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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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It would seem the zenith of LuNacy was met prior to Jake's death. Since then it's scraps at best. I really hope when TG returns we have something worth watching. Until then, picking as are slim at best. What a shame for someone of JE's talent.

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Yeah, still not feeling Ned/Olivia, though I am glad Wally is being given something to do.

I think I'm going to remove GH from the DVR, if someone here would be sweet enough to either posts Quartermaine related clips, or they could direct me to a place where I could get them. I find myself increasingly frustrated with this show, and from the lack of posts here these days, I'm not alone. I know even when Jane was on, we found things to talk about and now...not so much. It isn't even that I hate most of the characters-we are given so many old and new, that it's easy to find some in each episode that I like to watch. It's a number of things: quite frankly, some of the storylines going on right now, seriously just turn me off, big time.

Was that harsh? Oh well. I'd rather be harsh and honest, than pretend I don't mind some of what they are doing, and not be true to myself.

I think the fact that they seem to be doing S&C AGAIN, is the final straw that broke the camel's back for me.

That, and the threesome business. I just can't, and won't. Yes, I have the DVR button to skip through what I don't like, but at this point, I am doing so much skipping....might as well just skip the show altogether.

I hate to do that, because I am one that if I watch something, I watch it until the (sometimes) bitter end. But life is just too short to waste, TBH.

I will still check back in here from time to time, and may even read show recaps now and then, but as far as watching live or recording, I'm done, I think. If the Tracy/Luke storyline really picks up later, I may change my mind, but I don't think even they are enough to make me watch daily anymore.

So.....anyone here willing to post Q clips? Or do you know where they can be found?

You should take it off your dvr and stop watching. I have. We need to make the ratings drop in order to get any change at all out of these clowns. I haven't watched in months. I used to at least follow along on twitter a little to keep in the loop as to what was happening, but I do not even do that any more.

You can always go to youtube and watch the episodes she was on after the fact. People upload them pretty quickly on the same day. So you can always see our girl there. But it doesn't look like she's going to be on much at all in September anyway.


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For those of you still watching the show, I read a summary earlier today - Lulu is missing and NO ONE told Tracy? Seriously?

Guza was many things that I didn't care for (not that these writers are any better with their Sonny/mob focus), but that's one thing he never overlooked. If it happened to Lulu, Tracy knew about it.

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^^^ Tracy knows. Ned told her on Tuesday's episode. At one point Ned said, "I know you love Lulu," to which Tracy responded, "Like a daughter." (something like that)

That's good to hear. There seems to be a general lack of something when it comes to Tracy's personal connections - at least the few times I've checked in. Is she any more intelligent, or are they still dumbing her down to make faux-Luke happen, or is it even on the radar with TG gone?

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She may be starting to think something is off, but we don't know for sure. Tracy called Luke to tell him about Lulu, and said it was an emergency, and she called him again (and or texted him repeatedly, can't remember), but he never got back to her. Ned suggested that whatever Luke is doing, he (Luke) considers it to be more important than his own daughter, and the scene ended with Tracy left to ponder that. No continuation the next episode.

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She is offscreen for almost all of September

I think she taped twice right before dark weeks

Axcording to sod fall previews she takes off to find Luke when he doesn't show up for lulu

She teams up with unlikely people

I think it's Sam and Patrick but I can foresee they will be looking for him while she is offscreen

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I hate to point out the obvious, but if Tracy went alone, we wouldn't see a thing. However with Sam and Patrick going, JE will get some screen time.

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halee I'm still considering taking it off the DVR, I haven't done it yet. Truthfully, considering cutting the cable off again because I either am never home to watch, or sometimes watch too much, and can't see the point of either wasting the money or time, LOL. If I do that, I'll definitely have to catch the clips online.

For now though, still DVRng and skipping through until someone interesting pops up.

I think RKK has aged very well, but Stavros is a little too cray cray for me, though it should be interesting to see Tony and Robert mixing it up again. I think it's sad how dynamic the Cassadines used to be, and how boring they are now. I'm disappointed they are going the direction they are with Victor, and how Thaao and Jane may never even get a scene together. But since Victor is borderline evil and a bit cray cray himself, perhaps that's for the best.

Still, though. What a missed opportunity, Thaao, Jane and Tony in a room trading quips. Ah well. Maybe we'll still get it?

Surprised it's Sam and Patrick that Tracy is teaming up with, but since they now know the "truth" about "Luke", I guess that makes sense.

And EEEEE!! Patrick/Tracy scenes. I don't even really care WHY. Just Jason/Jane. :)

Any new clues/new guesses to who Fluke is? I thought at the beginning that he had a vendetta against Tracy too, whoever he is. Someone online somewhere suggested he could be Mitch Williams. It would make sense Mitch would want to hurt Tracy AND Luke and if he still has mob ties, want to hurt Sonny.

It would also jibe with "Fluke" hitting on anything in a skirt.

I think Mitch is the suggestion that makes the most sense. Fluke isn't a Cassadine, because of "inbred" remarks he made about them. I also don't think he's Gino Soleito(and why would Gino target Luke?) or any Soleito for that matter, because the Soleitos knew Olivia and Dante via Bensonhurst. Yet Fluke acted as if he'd never met Olivia, and couldn't remember Dante's name.

So, not a Cassadine, not a Soleito. I think Bill Eckert is also still a possibility, though.

However-Frank or Damian Smith remain a good guess.

I do think it will be between Mitch, one of the Smiths, or Bill.

MsQ-yep, her hair looks black. A possible way to disguise herself when they go looking for Fluke, maybe?

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Tracy is in the previews for tomorrow. Surprising because she only taped in late August. The scenes we see right now are taped around 2 weeks earlier.

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Tracy is in the previews for tomorrow. Surprising because she only taped in late August. The scenes we see right now are taped around 2 weeks earlier.

They were dark two weeks I guess in there
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Just found this bad old show (Guns of Will Sonnet from 1968) and clipped Jane's guest starring role from it. The writing is almost as bad as GH. wink.png

Here's a link to download it, if anyone wants to see it.


Here's another very quick clip I pulled from a movie from 1977: Panic in Echo Park. https://www.sendspace.com/file/m8myv2

Oh here's another link to an old Barnaby Jones episode with Jane. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uLlQv6sMgng

Edited by halee
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