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  1. I'm anxious to see today's episode to see what Laura has convinced Luke. However I'm loving the fact that every single Spencer woman - including Lulu - called Laura out in one way or another for being a manipulative beotch. I'm also glad Tracy shoved it in her face that she wasn't there when Luke needed help, but suddenly she shows up when she wants him. My dislike for the character of Laura can't increase, but it's wonderful to see the dialogue being played out by those who know her. No one has left the party yet - we are going to hear what is happening, or at least the reason Luke will g
  2. I don't think anyone is fooled or should be fooled - when he leaves, he leaves. However TPTB aren't going to say anything else. I am following another show where an actor left, and it's very evident that she has no interest in the show now that the show didn't die with her, but became another actor's staring vehicle. She has demonstrated herself to be rather immature about the whole thing, tbh. But TPTB still say 'of course she will return, we just have to find something that works'. I will be gobsmacked if anything does happen, but the show runners are not going to tell her fans that. Same wi
  3. I think GF is staying for awhile, and probably getting mixed up with Nicolas. I don't know if the writers would have the guts to make Laura the shooter, but they have to write every story with an "And then what..." element. Making Luke's killer (assuming they go that route) someone who will be off screen again shortly afterwards, would have next to no story potential. Someone as iconic as TG leaving gives TPTB an opportunity to set story for the foreseeable future, and would be the ultimate Helena Cassidine revenge. She once threatened Laura that Luke would be the death of her. Can you imagine
  4. It's hard watching Luke's scenes and not looking for clues. Today Luke and Anna seemed quite focused on grief after the loss of a loved one, then they mentioned how important Tracy was to Luke with Duke and Robert were important to Anna. I'm more and more convinced Luke will be killed, probably doing something heroic and stupid, especially given the clips of Holly and Laura with guns trained on each other. I'm guessing Laura accidentally kills Luke - that would set up conflict with Tracy and the rest of the Spencermaines for years to come. They are really pushing the fact that everyone knows L
  5. Why wouldn't they push LuNacy? That is the couple that is ending. How many times have we seen the last going off of a couple pushed long and hard. That's a constant in soap land just before the heartbreak and loss of one party. The foreshadowing is heartbreaking for the LuNacy fan, I can tell you.
  6. I guess the countdown has begun: Luke was really pushing 30 days today. I'm not going to be happy to see the end of LuNacy, but I hope they go out on the same note as they have been the last few days. The Spencermaines are all back - Lulu, Dillon, Ethan - even Lucky will be there. Holly has always intrigued me. If we have to endure Laura, hopefully it will be a throw-away to make the rabidly insane and ridiculous LnL fans think they are getting a bone, and then they can toddle off while we see the scenes from JE that TG talked about. I loved JE's face today - Tracy adores Luke (can't help
  7. Yup, they rapped up LnL years ago, Laura told Luke to choose, and he let her know he was with Tracy and that wasn't going to change. Lulu and Tracy have had many conversations since about how much Tracy means in Lulu's life, and how she's far more than simply the 'step-monster'. It's a really beautiful relationship. I do hope they keep it acknowledge and a priority with Laura returning. Tracy has never tried to take Laura's place. She has made her own place in Lulu's life, and before they left, Tracy had a significant place in Lucky and Ethan's lives as well. Luke has his, or at least 'had' hi
  8. ^^ That happened when Laura awoke from her catatonic state, Scott kidnapped her, Luke and Tracy went to get Laura back, and Luke and Laura had a long conversation about how he was picking Tracy. When they got back to the hotel, Laura thanked Tracy for being there for Lulu.
  9. I like Tracy's bond with younger women - bring on Tracy/Sabrina. That would be all kinds of sweet.
  10. Dillion has been rumoured for awhile. Marriage vow renewal makes sense, considering their most recent wedding was while Luke/Fluke was happening. (And can I just say again how HAPPY I am that TPTB fixed that story so Tracy didn't look like an idiot - that was the part that bothered me the most.) Scott and Tracy were always good, so long as both had their humour and respect. When one of them was painted as a looser, it was not so great.
  11. Where did you read that they were reuniting Luke and Laura? That's in nothing I've seen. That would be a waste of finally moving Luke along, but then Laura is and has always been a black hole character so she's hard to use. I'm always gobsmacked by the LnLers who keep saying they are 'owed for their loyalty'. That's foolish. I'll see if they do anything with Tracy, but if this month is anything to go on, they still aren't doing much with her when Luke is gone. This regime is hanging on to the same core crew the last few have used, and they hold no interest for me at all. Aside from LuNacy
  12. Through Luke, Tracy was allowed to be a fuller character. Some of their best moments were in the early years when he really saw who she was, and allowed the audience to see her as most emotional, brilliant and supporting than she had been written. IMO the character of Luke has been dependent on Tracy for years. JE might not have appeared except when TG was working, but Tracy was the one who tied Luke to the canvas and kept him grounded. Lulu placed second on that list. It will be interesting to see where they now take the more holistic Tracy. She's been set up to be a type anti-matriarch,
  13. And LuNacy winds down to it's end... Here's an article about TG leaving, and he says some wonderful things about Jane. Dude has serious JE love... http://www.tvinsider.com/article/1691/exclusive-anthony-geary-quits-general-hospital/
  14. That is a fabulous article! Very well written and I agree. Fluke was no friend to Tracy, but once she knew everything, Mama was in her power.
  15. If they do something stupid like have Laura part of Luke's story at this point, then why bring back the character at all? Surely there is something better they can do. As bad a character as Laura is, there are other stories she can play into, like Lulu's increasing jealousy of Valerie. TPTB have reestablished LuNacy, so I'm not going to get too concerned about yet another version of "Luke can only ever, ever be with one person". I do hope they have something going forward. Regardless, the stories seem to be do-overs no matter how you cut it. Mob wars, corporate take-overs, drugging people
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