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It’s an odd one. They’ve been saying for a large part of the year that Adam Woodyatt is taking a break from the show but very recently, I’ve started to think that the information being released is a red herring and that Ian is in fact being killed off.


If he is, either Woodyatt has decided he’s wanted a change (because unlike the other ‘episode one’ originals, Letitia Dean and Gillian Taylforth, who have both had extended periods away from the show, AW has, more consistently been there for all 35 years) or Jon Sen/Kate Oates are making a VERY bold statement and writing him out.


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I've had a hard time getting Peggy's last scenes out of my head, and the double meaning of them. Barbara loved Peggy so much, and got to have a second chance at fame and happiness through Peggy. The scenes now end up feeling like Barbara getting the chance to say goodbye to the character, but also in making sure Peggy did not meet the fate she knew she was facing.


I disliked much of what the show did with Peggy in the character's last 10-15 years, but Barbara was such a wonderful dramatic actress when given the chance, alongside her charisma and humor. You could see how much everyone on the show loved her - generations of cast members. 


The writing for her 2010 exit, as Peggy chose to leave the toxic dynamics she belatedly realized she'd spent so many years reinforcing, was extremely brave (and, unsurprisingly, later forgotten). That's how I will always remember the character.



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