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  1. It's amazing seeing so much universal praise for Days and this episode. I finally was able to watch and I'm emotionally gutted right now. I haven't cried this hard during a TV show in years. This was quite possibly one of the best Days episodes in years. The show is totally my EVERYTHING right now. Haven't been this hooked in over a decade. I can't praise Bryan Datillo enough for his work in this episode. Absolutely stellar and a perfect supporting actor Emmy real for him.. I was balling as Lucas found out.. Kudos also for KA and GG, who played their scenes perfectly.. I'm so glad it was Hope that told Lucas.. I also want to commend the writing for these scenes- just perfection. Loved Lucas' "don't look at me like that" line.. And his scene about being so proud of his son..Camila was also fabulous.. Days was so smart to snap her back up. She's grown into one talented actress. The scene of Gabi doing CPR as Sonny was listening to Will's voicemail was amazing. These producers continue to go above and beyond for each episode.. The ending with Gabi and Ari was heartbreaking. I really liked that they had Abby want to comfort Gabi..Marlena- first off thank to the script writer for the Words With Friends line. Such a simple nod to Chandler Massey's Will and Marlena's beautiful relationship.. It's details like that that show the writers care! Deidre Hall was wonderful today.. The scene with Marlena and Lucas hugging will be a scene I'll always remember.. Heartbreaking!The ending with Sami showing up was perfect. I know it's not popular to say here, but I've missed Sami. And this story couldn't of been told without her. Can't wait for the Lumi scenes tomorrow..As for Freddie- I wasn't that impressed. At first I wanted to blame it on the fact that he filmed that scene alone, but look how many incredible scenes KDP had alone mourning Paige.. I'm hoping Freddie improves this week.. I didn't mind Victor being the one to tell Sonny, as they've always been close..Victor/Caroline/Maggie- loving that they've resurrected this triangle..Excellent scenes today..And that ending. Holy crap.. So freaking good. The unspoiled fans have to be flipping out right now with so much happening on this show EVERYDAY. This was a Monday!!
  2. HBO: True Blood

    I freaking love this show..I'm so happy that its back...Sunday night's premiere was excellent and i'm happy that the show has become such a big hit...It's definitely the new watercooler show..
  3. 24: Discussion Thread

    I've been a little bored with the past few episodes..But the end with Tony was a total shocker..I'm curious to see what's really happening.
  4. 24: Discussion Thread

    I'm loving this season of 24 so far..It's really been top notch...The past few episodes with the terorrists taking control of The White House was so intense..And i can't believe that Bill is dead..But i'm glad he went out as a hero and Agent Walker finally got to see Jack show some emotion... Next week looks great..
  5. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    Toups i love your recaps...so in depth..Anyone else watching this show?
  6. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    Last nights episode was the best of the season so far..I absolutely loved Liz's line "I want to go there"...she used it twice and the delivery was perfect..Also it was funny that Liz was actually a bully in high school without even knowing it... popular girl- "How's the telescope? Liz's response "--"How's your mother's pill addiction?" and Liz and the gay guy was hilarious.. Also the Tracy, Kenneth, and Jenna storyline was great..Loved when Jenna broke out in song because she was being upstaged by Kenneth..
  7. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    Hilarious episode of 30 Rock..what a wonderful way to incoporate Oprah in the show..And i'm glad it tuned out to be Liz's imagination..I was wondering why Oprah would sit next to Liz on a plane...Jenna and Tracy were incredible...Loved them dressing up as each other..And the ratings were great this week..Lets hope Jenifer Aniston can keep them high..I'm ready for 30 Rock to be a bonifide ratings success....NBC really needs it and i would love them to be rewarded for having faith in this critically acclaimed show..
  8. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    From TV guide... The Office (9.32 mil) surged 20 percent week-to-week, setting up 30 Rock for its largest audience ever — 8.53 mil. That represents a 16 percent bump over the Rock's previous season opener, and a 52 percent improvement on its last episode. Such amazing news and it was a really funny episode..Megan M. rocked..the scenes of her interviewing everyone were hilarious..and it was cool seeing Soap Opera Digest and Days making a cameo...So glad this show is back and hopefully winning all the emmy's and Tina Feys new found popularity will keep new fans tuning in..
  9. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    Toups 30 Rock, rocked the ratings last night..a 4.0 in demo and a 5.0 rating, right behind of The Office..Highest its ever had...Thank you Tina Fey and Sarah Palin..
  10. 30 Rock: Discussion Thread

    Wow Toups that would be amazing if it works out..John Hamm was pretty hilarious on SNL and i love the idea of those 2 wonderful shows coming together...By the way have you watched Mad Men yet? it really is the best drama on television..Season 2 was incredible.. As for 30 Rock, i will try to watch the premiere tomorrow...I really hope Tina Fey's new found celebrity status will help the ratings out a bit..It certainly can't hurt them..
  11. AMC: Mad Men

    Great show last night....The scene with Joan being "raped" by her finance was very disturbing..And i loved Peggy getting her own office, with a stocked bar..Her line about sleeping with Don to get it was hilarious..I can't wait for the finale..
  12. Dexter: Discussion Thread

    I really enjoyed the premiere and i'm so happy the show is back on...Here is some great ratings news from TV Guide.com The Season 3 premiere of Dexter on Sunday night delivered 1.22 million total viewers, besting both the series' previous opener and its most recent season finale by some 20 percent. It also represents Showtime's highest-rated drama premiere since at least 2004.
  13. Grey's Anatomy: Discussion Thread

    Toups i disagree, i loved Christina's new military guy...I really hope he sticks around longterm...Also enjoyed Callie and Hahn and can't wait to watch their relationship progress...Also i think Bernadette Peters and the lady from Picket Fences did a great job..But there were bad parts...I still can't stand Merideth and Derek and i was cheering Christina on when she told Merideth to shut up... Oh and the icicle bit totally ended up on Talk Soup...how funny is that..
  14. The Office: Discussion Thread

    Toups glad you posted about the episode....I think it was a great premiere..Loved the Biggest Loser aspect..and my friend did the liquid diet that Kelly first tried, so that was funny seeing...Loved when she just fell off the scale... And the Jim/Pam proposal was so romantic, loved the falling rain...