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  1. will return some day

  2. Truly missing you....I hope to talk to you soon....

  3. Thanks for dropping on over with the kind words and thoughts:) Hope you are doing well too.....miss talkin w/you:)

  4. Just wanted to say Hi and hope things are going well for you!

  5. Talk about keeping folks on the edge of their seats to the very end.... What a wonderful surprise to have Robert 'drop' in on Robin and Patrick's baby shower... I hope help will arrive to Carly... Excellent eppy
  6. Simply love Carly and Nik...I'm not looking forward to the aftermath of what's waiting for Carly in the next episode... Also loving the beginnings of the baby shower for Robin...
  7. All caught up...my heart breaks for Bobbie; excellent episode.... Loved the Helena/Nikolas scenes as well.....
  8. What an awesome episode....This is what Days is truly to be...I always get chills when I read close to the ending of the episodes that are posted, because I know it's going to be an edge of your seat type moment...and the gun to Sami's head sent chills.
  9. WOW....That was unexpected....Another awesome episode
  10. Playing catch up is always fun I love this episode....Glad you are writing the episodes with vivid images of each location...awesome. I had to almost hold back a smirk when I read Marlena calling Stefano an !@#$%^&*]...just hearing that come from her mouth had me smiling a bit. I know I may have missed the news that Tony has to give to Stefano, so I'm going to keep reading till I'm all caught up on this.
  11. I love you too...More than either one of us realize:)

  12. Just showing some love for my favorite girl. Love ya Weezuh :)

  13. I love how you bounce back and forth to each set of relationship issues in this episode.....Really love talking to Luke....As much as I like Lucky, when it comes to spotting something that isn't quite right, he is weak.....Love how you brought the Cassadine history into play. Loving Brenda and Robin's friendship.....Hope she stays long... Absolutely love the Noah/Patrick scenes. Awesome job.
  14. Sorry for being late in reading....Awesome episode...I hope Patrick does embrace becoming a father. Loved the Anna/Lorenzo scenes.
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