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  1. I rolled my eyes when Sylar got his powers back... He was decent last season (they did some great devopling of the character), but the same ol' mess with him is just plain boring. Now, that he got his powers back, I don't see any change in him. They get "rid" of Niki and Nathan... who were actually interesting and had development in their stories, and yet Sylar is still around... still killing people... still wanting to destroy the world for treating him wrong... please... boring.
  2. It's sounds more like they are bracing themselves for the cancellation of Heroes this season.
  3. I thought the last episode was good too... it was like last season, how it left me with a bunch of questions and speculating to what will happen next.
  4. I like the twins (them, Nathan, the Bogeyman, and Micha's family is intriguing to me)... now Peter's storyline and Niki wanted to be by the Company (despite the fact that she worked for them, and know the "evil" that they do) that is some mess. And I can do without the same ol' mess that Sylar's doing. I'm also tired of them not revealing more of the older generation yet.
  5. That's pretty good... especially since the episode wasn't as exciting as last weeks.
  6. It was pretty good... I was surprised that she faked it, and convinced the professionals that she had DID. So far, I'm looking forward to more. It though is still clear as ever, Mariska owns this show. Yep... but it has seem like more and more they have been pushing Christopher Meloni and his character more and more. One of the things I loved about the season finale, was that it involved multiple characters and it wasn't all about Olivia or Stabler or both.
  7. Agree! My first thought when Saaphyri was saying all the things she did/do with her money was that. I guess $50,000 can go a long way when you know what you want to do. Good for her for doing good things with the money. Loved that things were also getting better for Leilene. It was nice to see them win, when they really needed it. As for Shay/Larissa... I'm glad Shay called that girl out for being like New York. Because that's exactly what it was, I could feel the fakeness coming from her. I wouldn't be surprised if she got her own show , or if she was a major part of another show late
  8. I'm so glad that Sapphyri won, I can't wait for the reunion show... even if it does seem to be all about Brooke, Larissa, and Shay.
  9. Agree!! I thought there would get rid of atleast two more people before the finale, my picks for the last two: Saphyrri and Becky, with Saphyrri winning.
  10. Ooh, me too. Her part was a bit disappointing, for New York.
  11. Goodness!! Larissa is so f*cking annoying... but what she did to Leilene was an ultimate low. If it was the other way around, she'd be making sure that everyone knew that she was the victim. So, for her to do it to someone else is just wrong. This episode has me liking Leilene a bit more, she didn't go all off on anyone about what happened... even after Schatar was trying to turn everyone against her. Stealing some dresses for a competition is way different than stealing a picture (of a deceased mother and children) for no real reason... than to just rattle some chains.
  12. Sorry... the first person was in the previews for next week and the second person was speculation on my part.
  13. I'm still enjoying Heroes... but I'm getting tired of all my favorite characters dying off. DL and Ted yesterday, and Matt and Ando next week. Disappointing...
  14. One of the best episodes this season. I could have did without Niki and Peter though, and it was a bit disappointing that most of the cast was dead by the end... but I still enjoyed it. Loved Mr. Bennett's role... and Hiro especially. I hope in the end, it's him that kills Sylar like the comic predicts.
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