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  1. It was pretty good... I was surprised that she faked it, and convinced the professionals that she had DID. So far, I'm looking forward to more. It though is still clear as ever, Mariska owns this show. Yep... but it has seem like more and more they have been pushing Christopher Meloni and his character more and more. One of the things I loved about the season finale, was that it involved multiple characters and it wasn't all about Olivia or Stabler or both.
  2. Agree! My first thought when Saaphyri was saying all the things she did/do with her money was that. I guess $50,000 can go a long way when you know what you want to do. Good for her for doing good things with the money. Loved that things were also getting better for Leilene. It was nice to see them win, when they really needed it. As for Shay/Larissa... I'm glad Shay called that girl out for being like New York. Because that's exactly what it was, I could feel the fakeness coming from her. I wouldn't be surprised if she got her own show , or if she was a major part of another show later on. As for Larissa's mother, the fact that she placed the blame in Mo'Nique just shows that Larissa has yet to improve from what she was taught by giving her an excuse and not telling her to look in the damn mirror. She wasn't willing to learn from what she did before, and she never seem to care that the whole point of the show was to better oneself... I wouldn't have downed Mo for hitting Larissa, though it goes against all that she was trying to get through to the girls. I wanted to hit her, myself and tell her to listen and take responiblity for yourself and your actions; because she looks like a damn fool on tv. To me, she sounded and looked worse than New York... and not in an entertaining way. And Brooke, whatever! She had to be embarrassed with her actions, she look like she was just trying to save face with people so her 15 minutes wouldn't be over.
  3. I'm so glad that Sapphyri won, I can't wait for the reunion show... even if it does seem to be all about Brooke, Larissa, and Shay.
  4. Agree!! I thought there would get rid of atleast two more people before the finale, my picks for the last two: Saphyrri and Becky, with Saphyrri winning.
  5. Ooh, me too. Her part was a bit disappointing, for New York.
  6. Goodness!! Larissa is so f*cking annoying... but what she did to Leilene was an ultimate low. If it was the other way around, she'd be making sure that everyone knew that she was the victim. So, for her to do it to someone else is just wrong. This episode has me liking Leilene a bit more, she didn't go all off on anyone about what happened... even after Schatar was trying to turn everyone against her. Stealing some dresses for a competition is way different than stealing a picture (of a deceased mother and children) for no real reason... than to just rattle some chains.
  7. Agree!! That's why I find her to be the most annoying person there... I can't wait until she gets called out on it.
  8. I have a little bit of respect for Hottie now, and that's because I can't stand Crazy and Pumpkin. So, she's okay with me. I really can't stand Bootz, she just seems to like to get into drama to make a name for herself. She also seems to hate, just to hate... annoying!
  9. Beautiful music? I guess... I remember reading this a while ago, and I will be watching it just to see these girl act a fool again. It seems like it will be entertaining, with Mo'Nique... I wonder if Flav and New York will pop up.
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