? Lillian!” “It was me,” Lucy appeared from the corridor still wearing the clothes from early. “I found him Reva…” she choked back tears as Reva stared at her in shock. “Lucy…” Reva raced over to her. “Oh my God…” she sank to the sofa in shock as Lucy took the seat next to her. “I am so sorry this happened…” Lucy cried as Reva opened her arms for the young woman to weep in. “It’s okay. You…you didn’t do this to him. Some monster did…no, you, you Lucy, you saved boy.” She stroked her hair and looked up at Lillian and Billy. “You, you go find your brother and you bring him here, Billy. And Lillian…you page Ed and you tell me that I want him here right now!” She shook her head in agreement, “And then I want to talk Frank. He has to know that if he wants to see the person who did this to my son alive, ever again, then he had better find them before I do. Because, I swear to God as my witness, when I find the person who did…I will kill them!” <HR> At the same moment Reva was holding Lucy, making her threat, Austin Hollingsworth stood on the observation deck of the lighthouse by the river. The moon reflected on the water as the young man pulled back his arm and threw the bloodstained wooden bat into the calm water below him. The bat hit the water. Austin could see it floating out to God only knew where as Rick and Mel worked frantically to stabilize Shayne! :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Ben tells Holly about his cancer! - Alexandra confronts the men in her life. - Reva offers Danny some advice. <HR>
  6. The Guiding Light: Episode 087Friday, February 4, 2008 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> <HR> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> Springfield, Late Evening At the Company Boarding House, Eleni awakes from a peaceful few hours of sleep, she walks into the bathroom and notices the damp rug hanging on the shower curtain to dry. As she makes her why back into the bedroom she opens the curtains and looks over Springfield. “I’ve missed this place,” she whispers to herself and then decides to head back to bed. The moonlight shines through the room and as she makes her way back to bed Frank tosses himself awake. “What are you doing?” “Looking out the window,” she smiles at him. “Watching you sleep,” Eleni slips herself back under the covers and back into Frank’s arms. “Last night was wonderful. Thank you.” Frank held her tight in his arms. “Would you like to tell me just what it is your thanking me for.” “I don’t even know where I should begin Frankie,” Eleni interlaced her fingers with his. “After all these years apart I just can’t believe we’ve managed to find our way back to one another.” “It feels pretty good though doesn’t it?” “Of course it does,” her words drifted off as she pulled away from him. “I just don’t think we should have let it go this far. We’re adults, we have a daughter and careers…I should have…we should have known better.” <HR> Lizzie Spaulding entered into Braxton’s suite at the Beacon and called out for him. “Braxton? Honey are you here?” She looked around the room and heard no answer. “Braxton?” Lizzie sat down on the sofa and flipped through a copy of the Journal and then decided to wait for her beau in the bedroom. She passed through the kitchenette where everything was still in order from earlier in the week. In the bedroom, Lizzie tossed her coat on the bed and an idea popped into her. She quickly took her clothes off, tossing them to the floor beside the bed and pulled open the closet doors, searching for one of Braxton’s shirts. Only she found the closet empty…she checked the chest of drawers same as the closet. “What the hell is going on here?” Lizzie asked herself as she put her clothes back on. She was on her way back to the living room when an envelope with her name caught her eye. She took the envelope and sat down on the sofa to read it. “Lizzie,” she began reading. “I don’t know when you’ll find this but I hope it finds you well in school and life. I have spent the last few months getting to know you for a very different reason that you have spent getting to know me. I’m not the person that you think that I am. I came to Oakdale and then later Springfield with one goal in mind, getting to know you for reasons that I do not want to reveal now. My mother and I came to Springfield with one clear cut agenda, one that I no longer want to fulfill. I pray that you never know the reasons I came to town, I pray that you never know the real connection that we share and I am not talking about the one we’ve developed in the bedroom and beyond. May life treat you well. Braxton.” She let the letter fall from her hand and looked at in confusion. “You son-of-a-bitch.” She cursed, “An agenda…you can take your clear cut agenda and rot in hell.” Lizzie shoved the letter into her purse, through Braxton’s room key down on the table and walked out of his suite for the last time. <HR> “You got everything you need?” Cassie asked Tammy at the foot of the escalator at Springfield International Airport. “You got your coat, it’s cold up there.” “It’s cold here mom,” Tammy smiled. “I’m going to be okay and more importantly you’re going to be okay.” Cassie sighed heavily, “I have dreaded this day since that acceptance letter came.” She played with Tammy’s hair for a moment and could feel the tears swelling up in her eyes. “Mom…” “No, no…” Cassie stopped her. “You have to let me have this moment. You’re my little girl, the only one that I have and you’re leaving to go off and be an adult. I get to be sad. I get to stand here and play with your hair. I get to cry Tammy, because that’s what mothers do.” Tammy embraced Cassie in a hug. “Daughters cry too you know,” she whispered into her ear. “I know this is hard for you and all I can think to say is thank you for letting me go. For having this opportunity to go out into the world and make it a better place.” Cassie broke away from their hug, “And a better place is what you’re going to make it. I know you will because of who you are, the values you have and so much more.” The two hugged one another for a second time and when Tammy finally broke away she looked at her watch. “I have to go.” Cassie shook her head, “I know. Okay, well then you be safe. And you call me the minute you get off that plane in Washington.” “I promise,” Tammy replied. “You know there is one thing that you can do for me if you would.” “Anything,” Cassie answered. “On my dresser at the farm is some letters for Lizzie, Marina and Shayne, will you make sure they get them.” “I will, I promise.” “Thanks,” Tammy told her before one last embrace. “I love you so much Mom.” With tears racing down her cheeks Cassie replied, “And I love you, so much more than you will ever realize.” <HR> “Do you think this was a mistake Eleni?” “No,” she said shaking her head. “This…us, it is no mistake. What we done here tonight, making love that was a mistake. Because, it’s like wanting something you know you’re not supposed to have yet you have it anyway.” Eleni closed her eyes and deep down prayed this was a dream. “I love you Frankie…” “Who says that we can’t have this? We’re adults who loved one another…” he stopped for a moment, “don’t you think we owe to ourselves to try this and see where it goes?” Eleni thought for a moment, “And what if it doesn’t work Frankie, then what happens?” “We know that we tried,” he answered. “Marina’s grown now, our actions will still have an impact on her but not as strong as one as before.” He kissed her hand, “What do you say? Can we do this?” “I can’t move back to Springfield, not right away. I’ve made a life for myself in Los Angeles and I won’t expect you to move out there because you have your life here.” “Okay, so we’ll compromise. I want this to work Eleni, because you’re what my life has been missing. You are the other half of the puzzle for me and I’ve waited years for this to happen.” She lightly touched his face, “You think we can do this?” Eleni’s voice cracked, “I don’t want to lose you again and if we do this, again, we do it right. Make me a promise Frankie, we’ll do this right.” He kissed her hand and took her into his arms. “I promise you Eleni, we’re going to do this and we’re going to do this right.” Eleni settled into his arms, she was warm, safe and loved for the first time in a very long time. <HR> “Bourdon,” Josh Lewis sat down on a barstool at Outskirts determined to drown out the conversation he had just had with his son by whatever means necessary. Twenty minutes had past, Josh had consumed three drinks total and still the thought of Shayne betraying his own family raced through Josh’s mind. Across town Billy and Reva arrived at the Lewis home, where the Cedar’s file greeted them. “I thought you and Josh put this to bed weeks ago?” Reva picked it up. “Did something change?” Billy shook his head, “Well not to my knowledge. You know there’s no telling why Josh had that file out darlin’,” he lied. “Drinking alone cowboy?” A female voice questioned from behind Josh. “Care for some company?” He spun around on the barstool, “Actually I’d just like…” he stopped, “Cassie? What are you doing here?” “Tammy just left for Washington D.C. a class she wanted to take during the intersession opened up.” Cassie laid her purse down on the bar and grabbed a few peanuts. “I was driving back to the farm and saw your car parked outside and thought why the hell not. I could use a drink.” Josh flagged down the bartender, “Whatever the lady wants, put it on my tab.” The bartender nodded in agreement and poured Cassie a vodka and cranberry. “Cheers.” She toasted. “And just what are you toasting to?” She shrugged her shoulders, “You know it honestly beats the hell out of me. I have no real reason to be happy…” she took one shot of the drink and finished it off. “Another.” “That a girl,” Josh smiled at her and polished his drink. “So Tammy left huh?” Cassie shook her head yes. “You know this has been the worst day I have had in a very long time since Richard died.” She took a sip of her second drink. “One of my best friends got married to the man she loves, her soul mate today and I should have been so unbelievably happy for her, but I wasn’t. I was angry, jealous and bitter. I used to have what she has and then…then Tammy gets the call to come right now if she wants this class. I just don’t understand why she would want to leave.” “Do you really think that we’re supposed to understand why our children do anything that they do?” Josh questioned. “I guess we’re not. I know that she’s excited about this opportunity and I’m happy for her but she left so fast Josh. It felt like I was giving her away all over again. I just wish she would understand that…” “Please if our kids could only understand where we are coming from our lives Cassie would be a hell of a lot better.” “True enough,” Cassie noted. “So why don’t you tell me what’s going on with you. Why are you here drinking like there is no tomorrow?” Josh shrugged his shoulders, “It doesn’t matter.” “It does matter,” Cassie touched his shoulder. “Come on talk to me, I just opened up to you about Tammy, let me help if I can.” Josh finished off his fifth glass of bourdon and took Cassie’s hand, “I have a better idea. Why don’t you forget about Tammy leaving for at least awhile and I’ll forget about what is bothering me and we’ll…” he stumbled off his barstool, “we’ll have us some fun.” Cassie smiled and thought that was the best offer she had heard in a very long time. <HR> Ed kicked his shoes off, unbuttoned the top button on his shirt and his eye caught a letter with his name written on the front. It had been sitting in the same spot since Roger’s will had been read, unopened. He sat on the foot of his bed, staring at intensely. As he muttered something under his breath, he walked over and picked it. He closed his eyes and shook his head, he wanted to call Holly but thought better of it, and he didn’t need her for this. Ed opened the envelope and as he did he could practically hear Roger’s laugh in the background, this was his final revenge Ed knew that, which is why he had waited so long to open the damn thing. “Ed,” he began reading aloud. “Well congratulations old man you’ve outlived me. How does it feel? I write this to you on my deathbed, Amanda’s in the living room talking with doctors, home nurses and most likely an attorney. I’ve done some horrible things in my life, I know that, but I won’t apologize to you, to others perhaps but never to you. You, Dr. Bauer, kept my Christina away from me…” He continued reading the letter and when he was done, he folded it up, put it back in the envelope from which it came and cursed under his breath, “Son-of-a-bitch.” Ed knew that he shouldn’t buy into what Roger had said, but he couldn’t help himself and within the hour, he was packed and headed out of town. He made a stop at the cemetery to bid Maureen goodbye and then to the airport. “Good evening sir,” the attendant greeted. “How can I assist you this evening?” “I need a one-way ticket to San Diego, please,” Ed handed her his credit card. Yes, Roger had gotten to him and he was sure he was headed on a wild goose chase. <HR> Lucy Cooper-Spaulding parked her car in the nearly empty garage at The Beacon. As she began to make her way across the garage she reached to call Alan-Michael. Halfway to the doors she saw something lying in on cement and she walked over to see exactly what it was. She finally made out not what it was, rather who and let out a gut-wrenching scream before dialing 911. “This is Lucy Spaulding, I need an ambulance at The Beacon hotel lower level parking garage,” she cried out. “Oh my God, please hurry.” <HR> Reva handed Billy a cup of coffee and was about to cut him a slice of pecan pie. “You know this is just Momma used to make,” she smiled. “Thank you darling.” Billy took a big bite of the pie and smiled, “It is exactly like Ms. Sarah used to make,” he confirmed. Reva forced a smile. “He’ll call right?” Billy shook his head just as the phone began ringing, “There you go…” “Hello…” she answered. “Reva, this is Lillian Raines…” :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Alexandra bonds with a former Spaulding woman. - Reva rushes to Shayne's side. - Shayne's attacker is revealed! <HR>
  7. February 04, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (February 03, 2008) -- Ed reads Roger's letter at long last! HOT STORY of the WEEK "There is a huge turning point this week for Ed and the entire Bauer family," smiles executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins. At long last Dr. Ed Bauer will read the letter that the late Roger Thorpe left him in his will. "I've spent a lot of time thinking of what could have been in that letter," says the scribe. Episode 087 finds the doctor returning home from Ross and Blake's wedding with only one thing on his mind: the letter. Ed has spent months knowing it was there, putting it off until later and convincing himself that what Roger had to say he does not want to hear. "Roger has a trick up his sleeve by sending Ed this letter," Hawkins continues. Readers will see some of the letter and Ed's reaction...a trip to Maureen's grave and then on to the airport...Ed leaves Springfield! "He's on a mission to find himself yet again and prove to himself that what Roger says can't be true," he laughs. CASTING ROUNDUP Peter Simon (Dr. Ed Bauer) will be off canvas for the next thirteen episodes, due to storyline related issues. "Ed is a vital and treasured member of our cast," says the executive producer. "His absence is storyline dictated, Ed will be back soon." <BR> Judith Blaze begins her recurring stint as Marissa Spencer-Randall, Olivia's sister. Blaze has been scheduled to appear for three episodes. <BR> As previously reported, Wendy Moniz will be returning as bad girl Dinah Marler at the end of February. Her return will help usher on-screen mother Vanessa back to the canvas. CASTING In-DEPTH Also reported earlier last week, fired "DAYS" actress Martha Madison has signed on to represent at that time an unnamed character. Now insiders with the blog can confirm who Madison will be representing: Jodi Lynne Bradshaw Marshall. "Jodi was a character I created when I was producing/writing an original soap drama, "ALL OR NOTHING," explains Hawkins. There will be a special character in-depth profile done on the character with biography, past storylines and what will be bringing her to Springfield!
  8. The Guiding Light: Episode 086Friday, February 1, 2008 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> <HR> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> “I hope that I didn’t wake you Frankie,” Eleni held open the door for him. “I called Buzz at least five times and no answer.” “Pop’s a sound sleeper,” Frank answered. “And then I tried Harley, but she told me to call you,” Eleni explained as she gestured towards the bathroom. “You know how clumsy I am…” “It’s fine Eleni, really.” He assured her, “Now what did you say happened.” “I dropped my bracelet down sink drain, after I got out of the shower. I wouldn’t mind so much but Marina gave sent it to me last Mother’s Day.” She ran her fingers through her black curly locks of hair, “Oh Frankie please tell me you’ll be able to find it.” Frank headed towards the bathroom and began working to find the missing bracelet. After about a half hour later he came back with the bracelet for his ex-wife. Eleni praised him and thanked him with a kiss on the cheek. As he was washing his hands, getting ready to leave the water pipe burst, covering Frank from in water from head to toe! “Damn it.” She heard him from the bathroom. “Frankie?” Eleni rushed to the bathroom door, “Frankie, what happened…Oh my goodness, oh Frankie!” It took Frank ten more minutes and multiple failed attempts to fix the water situation and once done there was nothing on him that was dry. “Here take off your clothes…” Eleni’s words stopped him mid-step. “Stop it you know what I mean.” Eleni took his clothes down stairs to the dryer in Company. Meanwhile, upstairs Frank sat with a towel around his waist. He stood up to readjust when the door suddenly swung open. “Okay, Natalie downstairs said she would give me a call when your clothes were dry…” Eleni stopped and looked on at a naked Frank, “Oh…oh my,” she smiled. <HR> Josh Lewis was sitting in the living room with the Cedar’s project file in hand, waiting for his son to arrive home. Shayne parked his car in the driveway and headed inside. As he made his way to the door he thought about emailing Derek and then heading to bed. “You got a minute to talk son?” Josh asked as soon as the door closed behind Shayne. “I was going to head upstairs and do some packing,” Shayne answered. “But I could spare a minute or two.” “I was just wondering if there was anything you wanted to share with me,” Josh began. Shayne’s eyes darted, “Like what?” Josh threw the folder on the table, the word “Confidential” stared up at Shayne. “Let’s start with what you know about this.” “Well it would help if I knew what that was,” Shayne defended himself. “Don’t you play games with me boy!” “And don’t you yell at me like I’m some dog that crapped in the floor.” Shayne retorted. “Tell me what that is and I’ll tell you if I know anything about it.” He took a deep breath and thought for a moment, “It’s the Cedar’s file.” Josh paused. “Shayne I know that you stole this information and gave it to someone at Spaulding Enterprise.” “Really? You think that I sold my family out to Spaulding Enterprise? What reason would I have to do that?” “Why don’t you tell me that…it baffles my mind Shayne.” “Well you know what baffles my mind Dad, is why you are so sure that it was me. I’m sure there were at least half-a-dozen people at Lewis that you or Uncle Billy or Bill has pissed off at one time or another.” “Watch your mouth Shayne,” Josh warned. “You know what, I’m out of here because right now you’re so angry you’re not thinking straight.” Shayne told him. “Don’t you walk out that door!” “Watch me.” <HR> Holly Reade let out a heavy sigh of relief as she looked around the empty ballroom at Towers. She couldn’t believe that she had told Blake not to worry about anything, that she would handle it. She made her way across the room with an empty gift bag in hand to collect the disposable cameras used to capture the moment. In the distance she heard the elevator doors open and then close. “You’ve missed the party,” she called out without looking. “I didn’t actually,” Alan Spaulding replied from the entrance of the room. “Holly what are you doing in her all by yourself? You know they pay people here to clean up after these events.” “I’m fully aware, thank you Alan. Is there something that I can help you with?” “I seem to have misplaced my cell phone and came back to see if the bartender found it,” he explained. “Did you try calling it?” Holly asked. “I lose mine all the time at work.” She walked across and retrieved her purse from behind the bar and handed him her phone, “Here dial your number.” Alan did as he had been instructed and within seconds the jingle of his phone could be heard coming from a table near the balcony. “Mission completed,” Holly smiled and went back to collecting cameras. “Thank you,” Alan told her. “You’re welcome,” she replied without looking up, expecting him to leave. “Is there…um, something I could help you with Holly?” She stopped and looked up, “Did you just offer to help me collect cameras? Cameras, that mind you, were used to capture the wedding of Roger Thorpe’s daughter?” Alan scoffed at the thought, “I just want to repay your kindness,” he waved the phone in the air. “That’s all.” The two proceed to finish clearing off the tables and place all the belongings that have to be taken back to the Carriage House on a single table. “Thank you for your help Alan, it was very generous,” Holly told him and head towards the elevator. “You know I was about to pour myself a night cap, would you join me?” “Alan you know that I don’t…” “Drink, of course. We have club soda or sparkling cider for the lady,” Alan held up two bottles. “What do you say?” Holly thought a moment, shook her head and then decided why the hell not. The only thing she was rushing home to was an empty, dark house and memories of days gone by. She sat down at the bar and watched as Alan poured himself a drink, then a club soda for her. They began talking about the wedding, relationships and even Roger…before Holly knew it she had two and half hours had past… <HR> After the wedding reception, Gus took his mother back to the Spaulding mansion and declined her offer to stay the night. Alexandra became worried about him and began to question where he was staying. Gus said that he was living in a hotel and that she shouldn’t worry about him. Alexandra was worried and she followed him to the outskirts of Springfield. “What are you doing here?” Gus was standing in the doorway of the run down motel, shirtless. “I was concerned about you,” Alexandra informed him. “Put a shirt on and invite me in.” Gus slipped on a white tee-shirt as Alex surveyed the room. Cigarette cartons filled the table and small chair, there was a pile of unwashed clothes in the corner and fast food bags covered the extra queen size bed. “And just how long have you been staying here?” “Since I left Harley,” Gus answered. “You know it’s not that bad. I used to live like this when I was in the FBI and when I first moved to Springfield.” Alex shook her head and mocked, “Not that bad. This place is absolutely disgusting Gus.” “That’s why I didn’t invite you here. Not exactly the living habits a mother likes to see for her son.” “That’s true enough,” Alex noted. “Why don’t you come back to the mansion with me?” She put her hands up almost to defend herself, “Before you answer, just think about it. I would like very much to have you there.” “I don’t need a handout here. I’ve taken care of myself just fine for a very long time without the help of anyone else.” “I never said I was offering you a handout Gus. I’m just extending the offer of my home. You are as much welcome there as any of Alan’s children or Nick.” She walked across the room and kissed him on the cheek. “Just promise me that you’ll at least think it over.” Gus shook his head. “I’ll call you in a few days.” “All right, I can ask for nothing more.” As she opened the door the cool winter air ripped through Gus’ room, “Good night son,” she said softly and then left. <HR> “I can’t believe how the time’s gotten away from me,” she glanced down at her watch. “You have a prior engagement?” Alan asked. “No…” she smiled, “It’s just been a very long day is all.” “I understand.” He paused for a moment, “Holly?” “Yeah?” “Would you like to dance with me?” She laughed at the mere thought and then knew he was serious, “Alan, there’s no music. Perhaps another time,” Holly headed towards the elevator and suddenly a Rascal Flatts song filled the empty ballroom. “No excuse now Holly,” Alan declared. “It’s just one dance with someone you’ve town for many years. We’re practically family.” Holly shook her head, “We’re not practically family Alan. Just because Blake’s been married to both your sons does not make us practically anything.” “One dance.” She laid her purse and jacket on an empty table, “One dance,” she told him. “And then I’m going home.” “I won’t stop you,” Alan assured as he took her into his waiting arms. Holly allowed herself to drop her guard for a moment and for the first time in many, many months she felt like nothing could bother her in that moment. It felt peaceful and calm, which scared her because she was in the arms of Alan Spaulding! <HR> Shayne turned his car off and sat in the parking garage of the Beacon. His mind raced with thoughts of the last year, Tony’s death, Marah’s anger towards Reva, meeting Derek, coming out to his friends, then it was Alan-Michael and now this with his father. “Son-of-a-bitch!” He hit the steering wheel in anger. He knew that sooner rather than later he would have to own up to what he had done, stolen the information from Lewis Construction and gave it to Alan-Michael Spaulding. Shayne’s life was spinning out of control and he knew that the only person that could help him would be Tammy. He just hoped he wasn’t too late. Shayne jumped out of his car and slammed the door. In the distance he heard another car door slam a few seconds after his, he thought nothing of it. He was halfway through the parking garage, he could see the door leading to the elevators and he heard someone call out his name. “Shayne,” it was the voice of a familiar man. He spun around and questioned “Austin…” No one answered him back and Shayne concluded it was just his paranoia, but it was nothing of the kind. As he made his way closer to the doors the word, “fag” echoed through the empty parking garage and Shayne was dealt a fatal blow to the head. The bat fell to the cement first, seconds later so did Shayne. A male assailant picked up the bat and fled to his car as Shayne lay bleeding from his wounded head…left for dead! :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Frank & Eleni talk about a future... - Tammy leaves Springfield - An unlikely duo get drunk...together! <HR>
  9. February 01, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (February 01, 2008) -- With one day to go before "The Guiding Light" returns to the SONBC lineup with all new episodes comes exciting casting news! CASTING NEWS: WHO'S COMING Parros Gets a Name As previously reported last week, Peter Parros (ex-Ben, ATWT) is slated to join the blog beginning with Episode 093, now comes official word on who he will be representing. "I toyed with the idea of bringing David Grant back to the canvas," confirms executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins. "However, I needed a character who could come in and make new connections with characters already on the canvas." To that end, Parros will be representing Marcus Crawford a former Indianapolis and Bay City PD officer. He first shares scenes with Lucy Cooper-Spaulding [represented by Heather Tom.] From "DAYS" to "LIGHT" Fired "Days of our Lives" starlet, Martha Madison will soon find herself appearing on "The Guiding Light" once her final airdate with the NBC sudser is announced. Madison began portraying Belle Black-Brady in 2004 was recently fired from the soap. "Martha auditioned for the role of Marah both times casting calls were sent out," shared Hawkins. "However, it never seemed to work out the way we had originally hoped." No word on who Madison will be representing, however setside sources indicated that she'll be representing a new character in a story that EP/HW Josh Hawkins has been wanting to tell for a very long time. Additional information will be made available as it is received. Bad Girl Returns Home In late 2007, "LIGHT" announced the return of fan favorite, Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon [represented by Maeve Kinkead, now comes word on the storyline that will bring her home. "We're playing out several beats of the story," says Hawkins, "Vanessa will have both martial issues and family issues that will be addressed in her initial return." Those family issues the EP/HW is speaking of comes in the form of...Wendy Moniz who returns as Dinah Marler this February! "It was a very difficult decision deciding between either Moniz or Tognoni," the scribe shared. "However, there is so much history with Moniz that we felt it best she bring the character back home to Springfield." Yes! That's right Dinah is Springfield bound. More details about Dinah's return, including her first airdate will be published at a later time!
  10. January 23, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (January 23, 2008) -- With the return of "The Guiding Light" only a week and half away, executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins previews a new storyline that will make waves in 2008. HOT STORY of the WEEKEffective immediately Kim Brockington returns as Dr. Felicia Boudreau in an attempt to reestablish a more diverse Springfield. "Going into 2008 I wanted to bring the Boudreau family to the forefront and showcase them," explained Hawkins. Brockington who joined "LIGHT" in May 2002 steps back into the role of Remy and Mel's mother with a crisis on her hands. Clayton Boudreau will not be returning to the "LIGHT" canvas, however. "A role was needed to open up doors so that other characters could benefit storyline wise," Hawkins confirmed. To fill that role "LIGHT" will welcome Peter Parros (ex-Ben, ATWT) to the canvas in a yet unnamed role. There is rumors that Parros' new role on "TGL" will be a recast David Grant, executives where not yet ready to confirm or deny. "Peter's arrival opens up the doors for quite a few of our characters," Hawkins shared. "He'll be first sharing scenes with Lucy Cooper-Spaulding, Harley Cooper and then will find himself involved with Brockington's Felicia." Lawrence St. Victor will bring the character of Remy Boudreau back to Springfield beginning in February. "Remy's transferred to Harvard Law School after graduation from Springfield University," says Hawkins. "Look for Felicia's crisis to hit just in time for February sweeps," smiles Hawkins.
  11. January 22, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (January 22, 2008) -- After a two month hiatus from SONBC, a cancellation scare and what was believed to be a network swap, the 2007 SONBC Nominated "The Guiding Light" returns just in time for sweeps! HOT STORY of the WEEKAfter a two-and-half month hiatus "LIGHT" prepares to return to the SONBC lineup in time for sweeps and a thrilling new year! Below executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins talks about sweeps, casting news and one return that is to die for! With twelve action packed episode for February sweeps, Hawkins promises that it just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come in the coming months. "The families of Springfield are being ripped down to their very core," Hawkins says, "they have to reach rock bottom before they can come out on top and there lies the story." "LIGHT" returns to the SONBC lineup on Friday, February 1 with a special "Springfield Journal Update."
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  13. November 18, 2007 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (November 18, 2007) -- Welcome to a new feature for the SONBC blog, "The Guiding Light" a look at the upcoming week of events, casting news and stories for the blog the "Springfield Journal Update." HOT STORY of the WEEK"The Lewis family is thrown for one hell of a loop this week," confirms executive producer Josh Hawkins. Josh reviews the security DVDs and learns that it was in fact his son, Shayne that leaked the Cedar's project to Spaulding Enterprises! With Shayne's motives unclear, Josh decides that he must confront him about his actions. Things turn heated and for a moment Shayne trully feels that his world is crashing down around him. "There's a scene where Shayne is just sitting in his car, wondering how things have gotten so out of control," shares Hawkins. Things turn from bad to worse for both father and son, as Josh leaves Reva without telling her what is the matter. "Their marriage is strong but Reva continues to keep a secret about Jonathan and her trip to San Cristobel earlier this year. This marriage is put to the test yet again," the EP confirms. Shayne goes to The Beacon to see the one person he hopes can help him make sense of what is going on in his life, Tammy. But things for the teen take a sudden turn of events and all hell breaks lose! "There's a huge scene at The Beacon that does set this storyline into motion and it's going to be an amazing, emotional, family driven storyline that takes us through Episode 100." Hawkins smiles. CASTING NEWS: Revolving Door Melina Kanakaredes (Eleni) wraps up her stint this week during Episode 087. "We were glad to have Eleni back on the canvas for the time she was here," Hawkins stated. Look for her to wrap up her time with a bang! As reported earlier, Jason Shane Scott (ex-Braxton) was given his walking papers. Look for his story to be concluded this week when his girlfriend Lizzie goes to his apartment. "It breaks my heart to see these characters go, but it was for the best." Hawkins said earlier this year in an official statement. This week also marks the return of the often mentioned, rarely seen Marissa Spencer Randall. Judith Blazer who portrayed Olivia's sister in 1999 returns for a brief stint. Look for Blazer to also pop up sometime in 2008. Un-Thankful in Springfield?With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, will those residents of Springfield have anything to be thankful for? "Everyone in Springfield has a lot to be thankful for," confirms head writer/executive producer Josh Hawkins. However, the scribe has confirmed that no plans to celebrate the holiday will occur this year. "Sad but true," he goes on to say. "TGL" just relaunched last week after a multi-month leave from the SONBC channel and it would have been difficult to work the holiday into current stories. That said however, plans are being made to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve. "I'm looking at the stories I have planned, from there I plan to weave the holidays into stories." Currently, Episode 101 is scheduled to be the "Christmas in Springfield" episode. Week of November 19 PREVIEWS- Ed reads Roger's letter. - Lucy makes a tragic discovery. - Josh finds an unlikely drinking buddy. - Austin Hollingsworth returns. Capitol Diaries Cast Set"The Guiding Light" spinoff, "Capitol Diaries" which follows young heroine Tammy Winslow through her college days at George Washington University in Washington D.C. has been cast. There was a last minute cast change, the role of Professor Evan Carter will now be represented by William de Vry (ex-Michael, AMC; Storm, B&B.) Look for a new opening sequence to be created in the coming days. For now, take a look at the cast: Stephanie Gatschet as Tammy Winslow John Driscoll as Henry "Coop" Bradshaw Caitlin Van Zandt as Ashlee Hughbanks Adrian Bellani as Taber Dominick William de Vry as Evan Carter
  14. The Guiding Light: Episode 085Friday, November 16, 2007 Written By: Josh Hawkins <HR> <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> <HR> And Now..."The Guiding Light" <HR> “What are you thinking about honey?” Holly placed her hands on Blake’s shoulders and smiled at her. Blake put her hand on top of Holly’s and spoke, “I’m so glad that you’re here with me. I know how lucky I am to have yet another chance with Ross. I just…” “What?” Blake turned to face her mother, “I worry that I’ll screw it up. You know me and how I’m wired.” “You’re doing exactly what I knew you would do,” Holly warned. “You’re worrying about Spaulding Enterprises and not focusing on what matters most today of all days Blake.” “How can I not worry about that? Daddy left me his stocks for a reason and I’ve done nothing about it. I sat around doing nothing…” “Don’t you dare Blake say something like that. You’ve hardly sat around doing nothing the last few months. You’ve raised your children, repaired a shattered marriage and well, let’s face it, you’ve kept me on the verge sanity.” Blake kissed Holly’s cheek and thanked her for the kind words. “Speaking of which, do you think you’re going to be okay today?” “Why wouldn’t I be?” “With Ed and his role in the wedding today.” Silence fell upon the room. “You haven’t seen him since that morning at Cedars. All that I’m saying is it is going to be difficult I think. Nothing more, nothing less.” “I have no intention of ruining your wedding day, if that’s what you’re asking Blake,” Holly assured her. “You know good and well that is not what I was asking,” Blake paused. “I just know how I would feel if I saw Ross in a romantic setting like you’re going to see Ed in and well…if you say you’re going to be fine then you’ll be fine.” Holly kissed Blake’s cheeks, “Thank you. Now let’s good you ready…” as she spoke the words there came a knock on the door. “Blake!” Cassie called out, “Can we come in?” “Just a second ladies,” Blake answered. “Not a word about the Spaulding shares Daddy left me. Okay?” Holly shook her head yes and opened the door for a waiting Cassie and Harley! <HR> “Can I come in?” Ed peaked his head around the door of Ross’ suite at The Beacon? “Get in here,” Ross held out his hand for Ed to shake but the men ended up in a tight hug. “This is really happening isn’t it? Blake and I…married…again. You know what my friend, this is going to be the last time that I make this trip with Blake, that’s for sure.” “You know it seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before, but where?” Ed mocked his friend, “But I am happy for you Ross, very happy.” “Thank you, that means a lot to me.” Ross noted, “Do you know how glad I am that you’re here to stand up for me today.” “I’m glad to do it,” Ed finished clipping his tie. “I just wish Holly and I were on at least speaking terms, if nothing else.” “These women,” Ross sighed. “You know the crazy road that Blake and I have traveled down to get here. If you just give it time then maybe that same road will lead you back to Holly.” “Maybe. But I just don’t know how long I should wait.” Ed sighed heavily, “On one hand I know that she needs time to mourn Roger and she’s right none of us understand the love they shared.” “And on the other hand? What does it tell you?” “That we don’t have time to waste. I know from personal experience and tragedy that you have to live in the moment. That you should never put off tomorrow what can be done today.” Ed glanced down at his watch, “Look at me, going on and on about my problems when it’s you that we should be focusing on.” Ross shook his head, “It’s what we do old friend. I want you to be just as happy as I am right now.” Ed nodded his head in agreement, “I know you do. It’s just that sometimes I wonder…” he stopped mid-sentence, “but not today. Come on Mr. Marler, let’s get you married.” <HR> Beth sipped on a glass of champagne from the back of the ballroom, smiling and waving as onlookers passed by on their way to their seats. Lillian finally returned from the ladies room. “I don’t know why I allowed you to drag me to this event.” “Well why on Earth wouldn’t you come Beth? You’ve known Ross for years.” “Not to mention that I was married to his nephew for a majority of those years or the fact Blake and I never saw eye-to-eye on anything. The woman was a thorn in my side for years, always plotting and scheming and trying to win Phillip back.” “All of that is water under the bridge. Besides, your children are here and I wanted you to come.” Lillian reminded as Phillip entered, alone. “At least he had the good sense and taste to leave Olivia on the street corner from which she came.” Beth noted and finished off her second glass of champagne. “Excuse me Momma.” “Where are you going?” Lillian questioned. “To speak with Phillip,” she answered. “Don’t look at me like that. I’m not going to cause a scene, you have me confused with the other women Phillip has bedded.” Lillian rolled her eyes as she walked Beth walk across the ballroom. “Phillip.” She spoke. “Beth. It’s wonderful to see you here. How are you?” “Fine, thank you. I came with Momma.” “Good, good.” Phillip shook his head. “I was going to stop by Lillian’s after the wedding to pick up James, but I can…” “Take him from here, that’s fine. I actually thought you might say that so I packed him a suitcase,” she paused awkwardly. “I got an email from the bursar at Springfield University this morning. Lizzie’s tuition is due at the end of next week.” “Of course, yeah.” Phillip agreed. “I just thought when I saw you coming over here…” “What? That I was going to throw myself at you or even apologize? You’re crazy.” Beth laughed, “Are we still on schedule for our meeting the first of next week?” “Yes, I’ll have my secretary…” Phillip stopped as Alan spun him around. “Where the hell is she Phillip?” Alan shouted at the top of his lungs, “Where is Olivia?” “Alan!” Beth said sharply, “What are you doing?” She leaned in to whisper, “You won’t ever catch Blake and I having drinks or weekly shopping sprees but this is her wedding. Do not cause a scene.” “What’s going on with those three?” Alexandra questioned as she made her entrance with her son on her arm. “Oh Lord…” she broke hold of Gus’ grip… “Um, where do you think you’re going?” He asked. “It’s a wedding darling. A wedding for Roger Thorpe’s daughter no less…” she pointed across the room at her brother, “he’s already causing a scene. I’m going to get a drink.” Gus caught her arm and shook his head. “Why are you doing that? No?” Alexandra questioned. “Do you not remember the last time you got loaded at a very public event?” “Awe I do…” a smile wiped across Alex’s face, “Roger’s funeral. That was a glorious day wasn’t it?” “You also told the entire town I was your bastard love child. Not that glorious, no.” Gus held her arm a little tighter, “You’re going to go over there and stop the fighting between those two and then we’re going to sit down and enjoy the wedding.” “Oh, all right.” Alex sighed as she took off across the ballroom. “And if I catch you with a drink in your hand or anywhere near that bar today, I will sling you over my shoulder and cart you out of here.” “That’s rich coming from you Beth,” Alan shot back. “Considering the scene you caused at the mansion awhile back.” “And I just realized why I no longer have any desire to be apart of this family. Go ahead then, tear one another apart.” She threw her hands up in the air and headed for her seat. “Where’s Olivia?” Alan asked again. “I don’t know, she’s not my wife.” “Right, just your little your whore,” Alan laughed. “Forgive me I forgot.” “Beth’s right, don’t start with me here about this Alan.” “Whatever, you just make sure Olivia knows that I’m ready to gamble and win! I’ve filed for divorce and when I’m done with that vindictive bitch she’s not going to have a dime to call her own.” “Come on Alan,” Alexandra arrived. “We need to find our seat. Phillip the two of us will talk later.” “What’s going on with those two?” Billy asked. “Olivia,” Josh answered. “Was Wanda able to get a copy of the DVD?” Billy shook his head, “Should be waiting for you at the house when you get home. Are you sure that you want to watch that tape? It could show you something that you don’t want to see.” “That’s what I’m afraid of Billy and if does…” “I got a sneaky feeling that you boys aren’t talking about flowers and wedding music,” she laughed. “Come on you two, Cassie just came down and said that Blake’s ready for this thing to get underway.” “I’ll catch up with you later Billy,” Josh told him as Reva led him over to their seats. “What was all that about?” “Work stuff,” Josh kissed his wife, “Nothing for you to worry about.” <HR> Blake stood at the back of the ballroom and listened as the wedding march began to play. Ed appeared by her side and extended his arm for her. “Thank you for doing this,” she smiled. “And thank you for asking me,” Ed replied. “There’s no other place I would rather be.” The music softened and Father Ray appeared. “It’s quite a crowd the two of you have assembled here this evening.” The couple looked behind them and smiled, “We are very loved.” Blake said. Father Ray smiled at them, “This is a happy time for the both of you. We have all gathered tonight here in the presence of this company and God, to celebrate the love that Ross and Blake have for one another. Marriage is scared union, one that should not be entered into lightly or unadvisedly. Should there be anyone here who could show just cause why these two should not be joined may they speak now or forever hold their peace.” “I love you.” Blake whispered to Ross as he smiled. “As we enter into this ceremony it is important to remember that love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful, it is not arrogant or rude. Love does not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful, it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends.” Ray spoke, “the verse comes from 1 Corinthians.” “Ross, do you take this woman, Blake, to be your wedded wife, to share with her your life openly, to stand with her, in sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and to love, to forsake all others and keep only unto her, so as long as you both shall live?” “I do.” “And you Blake, do you take this man, Ross, to be your wedded husband, to share with him your life openly, to stand with him, in sickness and in health, in joy and sorrow, in hardship and in ease, to cherish and to love, to forsake all others and keep only unto her, so as long as you both shall live?” “I do,” Blake smiled. “A thousand times over I do.” <object width="320" height="240"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="320" height="240"></embed></object> “Ross and Blake have also written their own vows of commitment to one another. Ross…” “If I had any doubts or reservations about this marriage prior to this moment, they vanished when you came through that door. You have never looked so beautiful or so radiant than you do right now. You and I lost faith in one another awhile back. I made mistakes, you made mistakes but now we’ve been given a second chance. I know that it takes a great deal of faith and trust to make a marriage work. Sadly we’ve failed in the past. I can’t promise you that there won’t be rough roads ahead, but I can promise you that I’ll have faith that we’ll overcome them together and we’ll be stronger than before. You and I know the reasons why nothing should ever go right between us and that we might look like fools standing here again, but I figure if Josh and Reva can do it again, so can we.” Laughter filled the ballroom. “We’re here because we believe in one another, in our love and we believe in the deep connection that we share. I know that whatever life may throw at me, whatever rough road I maybe forced to travel down, that I’ll be able to overcome it and learn from it, as long as you are by my side. I doubted your faith in me once before, never again will I do that. My dear, sweet girl, I love you more than words will ever be able to express. I will never take you for granted and I will thank God every night that he has given me this opportunity once again to call you my wife and the mother of my children. Our family is the greatest gift you could have ever given to me. I am honored to take you as my wife. “Blake…” Father Ray spoke. “You still know how to take a girl’s breath away don’t you? I love the fact that you mentioned our children, because Harley and Cassie kept asking me upstairs if it felt different marrying you this time. I told them yes and then I told them no. Yes, because we’re a little older and have been blessed with those beautiful, beautiful children. And then I say no, because, you’re more handsome today than you were yesterday, let alone thirteen years ago. And you’re right, we’ve been in this place just about as much as Josh and Reva have, and yet, thankfully, here we are making those same promises, the same commitments like before. We’ve learned so much about life, love, family and one another. We know how hard it is, how much work it takes to make this work. I know it won’t be easy to honor these vows we’re taking, it will take dedication and trust in one another, but we can make it work. And let’s face it, it takes a great and patient man to love me. I should know, half of my ex-husbands are in this very room. I trust you with my heart, my life and most importantly with the lives of our children. I commit to work everyday to do what needs to be done to love you day in and day out for the rest of my life. I commit to you here and now. I take you as my husband.” She paused and took his hand, “And just as that lighthouse on the edge of town guides ships into the harbor, you, Ross Marler, are my guiding light. I am honored for you to take me as your wife.” The couple exchanged wedding bands as Ed’s eye caught Holly’s and they smiled at one another. “By the authority given to me by the state of Illinois and the Catholic Church, I now pronounce you man and wife. Therefore what God hath joined together, may no man ever separate.” Father Ray smiled on the couple, “You may now kiss your bride.” Ross leaned forward and taking pleasure in kissing his wife again, as other Springfield couples thought back to their own weddings and relationships: Josh and Reva to their own wedding at The Beacon…Phillip thought of Olivia and realized in that moment how much he did truly love her…Marah’s mind drifted to Danny as she kept her eyes trained toward Michelle and Bill…Cassie’s heart ached for a moment, missing Richard… “I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Ross Marler.” Ray’s announcement brought everyone back to reality and the ballroom erupted in clapping! :Fade to Black: <HR> Next on "The Guiding Light" - Holly's shares a dance with the last person she ever thought! - Josh confronts Shayne. - Ed reads Roger's letter. - A devestating blow is dealt to someone in Springfield! <HR>
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