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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Hmm. I wonder if "tries" means he doesn't succeed, and blows up in front of her? Definitely suspicious wording there.

I wish I cared about Ned's choice of woman, I just don't. I don't have a horse in that race. I do love some Ned, just wish he'd have more time with his mama and less time chasing women who quite frankly, are not worthy of him.

ETA hope everyone had a good holiday. Yay for the New Year! :)

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Here are Ned/Tracy gifs I posted on Tumblr. :)




Tracy: So you must have had quite the New Year’s celebration. Alice tells me that your bed wasn't slept in.

Ned: Really? You were checking up on me. I’m a little old for a curfew.

Tracy: Well, that’s absolutely true. You are a grown man. You can do whatever you like with whomever you like….I’m curious…Alexis or Olivia?

From General Hospital - January 7, 2015

Tracy/Lulu are in the previews for Monday... Thinking that may be it for Tracy for the week. Not sure though...

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^^^ I think Wednesday was when I first noticed. But I was thinking maybe they were just in another room of the house. Tracy mentioned the den being occupied so much by Ned, Olivia, and their 3D movies, and how Monica almost broke her neck tripping over a pair of 3D glasses. I thought they were avoiding the room we were used to seeing. Then again, there are things that are in the room that were in there before (photographs, fancy rug on the wall)... Thinking you are right, and they re-did it.

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I liked that article. Jane is a sly little minx, ain't she? I counted several jabs she got in there. One about the female EP's all sucking up to the men, and let's face it, she could be meaning Wendy Riche and GLoria Monty as well as JFP.

Oh, and me thinks that "certain actor" has to be Genie Francis. Because the only time I've seen Jane really get called names like "old cow" (and that's one of the nicer ones), it's been by L&L and/or Laura/Genie fans. I don't think Skye fans or anyone else called her names the way those people did. And how she said that actor had the power to say something and stop it and didn't. Although I guess that's really unfair, Genie isn't forcing those people to act like hateful witches. They are responsible for their own selves. Still, a bit of a burn towards GF, unless I'm missing something and she's talking about someone else.

I agree with Jane about social media. I hate Facebook-it's a great way to keep in touch with long distance friends and relatives, but otherwise, I think it sucks. No offense to anyone that loves it. It just isn't for me. I have an account so if I *need* to keep up with someone, I can do it, but I never post on my own page.

I miss Tracy-this whole Fluke thing should have her in a major role-and she's hardly on. *sigh*

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I think it was Michelle Stafford who talked about being referred to as an old cow by fans, not Jane.

I miss Jane too. She worked a bunch there for about a week in a half so hopefully after a little dry spell she'll start popping up more!

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