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    It's not a website. But thank you! LOL.
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    THE BLOG IS OUTTA HERE! The blog will be taking its 400 plus episode blog elsewhere EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, according to creator and headwriter, King Reilly. "It's true! I am moving the blog to a different location for MANY reasons! I'm just not happy here!"...confesses King. "The blog will benefit from being elsewhere. Fans can email me at [email protected] for exclusive details on its new location, and it's NOT where you think! "...teases King. The blog isn't going to another message board promises King...at least not yet. "It's bigger than that. I'm taking the blog to a whole new level. I don't want to reveal too many details! If I post them, a certain other blog will probably steal them!”…King says with a laugh referring to the lack of integrity, originality of another SONBC Blog. “If they want to prove to all of SON they have no originality and are in the field of piracy, that is fine by me.”…King says with a smile. But that is not the reason for the big move. "Oh heck no! I wouldn't give people the satisfaction. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess! But I have been threatened with a potential banning so I cannot say anymore. I am moving the blog because SONBC doesn't appear to have much traffic or viewership anymore." As for the future, it's very bright. "The cruise ship storyline was one of the most exciting I've done, and it isn't even over yet! The smoke must clear, those that survived still have to get out alive. There are still so many secrets and lies to come out. It will be a multi-week adventure that will leave lives in its wake! And there is a huge new storyline coming up concerning Victor's inheritance and his fortune. He is dying so he knows he needs to set something up to take care of his loved ones. Stefano's impact on Salem will be one of those most heavily felt forces on ever on the history of the show. Brady Black will be returning. The blog will finally tackle a gay love story with Will/Oscar. The Brady/Dimera feud will be amazing and ignited on a whole new level. Stefano never really had a reason to hate the Brady's before. It was simply that Roman was attacking him and trying to nail him to the wall, they kept him from Maggie, and Megan's death, which, turns out, she didn't die until recently. Now, Stefano will REALLY have a reason to hate the Brady's, and it won't be pretty!" With over 600 entries, an 26,862 views, and 1,100 comments, the blog and SON are parting. "Over 25,000 views? That's so amazing! And 1,100 comments is ridiculous! I am so happy the blog's fans have read and commented and supported it like this. It will continue on to greater heights and better things...just not here!" Once again, fans can send an email to [email protected] on how they can follow the blog in its future! Here's to 400 more! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EXPRESS!! Now, email me! LOL!
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    EPISODE #400 IS HERE! The episode we've all been waiting for his here! Not everyone will survive this one. *TEAR.* Bo rushes to get the shores of Lake Michigan. Steve puts all the bombs in place and joins Kayla, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy On the balcony. Jenna continues to do whatever she can to keep Mike, Billie, Kate, and Victor by the indoor pool. She is unsure what is going to happen, but she knows it can’t be good. They are all confused and ask Jenna what the hell is going on. Jenna recalls being blackmailed by Stefano into growing close to Mike Horton and coming back into the life of her sister, Kate. Nicole joins Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Miguel, Eric, and Greta in Cabin 43. They are all very confused and wonder why they are here when the party is up on deck. Greta begs Eric to talk to her, but he says he can’t. He says they can never be together because of the guilt he feels over the death of his baby. Sarah and Miguel square off in their own corner of the cabin. She accuses him of trying to rape her, and he gets violent once again. She says she is going to expose him for EVERYTHING! Peter and Nicole both realize if Stefano wanted them to meet him on the top deck to get off the ship then he must be planning something really bad. They both realize they need to stop whatever Stefano is planning! Will, Austin, Carrie, and Sami ask Peter why they are on the lowest level of the ship. Austin has a bad feeling about this. Peter realizes he could never hurt Sami like this. Kayla, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy wonder where Steve is and why they are on the balcony. Evil Steve joins them and tells them they are not going anywhere. Bo finally reaches the docks of Lake Michigan where he sees Alice, Mickey, and the children getting off a boat and onto the dock! He asks them what is going on…they say they are confused because he is the one who just put him on the boat to leave the ship! Bo doesn’t understand. Alice and Mickey are equally confused. Jenna fears Stefano is planning something horrible and worries for her sister, Kate’s, life, as well as Mike and her niece, Billie, whom she’s grown to enjoy thoroughly. Victor and Kate bond. Victor contemplates telling Kate about his heart condition and the fact that he is dying. Mike urges Victor to do so. Nicole tells Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Miguel, and Eric that she is a horrible person! Eric tells Nicole that isn’t true. He says she’s been through a lot in her life and that she is just misguided and confused. She’s been a victim more times than the predator. Nicole says not this time…Nicole tells them all she is working for her father, Stefano Dimera! Steve informs his group that they cannot go anywhere without getting their surprise! Bo boards a life boat and heads for the ship! While he is thinking about how Mickey and Alice could have encountered him on the ship, he realizes Stefano must have replaced him with an imposter! Bo hurries to save his Fancy Face. Nicole warns the people in Cabin 43 they need to get out of the cabin immediately and alert the authorities. Eric is confused. Greta lashes out at Nicole saying she is the same manipulative bitch she’s always been! Nicole says she is trying to redeem herself and to hurry! Aidan pulls a gun on John, Marlena, Tony, and Kristen and tells them they aren’t going anywhere. John knows exactly what is happening. John says he knew something was fishy about Aidan despite the similarities he has to John and Marlena! Aidan says Stefano has been his father figure, visiting him at the orphanage for as long as he can remember…and how Stefano contracted him to come to Salem to destroy John and Marlena! Marlena cries and begs Aidan not to do this! She says they let Aidan come into their home and be the Godfather to their child. Aidan puts the gun in her face and says it was all part of the plan. Marlena cries out in agony. Aidan begins to freak out and break down. John says he can see Aidan has come to love them in some way and doesn’t want to do this. Aidan cries. Shawn, Belle, and Philip are all baffled by why Chloe has asked them to come down to the luggage room. She recalls Stefano blackmailing her. Jeremy, Georgia, and Hope all wonder why “Bo” is being so adamant about keeping them where they are. Stefano waits for Nicole and Peter to join him on the life boat. Kristen and Tony point out to Aidan that they are Stefano’s children and that Stefano wouldn’t want them hurt! Aidan breaks down saying he doesn’t want to hurt John and Marlena…but he has no choice. He says they need to stay here in the dining room. Stefano reveals how he tracked Aidan down at the orphanage and began acting like a father figure to him. He goes on to reveal his plan to bring Aidan to town to pose as John and Marlena’s child and get the ultimate revenge on them. He laughs to himself. He says that little does Aidan know…he actually *IS* John and Marlena’s son. Stefano laughs uproariously! He says the irony that John and Marlena will be KILLED by their own son whom they have grown to love only to think he is actually NOT their son. “Pure genius, if I do say so myself!”…Stefano says with a laugh. Belle demands Chloe tell them what the hell is going on! She says she knows this has to do with whatever she is keeping from them! Peter confesses to Sami, Austin, Carrie, and Will that he is working for Stefano! Austin tries to attack Peter. Peter tells them they need to get out of here NOW! He says something bad is going to happen. Stefano watches in the control room as Nicole leads Eric, Greta, Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, and Miguel away from Cabin 43. He also watches as Peter tries to sneak Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Will away. He realizes his children have betrayed them. Duncan does not reveal the scam to Hope, Jeremy, and Georgia…but instead he tells them he is one of Stefano’s pawns now…and he will make sure they all die! Hope is horrified. She says this can’t be happening and begs “Brady” to let them go.” Victor and Kate’s closeness and Victor’s almost-confession is interrupted by Jenna who tells them she’s done something awful. She confesses she’s working for Stefano Dimera. Kate asks her what she means. Jenna says she’s been blackmailed to lure them all here! Kate slaps Jenna across the face. Aidan’s hand grows more unsteady on his gun. John holds a devastated Marlena who sobs uncontrollably. Austin tells Carrie, Sami, and Will they shouldn’t trust Peter, but Peter swears he is taking them to freedom! Steve tells Kayla EVERYTHING about how the surgery was a fake…and how is Stefano’s pawn here to kill them! Greta tells Frankie, Melissa, Eric, Greta, Miguel, and Sarah they should not trust Nicole, but Nicole lures them to safety to the upper deck where they come face to face with Austin, Cassie, Sami, Will, and Peter! Peter and Nicole agree their father is up to something terrible and that they have to get off this boat. Sami says there is no way they will get all the Brady’s and Horton’s off in time! They run into Oscar, the waiter Will met. Sami realizes she knows him from somewhere but she doesn’t think of it in the moment. Oscar says he can get them all of the ship so they follow him. Stefano realizes his children have betrayed him! He realizes he must detonate the bomb right now. Chloe breaks down and tells Belle, Shawn, and Philip that she is being blackmailed into helping Stefano Dimera! Shawn and Philip realize they have to get off this ship right now. Andy and Addie comfort one another. Andy says he’ll never let anything happen to Addie. Kayla is devastated. She says this cannot be happening! Steve tells her to get used to it, Sweetness, because this boat is going down, and so is she! Miguel makes a comment to Austin about their past together, and Austin grabs him by the throat, threatening to kill him. Peter and Nicole say to save it for when they get off this boat! Sarah says to let Miguel have it! She says she can’t take this anymore! Melissa asks Sarah what is going on. Sarah says Miguel tried to rape here earlier that day. Frankie and Austin lash out at Miguel and deck him across the face. She says Billie told her he raped her years ago when she and Austin were growing up with him. Austin punches Miguel and knocks him to the ground. Nicole screams they all need to get off the boat! Stefano sets the bombs into detonation. They begin to count down from 60 seconds. Miguel tells Sarah if she’s making confessions she better start with hers! Melissa is confused. Miguel asks Melissa if she wants to know the identity of the woman he cheated on her with…Sarah screams out, crying for Miguel to shut his mouth! Melissa realizes. “No”…she says over and over. Sarah begs for a chance to explain. She slaps Sarah across the face. Miguel then tells Carrie she should ask Austin about Forty-Fourth Street. Austin attacks Miguel once again. Carrie wants to know what is going on! Sarah holds her face in pain and then exposes Miguel as Kristen’s shooter! Sarah says Miguel was trying to kill Frankie and shot Kristen instead, killing her baby! Eric tackles Miguel to the floor and begins beating his face in until it is bloody and beaten. Kayla watches Steve in tears. Bo boards the boat vowing to save everyone from the bombs. Jenna breaks down while Victor tries to tell Kate the truth about his condition. Mike realizes he needs to get them all out of there. Shawn, Belle, and Philip try to get out of the luggage room in time. Hope and Georgia watch in horror as “Bo” stands before them blocking the entrance. John and Marlena watch in terror as Aidan holds them at gunpoint. He drops the gun, crying. He says he cannot do this. He does not have it in him! Stefano takes off in his life boat. He looks back at the ship. He grieves his children, crying and saying it didn’t have to be like this. Bo reaches the deck of the ship. One by one, the six bombs detonate, sending the beloved Salemites flying in all directions. Kayla, Steve, Shane, Kim, Addie, and Andy are pummeled by water oozing into the ship at a very high speed. Jenna, Victor, Kate, Billie, and Mike are blown into the pool by a blast. Fiery luggage falls upon Shawn, Chloe, Belle, and Philip as they each scream out. Bo makes it on deck just in time to be clobbered by a blast. The fiery ceiling caves in on Hope, Georgia, Jeremy, and "Bo." Aidan, John, Marlena, Kristen, and Tony are all buried by the dining room tables and chairs that have been thrown up by blasts. Greta, Frankie, Eric, Melissa, Miguel, Austin, Carrie, Sami, Peter, Nicole, Will and Oscar are all buried in the main dining hall where the biggest bombs is. All of the girls cry out in pain and horror. Austin, Eric, Frankie, and Miguel are buried by fire. Horrible screams and guttural moans are heard by both the women and children of Salem. Everyone cries out as debris flies everywhere, and fires erupt! Stefano looks back at the ship as it is now engulfed in flames. A tear falls down Stefano’s cheek and glows orange from the reflection. “Goodbye, Salem.”…he says to himself. The boat continues to burn and crackle through the night. Agonizing screams can be heard from the boat. *FREEZE FRAME.* Congratulations to meeeee (LOL!) and all my readers for 400 wonderful episodes! Thank you all so much for your support and dedication! Who will live and who will die? Say goodbye to five of your beloved Salemites!
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    TWO SEXY NEW STARS JOIN THE BLOG! Chad Michael Murray has won the much coveted role of Brady Black! The writer and creator speaks out..."Brady will be returning to Salem later this summer. He has missed a lot. He has had a baby brother be born, he has a new long lost brother in Aidan, and his ex-wife is in town dating his niece's father, Shawn!"...King says with a laugh. "There's a lot that Brady has to return to. And there is a big death coming up. He need to be here for it." "Chad is a great young actor. He has the acting chops. He has the devilish look and sexiness to him that Drake often has, as well as the sensitivity and vulnerability that Isabella had. He will fit in great with the cast."...promises King. King says bringing Kyle Lowder back to the role was "not an option." Brady Black will hit the scene in July when he appears for a funeral. In other news, Shawn Pyfrom of Desperate Housewives has joined the blog in the role of Oscar. Oscar is a waiter whom Will first encounters on the 4th of July Cruise Ship, but he will have a surprising connection to Salem. "It won't be 'Jaw on the floor' shocking or tremendous as some of the other past connections on the blog, but it's cute and nice...a nice treat for the fans!"...promises King. "It's going to be a great storyline. He is just what Will needs. It won't be about romance or love from the get-go. It's going to be about healing."....previews King. In other news, at least five actors have been given their walking papers and will last air in late June and early July as part of the 'Rise of the Phoenix' storyline. "I don't think fans will believe two of the deaths, especially because they will be so final. These are two characters I love and whom fans love, but their deaths will serve a great purpose. They'll always be a part of DAYS, but their characters will be meeting their ends."...promises King.
  5. Episode #399 Georgia realizes Hope hit her head and fell off the boat. She jumps in the water to save Hope! Stefano calls together a meeting of his pawns on the boat...Aidan, Steve, Jenna, Duncan, Chloe, Nicole, and Peter all come together. Stefano begins to see doubt in everyone's eyes, but he reminds them all of why they are doing this. He explains the plan. Georgia brings Hope from the water and resuscitates her with mouth to mouth. Sarah and Billie bond over Miguel's vicious attacks towards them. Will meets a sexy young man on the boat. He is on the wait staff...but he and Will cannot help but make eyes at one another. Hope is grateful to Georgia for saving her life, but as she begins to recall what happened...she realizes Georgia locked her on the balcony to begin with! Since he knows most of his pawns will back out if they knew the plan was to blow up the boat, he gives them all individual duties...he demands each of his pawns lure certain Salemites to different cabins. Little do they know that they will be luring these people to their deaths. Nicole delivers mysterious invitations to Frankie, Melissa, Sarah, Miguel, Eric, and Greta to cabin 43. Will says hi to the sexy young waiter. He discovers his name is Oscar. They share an awkward moment. After his pawns leave and it is just Duncan, a controlled Steve, and Stefano, he reveals that he wants Alice Horton, Mickey Horton, and the rest of the children to be taken to the life boats and sent off the cruise ship. Duncan wants to know why...saying they should just kill them along with the others. Stefano says his vendetta is not with people too weak to defend themselves...but those who are able to face the actions of their consequences. Duncan arrives and stops Hope and Georgia's fight and tells them both to meet him in Cabin 14 because they need to work this out! He is really luring them to his death. Then, Duncan leaves. Georgia and Hope begrudgingly agree to do so. Steve asks Addie, Andy, Shane, Kim, and Kayla to meet him on the balcony for a surprise. Aidan lures John, Marlena, Tony, and Kristen to the Dining Room. When Aidan learns who Kristen and Tony are, he wonders if Stefano knew his kids were on the boat. He recalls how he was sent to Salem to pose as John and Marlena's son...and how Stefano has visited him at the orphanage for twenty years...being his father figure. Chloe cries as she asks Shawn, Philip, and Belle to meet her in the luggage room. Jenna asks Kate, Victor, Billie, and Mike to join her poolside...near the indoor pool. They are all so confused. Stefano explains to his kids, Peter and Nicole, that when they lure their respective Salemites to the right point...they need to get to a lifeboat and get off the ship IMMEDIATELY! Peter and Nicole begin to worry what the heck could be happening. Peter lures, Austin, Carrie, Sami, and Will to the lowest level of the ship. Duncan (As Bo) takes Alice, Mickey, Claire, Zach, JT, Gabe, and Roman to the lifeboats. "Bo" explains that there is an emergency, that they all need to get off the boat immediately! "Bo" explains everyone else will be following them shortly. They leave, fearing for their loved ones. Stefano's mercenary, Steve, plants bombs all over the boat... Stefano readies the second lifeboat...waiting for Peter and Nicole to join him so they can make their escapes. He realizes they may never forgive him for his deceiving them into helping with this plot, but he says it will be worth it. Everyone begins to realize they need to get to the dock for the 4th of July Festivities! Steve puts the eight bombs into place...one by one. Stefano takes out a remote control in his hand. It has a silver switch on it. He smiles.
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    BO ESCAPES!!!!

    Episode #398 Miguel gets violent with Sarah once again. Austin has a nightmare about Miguel. Kristen vows to Tony to find the person who shot her and killed her baby…and kill him! Meanwhile, Eric makes a similar promise to Greta. Miguel tries to rape Sarah! Sami finally lets Peter in, and they share a tender kiss. Miguel begins raping Sarah! Kate and Nicole bond. Billie breaks into the cabin and knocks Miguel unconscious! She rescues Sarah and comforts her. She calms her down. Peter and Nicole both begin to doubt being Stefano’s pawns. But they agree they cannot turn back now. Kayla, Shane, and Kim realize Steve is not acting himself. Greta and Frankie find some closure. Hope and Georgia have a shocking encounter! Peter doesn’t want to betray Sami’s trust…and he realizes Stefano took advantage of him in his weak state. Eric continues to push Greta away citing the death of his unborn child. Melissa and Frankie share a romantic dinner and a lovely kiss. Laura and Kate declare war on each other and each separately vow to keep Mike and Billie apart. Jeremy traps Hope in small portion of the balcony that has NO escape! Jeremy laughs as Hope screams to be let out this instant! Billie reveals to Sarah that Miguel raped her…fifteen years ago! Bo finally manages to break free from his chains! Hope swings open the door and pulls too hard…forcing her to fly overboard and hitting her head on the railing as she goes! Bo hears one of Stefano’s henchmen discussing the plans for the boat…Bo knocks him unconscious and realizes he needs to save his family…NOW!
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    Episode #397: Sarah tells Miguel to take one of the lifeboats and get off this ship or else she’ll tell everyone he was the one who shot Kristen and killed her baby! Miguel says she will do no such thing or he will reveal that she was his other woman! Sarah cannot bear her sister hating him. Carrie confronts Austin and wants to know why he’s been acting so strangely Miguel came to town. Billie and Mike have a romantic encounter…and Billie’s Aunt Jenna doesn’t like it…at all! Victor and Kate have a special moment. He comforts her over Lucas’ death for the first time. Jenna begins to wonder if she fell for her “job” - Mike Horton! Stefano relishes in the fact that his enemies will be dead in a few hours. Addie has an elaborate plan to make Andy think E.C. has died…while on the boat! Bo tries to break free from his cell and save Hope! Addie manages to get Andy to see her while in the E.C. disguise, but then E.C. disappears. Billie is shocked when she comes face to face with Miguel! She punches him in the face! Victor contemplates telling Kate he is dying…but he refuses. Billie tells Miguel to stay away from her...AND Austin! What connection does Miguel have to the Reed's!? Aidan expresses some guilt when he is alone after Marlena and John fawn over him and buy him many lavish gifts. Chloe contemplates telling Shawn the truth...that she doesn't really love him...that she's just being blackmailed by Stefano! Laura finds an unconscious Celeste...who continues to toss and turn...seeing Bo, Hope, John, Marlena and others being burned to death in the flames and explosions! After his encounter with Billie, Miguel and Sarah get into a vicious fight…and he begins raping her!
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    Episode #396 Stefano is so delighted all of his pawns are in place. Peter and Nicole show remorse to each other over being Dimera pawns, but they realize they must do whatever Stefano wants because he’s the only one who has ever been there for him. Chloe recalls how Stefano tracked her down and began blackmailing her with a very shocking secret. He blackmailed her into divorcing Brady…and heading to Salem immediately in order to do his bidding. Jenna also flashes back to having a visit from Stefano…a visit during which Stefano paid Jenna $500,000 to return to town…reconnect with her sister, Kate, and get close to Dr. Mike Horton. Aidan recalls Stefano finding him at the orphanage in Spain and offering him more money than he ever could have imagined to come to Salem and poses as John and Marlena’s son. Mike gets a call saying he is the frontrunner for the Chief of Staff position. Kayla, Shane, and Kim wonder if Steve is keeping something from them. Steve meets Stefano in a hidden part of the boat where Stefano tells him he will be in charge of designating the bombs to each of the pawns…but it’s very important the pawns do not know what is in the boxes…because they will refuse to perform their duty then. Aidan shows much remorse over what he is doing…revealing that he has bonded with John and Marlena more than he ever thought possible. Mickey bonds with his daughters, Sarah and Melissa, but they feel awkward when they must lie to him about Maggie’s whereabouts. Duncan continues pushing Hope away while posing as Bo…and citing Georgia as the reason. This further ignites the fiery feud between Hope and Georgia. Stefano says in just a few hours, all of his enemies will be dead.
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    Episode #395 - Friday, June, 15th, 2007: Miguel is not the only one who has snuck on the boat! Stefano has, as well! Laura and Kate vow to take the other down, citing that they each think their daughter should have been with Jack. Laura says her child won out in the end the way it should be. Kate asks when Laura will let this vendetta go. Laura blames Kate for ruining her marriage…and her life…and says….NEVER! Jenna and Mike share a flirtation as they both recall their dirty, raunchy sex session. Jenna flashes back to taping it…and handing the tape over to Stefano! Mike surprises Alice, Melissa, and Sarah with a wonderful treat…Mickey! Mike wheels Mickey into the banquet room and surprises all of the Horton’s. Mickey has a touching reunion with his daughters and his mother. Mike reveals Mickey woke up yesterday and wanted to spend the holiday with his family. Mike says there was no reason not to release him… so here he is! Everyone is troubled when Mickey asks for Maggie… Addie mentions to John and Marlena that Eugene and Calliope had so much fun at Gabe’s christening, but they had to leave town suddenly. She says they’ll be back though and soon! Aidan continues to be a big hit with the Black’s, Brady’s, and the Horton’s. Billie and Mike share some type of connection…and Kate worries for ANOTHER one of her kids falling for ANOTHER one of Laura’s! Jeremy and Georgia plan a little trick for Hope that will teach her a lesson. Georgia is unsure, but Jeremy convinces her. The Horton’s lie to Mickey and say Maggie fell ill and couldn’t join them on the trip. Stefano roams the boat in secret. The boat sets sail. Tony and Kristen recall all of their dirty deeds and wonder if it's possible to bounce back from that. Melissa mentions to Sarah that Miguel was cheating on here and that is why the divorced…Melissa says as ruined as their marriage already was…if finds the other woman, she’ll kill her! Sarah flashes back to Miguel blackmailing her with that very information…that Sarah was the other woman! Kristen and Tony recount all of the bad things they’ve done Kate tells Billie to stay way from Mike Horton! Mike and Victor discuss Victor’s death sentence…his heart condition. Mike urges Victor to tell Philip and Kate. Addie comes up with an elaborate plot to manipulate Andy into thinking E.C. has died! She dresses up like E.C. and poses as him once more. She has an encounter with Shane and Kim, telling them “he” is Andy’s old roommate. Later, they tell Andy, and he realizes he may have the opportunity to solve the mystery of his roomie, E.C.’s disappearance…or maybe there is no mystery at all! John and Marlena have a private dinner with all of their kids...baby Gabe, Sami, Eric, Belle, Greta, and Aidan. Everyone is so happy to have found Aidan and to have him their lives. Carrie begins to piece it all together and realize Austin started acting funny around the time of Miguel’s arrival. Peter asks Sami to let him help her grieve, but she just wants to be alone. Miguel reveals himself to all! Frankie, Sarah, Melissa, and Austin are horrified that they are stuck with him! John and Sami tell the other Black's how they originally thought Aidan could be a Dimera trick, but how they are wrong now. Aidan goes back to his room...where he makes a phone call to his boss......Stefano Dimera. Stefano recounts his plan…and how his pawns…Peter, Jenna, Chloe, Duncan, Steve, Nicole, and Aidan don’t know exactly what they will be doing on the cruise ship…but when the time comes, they will each be strategically placing seven bombs on the boat that will destroy it…leaving everyone on the boat to DIE. Celeste collapses and, while unconscious, has terrible visions of explosions and screams of agony and horror. Mean cry and scream and moan. Woman do the same. Babies cry. Celeste realizes it is the boat they are on that explodes…she wakes up…screaming for her life.
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    Episode #394 - Thursday, June 14th, 2007: The Brady's, The Horton's, The Roberts', The Reeds', The Kiriakis', and The Black's all arrive at the docks of Lake Michigan to board the cruise ship for the 4th of July Brady/Horton picnic. Everyone is wary to let Tony, Kristen, Peter, and Nicole on...given their Dimera roots, but Alice says she was very close to Tony and Kristen at one point...Peter has been good to Sami...and Nicole is Kate's daughter...and Lucas' sister...so they belong there! Steve continues to deceive everyone who thinks he is no longer under Stefano's control. Steve assures Kayla that Stephanie is safe where she is, and after their trip is over, they will begin a full-fledged search for Stephanie! Andy asks his parents if there could ever be a reunion between them. Shane and Kim tell him that is not likely. Andy refuses to accept that. Jeremy tells Georgia he came up the perfect plot against Hope that can be executed while they are on the boat! Everyone has fun at the reception at the docks. Everyone in Salem loves Aidan and spends time bonding with him. Chloe takes refuge not far from the docks and breaks down over the devastating secret she is keeping from everyone in Salem. Sami pushes Peter away. Tony and Kristen re-affirm their mission to stay good and stay away from the Dimera influence. Belle vows to Shawn that she will win him back! Philip realizes Chloe has a big secret. Hope is taken aback by how abrasive Bo is acting. Meanwhile, Bo comes face to face with his captor......STEFANO! Everyone boards the boat...except for Chloe! Stefano relishes in Bo's pain and agony, telling Bo he has an imposter taking his place right now. Bo screams out and tries to attack Stefano but the chains on the wall force him backwards as he falls to the ground. Georgia and Jeremy decide to share a cabin together on the boat...saying they don't like many others anyway! Chloe has a mysterious meeting on the docks...she tells someone she is done doing their dirty work. The face of her "friend" is revealed...Stefano. Stefano tells Chloe if she doesn't want everyone in Salem do know her secret...she'll continue doing EXACTLY what she has been doing...exactly what she has been sent to Salem to do - be a pawn for him! Austin is relieved he will be spending a few days away from Miguel...and vows his secret can never come out! Sarah and Melissa are also looking forward to spending time without Miguel. Little do they know...Miguel sneaks on board! Chloe agrees to continue to manipulate Philip, Belle, and Shawn. Stefano is pleased. He then demands Chloe sing him a little tune from an aria. She obliges. He basks in her talent.
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    Thanks, AML and the rest of you! Oh, Steffy, you are sexy in another way!
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    BIG MISTAKE! Big announcement, y'all! Somewhere around Episode #330, episodes began being misnumbered...intensely! It was a problem that snowballed that should have been caught WAY before this...... But at any rate... Friday's episode will actually be the 395th episode! WHICH IS AMAZING! So thank you to all of you who made this possible!
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    ...IN THE AFTERNOON! A new promo to celebrate the sexiest cast ever...DAYS OF OUR LIVES: <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=" name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src=" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350"></embed></object>
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    Episode #193 - Wednesday, June 13th, 2007: Everyone gathers at the church for the Christening. Georgia and Jeremy get released from the Habitat second floor just in time to make it to the church! Everyone looks at Georgia and Jeremy when they show up wearing overalls and clearly looking like they slept together. Jeremy and Georgia explain that is not how it is. Hope is not surprised. She says Georgia always causes a scene wherever she goes. Duncan (as Bo) lashes out at Hope, telling her to give Georgia a chance or their marriage is over! Will accompanies Jeremy and Georgia to the bride’s room of the church so they can get cleaned up as best they can . Steve lies to Kayla, Shane, Kim, Eugene, and Calliope and says he has a memory flash of stashing Stephanie somewhere safe. He says he wouldn’t have hurt Stephanie…not even in a controlled state. Belle is shaken when Shawn and Chloe show up together. Belle realizes something is up with Chloe, but she can’t put her finger on it. John and Marlena introduce everyone to Aidan as they walk in. Aidan feels smothered. Sami kind of sympathizes with him. Victor tries to deal with the news he is going to die by September. Kate pushes Victor away…still grieving Lucas’ death. Victor also does not want to get close to Kate, given his medical news. John and Marlena are appalled when Tony and Kristen walk into the church. Marlena tells them both to get out. Eric intervenes and tells Marlena he didn’t want to tell her last night because it would have ruined the good news about Aidan…but Eric reveals Marlena’s grandchild, the baby Eric and Kristen conceived, died in the Dominican Republic. Tony reaches out to his old friend, Marlena, and reminds her he is the one who pointed her to Spain and let her take the Dimera jet. He says he is trying to find his way back into lives of the good, decent people of Salem…and so is Kristen. Marlena doesn’t believe it, but Kristen says it’s true. Kristen says this whole incident in the D.R. reminded her of losing John Jr. ……when all of this decent into evil and madness began. Kristen says she really needs to be around good, honest people…and God. Kristen says she has no right to ask this of Marlena, but she asks Marlena to reach out to her as the good, decent, honest doctor and persons he is. Marlena looks at her with a severe look of doubt…but she agrees, for now. Sami pulls Aidan aside and tries to get to know him a little better…but really, she wants to see if he could be working for Stefano. The two share a rare bonding moment. Aidan passes Sami’s test. Georgia is able to get cleaned up in time to make it out and take everyone’s breath away as she joins Will, Greta, and Aidan at the altar with Austin, Carrie, little Roman, John, Marlena, and Gabe. The Horton’s, The Brady’s, The Reed’s, The Roberts’, and The Black’s all gather at the church for the joint christening. Will and Georgia vow to protect and care for Roman Roberts Reed and help them and guide them through all the days of his life. Aidan and Greta do the same for Gabriel Evan Black as they become the baby’s godparents. It is a rare moment of happiness and innocence in Salem. Alice looks on with a great smile...remembering all of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that have also been baptized here, as well. The Salemites soak up the rare moment. Meanwhile, outside, unbeknownst to those inside, the sun is covered by clouds very quickly. Thunder crashes…and rain begins to pour. A sign reads… “St. Luke’s Church.” Lightning crashes, breaking the sign in two.
  15. It's part of the ARMY OF PAWNS Promo I posted a few days ago! Thanks for the comments, guys!! As usual!
  16. Episode #192 - Tuesday, June 12th, 2007: Stefano tells Sami she’s being ridiculous. He says she cannot rid herself of her memories of Lucas. Sami begs him saying she cannot go on in this world without him…remembering him. She says she wishes she never fell in love. Love is pain. Love is hell, she says. Sami says Stefano hates the Brady’s and the Horton’s…she asks him if he is planning revenge on Maggie for killing Cassie and Megan. Stefano grabs Sami and says he will never hurt Maggie. Sami is taken aback by his reaction. Marlena broaches the idea of having Aidan be baby Gabe’s godfather. John is hesitant but he agrees. Jeremy and Georgia fall asleep in each other’s arms accidentally. John decides to have secret DNA tests done on Aidan through ISA. Test results he can trust not to have been tampered with. Mike wakes up and finds that Jenna is no where to be found…Mike is ashamed of what just happened. He decides to get back to the hospital and throw himself in his work to get back on track. “Duncan” continues to push Hope away using Georgia as an excuse. His orders are to ruin Bo and Hope’s marriage…and he plans on doing just that. John suggests to Marlena that Aidan can be the godfather of Gabe if Greta can be the godmother. That way, each of them will be taking a huge leap of faith in putting the trust of their baby in people they don’t necessarily fee comfortable with right now. They agree it would be a great gesture for the other. Stefano lets Sami go and tries to explain it away by saying Maggie is obviously a sick woman. Laura comes to and begins to have a better grasp on what is going on with Maggie. Victor collapses. Jeremy has a scandalous dream about a scantily clad Jan. In the dream, they are playing a dirty sex game called Perverted Pilot and Sexy Stewardess. Meanwhile, Georgia has a sensual and romantic dream about a man whose face she cannot see. Stefano tells Sami love is a rare thing and that she is lucky to have experienced it. He said he would never remove memories of love from one’s memory. Sami says he has done it to Steve, Hope, and Marlena. Stefano counters that things aren’t always as they seem. Sami asks what that means. Stefano reveals his plans for them were never permanent and that he always planned on returning them to their loved ones. Mike delivers very good news to Billie about her recovery. Then, he tells her Jack and Jen have decided to stay in San Diego and start a life there. Billie is not surprised. Marlena and John both ask Aidan and Greta to be the godparents of baby Gabe. They both agree, ecstatically. Victor is rushed to the hospital. When he comes to, Mike reveals he does not have good news. Jeremy grows very aroused in his sleep and inadvertently pulls a sleeping Georgia closer to him. Sami tells Stefano she never thought he had this sensitive side to him. He says there is a lot people do not know about him. Stefano reveals to her that he believes Peter has very deep feelings for him. Sami screams out wanting to know what interaction Peter has had with Stefano! She says Peter vowed to stay away from Stefano. Outside, Peter cringes. Marlena, John, and Aidan go to the courthouse and submit paperwork to have Aidan’s name legally changed to Aidan Black. This is all moving very fast for John, but he refuses to ruin Marlena’s happiness right now. John gets a phone call…from the ISA. Georgia and Jeremy begin to kiss in their sleep! It is confirmed that John…and Marlena…are both the parents of Aidan! John finally gets closure on the fact that Aidan must be his son. Stefano tells Sami he hasn’t had contact with Peter but he has contacts all over Salem keeping an eye on things. Stefano urges Sami to give Peter a chance. He tells her to grieve Lucas…and every day will get easier. Sami grows creeped out by her moments with Stefano so she leaves suddenly. Mike informs Victor he has a very serious heart condition for which there are no known cures…only minor treatments which do not seem to do much right now. Mike officially informs Victor he has been diagnosed with Decreased Left Ventricular-Systolic Function. Mike apologizes to him. Victor asks how long he has…he begs Mike to give it to him straight. Mike says if Victor lived past September 1st…he’d be shocked. In a special montage, every member of the Brady and Horton clan receive their invitations from Alice to attend the special Brady/Horton Family Picnic aboard the cruise ship. Meanwhile, Stefano holds a miniature model of a boat. He lights it on fire. He laughs as it melts away, inch by inch.
  17. Episode #191 - Monday, June 11th, 2007: Stefano plots and schemes with his army of pawns - Nicole, Peter, Duncan, Steve, and Jenna. Stefano reveals to them that he has other pawns in place…and he needs to make sure everyone is in place before they make their ultimate move. Addie and Andy’s date goes extremely well and ends with a romantic kiss. Hope is baffled by Bo’s pushing her away. John remains suspicious of Aidan, but he is glad to see Marlena and Belle bonding with him. Sami and John bond when she opens up to him about being suspicious of Aidan. She thinks he could be a pawn of Stefano’s. John agrees. He tells Sami that Stefano is back in Salem. Sami is horrified. Jeremy and Georgia continue to bond while working on the second floor of the Habitat house. They hide out from the site manager in a small alcove of the unfinished house as a joke. Addie realizes if Andy ever finds out she was posing as E.C. and manipulating him then their relationship will be over. Laura begins her hypnosis session with Maggie. Georgia and Jeremy are shocked to realize their plan backfired…and the site manager took the ladder down from the site…unknowingly trapping Jeremy and Georgia on the second floor! John and Marlena go on to tell Sami, Eric, Belle, and Greta that Marlena was meeting with Stefano and spending time with him in order to extract clues from him about her missing years. She reveals Stefano was giving her one clue for every visit. Belle, Sami, and Eric tell Marlena it was too dangerous to do, but Marlena says it was worth and it and fawns over Aidan. Sami tells John to arrest Stefano! But John reveals when Kristen had baby Gabe and exchanged him for the pardon absolving her for her crimes…that also included the rest of the Dimera’s! John says they have no grounds to arrest Stefano now. Jeremy and Georgia bond. Jeremy tells her he will help her get revenge on Hope and teach her a lesson if she wants. Georgia doesn’t want to, but Jeremy pushes it…and Georgia agrees. Sami decides to have a little visit with Stefano! Maggie while under hypnosis begins remembering pain and aguish last December when Jennifer was presumed dead and Mickey had a stroke at her “funeral.” Laura begins there and pokes and prods around those memories. Maggie begins crying and talking like a little girl. Laura realizes she’s hit pay dirt. Andy decides to track down his ex roommate, E.C., and see if he is ok since he mysteriously disappeared. Georgia begins to grow cold so Jeremy holds her trying to warm her up. Georgia feels the touch and comfort of a boy for the first time. Maggie opens up to Laura during the hypnosis session and reveals she fell off the wagon the night Mickey had his stroke. Sami arrives to the Dimera Mansion…and storms in to see Stefano…if she arrived seconds later, she would have seen Peter and Nicole…who are now hiding on the terrace. Sami tells Stefano she needs something from him…and she won’t leave until she gets it! Addie gets word that Andy is trying to track E.C. down! Addie realizes she needs to act fast. Stefano is very intrigued by Sami’s demands. He says Sami has grown up to be quite the little firecracker. Sami tells Stefano she knows he has used memory erasing tactics on the Brady’s and Hope before…and now she wants him to use it on her. Sami begs Stefano to have his doctors erase her memory…all memories of Lucas! Sami begs Stefano…saying she cannot go on living in a world without Lucas. Peter is devastated to hear this. Stefano rolls his eyes at dramatic Sami. Laura is shocked when Maggie speaks of a fire in the middle of her session. Laura assumes Maggie is talking about fire she set to kill Alice on Christmas Eve…but she soon learns Maggie is talking about a fire that was set on the Simmons farm when Maggie was only five years old! Maggie flashes back to being a little girl cornered against the wall of a barn and a fire raging. She is screaming and crying. Suddenly, Maggie begins thrashing around in the session and crying out like a madwoman. Laura tries to calm Maggie down, but she bursts out and away from Laura’s arms. Laura falls to the ground, unconscious. The police come in and restrain Maggie.
  18. King


    Episode #190 Steve is released from the hospital. Kayla is so good to have him back, but little does she know he is still under Stefano’s control! Kayla says he needs to begin hypnosis with Marlena and Laura to figure out what he did with Stephanie. Jenna hangs up the phone with Stefano and joins Mike on the bed. She recalls their hot, sexy lovemaking. She feels guilty over what she has just done…and she curses Stefano Dimera to hell! John and Marlena realize Marlena must have been pregnant when she was kidnapped by Stefano when her plane “exploded” during the 80’s. Marlena says she must not have still had her memory at this point if she gave Aidan a picture of her and John. Addie and Andy go on a nice, romantic date. Billie seems to be making a full recovery. Stefano tells Peter how good it feels that Peter is a true member of the family once again. Nicole overhears and demands to know what they mean by true member of the family. Eric, Greta, Sami, and Belle arrive at the hospital and demand to know what’s going on. Hope feels a coldness from Bo that she cannot put her finger on. Meanwhile, the real Bo struggles to break free from his captor. Stefano reveals to Nicole the Dimera’s have a lot of enemies in this town…and sometimes, the Dimera’s have to do some not-so-nice things in order to stay afloat and keep the family name in tact. Nicole tells Stefano she wants to be a Dimera through and through. John and Marlena introduce Sami, Eric, Belle, and Greta to their new sibling…Aidan! They are shocked and wonder what the hell is going on. Marlena explains she was pregnant when she went missing and presumed dead…Eric and Sami are skeptical of their little brother…while Belle seems to welcome her big brother with open arms. John and Marlena reveal to Aidan he also has a half-brother, Brady, whom he will meet. Hope realizes something is not right with her husband… “Bo” tells Hope she’s going to have to make some changes and start treating Georgia differently…or they’ll be some problems. “Bo” decides to sleep on the couch. Kristen, Tony, Frankie, and Melissa board a plane to return home to Salem. Tony tells Kristen they will be OK in their new lives. They will do it together…he says. Kristen thanks Tony for being there for her. Tony asks her where else he would be.. Stefano asks Nicole how much he can trust her. Nicole says he is her father, and she’d never do anything to betray him! Stefano then says he will let her know the secrets of the Dimera Family. Hope awakens to go and reconcile with “Bo.” When she goes down to the couch…Bo is gone! Stefano calls a meeting of all of his pawns on the dock. One by one…they stroll out onto the foggy dock. Peter walks and joins Stefano…Nicole does the same…Duncan/”Bo” joins them…Jenna is not far behind. Steve is the final one to join them. Nicole is very shocked to see her Aunt Jenna…as well as Steve. Stefano says Nicole will get used to the tricks and trades of being a Dimera. Nicole says she has nothing to feel guilty over, stating the Brady’s and the Horton’s have never been good to her. Stefano is pleased with his army of pawns - Nicole, Peter, Steve, Duncan, and Jenna…but he reveals…that’s not all!
  19. King


    Episode #189 Kayla conducts DNA tests on John, Marlena, and Aidan. Jenna and Mike Horton continue to flirt at the bar, but he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. Kristen and Tony have a long talk about their lives. Mike opens up to Jenna about the race for Chief of Staff. Mike reveals he wants this badly…but he is afraid to want it because he might not get it…like last time. He says he was in the running before until his ex, Ali McIntyre, ruined it all. He says Jenna actually reminds him of her. Jenna jokes that is a low blow. Mike says it wasn’t all bad…but he says he knows a bad girl when he sees her. Kayla conducts the tests. She refuses to the leave the test results alone until they are completed. She is afraid of tampering. Kristen and Tony recall how when they used to be good people, these bad things would happen and instead of turning to God and asking for the strength to live through it, they asked why it had to be them that this happened to…and they turned to the dark side. They recall how doing bad things will ALWAYS lead to bad things befalling you…but then you know it is because of the horrible things you’ve done. Jenna manages to get Mike out on the dance floor of the Cheatin’ Heart where they share a sexy dance to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” Mike reveals to Jenna that he hasn’t dance or had fun even in a long, long time. Jenna smiles…pleased. Marlena secretly asks her good friend Dr. Laura Horton to also run the same DNA test results in case Stefano has some hand in this. Frankie and Greta receive word their divorce is finalized. Miguel vows revenge on Frankie. Kristen is traumatized over the death of her baby. She cries. Tony takes her in his arms. Kristen tells Tony she doesn’t want to be bad anymore. She looks like an innocent little girl when she says this. Tony says she never was bad. He said she was a beautiful innocent girl when he fell in love with her and that she was always this way. He says he sees glimmers of that person in her still. Tony says they can work on being better people together…but they need to keep each other free of the Dimera curse. Kristen says they’ll do it together…with Peter. Stefano reminds Peter that he has been the only person who has been there for Peter. Peter agrees. Stefano tells Peter he was always his most loyal child…more loyal than Tony even. Stefano asks Peter to come work for him once more. Peter says Sami would never forgive him. Stefano reminds Peter Sami has pushed him away due to Lucas’ death. Peter recalls their bitter break-up. Peter agrees and seals Stefano’s offer with a kiss on his father’s lips. Mike opens up to Jenna about the patient he lost tonight. Jenna has a look of guilt as she sees Mike pour his out to her. John continues to be skeptical of Aidan, but they have a rare bonding moment. Stefano opens up to Peter about how he is planning a huge attack for the Brady/Horton BBQ on the 4th of July. Meanwhile, Hope and Alice put the final touches on renting a luxurious small cruise ship for the July 4th week…to go sailing on Lake Michigan! Jenna and Mike pour into the door of a sleazy motel. They kiss passionately and tear each other’s clothes off. Jenna gets on the bed, and Mike follows. He kisses her neck from behind and starts to remove her clothes. Mike and Jenna have passionate sex as he takes her from behind in a scene too hot for daytime. Marlena calls Eric, Sami, and Belle. She tells them everything is fine, but they might want to come to the hospital at once. John does the same with Greta. Greta and Eric decide to fly back to the States immediately to be with his mother and her father. Laura and Kayla both enter the waiting room of the hospital at the same time and both reveal their test's results...Aidan is their biological son! John has mixed feelings. Aidan has a sense of closure. Marlena breaks down and takes Aidan into her arms, apologizing to him over and over. John is so confused at this turn of events. Jenna awakens. Mike lays in a post-coital exhaustion coma. Jenna walks to the wall…she removes a picture from the wall and looks behind it to see a camcorder. She turns it off and ejects the tape. She picks up the phone and dials. “It’s done…”…she says into the phone with a look of guilt on her face. On the other end…a man laughs to himself. “It’s good to be back.”…he says.
  20. King


    Haha. I am trying to get in 5 episodes a weekend, like little mini-weeks. haha. Just so I don't have to waste the month of June building stories. I wanna get to the big UMPH of June 15th! But I am planning a 4th of July surprise that's going to be delicioussssssss!
  21. Episode #188 John laughs, pessimistically. He throws the picture back at Aidan, saying he was a pawn of Stefano’s too, and he is not falling for this. Aidan asks who Stefano is and why John keeps bringing him up. Marlena cries. She asks Aidan to go on…tell them more. Jeremy urges Georgia to get some revenge on Hope. Georgia flashes back to her “father” telling Georgia she needs to start standing up to Hope. Georgia is so confused by her “father’s” comments. Jenna asks Mike out on a date, but he turns her down, realizing she is trouble. Aidan explains he has had that photo his whole life and always looked at it. He says by the time he got to the age to understand being an orphan and wanting to know his parents, all of the nuns who worked there at the time Aidan arrived had passed away. Aidan always assumed he would never see his mother ever…until he saw a woman on the streets of Spain last week who had a striking resemblance to the woman in the picture he’s been looking at his whole life. Mike has an emotional night when he loses one of his patients. Aidan tells John and Marlena it took him some time to track them down to Salem, but he had to land a job at their hotel in Spain in order to break into the computer files and find out who they were and where they came from. John calls Aidan resourceful…Aidan says he must get it from John…from what he hears. Mike heads to the Cheatin’ Heart to take his mind off of what happened with his patient. Jenna arrives, and Mike is blown away by her straight forwardness. John and Marlena are unsure what to do with this news. Aidan says he doesn’t expect anything from John or Marlena. John and Marlena try to think this through in their head…they wonder if Marlena could have been pregnant when Stefano lifted her from Salem. John and Marlena recall how they thought John was Roman then. Marlena and John realize if Marlena truly is Aidan’s mother…there IS a chance someone else…someone she met after she went missing could be the father. Marlena tells John she could never cheat on him, but John says she may not have known what she was doing. Marlena deduces that if she was so distraught and devastated to leave Aidan at the orphanage and if she knew enough to leave baby Aidan with a picture of her and John then she MUST not have had amnesia then…she must have known exactly what was happening. John informs Aidan that they’ll have to get some kind of tests done to corroborate Aidan’s story. Aidan agrees. He says he wants proof as to whether or not he has met his parents or not. John catches Aidan staring at him. John asks him what he is looking at. Aidan explains that he has been looking at this picture for a long, long time…imagining this man…John…to be his father. He says he always wondered if he was like his father or his mother…but he says everyone who ever saw the picture explained that Aidan took after his father in the looks department. Marlena agrees there is a strong resemblance between Aidan and John. Marlena tries to take this all in. She calls Kayla and asks if she can do some emergency tests for her. She says she’ll explain when she sees her. Marlena turns quickly to see Aidan staring a her…very suspiciously…looking at Marlena…with one eyebrow raised. Marlena smiles to herself at the very familiar mannerism. Meanwhile, at the Dimera Mansion, Stefano looks at Nicole who sleeps soundly on the sofa…and Peter who has fallen asleep due to exhaustion not far from Nicole. He smiles to himself. It is a smile of comfort. He signals his glass to his children. He drinks. Then sits down at the table where a game of chess is in the process of being played. Stefano moves his black pawn and knocks out the white queen. He laughs to himself.
  22. Episode #187 Austin and Carrie brainstorm who they’d like to see be Roman’s godparents. Stefano takes advantage of Nicole and Peter’s weak states. They open up to Stefano…and each other…about not having anyone in Salem. John attacks Aidan and twists his arm around his back. He nails Aidan to the desk and asks who he is. Aidan tells John to let him go because he’ll regret it if he doesn’t. Marlena begs John to let him go and let him talk. John lets him go and tells Aidan to start talkin’. Jenna tries to get close to Dr. Mike Horton. Mike is informed he is in the lead for the chief of staff position…and Mike wonders if that is really what he wants. Georgia and Hope have a bitter encounter. Hope tells Georgia to stay away from her children. Duncan as Bo intervenes and later, encourages Georgia not to take anymore from Hope. Meanwhile, the real Bo is chained to a prison wall in the basement of the Dimera Mansion, but he has no idea for sure where he is or who has kidnapped him! Aidan speaks to Marlena and John in Spanish. John tells him he’s had it with his crap and stalk talkin’…in English! John asks if Stefano has sent him. Austin and Carrie agree Will would a wonderful godfather to baby Roman. Billie has a romantic dream about Mike. Now with her “father’s” permission and support, Georgia stands up to Hope and says she won’t put up with her treatment no matter how much of a bitch she is. Hope approaches her. Jeremy intervenes. Hope tells Jeremy not to be silly, saying she’d never do anything to Georgia. Hope asks Jeremy if his father knew he was hanging out with trouble like Georgia, and Jeremy tells Hope to back off because she is venturing into a territory she ain’t ready for! Hope asks Jeremy whose side he is on here…the Horton side or Georgia's? Jeremy replies that he is on Georgia’s side and urges Hope to back off! Hope is appalled. Aidan says he has grown up in Madrid, and he recently saw Marlena and John on the streets there…he asks what they were doing there. Marlena reveals to Aidan that there is a portion of her life she does not remember…she says she was kidnapped then and that she believes she spent some of her time during those years in Spain. Aidan confirms that Marlena did spend some of her years there. John and Marlena are confused…but intrigued. Nicole says she never thought Stefano could be so paternal and nurturing…claiming she’s heard the awful stories. Stefano says they are mostly fabrications that have been indulged and spread by the Brady’s and Horton’s since they have all overpopulated Salem with their incestuous behavior. Austin and Carrie agree Georgia is a good candidate to be their baby’s godmother. Austin agrees to ask his niece. Will and Georgia are both honored to have been asked to be Carrie and Austin’s baby’s godparents. They agree. John asks Aidan how he’d know where Marlena was then. John says Aidan must have been a baby when Marlena was in Spain…if she even was. Aidan says… “A baby? No, I wasn’t a baby. I wasn’t born yet. Let me back up here and explain to you a little about me, eh?” John replies… “Please do.” Aidan continues…“My name is Aidan. I was raised in Spain my whole life.” John interrupts… “Really? Good English.” Aidan fires back… “Good Schools.” Marlena intervenes…“John, please. Continue.” Aidan continues, flashing John a dirty look…“I was raised at a small orphanage in a little town not far outside of Madrid. I was left there. Abandoned. By a woman who wept so loud she woke up every nun in the orphanage. The story goes she left a trail of tears behind as she turned and left me on the front stoop.” John says… “Get to the point, kid.” Aidan concludes… “I was left with two things…the blanket I was wrapped…and this picture…whom the nuns at the orphanage confirmed was the woman who left me. The man in the picture…I could only assume…is my father.” Aidan hands John and Marlena an old, aged picture. Marlena’s mouth falls open.
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