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  1. Toups i disagree, i loved Christina's new military guy...I really hope he sticks around longterm...Also enjoyed Callie and Hahn and can't wait to watch their relationship progress...Also i think Bernadette Peters and the lady from Picket Fences did a great job..But there were bad parts...I still can't stand Merideth and Derek and i was cheering Christina on when she told Merideth to shut up... Oh and the icicle bit totally ended up on Talk Soup...how funny is that..
  2. I agree, best episode of the season..Loved every minute of it..Finally Greys is back...But damm it took long enough..
  3. Transformers- amazing movie, best summer blockbuster ever...
  4. I thought the spinoff was pretty good..I love the cast, and i'll definitely watch..But Greys bored me to tears last night...and then finally in the last 10 minutes they kill off Merideth's step-mom...I didn't think that was needed..They just killed her mother, why must they torture Merideth like that...Honestly, 2 hours was just to long for the spin-off and greys with not that much excitement to fill the time...It just seemed like a lot of filler...
  5. Queen I'm glad you saw Notes on a Scandal, i've been recommending that movie to a lot of people..Judi Dence is amazing and pretty damm scary...I tend to go to the movies a lot, but i've only seen one this month...Blades of Glory...which was pretty fun, your typical Will Farrel movie...
  6. Hey Kenny, just wanted to say hi...Miss chatting with you!!!

  7. this is probably one of my alltime favorite episodes, behind the superbowl episode and the train crash (with the pole in the man and woman)...I was so excited to see Izzy back in action, and i loved when she was telling Christina about it..and calling herself a rockstar...The last 15 minutes were just incredible...so much emotion and drama..i have to admit i teared up during izzy's speech...And finally holy crap at the ending, i didn't see that coming at all...I just love this show!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I really didn't like Callie much last season, but in the last few episodes she has become one of my favorite characters on the show...she was hillarious in tonights episode...I also have to say the ending was pretty shocking..I think tonights was the best episode of the past few weeks..
  9. this time of year i really like to see indie/critical favorites...so in the past couple weeks i've seen The Queen, Children of Men, and Notes of a Scandal.....All were very good..Judi Dench is fantastic in Notes of a Scandal...Children of Men was really well done, but i wasn't expecting it to be so violent... Tonight i just rented Sherrybaby and Thank You For Smoking...Maggie G. is phenomenal in Sherrybaby, her performance was so gritty and real...She had me in tears in a few parts...I definitely recommend the movie..
  10. Just watched it, and i really enjoyed it..The flashbacks were a great touch...I'm so glad Grey's is back, and i hope it kicks CSI's butt all season..
  11. I saw The Devil Wears Prada yesterday and it was fantastic..Myrell Streep is amazing, she plays a [email protected]#$%^&*] so well..I predict a golden globe win and a possible oscar nomination..
  12. Hostel...very disturbing, but pretty good..and i'm not even a big Horoor/thriller genre fan..
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