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  1. Reena Decker - loved her.
  2. I love Hiro and Peter. I admire the way that they step up to the plate, and don't shy away from whatever this 'Hero' stuff brings their way.
  3. I thought about it a few weeks ago that there were 2 sides trying to find the Heroes: one good, one evil. The doc still creeps me out, but I do believe he loves Claire.
  4. I knew the pixie was a fake. A spy. I still love Hiro. EvilNikki sucks, but then again, I don't like nice Nikki either.
  5. Derek is such an ass. I hate him. I'm still on Team Addison. Izzy is stupid. ....she should have deposited the check pronto. Bailey rocks.
  6. I really like Callie. And I love Addison. Derek is a creep and he totally deserves a loser like Meredith. Bailey rules!!!
  7. Soap fans will go back even further - she's little Lizzie Spaulding(GL), all grown up
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