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  1. It's amazing seeing so much universal praise for Days and this episode. I finally was able to watch and I'm emotionally gutted right now. I haven't cried this hard during a TV show in years. This was quite possibly one of the best Days episodes in years. The show is totally my EVERYTHING right now. Haven't been this hooked in over a decade. I can't praise Bryan Datillo enough for his work in this episode. Absolutely stellar and a perfect supporting actor Emmy real for him.. I was balling as Lucas found out.. Kudos also for KA and GG, who played their scenes perfectly.. I'm so glad it was Hope that told Lucas.. I also want to commend the writing for these scenes- just perfection. Loved Lucas' "don't look at me like that" line.. And his scene about being so proud of his son..Camila was also fabulous.. Days was so smart to snap her back up. She's grown into one talented actress. The scene of Gabi doing CPR as Sonny was listening to Will's voicemail was amazing. These producers continue to go above and beyond for each episode.. The ending with Gabi and Ari was heartbreaking. I really liked that they had Abby want to comfort Gabi..Marlena- first off thank to the script writer for the Words With Friends line. Such a simple nod to Chandler Massey's Will and Marlena's beautiful relationship.. It's details like that that show the writers care! Deidre Hall was wonderful today.. The scene with Marlena and Lucas hugging will be a scene I'll always remember.. Heartbreaking!The ending with Sami showing up was perfect. I know it's not popular to say here, but I've missed Sami. And this story couldn't of been told without her. Can't wait for the Lumi scenes tomorrow..As for Freddie- I wasn't that impressed. At first I wanted to blame it on the fact that he filmed that scene alone, but look how many incredible scenes KDP had alone mourning Paige.. I'm hoping Freddie improves this week.. I didn't mind Victor being the one to tell Sonny, as they've always been close..Victor/Caroline/Maggie- loving that they've resurrected this triangle..Excellent scenes today..And that ending. Holy crap.. So freaking good. The unspoiled fans have to be flipping out right now with so much happening on this show EVERYDAY. This was a Monday!!
  2. Toups i disagree, i loved Christina's new military guy...I really hope he sticks around longterm...Also enjoyed Callie and Hahn and can't wait to watch their relationship progress...Also i think Bernadette Peters and the lady from Picket Fences did a great job..But there were bad parts...I still can't stand Merideth and Derek and i was cheering Christina on when she told Merideth to shut up... Oh and the icicle bit totally ended up on Talk Soup...how funny is that..
  3. I agree, best episode of the season..Loved every minute of it..Finally Greys is back...But damm it took long enough..
  4. I think Mrs. Petrilli has a power that involves mind control..It seemed like she practically restored Peter's memory last week..but i'm sure we will find out what her powers are very soon..
  5. Tonights episode was fanfreakingtastic..Best episode of the season, and one of my alltime favorites...I love that Kensei is Adam Monroe..Its a twist i saw coming, but i love that they went there..And i was so happy they brought Hiro back to current times..He finally got to hear that they saved the world, and found out his father is dead..Masi was great tonight...Also the Nikki stuff was awesome, it was cool seeing DL..and i was shocked she injected herself with the disease...Of course there wasn't going to be a cure... Finally, Peter in the future was pretty crazy..We heard that Nathan died with the first strain...Next weeks looks great, with the flashback to four months ago...Can't wait to have some more questions answered...And i'm excited to see Kristen Bell again..
  6. Well we finally got a big cliffhanger..Of course right before November Sweeps..Hopefully this will bring some jilted viewers back..
  7. Last nights episode was great..My two favorite parts where the monica and micah bonding scenes and the fight scenes between parkman and nathan...Parkman's father is crazy...and the nightmare scenes were very well done.. Kirsten Bell's entrance to the show was great..I'm so happy she's joined the show..And I wonder who her father is...Also it was great seeing Peter again, i'm guessing he spent time with Elle over the past 4 months..as he was knows her power.. Hiro's story has gotten tiresome..I'm not really that into it and ready for him to return to current times and find out that his father is dead..anyone know when the ancient japan story wraps up? Also it was nice to have a one week break from the twins..I don't mind them, I just want the airtime to be evenly spread amongst everyone..
  8. The first episode was alright, but last nights was great..They are doing a great job of starting up new and interesting stories..The Hiro story is great and very funny...
  9. Transformers- amazing movie, best summer blockbuster ever...
  10. King the last half was amazing..My two favorites were Company Man and the Future episode...
  11. Toups i agree it was an awesome finale...People on the tvguide board didn't seem to be that impressed..I liked that they wrapped up the bomb storyline, so they can start fresh next season...And i loved watching everyone take their shot at Sylar..I think my favorite scene was claire jumping out the window...Its been a while since she's seen some action....Also the end was good in 17th century Japan, but strange..not what i expected, but they did a great job setting up the next season..
  12. Why aren't people posting about Heroes anymore??? Its still amazing..last nights episode was freaking crazy...The death toll was pretty large...Eric Roberts character was killed, as was Linderman, and Silar got to Ted...Aww poor Ted... The stuff with Micah changing the voting computers was pretty cool as well..What an awesome power....Also Hiro's dad training him on sword fighting was sweet...I love this show so much and can't wait till the finale..I really have no clue whats going to happen... Finally, did anyone get laugh when Jessica saw Matt and said "Didn't i throw you out of a window".............
  13. Great episode last night..I love how everything is starting to come together...And the end with Peter absorbing Ted's powers was pretty cool...The next two weeks should be very exciting... Also i'm loving that Jessica, DL, and Micah are finally involved in the big picture...All 3 of them were great tonight...
  14. I thought the spinoff was pretty good..I love the cast, and i'll definitely watch..But Greys bored me to tears last night...and then finally in the last 10 minutes they kill off Merideth's step-mom...I didn't think that was needed..They just killed her mother, why must they torture Merideth like that...Honestly, 2 hours was just to long for the spin-off and greys with not that much excitement to fill the time...It just seemed like a lot of filler...
  15. Great episode..I laughed when Hiro was afraid to talk to future Hiro, because he scared him...and I liked Ando's death being the motivation for future Hiro trying to go back to fix things..Peter and Niki were pretty hot, i actually like her more when she's away from Mikah and DL...And the end was pretty intense with Sylar vs. Peter.. I seriously can't wait for the finale..I'm more stoked on this finale than any other...I have a feeling its going to be huge...
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