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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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...and after rereading the article, and probably over-analyzing what he says, I'm afraid they're about to give us something involving Laura, in some way that will disregard his love for Tracy. He says he doesn't want that, but then goes on to say that he didn't like the SL presented to him, but realizes he doesn't own Luke. This doesn't sound promising, to me.

If TPTB are going to accede to his wishes in previous SLs, why should his exit be any different?

Maybe I should just quit, now. I feel ridiculously upset about this. Not the kind of thing you can explain to family or friends, is it? Ha!

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So Jamey at daytime confidential said Jane is staying put and they are casting a new love interest for her now

And HNY said last night on DD that he has heard Dillon may be coming back

It will be interesting to see Tracy without Luke

However I'll believe it when I see it on screen about a new man and Dillon

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I know some will disagree, but I do think that Jane would have been long gone by now if it wasn't for Tony and Luke and Tracy's relationship. Jane was barely on in 2005 (until Luke and Tracy hooked up), and I think that was a sign of things to come - basically appearing for 1 to 3 times a month.

Luke and Tracy gave her some much needed screen time, but then that also meant Jane's appearances would revolve around Tony's, and that was annoying. But it was the lesser of the 2 evils in my opinion.

I think the Daytime Confidential person has been accurate in the past, but I too, will believe it when I see it. I do think a love interest is more likely than a Dillon return. GH had almost 8 years to re-cast to Dillon and hasn't yet.

Edited by Ms. Quartermaine
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It's good news, if it's true. I'm grateful for any screen time she has. It just seems bleak, with Ned going, as well.

One of the reasons I so love Tracy and Luke is the long-term nature of them, such a rarity, for soap couples. To have that end is incredibly sad, as it would be, in reality. It would be tough to have her dropped into something new, right away, as if the last decade didn't much matter.

But I didn't mind Tracy and Joe... the few clips I've seen (maybe because, watching after the fact, I knew she'd be back with Luke, later?) so I'll get used to whatever comes; I just hope they write it well and believably, and don't rush it. I haven't managed to buy in to any of the other recent so-called romances (aside from mild interest in Nina/Franco), so I may be asking for the impossible! :)

Jane will still be around; I suppose that's all that matters.

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Through Luke, Tracy was allowed to be a fuller character. Some of their best moments were in the early years when he really saw who she was, and allowed the audience to see her as most emotional, brilliant and supporting than she had been written. IMO the character of Luke has been dependent on Tracy for years. JE might not have appeared except when TG was working, but Tracy was the one who tied Luke to the canvas and kept him grounded. Lulu placed second on that list.

It will be interesting to see where they now take the more holistic Tracy. She's been set up to be a type anti-matriarch, which is interesting. Luke is the one who allowed her to be freely herself, no expectations or explanations. It's going to be extremely hard for her to let him go, no matter how that happens. Any new 'love interest' at this point would be be too soon IMO. She and Luke are too deeply bonded for her to turn to someone else easily. Even Joe was a f*ck friend, regardless of their chemistry. It wasn't a relationship. The whole revelation about Fluke showed Tracy was the one he needed (the scenes in Patricia's hospital room and the earlier one with Luke in the straight-jacket screaming to not hurt Tracy, were the only two golden moment from that entire arc).

Dillon returning makes a lot of sense, especially to tie Tracy to other stories. TG says there are things coming up for her, and I don't think he'd say that without knowing some or the plan. He's never said that before. His love and care for her were wonderful to see - he's been consistent in his praise and affection.

It will be interesting to see where this goes. I came in with LuNacy. Depending on what happens in the next few months, I might go out with them as well. Neither character held my interest alone, but together they were and are magical.

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And sad, talking to Luke's picture! Still, I enjoyed her scenes--but that's a given, really. :) I love her laugh, when Michael said he's been covering for Ned.

Remos, magical, yes! Very well put, above.

I'm not as interested in Luke, without her, but I do care about Tracy, herself. I'm still invested in what goes on with her, independent of him, so I guess I'll watch, days I know she's on. unfortunately, no other current Sl is very compelling.

I wonder if she'll be in either of the live shows.

I wish Ned was staying! His scenes with Tracy were some of my favorites, from last spring when I began watching.

I haven't seen much of Dillon, so haven't warmed to him, but will try to keep an open mind. He's older... and maybe they'll cast someone new.

So, I gather from positive, though non-specific comments elsewhere, that she looked different, yesterday. Would someone be kind enough to describe, please?

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Aw, in that article, he called her his best friend.

*me, a puddle of goo*

Tony and Jane remind me a bit-the honesty and lack of pretense between them-of my best guy friend back in the day, who I haven't talked to in a long while and whose b-day is today, actually. Makes me miss him. :(

They better still give us Tracy after TG is gone. And if Tracy is going to be around, she better get a new love interest and things to do, otherwise, she might as well leave town with Luke.

Looking forward to the final scenes between them. I know TG is optimistic, but I don't see him coming back. Maybe when GH finally ends, but otherwise....I don't think it's going to happen.

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So, I gather from positive, though non-specific comments elsewhere, that she looked different, yesterday. Would someone be kind enough to describe, please?

truenorth, I am not good at describing things, but her hair was different. No bangs. It was parted closer to the left than the right. The back was slightly flipped out. I actually preferred it before. Before, her hair was flipped out on both the back and the sides. Sorry this is a terrible description. sad.png Maybe someone else can help.

Also - I know you said the link that referred to Jane as performer of the week wasn't working for you. I think the link is fine, but the article appears as an image instead of text. I can type it out for you when I have a chance, so you can know what it says. smile.png

Finally, I know you are interested in Luke/Tracy from before you were watching. I ordered some DVDs not too long ago from this site:


Luke and Tracy DVD's are 9 dollars each.


ILTQ, I PM'ed you back. smile.png

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I may have to order those DVDs, normally I don't do that but hey, they are always awesome. smile.png Is TQ on today, anyone know?

replied to you ms q :)

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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I don't think she's on again until next week, maybe not even until after then. sad.png

truenorth, here is the article from Soap Opera Digest, typed out and not in image form. I didn't proofread what I typed, so hopefully, it makes sense. smile.png

As Luke’s supportive spouse, Jane Elliot grounded the denouncement of the Luke/Fluke storyline with her compassionate, loving performance.

The plot hasn’t always been a boon to Tracy, who at times felt like a casualty of the war within Luke. When we thought they were two separate men, she was cast as the fool, the one didn’t notice that an impostor was sleeping beside her. Once we knew there was but one Luke with a psyche that had splintered into two, Tracy’s IQ still seemed askew, so vile was the man whose aberrant behavior she turned a blind eye to. But as the story climaxed and her Luke began to peek out, so too did our Tracy, and Elliot’s excellence was on full display as she worked to rally her hubby back to fighting form, all but demanding that he find the will to recover.

Now that the truth Luke had buried was out, we saw a quieter, more reflective, but just as stalwart Tracy. At his hospital bedside, she listened as he recounted what had ultimately been his losing efforts to suppress the memory of killing his parents. She kept her demeanor level, her tone empathetic and her gaze firmly upon him, save for exchanging concerned glances with Lulu. When she saw him struggle, her own eyes clouded with emotion. She probed him gently, drawing him out, making it safe for him to confess, taking it all in without judgment as he divulged how he’d come to be associated with the likes of Faison and Julian.

Then she rose to fetch his doctors, brightly vowing to get him a lawyer “before the police become any more involved.” He marveled that she was sticking by him. “Hell,” she proclaimed, firmly and affectionately, pointing a finger at him playfully, “or high water.”

Viva Tracy Quartermaine! Elliot is a master of the character’s contradictions – flawed but fierce, vulnerable but venerable. When her Tracy – our Tracy – implied to Luke that everything would be just fine, we couldn’t help but believe her.

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Thanks for posting that, MsQ. Everyone loves Jane, don't they?

*happy sigh*

I just wished Tracy got the same respect. Seriously, how optimistic can we be about airtime if they can't find a use for her with Luke here?

And we better get a Ned/Tracy goodbye. mad.gif

Replied to you, MsQ!

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MsQ, how thoughtful! You're now my favorite person. :) Seriously, though, thank you SO much! You've just made my day!

Your description of her hairstyle was excellent--I can picture that. You ARE good at this.

DVDs are in my future! Thank you for sharing the link.

re, article - Ah, an image--that explains it. :) I really appreciate you taking time to type this out. It was wonderful.

I like the paragraph about her "reflective" side. That gets to me, every time. I'd add her scene with Ned, after leaving the Haunted Star, to that list, when she was telling Ned what happened with Helena and Luke (Feb 5, maybe?). She sounded so defeated.

ILTQ, a puddle of goo. Yeah, me, as well. :) And I had a guy friend like that, also. He's dropped off the face of the earth, since acquiring an insecure wife who he can't, or won't, convince of the reality that his friends are just friends. Maybe he likes the attention and drama. I don't, so maybe it's for the best. Sad, though.

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Glad I could help, truenorth. smile.png

Anyone know if Tracy is going to be on this week? One day last week was not enough. sad.png It would be nice if Jane appeared on the live show with Tony Geary, but I am not counting on it.

Off topic: My credit card may have been compromised, so they sent me a new one, which I accidentally tossed out. Ugh. So, this afternoon, I was digging through the dumpster outside. I found the card rather quickly, but now, the company is having issues activating it. Been transferred and on hold for way too long. So annoyed!!!

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