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  1. I don't think there is a new episode of L&HH NY until December 30...correct me if I'm wrong. Enjoying this new season. I'm not sure how the ratings are holding up but I kind of hope they don't do another cast overall next season because I'm enjoying getting to know some of the new characters, as appalling and as flawed as they are (Peter/Amina/Tara, Erica/Saigon, a bit disappointed K. Michelle doesn't do much, but whatevs).
  2. Yeah, I feel like vh1 doesn't even want to air another BW season for fear of backlash (I haven't even seen a supertrailer-just that 20 second clip Eric posted). I assume this will be the season of redemption for Ev and maybe Tami. Out of habit, I'll watch this new season. BTW, Has anyone heard anything new about Basketball Wives LA? Saw some pics of Jackie and I think Brooke out and about, but I haven't heard anything concrete.
  3. That's the first I've heard of the two hour OC special. I'm looking forward to it! OC has always been my favorite franchise, I even have the early seasons on DVD. Congrats to Viki for still being an integral cast member after seven years and the original Real Housewife. Between the rumors of her having a boyfriend while she was married to Dom, the chin implant, the on-again/off-again friendship with Tamra and the new family dynamics with Briana/Ryan, I'm sure she's going to bring the drama this season! I heard all of late last year that Alexis decided to quit the show. Does she quit mid-season or did she change her mind? Really love her new haircut.
  4. Hey BoldBeauty, thanks for the amazing Revenge recap! The first half of this season has been pretty complex, so I feel that a refresher course is needed. I think I'm in the minority, but I absolutely love Emily and Aiden together. I like how they can take on different acts of vengeance together (physical, mental) and they understand each other. Adds an interesting element to the show (not downplaying Nolan/Emily's friendship, which, I definitely feel that we need more of in the second half.)
  5. Sigh. Grad school+work=behind on GH

    1. Eric83


      The show has been really good lately.

    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Same here, 'cept instead of GH it's DVDs, Netflix, and primetime stuff.

  6. Priceless, LOL!! I can't wait to see the Jill Zarin special, she's really not sugarcoating it, is she? WHY WAS I FIRED, ANDYYY?? I have to remember to set my DVR for that.
  7. LMAO! I Dream of Stebbie!!! VH1 totally needs to make that happen. Part one was so messy, I loved it. Speaking of spin offs, just caught a promo for "Chrissy and Mr. Jones" that premieres in a few weeks. Guess they are replacing "Ev and Ocho". (which is a good thing, I don't condone dom. violence and I'm glad VH1 pulled it off their sched quickly) It looks like it may be produced by Monami if that's the case I guess Chrissy and Mona made up for the proposes of having a spin off? However, I'm looking forward to seeing what Nancy has to say this time around. (Sorry if this was discussed earlier, I've been so busy with getting ready for my new job and grad school, I can only glance at a few post once in a while )
  8. Phadrea & Kandi had me rolling on the floor when they were picking up Marlo's money. All in all, I'm really enjoying their South Africa trip. Kim didn't come across as sober to me, at all. I wish her the best, but she was slurring her words, going on about medication doses, more excuses, etc. Even Kyle seemed a bit uncomfortable.
  9. I'm glad OC is back for a seventh season. Had class tonight so I have yet to watch or tape tonight's episode but I can talk about the first episode. Outside of Beverly Hills I found the OC women to be the most intriguing (maybe its because we've known most of them for a very long time - i.e. Viki and Tamra to an extent) and the least overexposed. I think Gretchen/Tamra mending fences was a suggestion by the producers, but hey, if this means the women can travel around and have a few good laughs - I'm all for it. Clearly everything won't be perfect between the two because of the Slade factor, but the season 6 reunion was really rough to watch, it had gotten very nasty between G/T, so this could be a breath of fresh air. I'm glad they brought Peggy back to 'wrap up her storyline' for the first few(?) episodes, I really liked her last season and was sad to hear she wasn't returning. I knew Heather Durbow was joining the cast, but I didn't know Heather Paige Kent was joining the cast! I was so excited to hear that news a few days ago. She was in some of my favorite, failed network shows over the years including CBS's "That's Life" and NBC's "Jenny" (back when I was a hugee JennyMcC fan.) I just hope Bravo didn't order like, 19, 20 episodes of RHOC this season. I feel like when they extend and stretch out seasons, the audience ends up watching a LOT of filler, and sometimes boring material (i.e. New Jersey Season 3, Atlanta Season 4 - we're only halfway through!, and BH season 2 to an extent (I actually quite enjoyed this season of Bev Hills and liked every episode but other viewers tend to disagree.) I think 13-14 eppys is just enough & I can't wait to get this season started!
  10. I'm on board with you, Cat - I'm really not feeling Melissa/Kathy on RHONJ.. I feel like they're being force fed down our throats and being shown in a "positive" light. Honestly, I'm a little bored by this season. I'm kind of dreading the fact that there's 18 episodes, that will take us to early September. I think things will pick up once the women go on vacation, but man, drop the Christmas themes already. How many Christmas parties/Christmas Eve/Christmas Day episodes do they have to show?
  11. I just watched NYC Reunion Part 1 this morning (I'm behind in a lot of shows thanks to my internship), and it was difficult to watch. These women were just downright brutal to each other. Even Andy was disgusted by their behavior. The only person I really respected was Sonja because she really explained her behavior this season and you just tell her heart is broken by everything she's dealt with since her marriage fell apart. She is a great addition. The BH trailer looks great! Very excited for September! Good news I heard earlier this week is that OC was renewed for seventh season! Woo!
  12. Yeah, NYC was a bit of a drag this season..the women argued over the stupidest things. I'm glad the finale is next week.
  13. What the hell? LuAnn? She looks better as a brunette.
  14. I'm a bit behind in the Housewives world, by two episodes or so, but I just watched the NJ Season 3 premiere last night. UNBELIEVABLE. I didn't know how this show would create that "intense" drama without psychotic Danielle, but sure enough it proved to be better than ever. I find myself rooting for Theresa when it comes to this Melissa/Joe battle. The women of NYC are becoming a little unbearable. I really can't stand Ramona's combativeness this year, Sonja amping up the bitchy behavior (which is fun, but needs to be toned down), or Jill being Jill. I actually really like Kelly this year, as strange as it sounds.
  15. LMAO! I LOVED that quote. Every time I see Ke$ha's name, I immediately think of "Ke-dollar sign-Ha." I feel like Glee is losing a bit of its magic. Maybe the last few episodes of season two will make up for a few of those lackluster storylines.
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