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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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Jumping on the train to say that it didn't make sense to kill Patricia. What a waste.

I loved Jane in Change of Habit. Always fun to see her in other roles.


So I haven't seen any Tracy spoilers for upcoming weeks... Thinking she is offscreen 'til May sometime? 77625_cry.gif?1421942898

halee, I just responded to your PM. Good to see you and remos posting more. Let's keep the Tracy love alive. smileys-cheerleading-151859.gif

I am having too much fun finding smileys in Google images...

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It's so disappointing that Jane wasn't present today while following up the Puke Fluke fiasco. Jane needs a new leading man that can hold their own with her, and doesn't leave for months on end. Now that she is losing Ned, I fear her appearances will go down even more!

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^^^ It bugs me that JE disappears when TG goes on vacation. It doesn't have to be like that. :( Hoping the rumors of a Dillon recast are true. With one son leaving, she needs the other back.

I was talking to my mom today and mentioned that it might be May until Tracy is on again, and she responded, "Plenty of time for Jane to cut her hair." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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^^^ I thought she only dyed her hair? There's an article somewhere where Jane says Deidre tells her to grow her hair longer, and then Jane tells Deidre they are too old to be wearing their hair that long and that the lady needs to cut off a few inches off Deidre's hair. laugh.png

I prefer the longer and fuller look. smile.png

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Have you seen any of Jane's work from GL? There is some up on a youtube channel titled soapsnthings. I have yet to watch, but I saved it to my computer for when I have some time to watch.

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^^^ Maybe Deidre got through to her (getting her to realize the longer hair- or at least fuller hair - is GOOD!!!)

As opposed to this length...


*please don't do this again, please don't do this again* laugh.png

About GL...

I've seen very little, but I'm so glad that someone uploaded it, and I know a member was posting the links here. I definitely do want to watch it.

I read that Carrie was Jane's favorite role because it was the most challenging for her. But that the most fun role is Tracy (of course!).

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It must be wonderful to climb into Tracey's shoes .Such an exhilarating character. I can remember watching her when I got home from school and she was married to that rat Mitch Williams!

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^^^ Last night, I was watching some 1980 GH on YouTube. Mitch/Tracy were on. I didn't realize there was such good quality stuff posted from that time period. Looks like it came from a data backup / records management company named Iron Mountain.

So I heard that Ned gave away his ELQ shares to Franco today??? And Tracy gave hers to Jerry months ago... Skye was conned out of hers and Lila Rae's by Fluke and now Helena has them... It seems like GH is moving ELQ out of Quartermaine hands. sad.png

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Not from where I'm sitting - it looks like they are setting up a story for Luke to find make some redemption to counter where he is now emotionally. He needs to do something that matters, and that would be a job for someone like him. Hopefully we will get another version of Luke giving ELQ to Tracy. That never gets old. Considering who technically has the shares - Franco, Helena and Jerry, characters who have to loose just as they almost win - I don't think we have to worry about the Q's really losing ELQ for long. It would also be a good reason to have Luke off screen this summer. They've already outed the "Have to leave because I was in a dark place and needed to run" as the reason he took off. The need something else now.

We shall see if I'm right. I've got about a 50/50 average, maybe better.

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I thought I was the only one feeling optimistic. I feel like they've been using Jane better, more, and differently in the past several weeks. I think some good things could be coming...

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I've almost always been optimistic. When it's a Luke-centric story, it usually gets dull and off rails pretty fast, but when the story is Luke/Tracy, even with her riding shotgun rather than driving the thing, it usually works out well. I think JE keeps TG's ego in check, which she can't do if he's the only one in the spotlight. The fact that they have Tracy supporting Michael, being with the next generation, and being completely immersed in Luke's recovery bodes well.

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I am naturally a glass half-empty girl, so I am not feeling very optimistic about Tracy's involvement in Luke's story or her involvement in any ELQ story. sad.png

I thought her absence Thursday (was it Thursday?) was unacceptable. And next week we have Luke/Lulu and Luke/Sonny spoilers, but not Tracy? That makes me angry. mad.gif

I also hate that GH lost Wally to DAYS. DAYS will surely give him more to do, so I'm happy for him, but I am going to miss Ned and Tracy's relationship. Hoping for a Dillon recast. It's been about 7 and a half years since we've seen him. Too long. Tracy needs at least one son in town.

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