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Found 5 results

  1. Keith

    Sad Announcement

    After long back and forths the past week, and even for months and months, I've decided that, for the moment, my forrays into fan fiction must come to an end. I didn't want to do this, so soon into my blog. I had so many plans, but a number of things have gone into this decision. I find I spend far too much time on the computer. Others seem to handle balancing a blog, posting time, school, work pretty well. I, however, am very bad at doing this. I'm trying to spend less time on it now. Ending the blog, and an fan fiction writing, is a big part of this. I've also cut back on posting, in general. Another reason is that soaps, in general, have just become frustrating, Even Days, which has come so far in such a short time, doesn't quite have it anymore. It's better, and I enjoy it for what it is now, but, at this rate, I think the magic is gone. I could be wrong, but either way- I'm disillusioned with the genre as a whole, and sometimes, it just dsepresses me when I write things so far superior to those in the actual genre. With school coming up, the blog would likely drown worse than it already is. Week-by-week, I've been unable to get a whole week's episodes finished. I'd usually rather be doing other things, things that are more fun. Doing a five-day-a-week blog is so demanding, and I'm definitely not up for it, I've discovered. This may be my last year at my current school, and then I'll be transferring and my schedule will change drastically. I want to find a different job, that I can better balance in anticipation with this new potential school. And so, the blog does say good night. I'm so sorry for the readers out there who are disappointed in this decision. I'm itching to write, as always, but fan fiction just doesn't satisfy me anymore. I have the urge to create, to have a blank slate. I want to get out there and act. I need my options open, basically. I'll catch you all on the boards.
  2. To those who may have been wondering, has been pre-empted for Thursday, July 5, and Friday, July 6, to coincide with the Wimbeldon pre-emption on it's NBC sister show, 'Days of our Lives'. We return on Monday with brand-new episodes!
  3. -Lucas wants a favor from Billie -Lexie comes face-to-face with Sami -Hope catches Nick in Chelsea's room OUR DAYS debuts June 25th!
  4. Tonight, Tuesday, June 19th, the headwriter od 'Our Days in Salem' will be calling into 'In the Zone', to give an exclusive peak at the summer previews for the blog show, before they're posted here. 'In the Zone' is a radio show that discusses soap operas, music, movies, and everything in between. I urge you readers out there to tune in from 10PM EST. The live link for the show will be posted in the 'In The Zone' thread on the message board. Don't forget! 'Our Days' debuts anew June 25th! Edited: Here's what's coming up, as talked about on ITZ: The cat and mouse game between Stefano and the Bradys will continue, as some facts won’t be like they seem. Bo, Steve, and Hope re-team against the DiMeras while Kayla is out of town. Steve is reunited, if bitterly, with Benjy, who may hold the key to unraveling the real truth. Expect to see him featured more heavily and to get romance somewhere unexpected. Kayla will become involved once she’s back. When Anna is back, initially she’s only out for herself, playing both sides. She’s part of the DiMera illusion, but she has no love lost for that family, so she’s helping the Bradys as a distraction for Tony. She’ll look to Marlena when she decides to begin her own investigation. Lexie is happy to be back with her family, but she’s hurt with how she left things with Abe. Divorce may not be off the table. Doug and Julie make plans for permanent residence in Salem. Kate provides distraction for Sami in the form of grandson, Will. Sami backs off, which makes Lucas happy, but that may not last. John and Marlena at long last settle into their new home and enjoy some much-needed romance. He remains determined to protect his family, and so is she. John is trying to piece together the puzzling missing pieces of his memory again. He’ll put pressure on Elvis, so he can remember anything incriminating about that night in the boathouse. Marlena’s sure that what they already know about Steve was enough, but John’s not convinced. He gets so desperate that he involves Sami, promising her something in return. The SEC fallout is not over and with EJ off playing hero to Sami, Kate is left to deal with the brunt of the blame, which doesn’t sit very nicely with her. She’ll get friendly with Tony, who is more than happy to put pressure on his little brother. The B-Plots that will play alongside this, which were not talked about include: Touch the Sky Airlines Things begin to fall apart for Max before they even get started. He loses the garage and winds up bunking with Nick at his new apartment, only to learn that Abby really has moved on. He turns to old habits to heal new wounds, which lands him a strange, trouble-making bedfellow. Grounded since Max can’t make ends meet for their deal, Jeremy and Stephanie are left to chill in Salem and some hidden truths make themselves known over the course of the summer. This couple isn’t all it appears to be. Jett, meanwhile, will continue mixing it up with Chelsea… Nick/Chelsea/Jett Nick and Chelsea are broken up, but that doesn’t mean they can shake the effect they have on each other. Maggie will attempt to play matchmaker before Nick moves into the apartment originally meant for Willow. Chelsea will lean on Jett for support for a while, until she learns he’s not been upfront with her. Chelsea jumps at the chance to redeem herself further in Bo’s eyes, using it to avoid serious issues with Nick. Nick will meanwhile throw himself into his work, determined to accept his destiny as a loser. Max pushes him to go after Chelsea before it’s too late. The pair will be drawn to each other, but resistant. Abe tries to dissuade Jett from getting involved in Chelsea’s schemes. Chelsea’s distrust for both men will drive some interesting dynamics as she works to uncover a secret plot… Shawn/Belle/Philip Shawn grows restless in the Kiriakis mansion, not trusting of Philip and jealous of the time he spends with Claire. Philip offers to set the trio up with an apartment until they can get things turned around, if they’re not comfortable at the mansion. Shawn is resistant, wanting to wait on word about the boat. Belle accepts immediately. Victor wants Philip to go after them legally, but Philip won’t. Philip begins to look better and better and as he gets the upper hand, a kink Victor has been trying to work out in secret arrives just in time.
  5. With the recent stirring of big things at Days of our Lives, the power that be here at 'Our Days' have made a bold decision: The blog will start anew, and probably sooner than originally planned. Why the sudden change? According to headscribe Keith Trickett, "it was time. There was so much to do work out before the cast would be right where I wanted it to be. There are lots of stories going on now that I'd like the chance to tell my way. And so, here we are." What are some immediate changes that will be seen? Don't expect a facelift. Trickett seems pleased with where the canvas is now. The character of Jeremy Horton will be recast. Trevor Donavan was ill-fitted for the role, and so our casting department is hard at work finding a more appropriate actor for the role. Shelley Hennig is also out, but don't expect to say goodbye to Stephanie just yet. "We are currently wooing Shayna Rose back to the show. There is a new direction in mind for the character, where she would be allowed to showcase her musical talent on the show. We're hopeful." For the immediate future, don't expect too many characters to come and go. "As Hogan has planned, the character Of Lauren, who was last seen back in December, will be adding a new element to the storyline with Claire's three parents." Top contenders for the role include Eden Reigel, Peyton List, and Aubrey Dollar. The DiMeras will start to be taken a lot more seriously with the sudden exits of Will Utay and Steve Blackwood. "Their history is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Though they provided certain comic relief, the DiMera family is not a place to look for that. Much like Victor last fall [on the actual show], expect to see less campy behavior from this crime family. It looks to be a fun, new start for 'Our Days'. Stay tuned for more!
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