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  1. Love and Hip Hop Thread

    I don't think there is a new episode of L&HH NY until December 30...correct me if I'm wrong. Enjoying this new season. I'm not sure how the ratings are holding up but I kind of hope they don't do another cast overall next season because I'm enjoying getting to know some of the new characters, as appalling and as flawed as they are (Peter/Amina/Tara, Erica/Saigon, a bit disappointed K. Michelle doesn't do much, but whatevs).
  2. Thank for posting about this book. Too bad it isn't on the B&N store so I can buy it for my nook. I think I will purchase a physical copy soon.
  3. OLTL Shelved

    I 100% agree with this statement. I remember how devastated I was when OLTL went off the air on January 13, 2012 (yes, I know I sound dramatic, lol). But I just remember thinking how is it possible that I would never get to see Viki/Clint or Bo/Nora on TV again (especially after Bo said "I love you, Red" to Nora after Destiny gave birth-tears!!!!), so to be able to "catch up" with everyone in Llanview once again was a delightful, special treat. Yeah, we can poke holes at the PP-OLTL stories, but they brought the town back to us. I truly hope it is not cancelled, but if it is, I will be grateful for all of the hard work the actors/writers/directors/crew/and yes even PP put into OLTL 2.0. =\
  4. Basketball Wives on VH1

    Yeah, I feel like vh1 doesn't even want to air another BW season for fear of backlash (I haven't even seen a supertrailer-just that 20 second clip Eric posted). I assume this will be the season of redemption for Ev and maybe Tami. Out of habit, I'll watch this new season. BTW, Has anyone heard anything new about Basketball Wives LA? Saw some pics of Jackie and I think Brooke out and about, but I haven't heard anything concrete.
  5. Lifetime: Devious Maids

    Devious Maids just keeps getting better and better. I love that the Who Killed Flora storyline isn't the top/overwhelming priority on the show. I think, if the ratings con't. to climb/remain steady, this could last for a long while. I'm starting to come around and enjoy all of the women and the messes they're tangled up in. Glad it found a home on Lifetime. I have to admit, this show just reminds me so much of Desperate Housewives. The tone, the music, the characters. I can just envision Gaby spending time with Genevieve or going toe-to-toe with Perri. I know Marc Cherry/Eva Longoria are obviously very heavily involved, but the show evokes some strong, wonderful DH memories I can't help but appreciate.
  6. Single Ladies

    Actually I read in the press release for the Hit the Floor renewal that Single Ladies will return early 2014, so maybe it will air with Love and Hip Hop NYC next Jan or so. Just found the link: http://blog.vh1.com/2013-07-15/hit-the-floor-season-two/
  7. Silly question but will there be a gap in between these "season finales?" Or is it just a taping thing? I'm a few weeks behind with each show, but I fully intend to get caught up within the next few weeks.
  8. Thank you for posting this! I've always been a Sugababes fan, ever since the very beginning with One Touch. I have to admit that Change is one of my favorite albums (post-Mutya) and Mutya's solo album is excellent. I can't wait to hear their new stuff. This is exciting!
  9. People.com is reporting Paula Garces is pregnant. Guess those blind items CH posted were right. http://celebritybabies.people.com/2013/06/26/paula-garces-pregnant-expecting-second-child/
  10. I simply brought up the characters and their storylines I enjoy seeing. I know she has been on quite a bit this past week, I just hope she isn't pushed to the background when AG goes on vacation and we begin to see more of Ava/KiKi/Franco. That is all I meant.
  11. Since I've been an avid soap opera fan for the last 10-11 years, I try not to complain too much because I've seen it all (the good, the bad, the ugly), but oh man, GH is completely unwatchable. I'm a huge OLTL fan, but I despise the new characters (not so much ME's character because I haven't seen much of him). Roger as Franco? I thought we collectively agreed that Franco was a major mistake and a huge waste of airtime: who's bright idea was it to bring him back? He doesn't even remind me of James Franco! I felt that Carly was yelling at Todd at all the mistakes he's made in Friday's episode. Come on, Ron! I've never had any major problems with KA (sorry), but I don't get who Lauren/KiKi is. I would much rather have a brand new actress play this role. Throwing her in the mix with Michael is too confusing for any casual viewer that remembers their relationship. In regards to Morgan's gambling storyline with KiKi/Ava, I thought GH was moving away from the mob, but why are they suddenly gravitating toward it? I hope the three go on the back burner. Soon. Like starting tomorrow. Again, nothing against the actors, but this isn't working right now. I'd rather get back to LuLu/Dante + Maxie (glad Lu's mem. is back), Nikolas/Liz/AJ, anything w/ Tracy and more Brit (and less Sabrina, if possible. ).
  12. This!!!!! I wanted some sort of side-eye glance from Queen Viki. Who does he think he is? SMDH. Great episode. I am so glad to see Victor back, but they've could've let Victor roaming around/watching everybody linger on for some time. I don't know why they didn't. Guess because they wanted a quick, fast start, can't really blame PP for that. Not really feeling the Dorian senate scandal storyline..maybe I jus and less context and more action.
  13. I am still in disbelief that these shows are BACK! I prefer OLTL's premiere over AMC. I just felt that there was more going on with OneLife tbh... and honestly, TSJ returning really did surprise me. I guess because he wasn't in any of the previews or in the cast photos, I didn't think there was any chance they could get him back. Can't wait to see him reunite with Tea and mourn the loss of their son. I love the fresh dynamics- Dani spinning out of control, Matthew in a rebellious stage, newly-single Natty, etc. The David Vickers "Boogeyman" scene was fantastic. LMAO. I ended up re-watching that scene 3 or 4 times. Nice to see Robin Strasser back on screen- still such ashame she wasn't a part of the final OLTL (ABC) episodes- Let the Viki vs. Dorian feud begin once again!
  14. I don't know much about anything but wow, Tyler Christopher looked SO annoyed in those scenes with Katie.
  15. Bravo's The Real Housewives of....

    That's the first I've heard of the two hour OC special. I'm looking forward to it! OC has always been my favorite franchise, I even have the early seasons on DVD. Congrats to Viki for still being an integral cast member after seven years and the original Real Housewife. Between the rumors of her having a boyfriend while she was married to Dom, the chin implant, the on-again/off-again friendship with Tamra and the new family dynamics with Briana/Ryan, I'm sure she's going to bring the drama this season! I heard all of late last year that Alexis decided to quit the show. Does she quit mid-season or did she change her mind? Really love her new haircut.