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  1. February 04, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (February 03, 2008) -- Ed reads Roger's letter at long last! HOT STORY of the WEEK "There is a huge turning point this week for Ed and the entire Bauer family," smiles executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins. At long last Dr. Ed Bauer will read the letter that the late Roger Thorpe left him in his will. "I've spent a lot of time thinking of what could have been in that letter," says the scribe. Episode 087 finds the doctor returning home from Ross and Blake's wedding with only one thing on his mind: the letter. Ed has spent months knowing it was there, putting it off until later and convincing himself that what Roger had to say he does not want to hear. "Roger has a trick up his sleeve by sending Ed this letter," Hawkins continues. Readers will see some of the letter and Ed's reaction...a trip to Maureen's grave and then on to the airport...Ed leaves Springfield! "He's on a mission to find himself yet again and prove to himself that what Roger says can't be true," he laughs. CASTING ROUNDUP Peter Simon (Dr. Ed Bauer) will be off canvas for the next thirteen episodes, due to storyline related issues. "Ed is a vital and treasured member of our cast," says the executive producer. "His absence is storyline dictated, Ed will be back soon." <BR> Judith Blaze begins her recurring stint as Marissa Spencer-Randall, Olivia's sister. Blaze has been scheduled to appear for three episodes. <BR> As previously reported, Wendy Moniz will be returning as bad girl Dinah Marler at the end of February. Her return will help usher on-screen mother Vanessa back to the canvas. CASTING In-DEPTH Also reported earlier last week, fired "DAYS" actress Martha Madison has signed on to represent at that time an unnamed character. Now insiders with the blog can confirm who Madison will be representing: Jodi Lynne Bradshaw Marshall. "Jodi was a character I created when I was producing/writing an original soap drama, "ALL OR NOTHING," explains Hawkins. There will be a special character in-depth profile done on the character with biography, past storylines and what will be bringing her to Springfield!
  2. February 01, 2008 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (February 01, 2008) -- With one day to go before "The Guiding Light" returns to the SONBC lineup with all new episodes comes exciting casting news! CASTING NEWS: WHO'S COMING Parros Gets a Name As previously reported last week, Peter Parros (ex-Ben, ATWT) is slated to join the blog beginning with Episode 093, now comes official word on who he will be representing. "I toyed with the idea of bringing David Grant back to the canvas," confirms executive producer/head writer Josh Hawkins. "However, I needed a character who could come in and make new connections with characters already on the canvas." To that end, Parros will be representing Marcus Crawford a former Indianapolis and Bay City PD officer. He first shares scenes with Lucy Cooper-Spaulding [represented by Heather Tom.] From "DAYS" to "LIGHT" Fired "Days of our Lives" starlet, Martha Madison will soon find herself appearing on "The Guiding Light" once her final airdate with the NBC sudser is announced. Madison began portraying Belle Black-Brady in 2004 was recently fired from the soap. "Martha auditioned for the role of Marah both times casting calls were sent out," shared Hawkins. "However, it never seemed to work out the way we had originally hoped." No word on who Madison will be representing, however setside sources indicated that she'll be representing a new character in a story that EP/HW Josh Hawkins has been wanting to tell for a very long time. Additional information will be made available as it is received. Bad Girl Returns Home In late 2007, "LIGHT" announced the return of fan favorite, Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon [represented by Maeve Kinkead, now comes word on the storyline that will bring her home. "We're playing out several beats of the story," says Hawkins, "Vanessa will have both martial issues and family issues that will be addressed in her initial return." Those family issues the EP/HW is speaking of comes in the form of...Wendy Moniz who returns as Dinah Marler this February! "It was a very difficult decision deciding between either Moniz or Tognoni," the scribe shared. "However, there is so much history with Moniz that we felt it best she bring the character back home to Springfield." Yes! That's right Dinah is Springfield bound. More details about Dinah's return, including her first airdate will be published at a later time!
  3. November 18, 2007 Edition<HR> Stillwater, OK (November 18, 2007) -- Welcome to a new feature for the SONBC blog, "The Guiding Light" a look at the upcoming week of events, casting news and stories for the blog the "Springfield Journal Update." HOT STORY of the WEEK"The Lewis family is thrown for one hell of a loop this week," confirms executive producer Josh Hawkins. Josh reviews the security DVDs and learns that it was in fact his son, Shayne that leaked the Cedar's project to Spaulding Enterprises! With Shayne's motives unclear, Josh decides that he must confront him about his actions. Things turn heated and for a moment Shayne trully feels that his world is crashing down around him. "There's a scene where Shayne is just sitting in his car, wondering how things have gotten so out of control," shares Hawkins. Things turn from bad to worse for both father and son, as Josh leaves Reva without telling her what is the matter. "Their marriage is strong but Reva continues to keep a secret about Jonathan and her trip to San Cristobel earlier this year. This marriage is put to the test yet again," the EP confirms. Shayne goes to The Beacon to see the one person he hopes can help him make sense of what is going on in his life, Tammy. But things for the teen take a sudden turn of events and all hell breaks lose! "There's a huge scene at The Beacon that does set this storyline into motion and it's going to be an amazing, emotional, family driven storyline that takes us through Episode 100." Hawkins smiles. CASTING NEWS: Revolving Door Melina Kanakaredes (Eleni) wraps up her stint this week during Episode 087. "We were glad to have Eleni back on the canvas for the time she was here," Hawkins stated. Look for her to wrap up her time with a bang! As reported earlier, Jason Shane Scott (ex-Braxton) was given his walking papers. Look for his story to be concluded this week when his girlfriend Lizzie goes to his apartment. "It breaks my heart to see these characters go, but it was for the best." Hawkins said earlier this year in an official statement. This week also marks the return of the often mentioned, rarely seen Marissa Spencer Randall. Judith Blazer who portrayed Olivia's sister in 1999 returns for a brief stint. Look for Blazer to also pop up sometime in 2008. Un-Thankful in Springfield?With the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching, will those residents of Springfield have anything to be thankful for? "Everyone in Springfield has a lot to be thankful for," confirms head writer/executive producer Josh Hawkins. However, the scribe has confirmed that no plans to celebrate the holiday will occur this year. "Sad but true," he goes on to say. "TGL" just relaunched last week after a multi-month leave from the SONBC channel and it would have been difficult to work the holiday into current stories. That said however, plans are being made to celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve. "I'm looking at the stories I have planned, from there I plan to weave the holidays into stories." Currently, Episode 101 is scheduled to be the "Christmas in Springfield" episode. Week of November 19 PREVIEWS- Ed reads Roger's letter. - Lucy makes a tragic discovery. - Josh finds an unlikely drinking buddy. - Austin Hollingsworth returns. Capitol Diaries Cast Set"The Guiding Light" spinoff, "Capitol Diaries" which follows young heroine Tammy Winslow through her college days at George Washington University in Washington D.C. has been cast. There was a last minute cast change, the role of Professor Evan Carter will now be represented by William de Vry (ex-Michael, AMC; Storm, B&B.) Look for a new opening sequence to be created in the coming days. For now, take a look at the cast: Stephanie Gatschet as Tammy Winslow John Driscoll as Henry "Coop" Bradshaw Caitlin Van Zandt as Ashlee Hughbanks Adrian Bellani as Taber Dominick William de Vry as Evan Carter
  4. <HR>Former "LIGHT" Actresses Return Rebecca Budig - Maeve Kinkead Tulsa, OK (September 19, 2007) -- Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that three actors were given their walking papers comes news that two former actresses have signed on to "The Guiding Light." Bethany Joy Galeotti who rejoined "LIGHT" in February 2007 will find herself leaving for a third time. Galeotti who played a teenage Reva in the late 90s departed in 2000 returned to the role at the request of producers. However, Galeotti has opted to leave. "I'm very sad to see Bethany leave," said executive producer Josh Hawkins. "She is an amazing actress who will be missed very much." The role of Michelle has been recast twice in the last year since the current writing staff assumed the helm. "Michelle is and will always continue to remain a complex character," Hawkins noted. "The character is so vital to the stories that are beginning to be told in the coming months. Michelle is connected to the Bauer family, Danny and now the Lewis clan." Effective immediately, Rebecca Budig who began her daytime career in 1995 as Michelle will return to the role nine years after departing in 1998. An Emmy nominated actress, Budig spent three years in Springfield before joining "All My Children" in 1999. "Rebecca brings something that none of the other Michelle's have had and that is what made me want her here," Hawkins concluded. Joining Budig will be another daytime star, Maeve Kinkead is slated to return to Springfield as a contract player! "I have always maintained a deep love for Vanessa and said on more than one occassion that if there was a story she would be in Springfield, there's a story!" Smiles Hawkins. The executive producer stated earlier he wanted to take "LIGHT" back to it's roots and those roots include Vanessa Chamberlain Reardon. "We'll be seeing Vanessa intergrate herself back into the lives of friends and loved ones as her story begins," the scribe confirmed. What does this mean for Vanessa's husband Matt Reardon? "Sadly, Kurt McKinney will not be returning and I have nothing else to say at this time regarding Matt." Budig debuts on October 15 in Episode 084 and expect Vanessa to return shortly after Blake and Ross' wedding.
  5. SUMMER UPDATE <HR> Tulsa, OK – (August 4, 2007) - With the SONBC blog "The Guiding Light" slated to return to production on August 6th, executive producer and co-head writer Josh Hawkins sat down to open up about storyline changes, a shift in episode production, a return of a daytime veteran actress, a recast and one storyline that will rock Springfield! <HR> Late Summer/Early Fall Storylines SONBC: Welcome! This is the first interview you've done in a long while. Hawkins: I know! We've all been missing out, huh? SONBC: I think we have. Let's talk about the hiatus, was it planned? Hawkins: No. We had behind-the-scenes production issues which are addressed below, as well as preparing new episodes and getting some storylines under control. SONBC: Of course, like having your teens attend prom in "Springfield May" when it reality it was July. Hawkins: Exactly what I mean! I saw a way to wrap up the stories into a nice little package, deliver it and move foward to present day, eight weeks after the fact. SONBC: Now there are some stories that might not work for, like Michelle's baby, Gus' paternity resolution and Shayne's betrayal, how will that work? Hawkins: (Gasps!) You doubt my writing. (Laughs) Kidding, things will be explained in Episode 081 at the beginning. I've added "Since You Been Gone" paragraph to fill in the blanks from some stories, other stories are being written into the eight week gap. Which ones I won't say. SONBC: You hold your cards close to your chest don't you? Hawkins: I just think that the stories Dan and I have written are top notch, classic "The Guiding Light" and I don't want to spoil everything. I need to feed you some crumbs so that you'll come to the dinner table to eat! SONBC: Okay, that's fair! What can we expect to see on Monday? Hawkins: Well because we're dealing with Crystal Chappell leaving for about a week (her last airdate on "TGL" is August 8th) so that she can return to "AS DAYS GO BY" where she'll be representing Dr. Carly Manning, our first order of business is the Phillip and Beth divorce. SONBC: Rumor had it at one point that it would appear Olivia had been murdered, any truth to that? Hawkins: That was one of the stories that was suggested, however it is not how Olivia will be leaving Springfield. (See below for additional information.) We're dealing with Michelle and her yet unnamed daughter's storyline, the stories are moving a little more quickly. SONBC: That can be a good thing, just not to quick... Hawkins: Preaching to the choir here. When I penned the original web-series "All Or Nothing" I could stretch a story like no other, but not here. I have a large cast to play with and a lot of stories to tell with them. SONBC: You have three very big stories coming up, care to share what they are? Hawkins: I do! We're tackling a medical issue that has never been done to my knowledge in daytime: testicular cancer. It will impact one of the young leading men on the blog and we're very excited to tell this story. There have been so many blotched medical stories in daytime, we hope that this is not one of them. SONBC: So you've done your research? Hawkins: Every step of the way! Also make sure to RSVP now for August 17th, Ross and Blake will be married and two other stories reach their climatic high points also, the Lewis family will be changed forever! SONBC: Some great stuff is coming it sounds like. One last question, when will Ed open Roger's letter? Hawkins: August 17th! I am looking forward to this episode more than anyone knows! Episode 086 is going to feature your favorite "LIGHT" characters, we invite you to join us... <HR> REVOLVING DOOR: CASTING NEWS <HR> RECAST ALERT In a shocking casting move, <b>Alexa Havins</b> is OUT as Marah Lewis and replaced by former “World Turns” darling <b>Jennifer Ferrin.</b> Get the inside story… “A change was needed,” confirms Hawkins about the exit. Havins who beat out Martha Madison and Bree Williamson for the coveted role last summer prior to the blog’s debut last aired on July 4 in Episode 075. “Alexa’s departure is completely storyline related,” Hawkins explained. “When she began she was our Marah, but we feel the part has outgrown what Alexa had to offer.” “Marah is becoming a woman, we’re progressed forward with her relationship with Danny Santos and the relationship between Marah and her mother must be repaired. We felt that a more mature looking Marah would help in that vision,” said Hawkins. Therefore, after an exhausting search that brought back Williamson and Madison as well as other younger leading women with daytime credits, including Lauren Woodland and Jennifer Finnigan, executives decided upon Ferrin. “It came down to Madison and Ferrin,” Hawkins recounted. “In the end it was Ferrin who won us over.” Ferrin who is a two-time Emmy nominated actress for her role as Jennifer Munson-Donovan on “ATWT” will debut on August 6 in Episode 081 as a brunette. “It was important for to maintain her brunette hair color and show some red.” Hawkins laughs, “She is after all Josh’s daughter.” So how will Ferrin’s arrival affect the TGL/ATWT crossovers? “We maintain that what is happening with ATWT on-air at the moment is what is happening in the blog, Jennifer is dead.” Ferrin has signed an exclusive contract with the blog. <HR> COMING IN "Another World" Legal Eagle Return <b>Stephen Schnetzer</b> who created the role of Cass Winthrop on the now defunct “Another World” will step back into the lawyer’s shoes on “The Guiding Light.” Schnetzer who began playing Cass in July 1982 and continued until the show was canceled by NBC in June 1999. “We wanted to continue the AW/GL connection that has been established many years ago,” executiver producer of the SONBC blog Josh Hawkins stated. “Soaps are about family and we’re very pleased to continue to use the Proctor & Gamble connections,” he concluded. Cass arrives on August 6 (Episode 081) to represent Beth Raines-Spaulding [beth Chamberlain] in her divorce hearing against estranged husband Phillip [Grant Aleksander.] Schnetzer is slated to make two more appearances later this fall in a separate storyline. “Originally it was supposed to Jessica Griffin [Tamara Tunie] from “As the World Turns” crossing over but things did not pan out,” explains Hawkins. <b>Olivia’s Sister Returns</b> In what was thought to be a role meant for <b>Lisa Peluso</b> insiders are reporting that negoations with the former “Another World/As the World Turns” starlet have fallen through. Instead <b>Judith Blazer</b> who appeared in 1999 as Marissa Randall will return. “Marissa’s arrival will help bring Olivia [Crystal Chappell] back to the canvas after her run on "AS DAYS GO BY.” Hawkins also went on to say, “We’re working towards bringing Reva’s son Jonathan onto the canvas and Marissa will be an important part of that story.” Look for Blazer to return as Marissa on August 22. <b>Negotiation Time</b> The blog is the final stages of negotiation with <b>Jay Hammer</b> who played the role of Fletcher from 1984-1998; 1999. “We have the abilitiy to bring back characters with rich history that have made The Guiding Light what it is today,” co-head writer Dan Gobble said. Rumors are circling that executives what Hammer back for a handful of episodes during Ben’s upcoming storyline. In addition, to Hammer’s hopeful return behind-the-scenes sources are reporting that once Roger’s letter to Ed is read the studio will be on lockdown! Producers are keeping mum about what is in the content of the letter, but report it’s classic Roger! “Someone is returning!” An unnamed source claims, “And the only people who know who it is, is the co-head writers.” OVER & OUT <b>Melina Kanakaredes</b> wraps up her return as Eleni Cooper on August 20. <b>Alexa Havins</b> wrapped up her year long-plus role as Marah Lewis on July 4, see above article for more information.
  6. Lead Actress LEAVES Soap <HR> Tulsa, OK – (July 30, 2007) - In a surprising turn of events Crystal Chappell who represents the devious vixen Olivia Spencer-Spaulding is leaving the SONBC blog, "The Guiding Light" later this August. Her destination fellow SONBC blog "As Days Go By." "I was approached earlier this month about a possible crossover," explained Josh Hawkins executive producer/co-head writer of "The Guiding Light." Rest assured that the Emmy award winning actress will be returning to her signature "Olivia" role. "Drew Hamilton the executive producer of ADGB has scripted a return of Carly Manning who was last played by Chappell. Olivia will be written out of "The Guiding Light" sometime in August in a dramatic fashion!
  7. THE GUIDING LIGHT UPDATE 07/23/2007 Edition <HR> Tulsa, OK – (July 23, 2007) - Mighty big changes are happening for the SONBC nominated blog-series "The Guiding Light" as they prepare for new cast additions, a reality TV show twist, production changes and so much more! Setside sources are revealing that a new production schedule is in place for the blog as well, beginning this week! “After careful deliberation and council with my co-head writer (Dan Gobble) we have come to the conclusion that three episodes a week for the series will be beneficial to the stories we are telling,” executive producer Josh Hawkins stated earlier this week. So what will this change in production mean for the beloved citizens of Springfield and to the readers of the blog? “Hopefully for the citizens it means that stories are going to be told a faster pace,” Gobble stated. “For our readers it will mean that episodes will become a little longer and a little more in-depth. We are committed to telling these stories and we hope that our readers are just as committed,” Gobble concluded. The change won’t happened immediately however. TGL is taking a week hiatus beginning Monday, July 23, 2007 after Episode 078 is published. “We have to outline, plan and write,” Hawkins laughs. And another change is coming, a special graduation episode is planned for Monday, July 30th wrapping up the teen storyline with the birth of Michelle’s baby. Michelle (Bethany Joy Galeotti) must watch as her Baby Girl fights for survival this summer! “We know that baby-related storylines have been beat to death in the daytime arena,” Hawkins continued, “so we don’t want to tell a story that will make readers turn away from the show.” That said however, it will be revealed on the August 1st episode that Baby Bauer has been in pre-natal intensive care since her birth. “The Bauer, Lewis and Danny really rally together in this time,” Hawkins says, “since it is still unclear whether or not Danny or Bill is the biological father.” In addition to the baby storyline other stories that will be moved forward include: Holly continues to spiral downward as Ross and Blake prepare to marry, the Cedar's project is in full swing and those Lewis boys know something is up, Ben faces the truth that something is the matter with him health wise and Alan/Phillip/Beth/Olivia storyline takes a turn during this time. "We have some great stories coming down the pike for the last six months in Springfield," Hawkins concluded. "We hope that you'll stick with us and see what we have in store for everyone." Look for the final episode of TGL before hiatus on Tuesday, July 24th and then the blog resumes a regular air schedule on the 30th. <HR> CASTING ROUNDUP - "The Guiding Light" will welcome Tamara Tunie (Jessica, As The World Turns) to the canvas shortly after the series returns from the schedule hiatus. "We have enjoy utilizing our sister soap," Hawkins smiled. Readers will note that early on in the blog it was revealed that Lillian Raines (Tina Sloan) shares a friendship with Dr. Susan Stewart (Marie Masters.) So will there be more ATWT/TGL crossovers in the future? "Maybe," Hawkins replies, "we don't want to use up a good thing. If the storyline requires something of the nature that would fit of course." - There seems to be a reason why the contents of Ed's letter from Roger hasn't been opened yet on screen and it comes down to casting and time according to setside sources. Rumor has it that executives are attempting to lure a veteran charater/actress for a limited run in late summer/early fall. "TGL" doesn't comment on rumors. - Could two of of the blog's brighest young starlets be on their way! Some of daytime's biggest and brightest young stars have been spotted roaming the halls of the studio including the recently married Jennifer Finnigan (ex-Bridget, B&, Jennifer Ferrin (ex-Jennifer, ATWT) and even DAYS young star Martha Madison (Belle, DAYS). Could this be a possible recast role or are they looking to fill a recent casting call for a young and powerful executive at Spaulding Enterprise, stay tuned! <HR> A NEW REALITY TWIST COMING Final details are being ironed out for an exciting and interesting new reality twist that will tie into the storylines on "The Guiding Light." "I just recently got the approval from co-head writer," laughs the EP Josh Hawkins. The new reader-interaction event is slated to begin August 13th so stay tuned! <HR>
  8. VETERAN ACTRESS RETURNS FOR LIMITED RUN<BR>PLUS: One Actress Leaves Soap Tulsa, OK – (July 7, 2007) - "It came down to the wire," says "The Guiding Light" executive producer Josh Hawkins when speaking about the return of Melina Kanakaredes who portrayed Eleni Andros Cooper from 1991-1995 on the CBS version of the soap. "We considered both Jennifer Roswell (who portrayed the character after Kanakaredes left) and Kanakaredes but felt for the limited run it would be more rewarding to see Melina back." Hawkins continued. So what brings Eleni back to Springfield? "Marina of course!" Co-Head Writer Dan Gobble confirms. Graduation and prom (TGL is still on May time) is right around the corner and since we are in a position to bring back the characters who should be here it was just a matter of timing before Eleni came home, Gobble went on to explain. So how long is Kanakaredes who currently stars on the CBS crime-drama hit "CSI: New York" sticking around the blog? "We were able to keep Melina for at least three episodes, possibly four." Hawkins stated. There will be pre-prom, graduation and then she'll be sharing some very heartwarming scenes with Justin Deas (Buzz) and Frank Dicopoulos (Frank). Could those heartwarming scenes with Frank be a sign of things to come? "Josh and I would love nothing more to bring Eleni back full-time but this is just a visit, there is no room at the inn!" Laughs Gobble. And no room at the inn is the problem, as Pamela Reed (Sandra) exits the canvas very quietly. "I take full responsiblity for this story and it not being told to full capacity." Said Hawkins. Reed who starred as Gail Green on "Jericho" last season was brought on as the mysterious Sandra in November 2006. "I had a story in place when I brought the character to the canvas, but when Dan joined the writing team things changed!" Hawkins goes on to say that Reed was supposed to be a Maureen Bauer look-a-like that would cause a rift between Ed and Holly but as history would have it, it was Holly's ex Roger that caused that rift. "The thing is that the actress is gone, the character won't be seen but she'll be mentioned as storyline requires, she is after all Braxton's mother." Braxton who is represented by Jason Shane Scott is beginning worked into the teen canvas as the love interest for Spaulding princess and SONBC Award Winning Younger Female Character Lizzie Spaulding (Marcy Rylan.) There however, won't be any dramatic exit for Reed or Sandra O'Dell but her story is not over quite yet. "Reed has agreed to return as Sandra in November or December for a dramatic storyline twist that will rock Springfield." Teased Hawkins. Look for Melina Kanakaredes to appear in Episode 76, 78, 79 and possibly the 80th episode of the blog. PREVIEWS - The teen crew goes through life changing moments! - Olivia and Phillip's tryst is exposed and you'll never guess how! - AS THE WORLD TURNS legal-eagle shows up in Springfield!
  9. "MELROSE STAR" Sees the "LIGHT" STILLWATER, OK - After an exhausting search that spanned months, "THE GUIDING LIGHT" is pleased to announce that "Melrose Place" original cast member Grant Show is joining the soap. "We had so many wonderful actors test for the role including Jack Wagoner, Dean Cain and Peter Bergman." Shared executive producer Josh Hawkins. "However it was Show who won us over." At press time a first official airdate had yet to be announced for Show even though he has already been written into episode outlines. His first episode is 073, Hawkins went on to confirm however the exact airdate was not certain. "We don't want to spoil the audience on who Show's character will be sharing his first scenes with but we will confirm on down the road how he will be introduced to one of Springfield's leading ladies." Says co-head writer Dan Gobble. Show will be introduced again later next month (in Springfield time it's still May) when he crosses paths with Cassie (Laura Wright) and Tammy (Stephanie Gatschet) who travel to Washington D.C. so that she can enroll at George Washington University. Show's character "Trevor" shares a past with two Springfield characters that is currently on the canvas already. In addition to Show's arrival 2006 Inturn semi-finalist Ian Novick joins for a limited seven-ten episode run over the course of the next three months. Novick's character who was mentioned in Episode 072 (Austin Hollingsworth) will be Lizzie's (Marcy Rylan) date to prom. Novick plays and even bigger role throughout the summer. ADDITIONAL CASTING NEWS - Krista Tesreau (Mindy) who has a special recurring contract with "THE GUIDING LIGHT" puts in another appearance beginning in Episode 074. Look for Tesreau to be popping up quite a lot in the future as the characters of Mindy and Marah enter in the fashion business together. - Kim Zimmer returns as Reva Shayne Lewis just in time for Springfield High's prom night. - Sheree J. Wilson (ex-April, Dallas; ex-Alex, Walker Texas Ranger) puts in a guest appearance as Shelia Randolph.
  10. The Guiding Light Update 06/02 Edition The Calm After the Storm The lighting, the thunder and the rain has finally ended, but the ramifications of the night are just beginning to be felt by those in Springfield. "One of the biggest stories that we had going during that time was Holly and Ed." Says executive producer/co-head writer Josh Hawkins. The week begins with an "In the Light" featuring Holly and Blake. "We wanted to showcase these two dynamic characters who both Dan and I are in love with." Hawkins went on. And their love with Holly is clearly being seen as of this date Holly had moved from the shadows of the soap to the front burner where Dan Gobble, co-head writer assures she will stay. "Holly is by far one of the most dynamic characters on daytime, she deserves to be front and center." "After Roger's death we thought about the next logical step for Blake and Holly, the steps that we've outlined are that the most logical." Shares Hawkins. Look for Holly's "ITL" to be published Monday, June 4th. What Time is It? So as most readers know "The Guiding Light" went about a week and half without an update. "Life sometimes does that to you." Shared Hawkins. However rest assured you won't be missing any of the story! "We're still telling stories as if it were mid-May." He continued. So that means look for Michelle's baby to be born in the next few weeks, prom and graduation for the Senior class of 2007. SONBC Awards: Stay in the Light "The Guiding Light" has been nominated for seven SONBC Awards, the second most nominated blog behind "Salem Lives" who led with nine. While an announcement date for the winners has yet to be announced we invite you to take a look at video celebrating our nominees. <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object> Sneak Previews - Harley comes home from Cedars! - Beth's life hangs in the balance...will she survive! - Danny goes behind Marah's back. - Spaulding Enterprises and Lewis Construction present their plans to Cedars. - Prom Night for the Senior Class of 2007! Casting News - Kim Zimmer (Reva) returns home just in time for Shayne's big night. - Krista Tesreau (Mindy) returns in Episode 075 and shares scenes with Marah (Alexa Havins.) "The young Lewis women are embarking up on a business venture of sorts." Shares Hawkins. "One that we hope will be successful for them and our readers, I have a pretty big surprise up my sleeve for them. - Ian Novick joins the cast and represents the character of Austin Hollingsworth. Novick is most notably known as one of the final three contestants on the CBS Daytime Reality series, InTurn. Novick has signed on for ten episodes throughout the summer. - Rumor! Recently another "ATWT" actress was spotted on "The Guiding Light" set. Sources say she was only visiting but with Lillian's past with Dr. Susan Stewart is another crossover in the works. Stay tuned! - After an exhausting casting search for a handsome early 40s leading male character, the role has been cast! However, the executive producer/head writing team are keeping the name to themselves.
  11. HEARST & DOUGLAS FIND "THE LIGHT" "Decisions had to be made for the sake of the story." Says head wirter/executive producer Josh Hawkins in regards to the sudden casting shocker! "It's about the image you see for the character, mine along with Dan's changed." The recently Emmy nominated Dan Gauthier who joined "The Guiding Light" in November 2006 as the recast Alan-Michael Spaulding has been let go. "I was in a hurry to bring the character back and at the end the day Gauthier was not our A-M." Hawkins continued. "Plus we have a storyline coming up through the summer that will rock Springfield and Hearst has so much history with the series it made perfect sense." Hearst won an Emmy for his role on the CBS "Guiding Light" in 1991 will begin to appear as Alan-Michael immediately. Even though A-M is mentioned in the next two episodes it won't be until Episode 062 that Hearst begins. "He'll be sharing scenes with Shayne." Shared Hawkins, "This storyline is so exicting and just the images of Hearst with young Ben Hogestyn (Shayne) is amazing. Plus when you put him side by side with the talented Heather Tom (Lucy) it just works." Also joining the cast on as a "Special Recurring Player" similar to that of Krista Tesreau (Mindy) and Maeve Kinkead (Vanessa) is soap veteran Jerry Douglas (ex-John Abbott, Y&R). "He'll be playing the role of Mike Bauer." Confirmed Hawkins, "We'll be seeing him off and on as storyline requires much like Mindy and Vanessa." Douglas first appears as Mike Bauer in episode 061. Hawkins does admit that for the moment the recasting is done, "I do it quite often, but it's about the vision you see for the character. To date the roles of: Michelle Bauer Santos, Hope Bauer, Alan-Michael Spaulding, Lucy Cooper Spaulding, Marah Lewis and Shayne Lewis have all been recast. Also look for either Linda Gray or Stockard Channing to make a guest appearance in the near future. "We have a storyline planned for Mindy and Marah." Hawkins said, "One of those veteran actress will be making a brief two-three episode run in the very near future." Toby Poser last airs as Amanda Spaulding during Episode 063 after Roger's will is read! "Something very unique happens during that episode for Amanda, dont' miss it." Teases the scribe. And finally the following casting call has been sent out and the producers are seeking a well established daytime or primetime veteran actor to fill the role. All suggestions are welcome:
  12. Volume 1, Issue 1 March 3, 2007 The "LIGHT" Goes Out? Rumors seem to be making the rounds that "THE GUIDING LIGHT" is running straight towards cancelation! With many recent announcements that such blogs as "King Reilly's DAYS," "The World of Oakdale" and "Guiding Light: The Brotherhood" were headed to towards the great beyond soon (TWOO ended March 2) that "The Guiding Light" was next. “Absolutely and completely false!” Assured executive producer Josh Hawkins. “Dan and I have been working on schoolwork, jobs and other activities.” He continued. But outlines are still being planned, scenes are being written and episodes are being published. The Guiding Light will be a fixture in the SONBC lineup for many, many more days to come. “Our light is bright! The stories we’re working towards telling will have long lasting ramifications in Springfield!” Teased Hawkins. IN the LIGHT with...Maureen Garrett SONBC: Are you enjoying working more these day? MG: Are you joking? (Laughs) I'm in love with The Guiding Light these days. It is very reminiscent of what it once was. Josh and Dan have a great hold on who Holly is and what makes her tick. SONBC: When Josh arrived on the scene last summer he shocked the industry with stepping back in time. How did you feel about that? MG: Josh stepped back to a time that was good, Holly's relationship with Ed I always felt was a missed storyline, so to be able to play it again is amazing, quite simply. SONBC: There for awhile it looked as though Holly would be betraying Blake. MG: The thing about that story is it would have made sense either way we went. I can say that it was tweaked and changed a bit once Dan joined as co-head writer. Josh did propose a story that was good, but what we have coming up in the next few weeks and into March is...some of the best stuff I've done in a very long time. SONBC: Care to share with readers what that "stuff" is? MG: (Smiles) Holly has quite a few fires burning at the moment. From Blake to Ross and Ed and these migraines it's all about to explode. March is going to be HUGE for Holly and I'm looking forward to playing the role again and this material because it is out of this world. Next Week: Ben Hogestyn's "IN the LIGHT" about his new job, new storyline & working with Kim Zimmer! Week of March 5th - Marah tells Danny to end things for good with Cassie! - Harley and Lucy find Alexandra! - The Cedars projects battle is on: Lewis vs. Spaulding. - Shayne's world will be rocked & literally changed forever! Casting New - Matt Lanter (Derek) who debuted as Derek Bowden in 2006 shortly after "TGL" debuted. "Matt is on recurring at the moment but that could change as the story continues." Said co-head writer Dan Gobble. Lanter returns in Episode 051. - Soap icon and veteran actress Julia Barr wraps up her first stint in the recast role of Hope Bauer in Episode 053. "She'll be back, don't worry." Gobble continues. "This was always the agreement that she would come on for a limited run but return full-time eventually. - Also in non-casting news and more behind the scene information, creator of the blog, "Guiding Light: The Brother" Michael Allen will soon join "TGL" blog as a story consultant. "I made an official offer to Michael immediately after he announced he would end "GL:TB" and he accepted. Dan and I look forward to working with him." Says Hawkins. This idea was inspired by the SONBC Blog “Salem Lives” and their weekly SL Insider, much thanks to Phoenix and Roman and make sure to check out their awesome “DAYS” blog!
  13. CASTING NEWS Teresa Hill who originated the role of Eden August on the CBS drama, "Guiding Light" will reprise the role on the next episode of SONBC blog, "THE GUIDING LIGHT." "We wanted to wrap up the Eden story that was open ended when I took over the stories so we wanted to conclude it." Says Executive Producer Josh Hawkins. Hill appears in Episode 044 which is scheduled to air on February 07, 2007. Hill's appearance is for this episode only and she is not slated to appear in any further episodes. ********** After a little over three months of airing as Michelle Bauer-Santos, former "DAYS OF OUR LIVES" starlet, Christie Clark has opted not to continue with the blog. "Christie was wonderful as Michelle and we wish that she could have stayed." Shared Hawkins, "In the end it was a mutual decision to part ways and we wish Christie the best." So what is going to happen to Michelle? "We brought back the three previous actresses who have played Michelle to retest for the role." Hawkins continued, "We wanted a familiar face to work with the cast." To that end, Bethany Joy Lenz, Rebecca Budig and Nancy St. Alban were brought it and tested with Peter Simon (Ed), Paul Anthony Stewart (Danny) and Alexa Havins (Marah) for the role. "The chemistry between Havins and Budig was there, but in the end it wasn't enough for her to win the role." Hawkins said and confirmed that in fact it is "One Tree Hill" and former Reva-clone actress, Lenz who has won the role. "Dan and I talked and fought about this for a long while." Hawkins shared, "In the end though it was Bethany who had the most chemistry with the three actors we paired her with and we look forward to working with her in the future and telling Michelle's story." Lenz begins Friday, February 09 and will have her own, "IN the LIGHT" next week.
  14. CBS Primetime Star Sees "THE LIGHT" STILLWATER, OK - As previously mentioned earlier this week (See Story) a rumor began making the rounds that an actress from a hit new fall CBS primetime show would be joining "THE LIGHT" cast in a short-term role. Casting director of the SONBC blog and series head writer, Josh Hawkins is confirming that indeed the actress is on her way. From the hit series, "JERICHO" cast and crew welcomes... Pamela Reed to the series. Reed who currently stars in the freshman series, "Jericho" has signed onto the SONBC blog for a limited run, about five weeks. "I have been a fan of Pamela's for years." Shares Hawkins, "And while watching her in "Jericho" I just knew that I wanted her for a role on the blog." And what role is that? "Ms. Reed will be playing a character named Sandra who first interacts with Olivia [Crystal Chappell] beginning on Friday, December 16th. Reed will most likely exit "THE LIGHT" sometime near the end of January 2007, as "Jericho" returns in February. "This story is an exicting one! It will incorporate Ed, Holly and Hope as well. Look for Mel and Michelle to play a key role as well." Smiled Hawkins, "I think I've said to much as it is."
  15. CASTING ROUNDUP STILLWATER, OK - "LIGHT" fans will want to read the latest episode (025) of the blog before reading the casting news in this report... In a stunning, unforseen move... GRANT ALEKSANDER has been released from his contract and duties at the blog, effective immediately. During the latest episode an "IN the LIGHT" with Beth Chamberlin as Phillip's true love and ex-wife, readers learned that Phillip was killed, "how is still a mystery." Says blog head writer Josh Hawkins. "The decision to remove Aleksander from the canvas was difficult but the stories that it opens up for the survivors was to good to pass up." Hawkins continued. To mourn the fallen Spaulding look for special appearances by Krista Tesreau (See Story) and Mary Kay Adams [india] who will both be attending Phillip's funeral, slated for later this week. Cast and crew were devestated to hear about the news, but knows the show must continue. In addition to Adams and Tesreau's return, Dan Gauither and Heather Tom debut as Alan-Michael and Lucy Spaulding when they also return home for Phillip's funeral. The couple go on contract status upon their arrival in Springfield this week. Also...RUMORS are circling that a primetime CBS actress on a popular new fall television series has been contacted for a possible four-six week stint while her hit drama is on hiatus...
  16. Lewis Daughter Guest Stars STILLWATER, OK - Inside sources are reporting that Krista Tesreau is slated to make some appearanceover the course of the next few weeks. Tesreau who is on a special recurring contract status with "THE LIGHT" is schedule to appear in Episode 025 and perhaps 026. Tesreau will be sarhing scenes with Beth Chamberlin [beth]. Tesreau last appeared during the Spaulding Enterprise "First Wives Club" and in addition to the above episodes look for Tesreau to appear during Christmas episodes later this month.
  17. "OLTL" Alumni Sees "THE LIGHT" STILLWATER, OK - After only appearing in one episode as Dr. Braxton O'Dell soap newcomer Jason Campbell was given his walking papers last week, inside sources are reporting. Campbell who joined the series during Episode 014 (11/17/2006) was told Friday, November 24 that his services to the SONBC series, "THE LIGHT" were no longer required and that his character would be recast. Details at this time are still unclear of why the young actor was let go, some sources are reporting that it was the traditional storyline reasons, while others hint it could be more than that. Nevertheless, the show must go on and it does, as Jason Shane Scott is set to assume the role effective immediately. In a brief statement, head writer Josh Hawkins had this to say, "The details surrounding Mr. Campbell's departure are private. We feel very comfortable and confident that Scott can live up to what this role will require over the next few months and look forward to telling the story." And just what might that story be? Well, the inside source mentioned that Dr. O'Dell has a dark side and could share a close bond with Beth Chamberlin's character, Beth. Scott who was on the original short list for the character of Braxton will debut in Episode 020 as a medical intern in Oakdale, Illinois sharing scenes alongside Tina Sloan (Lillian) and Marie Masters (Dr. Susan Stewart, ATWT).
  18. STILLWATER, OK - Next week on "THE LIGHT" news of Tony's death devestates Thanksgiving celebrations across town. TONY'S SHOCKING DEATH ROCKS SPRINGFIELD Episode 014 reveals that the person who took Roxie's bullet in the previous episode was none other than Tony Santos, Marah's hot tempered boyfriend. "The decision to kill of Tony was complete story related." Shares head writer/executive producer Josh Hawkins. Jordi Vilasuso leaving was a mutual agreement between "The Light" executives and Vilasuso, "Leaving was a difficult decision, but it was one that I needed to make and I have no regrets." Shared the actor who last aired during Episode 014 as he was carted off to Cedars hospital. "Things carry on like business as usual onscreen and backstage," shared Hawkins who confirms that Marah [Alexa Havins] returns in Episode 015 and learns of Tony's death. "This opens up so much story potential for Marah and Reva." The scribe confirms, "Marah will over the course of the next few weeks be diving into her feelings about Reva leaving her and Shayne all those years ago." Smiles the scribe. IMPORTANT DATES: Monday, November 20: Tony's death rocks Danny and Marah's world! Wednesday, November 22: Thanksgiving in Springfield! Friday, November 24: Springfield mourns one of their own. CASTING ROUNDUP - Christie Clark arrives in Springfield on Monday, November 20 and comes face to face with Danny! "I'm really attempting to bring Michelle around to a character that is so dislike." Shares the scribe, "Michelle should embody the characteristics of her mother Maureen, hopefully I'll be able to do that." - As reported in the feature story, Jordi Vilasuso has left "The Light" effective immediately. "Vilasuso departing has opened the door for other characters to come in, including the above mentioned." Said executive producer Hawkins.
  19. Two Hotties Sign Into 'THE LIGHT' STILLWATER, OK - 'THE LIGHT' is preparing to welcome two new hotties into the mix over the course of the next four episodes. Matt Lanter (Ex-Horace, Commander in Chief) will be intergrated into the Tammy/Shayne story which will pick up during Episode 013, scheduled for uploading on Friday, November 17. Lanter is representing Derek Bowden a new character who will have ties to a prominent Springfield family. "Matt's character will be seen about once or twice during this storyline, then it will be awhile." Shares head writer Josh Hawkins. Rumor around "TL" set is that when January rolls around the teen scene, consisting of Tammy, Shayne, Lizzie and Marina are going to find themselves in a college setting. Hawkins had no comment about the rumor. Also set to debut in Episode 013 is newcomer Jason Campbell who was found through the Michael Bruno Group will debut on November 17 in scenes with Christie Clark who also makes her debut as the recast Michelle Bauer Santos. Campbell is representing the character Dr. Braxton O'Dell who will be sharing an upcoming storyline with Beth Chamberlin [beth].
  20. STILLWATER, OK - Next week on "THE LIGHT" lives explode as November sweeps continue! RICK TURNS TO THE BOTTLE With Mel's life hanging in the balance and the mysterious Judith lurking around Springfield, Rick goes in search of some companionship: Bauer style. "It makes since for Rick to turn to the bottle, seeing as his father Ed was an alocholic Rick thinks that would solve all his probelms." Says head-writer Josh Hawkins. That however is not the answer and Rick realizes that sooner rather that later which is a good thing for him. "The Light" has invited Krista Tesreau to remain with the series as a regular guest star. "I love the character of Mindy but there is no room on my canvas at this time to have as a regular, contract player." Says Hawkins, "But we will be using her from time to time as a story would require." Which will be next week as Rick tempts the bottle, look for Tesreau to appear in Episode 012. CASTING ROUNDUP - Christie Clark debuts as Michelle Bauer Santos earlier than expected. Clark who is best known for her role as Carrie Brady on 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES' will begin airing sometime in the coming week. It was originally planned that Michelle make her return on November 20th, however a storyline change has pushed her return to Springfield up. - Jill Larson will begin a very short term role as Vera. The character will be interacting with Alexandra and play a role in Gus' search for his true paternity. Originally Louise Sorel (ex-Vivian, DAYS) was tapped for the role but scheduling conflict prevented her from airing. Larson who is on recurring status at 'ALL MY CHILDREN' begins airing in Episode 012. - As reported above, Krista Tesreau (Mindy) will remain with the show in a recurring role, however she leaves for Paris next week. "Mindy will return later this month and in December for the holiday season."
  21. STILLWATER, OK - Coming up next week on three all new episode of "THE LIGHT" Reva and Cassie come up with a plan to close in on her stalker! Plus, a daytime legend joins as a recast Bauer! THE GLOVES COME OFF With their children safe in Minnesota and away from Springfield, Reva and Cassie come up with a plan to smoke Reva's stalker out of hiding once and for all! "Reva has got to get her stalker out of hiding one way or another." Shares head writer Josh Hawkins who now confirms that Colleen Dion is in fact playing the woman who is making Reva's life a living hell. "Who the woman *really* is and what her motives are is another story all its own." Shares the scribe and while Reva and Cassie begin the preparation for drawing her out, Dion's character sets her sights on Dr. Mel Bauer all over again. "Mel has a few huge moments coming up, moments which will deal with the stalker." By next Friday look for Reva and Cassie's plan to kicked into high gear as they plan to smoke out the stalker! MIA: ROSS, BLAKE & HOLLY Fear not 'GL' fans this trio is not far from the minds of "THE LIGHT" writers. "I'm working towards setting up that story." Shares Hawkins, "It takes some time to figure out where I want to take the characters because in late 2002 / early 2003 the characters had little to do, so finding that story will take some careful thought." However, one storyline rumor circling out there is that "TL" will be revisited the Ross/Holly coupling this time with Blake looking in from the outside. Hawkins debunked that rumor however, "I've toyed with the idea and while readers may think that is where the story is heading, they shouldn't be so quick to judge." Whatever the story is, writers have promised that Blake, Ross and Holly are very much apart of "THE LIGHT" family and will be given a solid story as soon as it is in place. CASTING ROUNDUP Four big name ex-daytime stars are primed to hit "THE LIGHT" airwaves over the course of the next few months. "I've made it my goal to only hire out of work daytime actors/actresses with the exception of Alexa Havins who jumped ship from 'ALL MY CHILDREN' and assumed the role of Marah Lewis. Early on in the original casting process it was announced that former 'DAYS OF OUR LIVES' star and Emmy nominated, Christie Clark would be joining the cast in what was then an unnamed role. Setsiders are now saying that Clark was originally tapped to play the role of Lucy Cooper Spaulding. Things however went south when Heather Tom became available, prompting Nancy St. Alban (ex-Michelle) to be given her walking papers. "The decision to recast Michelle was one that was carefully thoughtout of the course of the casting process." Head writer Josh Hawkins stated, "And it is one that I stand by one hundred-plus percent." Michelle who recently left Springfield with her father Dr. Ed Bauer and traveled to Washington D.C. to see cousin Mike will return to the canvas in the form of Clark on Monday, November 20. Look for Michelle and Ed to return to Springfield together on November 22 just in time for Thanksgiving with the Bauers. Heather Tom is scheduled for a mid-late December premiere that will incorporate the introduction of Dan Gauither as Alan-Michael Spaulding. Also returning early in 2007 will be Alan's ex-wife and mother of his biological son, Hope Bauer. "Bringing Hope back for Alan-Michael's story is going to be critical." Shares Hawkins, however that's all he is sharing. No details about the story were made avaiable. He did confirm who would be playing Hope this go around. JULIA BARR JOINS "THE LIGHT" CAST "We're very exicted about Ms. Barr's arrival to "TL" come this winter." Shares Hawkins. Barr who recently announced that she is leaving longtime soap opera, 'ALL MY CHILDREN' has signed for an undetermined amount of time. "We will play every beat of this character." Shares Hawkins, "I've been studying her background and am prepared to do her justice." For more information on all this casting news, stay tuned!
  22. Spaulding Enterprise is UP FOR GRABS ALEXANDRA ASSEMBLES THE LADIES ********** "Guiding Light" fans recall with vivid memory the infamous Ex-Wives Club board meeting that happened in 2002 that saw Phillip's ex-wives turning over on him, literally and siding with Alexandra as the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. Well now a 'year' into that the board meeting is coming around and again and Alexandra (Marj Dusay) is left to wonder if she'll be able to hold on to her victory for another year. "A lot of things have gone down in Spingfield since Alexandra first claimed victory as the Spaulding Enterprise CEO and that is going to be quite possibly her downfall." Shares head-writer Josh Hawkins. For starters: She no longer has anything to hold over the women's head like she did in the past with Mindy's "pictures" or giving India money. But she doesn't really need those votes or does she? "It comes down to the wire and I'm not revealing anything." Continues Hawkins. The Ex-Wives Club come together on Friday, November 3 to make their voices heard.
  23. RECAST SHOCKER: Lowder is OUT! David Tom Sees 'THE LIGHT' Kyler Lowder is officially OUT as the recast Shayne Lewis. In his place will step daytime veteran and Emmy award winning actor, David Tom (ex-Paul, OLTL; ex-Billy, Y&R) is set to assume the role immediately. "Everyone was very pleased with the work Mr. Lowder did in the beginning of the series, but he appeared to old for the part, especially when we brough in Morgan Englund as a guest star." Shares executive producer Josh Hawkins. This news comes just shortly after the news, that former "Y&R" and "OLTL" star Heather Tom joins the series as Lucy Cooper Spaulding later this year, after her contract with "ONE LIFE" ends. "For the immediate future I don't see Shayne interacting with Lucy when Heather joins the series, however once established I see a storyline with the two interacting." Shares Hawkins. Tom's time with 'TL' will be short, even though the actor signed a multi-year contract. "Both Alexa (Havins, Marah) and David will be offscreen for awhile in the coming weeks because of the stalker storyline." Shares Hawkins. Look for D. Tom on Monday.
  24. STILLWATER, OK - The Guiding Light fan-fic, "THE LIGHT" has finally rounded out the stellar cast with a shocking round of hirings and firings. "I had three characters that I wanted to bring back." Says Executive Producer, Tyler Miller, "Two of these characters will propel a new and exicting story for a core Springfield family, while the other is a short term player." Colleen Dion (ex-Felicia, B& joins the cast in a yet unnamed role. "Dedicated "GL" fans will recall Dion's original stint on the show as Ramona in late 2003. However, since 'The Light' fan-fic begins in February 2003 so she never aired on our series. "Dion's character will be a huge turning point in a key storyline and she will not be playing Ramona." Assures Miller. A stunning recast recently shocked the cast and crew... During the first three episodes Nancy St.Alban will take the character of Michelle out of Springfield, paving the way for Christie Clark (Carrie, DAYS) to assume the contract role. "We originally brought Christie into read for another role during the original casting of the fan-fic, but she just didnt' fit what we were looking for and the decision was made to take the "Michelle" character into a completely different direction." Shares Miller. In addition to the casting above, two high profile actors are set to join the lineup. Multiple Emmy nominated and two time winner, Heather Tom (Kelly, OLTL) and co-star Dan Gauither (Kevin, OLTL) are set to join 'TL' cast after leaving their current home at "One Life to Live." "The availabilty of these three actors were amazing for my show and future storylines." Shares Miller. Who goes on to reveal that Tom will be portraying the role of Lucy Cooper Spaulding, daughter of Buzz and wife of young Spaulding heir, Alan-Micheal, which is the character Gauither will be playing. "Lucy and Alan-Michael were both favorites of mine and I think the current Guiding Light regime have ruined the character of A-M by pairing him with former step daughter, Marina. He is simply a new character with an old familiar name." Shares Miller. "Interweaving Lucy and A-M into my Springfield canvas was simple." Tom first appears in mid-November. Gauither however, will be appearing much later, in February 2007. In final casting news, David Andrew MacDonald has been given his walking papers in order for the new hirings to come into play. "Edmund's story has been played out for a very long time and we will not be telling a Cassie and Edmund storyline. After Richard died, there was no purpose for Edmund any longer." Shares Miller. MacDonald's last airdate is mid-October. Finally, "The Light" premieres Monday, September 04, 2006 and will air on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, here exclusivly on The Soap Opera Network Blogs in narrative/recap format.
  25. As some blog readers maybe aware of, "The Light" a Guiding Light fan-fic will begin following the February 28, 2003 episode of the CBS series. From that point forward, I'll be telling the stories as I think they should have been told to date. So with that information, I'm going to give you all a refresher course in what's happened to this point, plus a sneak peek as to what is coming in "The Light." - Josh Week of February 24-28, 2003 Gus/Harley: The Search for the Truth - In Chicago at the gravesite of the unknown woman, read “A Promise Kept.” - Gus was determined to find Roy Baker, because he believed that he held the key to the mystery of his past. - The man at the cemetery informed Gus & Harley that an anonymous benefactor kept up the grave. - Gus became a man on a mission: dig the grave up and have the body exhumed. Harley called Buzz and Frank in Springfield and asked them to come to Chicago and help put the pieces of the puzzle together. - Having found no luck located a police report regarding a stolen bracelet, Gus decided to go back home and confront Alexandra with the information he did have. Harley agreed behind and press for the exhumation order. - With Gus gone, Harley, Buzz & Frank dug up the grave themselves and found that the casket had a tricky lock on it. However, after successfully opening the casket they were all shocked to learn that it was empty! COMING UP... Gus will go in search of Roy Baker, alone and find the clue to his past! Reva/Josh/Marah/Tony/Shayne: A Stalker Terrorizes the Lewis Family - Reva becomes even more angry at being a victim of a faceless stalker and tells Josh that she will use her power and position at WSRP to turn the tables and call her stalker out! - Marah feels that moving in with Tony would be the safest thing to do and in the process gain her independence and show her commitment to Tony. However, Josh has other plans when he invites Tony to move in with the Lewis family and not only be their houseguest but also their protection. - At school Shayne receives a sweatshirt with blood smeared on and a note saying, “Dial Mom for Murder.” After learning that her kids are becoming a more apparent target for her stalker, Reva announces her plans to the family regarding WSRP. - Reva and Josh make their case to the suits running WSRP in Holly’s absences. (Because Holly is a suspected as the stalker she is not working at the station.) Finally, after much talk they convince the suits to let them work the Springfield PD in hopes of luring out the stalker live on air. - The day of the show, Reva invites Holly to be at the station; in hopes of showing her she does not believe she (Holly) is the stalker. However, Holly rips the invitation up and tells Reva she wants her to worry about what she’ll do. - At the studio, the entire town begins showing up, including Holly. Both Marah and Josh ask Tony to help protect Reva tonight. He later finds a backpack left alone…fearing the worse he throws it down the stairwell just as it explodes! COMING UP...Reva's not the stalker's only victim!! Soon another family becomes a target. Michelle/Danny: Over & Over…Again - After unsuccessfully trying to make love with Bill and seeing Danny, Michelle decided it would be best to end their relationship. - Upon learning about their breakup Danny vowed to give Michelle her space, despite wanting to go to her. COMING UP...Life without Danny takes a toll on Michelle. Alan/Olivia/Phillip: Who’s the Daddy? - Alan awakes on his remote island, alone, after being trapped there by Olivia. However, he has a plan in place. Thinking Olivia would pull a stunt like this, Alan arranged for Ben to travel to the island and set him free, which he does. - Back in Springfield, Olivia awaits Phillip’s return. But she soon becomes uneasy and upset when she learns that he was out of town with Beth. - Alexandra waylays Olivia in her attempt to get in touch with Phillip to tell him that she (Olivia) is pregnant and wants to see him immediately. - Alexandra sees Phillip before Olivia does and tells her nephew that Olivia is pregnant and she’ll try and make him believe he is the father and not Alan. Alex makes a good case and Phillip is dubious of Olivia, pleasing Alexandra. - Olivia tells Sam, who is visiting; her reasons for making Phillip believe that he is the baby’s father. Sam however tells her she is just rationalizing hoping to get what she wants in the end. - Later in the evening, Olivia is wheeled into Cedars, complaining of cramps in her stomach. However, she doesn’t know until later that Phillip is there visiting Rick. After Rick tells her that the baby is okay, she and Phillip come face to face for the first time. - Olivia admits to Phillip that she is not sure who the father of the baby is, but she wants it to be his. Phillip says he’ll raise the baby as his! COMING UP...A surprise twist in the tale leaves Olivia wondering what to do! Alexandra/Buzz: The Trouble with the Truth - At Company, Alexandra runs into Buzz and tries her best to defend herself, but fails and leaves. Outside she breaks down in tears where Buzz later finds her. - Alexandra admits that she tries to do what is right, but finds herself becoming the person she despises more than anything, Brandon, her father. - Buzz says it doesn’t have to be that way, but Alexandra knows it is the only way, she knows that she is in too deep. - Alexandra examines the sapphire bracelet that has some ties to the mystery surrounding Gus and when he arrives demanding answers, Edmund proves his loyalty by hiding the bracelet. - Gus then tricks Alexandra into calling the European hospital that is housing Roy Baker and he gets the number. COMING UP...When the truth comes out Buzz makes his position crystal clear, leaving Alex out in the cold! Around Town - Edmund was named Ambassador to San Cristobel, at the urging of Alexandra. - Lizzie returned from boarding school and declared she would be staying in Springfield. COMING SOON...Edmund's fate is unclear, while Lizzie makes a play for one of Springfield's own!
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