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  1. Hi Mike...How's it going?

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    It's not a website. But thank you! LOL.
  3. King


    THE BLOG IS OUTTA HERE! The blog will be taking its 400 plus episode blog elsewhere EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, according to creator and headwriter, King Reilly. "It's true! I am moving the blog to a different location for MANY reasons! I'm just not happy here!"...confesses King. "The blog will benefit from being elsewhere. Fans can email me at [email protected] for exclusive details on its new location, and it's NOT where you think! "...teases King. The blog isn't going to another message board promises King...at least not yet. "It's bigger than that. I'm taking the blog to a whole new level
  4. King


    EPISODE #400 IS HERE! The episode we've all been waiting for his here! Not everyone will survive this one. *TEAR.* Bo rushes to get the shores of Lake Michigan.Steve puts all the bombs in place and joins Kayla, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy On the balcony.Jenna continues to do whatever she can to keep Mike, Billie, Kate, and Victor by the indoor pool. She is unsure what is going to happen, but she knows it can’t be good. They are all confused and ask Jenna what the hell is going on. Jenna recalls being blackmailed by Stefano into growing close to Mike Horton and coming back into the life of he
  5. King


    TWO SEXY NEW STARS JOIN THE BLOG! Chad Michael Murray has won the much coveted role of Brady Black! The writer and creator speaks out..."Brady will be returning to Salem later this summer. He has missed a lot. He has had a baby brother be born, he has a new long lost brother in Aidan, and his ex-wife is in town dating his niece's father, Shawn!"...King says with a laugh. "There's a lot that Brady has to return to. And there is a big death coming up. He need to be here for it." "Chad is a great young actor. He has the acting chops. He has the devilish look and sexiness to him that Dr
  6. Episode #399 Georgia realizes Hope hit her head and fell off the boat. She jumps in the water to save Hope!Stefano calls together a meeting of his pawns on the boat...Aidan, Steve, Jenna, Duncan, Chloe, Nicole, and Peter all come together. Stefano begins to see doubt in everyone's eyes, but he reminds them all of why they are doing this. He explains the plan.Georgia brings Hope from the water and resuscitates her with mouth to mouth.Sarah and Billie bond over Miguel's vicious attacks towards them.Will meets a sexy young man on the boat. He is on the wait staff...but he and Will cannot help but
  7. King

    BO ESCAPES!!!!

    Episode #398 Miguel gets violent with Sarah once again.Austin has a nightmare about Miguel.Kristen vows to Tony to find the person who shot her and killed her baby…and kill him!Meanwhile, Eric makes a similar promise to Greta.Miguel tries to rape Sarah! Sami finally lets Peter in, and they share a tender kiss. Miguel begins raping Sarah!Kate and Nicole bond.Billie breaks into the cabin and knocks Miguel unconscious! She rescues Sarah and comforts her. She calms her down.Peter and Nicole both begin to doubt being Stefano’s pawns. But they agree they cannot turn back now.Kayla, Shane, and Kim
  8. King


    Episode #397: Sarah tells Miguel to take one of the lifeboats and get off this ship or else she’ll tell everyone he was the one who shot Kristen and killed her baby! Miguel says she will do no such thing or he will reveal that she was his other woman! Sarah cannot bear her sister hating him.Carrie confronts Austin and wants to know why he’s been acting so strangely Miguel came to town. Billie and Mike have a romantic encounter…and Billie’s Aunt Jenna doesn’t like it…at all!Victor and Kate have a special moment. He comforts her over Lucas’ death for the first time. Jenna begins to wonder if s
  9. King


    Episode #396 Stefano is so delighted all of his pawns are in place.Peter and Nicole show remorse to each other over being Dimera pawns, but they realize they must do whatever Stefano wants because he’s the only one who has ever been there for him. Chloe recalls how Stefano tracked her down and began blackmailing her with a very shocking secret. He blackmailed her into divorcing Brady…and heading to Salem immediately in order to do his bidding. Jenna also flashes back to having a visit from Stefano…a visit during which Stefano paid Jenna $500,000 to return to town…reconnect with her sister, Ka
  10. King


    Episode #395 - Friday, June, 15th, 2007: Miguel is not the only one who has snuck on the boat! Stefano has, as well!Laura and Kate vow to take the other down, citing that they each think their daughter should have been with Jack. Laura says her child won out in the end the way it should be. Kate asks when Laura will let this vendetta go. Laura blames Kate for ruining her marriage…and her life…and says….NEVER!Jenna and Mike share a flirtation as they both recall their dirty, raunchy sex session. Jenna flashes back to taping it…and handing the tape over to Stefano!Mike surprises Alice, Melissa,
  11. King


    Episode #394 - Thursday, June 14th, 2007: The Brady's, The Horton's, The Roberts', The Reeds', The Kiriakis', and The Black's all arrive at the docks of Lake Michigan to board the cruise ship for the 4th of July Brady/Horton picnic. Everyone is wary to let Tony, Kristen, Peter, and Nicole on...given their Dimera roots, but Alice says she was very close to Tony and Kristen at one point...Peter has been good to Sami...and Nicole is Kate's daughter...and Lucas' sister...so they belong there!Steve continues to deceive everyone who thinks he is no longer under Stefano's control. Steve assures Kayla
  12. King


    Thanks, AML and the rest of you! Oh, Steffy, you are sexy in another way!
  13. King


    BIG MISTAKE! Big announcement, y'all! Somewhere around Episode #330, episodes began being misnumbered...intensely! It was a problem that snowballed that should have been caught WAY before this...... But at any rate... Friday's episode will actually be the 395th episode! WHICH IS AMAZING! So thank you to all of you who made this possible!
  14. King


    ...IN THE AFTERNOON! A new promo to celebrate the sexiest cast ever...DAYS OF OUR LIVES: <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>
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