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^^^ Yeah about that, did they take Olivia's baby away from Ned? First he was happy and the last time he was acting funny.

Days might give him more, but Justin is no where near as interesting as Ned. To me it's WK's loss as much as the Ned fans. I know a job is a job is a job, and he got lots of friends at Days, but it's such a boxed in character.

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^^^ Not sure what is going on with Ned and Olivia and the baby. I thought they were still going in the direction that Ned is the father, but he, Olivia, Franco, and Nina (?) know the truth. I haven't been watching.

I think next week, Ned tries to get his shares back and he and Alexis advise Michael. Would be nice for Tracy to show up in a capacity that doesn't involve Luke... Actually, since she was barely on next week, I don't care if she's with Luke or not coming up. I just want her on again.

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Hello, all.

I'm late to the party, but am incredibly thrilled to be here. I've been browsing this board since last June, but was unable

to register--won't bore you all with details, but it was rather depressing to not be able to join the one place where Tracy

fans congregate. So, this may be a lengthy first post.

I'm Christina. I am a fairly new fan; started watching last April, as a way to distract myself from sad personal stuff;

it's helped having something to look forward to, every day. I enjoy most the characters who are at least my age (41) or

older. (For the record, I loathe the kids, as they are presently portrayed as mini adults! If we must have kids on the

show, I want to see them speaking and acting like children..but I prefer character-driven stories, and realistic things, in

general... so WHY am I watching GH? Ha!)

In trying to get familiar with characters and SLs, I came across a description of Luke and Tracy's relationship, which

intrigued me. And of course, I knew the names Luke and laura, vaguely--and do my best to forget that, now. LOL (My mother

watched Days, in the 80s, and I do actually remember Angelica!

So, then, sifting at random through older GH clips, Q's are the most entertaining part of the show. And one of the first I

saw was Luke and Tracy discussing Laura (one of her last names happens to be mine! Oh God! Noo! LOL). What caught my

attention first about Tracy was her humor--I adore her laugh. The clip was from 2/22/13, and Tracy was laughing at Luke's
mention of the ice princess. "A rock on a stick?!") Ha! As I had the same reaction when reading about that crazy storyline,

I liked Tracy, at once.

I like her personality--that she's sharp and outspoken, and I love her relationship with Luke. But I'm definitely a Tracy

fan, first. I prefer her with Luke, but I'm just happy to see JE on screen, no matter who else is in her scenes.

I enjoy her scenes with Ned, too. He should spend more time with his mother, and less with Olivia, IMO. :)

The Youtube clips are a bit patchy. There's almost nothing from 2005, up to about the time of the Black and White ball, in

2007, and I don't know how to find them, but I'd really love to see the beginning of them... how did this marriage start? I

know the facts of it, but that's not the same joyous thing as seeing it! I write fan fiction, as well (have one story in

progress, now, and ideas for more), and want to get it right. There's SO much history to learn. If anyone can direct me to

clips, or share them, I'd be so grateful!

And Fluke... where to start, talking about that. It may take a few weeks worth of posts. Of course it's an utterly

ridiculous premise, but it's what I encountered first, so I don't hate it as much as a lot of people do. I'm relieved that

he wasn't some impostor, and that Tracys wasn't harmed as much as
she would have been, had he been someone else! But I am overjoyed to finally have Luke back, in his right mind! Nice that

he asked for her, first thing when he woke up, yesterday. Aww.

Luke needs to come home, where he belongs. After a year of this, they (and we) deserve the sweetest possible reunion for L

and T, but I worry we won't get it. We also need to see Tracy deal with the effects of the emotional fall-out, from this

Fluke business.

I want them to sort it out, and stay together, and be happy, for more than five minutes! Surely, a happy couple doesn't

have to mean that they're boring. If so, it's down to lack of imagination on the part of the writers, IMO.

That's probably enough, for now.

Oh, and I want to thank you all for the excellent past comments, here (I'm working my way through). I'm blind, and so the

visual aspects of the show are absent, for me. Reading scene, clothing, and body language descriptions has been a delight,

and so very helpful! I appreciate any extra detail I read (it's particularly useful for fanfic purposes--I need to be able

to imagine people and settings) so I just wanted to say how grateful I am, and anyone who is so inclined, PLEASE, please

keep it up. :)

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Oh, and I thought it should be Tracy keeping watch, protecting Luke from Valerie. That's what I'd rather see, anyway--nothing against Lulu, though. :)

I think I'm going to like Valerie, and it usually takes me a while to warm up to new characters.

It would have been great if Patricia had been kept on, as well. I think it was a mistake to kill her off, so soon. Such lost story potential!

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Welcome to the board truenorth. smile.png

I would like to see a Luke and Tracy reunion too. It makes me angry that they have barely gotten any bedside scenes, and the couple they got weren't anything special.

Now, while I want Luke and Tracy together, I don't want her to only be tied to Luke. It was great to see her involved with ELQ today, but I didn't like when Michael said she didn't get a say in the matter because she gave her shares away. It makes me think she is going to be left out of the story, especially since she left at the end to check on paper work for Luke.

The ELQ conversation continues tomorrow, but with Franco/Ned/Alexis/Olivia. Thinking that Ned didn't give his shares away yet - just is planning to? I'd like to see what Tracy thinks about that.

Will post more later...

Edited by Ms. Quartermaine
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Ms Q, yes, I too have been disappointed that the Luke/Tracy scenes have been so brief. And, I know he has a lot to deal with and process, but I want to hear him say he loves her--she assured him that she's here for him. He SHOULD reciprocate that sentiment! Show some concern for what she's going through, as well. (It's a sort of halfhearted complaint, though. I'm just so glad Luke is back, and mostly in his right mind! And he called her "wife" too. Nice that someone remembered that little detail.)

I'm not thrilled with all the mentions of Laura, however. That makes me nervous! I wouldn't mind her being around for Lulu's sake, if her involvement was solely limited to visiting her daughter. Reality of actors and such things aside, laura should have put in an appearance, if she was going to, last September, during that absurd, pointless Creighton-Clark fiasco.

But more importantly, I was glad to see Ned, today!

Why isn't Tracy stepping in as CEO? Didn't Ned say he didn't want the job, months ago?

Now that Fluke's out of the picture, where ELQ is concerned, there's no reason for Tracy to be barred from the company, right? Especially once she finds out what an idiotic blunder Ned's made--if he did indeed give Franco what he asked for. LOL Oh, I can't wait to see her reaction, when that comes out! A good fight would nicely round out the week. :)

Franco amuses me, so I'm looking forward to whatever's in store.

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That is a good point, truenorth. Why is Ned volunteering to be CEO? He didn't want the position, and Tracy would accept it in a second. Hope it's not another sign that she is being left out of the upcoming story.

By the way, I wish her birthday would have been mentioned as well. I get that they don't mention characters' birthdays every year, but it still would have been nice to hear someone say something about it.

I haven't seen Tracy in any spoilers coming up. I wonder when we she will be on again next.

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Morning, MS Q, and everyone.

It's a rare lovely sunny day, in WA state, warm enough to sit outside and bask. I may get nothing constructive done, today, but drink hot tea and read.

Ha! So, Ned giving away his shares to supposedly help and protect someone he cares for... the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, hmm?

He may make the occasional dumb decision, but I adore Ned! I wish he would stick around.

And WHERE on earth is Monica?

To where is Luke being transferred, this time?

I missed it, if they said. I hope he doesn't escape, again! How many times can he do the same thing? (Why do I ask stupid questions? LOL) I dont even think they need to explain his absence most of these times TG's away, just have a character mention him, now and then, say they just saw Luke, and that should be sufficient. Luke doesn't need to be made out to be quite so inconsiderate, and irresponsible. But I guess now we can blame all of that on Fluke. Fluke has a heck of a lot to answer for! 2011...

Despite the loose ends, at least now I can, in future, revisit the Fluke clips and it's easier to take, knowing it wasn't some stranger, invading Tracy's life.

I don't seek out spoilers--I like to be surprised--but don't mind reading them if I happen to see one. I do like to know if JE will be on (so thank you! And that's too bad.). It gets a bit tedious without her, after about a week.

I wouldn't say I watch only to see her, exactly, but she is the highlight, and if she ever leaves, I'd probably give up GH. I can't imagine enduring day after day of Maxie, Sam and Sonny/Carly--all my least favorites--with no Tracy as consolation! I can get a soapy fix elsewhere, if I must. I could take up one of the soaps from the UK, as everything's posted on Youtube, these days. Perhaps the writing's better. Maybe the nifty accents would just make it seem so. LOL

I really CAN go off onto a tangent! Sorry.

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I think Luke is going to Shadybrook, but I don't think it was actually mentioned. I agree that Luke doesn't need to go off somewhere for TG's vacations. This time, it makes sense, but most of the time, they can just refer to him, like you said.

I don't think GH cares for Leslie Charleson very much. I don't know why. She seems so lovely, and Monica is an essential character. I guess GH did intend to write a part for her in March, but Leslie wasn't available. She's on recurring, so she isn't required to say yes to them. I'm sure she was doing something important, or else she would have agreed to film. I think Leslie likes to act but had something else going on in March. Doesn't explain why Monica wasn't around for January, February, and April though. sad.png

I think Ned's last day is in 2 weeks or so. I wonder how they will write him out. This is the most he's gotten to do in a long time on GH. Too bad it's just going to lead to an exit. Why oh why couldn't GH have put him on contract? I would love more Ned/Michael and Ned/Tracy. Wally and Jane are so good together. Hoping they say goodbye on-screen. I bet some real emotions would shine through since Wally and Jane are so close in real life. I doubt a goodbye scene is happening though. I'm thinking Ned is too wrapped up with Olivia and Franco.

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This is the channel slick jones mentioned on the last page. There's a lot of other soap material on here, but the GL episodes have mostly been reuploaded (I'm not sure if there's any more for them to upload). I don't want to bog down the thread with individual links again, but she's in quite a few of the 1981 episodes.


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This is the channel slick jones mentioned on the last page. There's a lot of other soap material on here, but the GL episodes have mostly been reuploaded (I'm not sure if there's any more for them to upload). I don't want to bog down the thread with individual links again, but she's in quite a few of the 1981 episodes.


. Thank you for letting us know
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Why is hardly anyone posting anymore? sad.png I know Jane hasn't been on, and it looks like Tracy isn't going to be in the Nurses Ball or live shows, but it just seems really, really slow here.

Thanks for the link DRW50. smile.png

So, the Emmys are tonight. Here are a couple photos from last year's Emmys that I found with Jane. I only remember seeing the Kelly Monaco one from Instagram, so these were new to me. Emme Rylan helped Jane bead her necklace, I believe. I remember Emme tweeting something about that...

Also, another "fun fact," per Twitter, Jane, and Rebecca Budig knit together. There is also a mention of an article somewhere in which Rebecca said she hasn't brought her baby to work yet, and Jane was you like "You can bring her to me." Anyway, here are the Emmy photos...



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