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  1. *insert Days films 5 years ahead joke* .... But seriously though, when reading all the other productions being suspended the last few weeks, I didn't even think about the soaps that film for 5x a week airing. Will be interesting to see what networks will fill timeslots with. News? Reruns?
  2. I remember when it was looking bleak that Days would ever reach its 45th anniversary, let alone its 50th. Days has always been on borrowed time and I really wouldn't be surprised if this really is the end. When it comes to Megyn Kelly though, I think the most ideal situation is to give her that 9am slot since it'll get that Today Show lead-in and give her a bigger shot at success rather than 1pm or whatever random time a local affiliate puts Days in currently. Also, they'll probably pay Megyn Kelly more per year (+ the costs of producing the talk show) than Days' whole budget, tbh
  3. I haven't watched Days regularly for years, but I like checking in. Especially for the Olympic cliffhanger. The DAYSaster was great fun. So I tuned in today to see... Roman announcing a new DA? WTF was that? Is that supposed be some shocking news? I don't even know. How disappointing. That certainly isn't going to get me back to watching Days regularly. Anyway, your idea reminded me of the Coronation Massacre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p08Xmgrwl6I I loved that so much. I remember being so shocked when it happened. I knew it was happening, but I did not expect the entire scene to play ou
  4. Yup, it was Thunder's Secret about dueling families of vampires in a small coastal town.
  5. It was an amazing finale! I really hope next season isn't the last!
  6. The new Timbaland remix of OneRepublic's "Apologize"
  7. Supernatural is now officially the best show on the CW
  8. If you haven't seen it, through any means possible, watch "Night Shifter" this week's episode. It was amazing.
  9. Yeah, I loved the episode. The witty lines were all over the place. And Sammy got a chance to shine this week too Linda Blair was good. And Jared and Jensen knock it out of the park every week.
  10. Supernatural is seriously one of the best shows on TV! I think it was Friday Night Lights of last year. A show that I was really looking forward to before it premiered, and was surprised to find out it was actually an EXCELLENT show. Jared and Jensen are amazing leads. The writing is great, the stories are scary and fun, and Jared and Jensen have amazing chemistry. I love Supernatural
  11. AMAZING 2nd episode. I am officially hooked, though I never had any doubts about it. And Martin Lopez Fitzgerald was the detective investigating Hiro
  12. I am so excited it did fairly well last night, I hope it picks up even more steam!
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