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  1. Hey Ms. Q did you know Jayne Atkinson was on Zoo (CBS) on Tuesday night and will be on next week too?
  2. I was uploading this TG Nightline interview clip for Hooked and I thought I'd leave it here too. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ei33mz
  3. ^^Okay I'm just rolling my eyes at your whole needing a tear thing. BUT I just had to say that is one of my favorite Tracy/Edward scenes ever!!! Love that moment!
  4. I'm so confused as to the actual paternity and pseudo paternity of all of Liz's offspring.
  5. Doesn't Tracy know?? I don't know if Monica does though.
  6. Me too Slick Jones! It's a good time to be a Tracy fan! I'm sure things will slow down a bit when Finola comes back and Genie comes back after her month off. But the rebuilding of Tracy's family and relationships other than Luke and Lulu has begun. And I'm here for that!!!
  7. ^^^Oh. Well I like my idea better. But it's all good. It's a Tracy summer!!!
  8. I just feel like that's what they are setting up. Dillion is going all over telling everyone EXCEPT Tracy the truth about Luke. Tracy is getting drunk with her sexy ex out by the pool. Dillion had his swim suit on when talking to Monica. If I was writing this show Dillion would go out to the pool, walk in on them and get a mortified eyeful. It would be a funny way for Dillion to meet his Dad and if Luke ends up walking in too, that's just gravy! I'd be ok with her hooking up or messing around with Paul in this moment too because she doesn't care about him. It's just grief sex over Luke. So then when she finds out Paul is up to no good she won't be hurt by him, just pissed. It will light a fire in her. And it will be awesome. If I was writing the show... But I'm not, so the show will probably pick up 3 days later with Tracy at Lulu's place or something. Now wish me luck, my Uber driver's English is only slightly better than my Farsi and his GPS just crapped out. Not sure how I'm going to explain the way. I hope I make it home!
  9. I think she should be on at least twice. Something tells me Dillion is going to "walk in on them" in the boathouse. And that will be one day. And then there are spoilers that says "Luke is shocked and upset to find Tracy with someone else." So that should be another day. It's a Tracy Summer!!!
  10. You're welcome!^^ I enjoyed Tracy and Paul reminiscing and sharing a chuckle about Tracy running over Jenny today. As someone who HATED Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed this and thought it was a funny scene! That is all!
  11. Truenorth, I have just the Tracy scenes from today that you can watch, but not the whole show. I always clip just the Tracy for myself. https://www.sendspace.com/file/ns0vdu Paul has always been an awful character but at least they have a better actor playing him now capable of sparring with Jane and doing comedy. Should be fun having him in the mix!
  12. ^^^ Loved that day and time in general.^^^ Here's the clip in case it isn't on youtube and here's another vintage 4th of July(and 5th) clip from 1990 7-4-2005 https://www.sendspace.com/file/exanes 7-4-1990 https://www.sendspace.com/file/kz6enj
  13. Here are a couple clips with Tracy and Jenny in the hospital you can download. I love that whole time too. Too bad Gerald Anthony is dead. I always loved Tracy and Marco scheming together and against each other. 6-7&8-1993 https://www.sendspace.com/file/jk7rqr 6-9-1993 https://www.sendspace.com/file/rx8lje And I forget who was asking about Jane on Twitter but if you hashtag #GH after or before Jane's name you don't get all of the other sociologist Jane Elliot tweets and you usually don't miss much.
  14. Go to Twitter and Facebook and you'll see how loved Jane Elliot is! I love all the love she has been getting lately. Looking forward to what's next. Tracy is getting fun to watch again!
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