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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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^^ In TG's last interview, he spoke about JE having a hard time with this story because of the fact Tracy was so OOC-dumb. That should be sign #1 that they need to rewrite the beast. At the very least have Tracy in on something, then they could justify her acting like this.

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Alice is supposed to end up with Mickey diamond the mobster heart. I think Jordan plans to sleep with him for information but Shawn kills him or shouts him

I think this was stkkmg filler for elq secret takeover til tony returns

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I just posted this on another site and wanted to share...





Dillon: [about his upcoming wedding to Georgie] Thank you for understanding, just going along with the whole thing.

Tracy: Well, I — I have to admit — I’m a little surprised that you remember anything I’ve ever said to you, much less taken my advice seriously.

Dillon: You’re the only mom I got.

Tracy: And I don’t suppose I’ve been a very generous one. I never made you the center of my life. And I can imagine that I’ve let you down in a lot of ways that I — I will never be able to comprehend. But I do want what’s best for you.

Dillon: I know.

Tracy: And I want you to be happy. And if marrying Georgie is going to make you happy, then I won’t stand in your way. And I will take full responsibility for dropping you in too small a pond. I mean, what did I expect? Of course you were going to fall in love with the underage offspring of a civil servant. What choice did I give you? I will accept the fact that you are about to marry so beneath your station that you’re going to get the bends. But I will not accept that you’re going to die.

General Hospital, 2-13-2006

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^^^ I think that scene and the scene when Alan has just died in the hospital (where she talks to Dillion about when she and Alan were kids) are my two favorite Tracy/Dillion scenes.

I miss my Q's. sad.png

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^^^ Yes...That scene was amazing. wub.png

I want to say the one during the hotel fire after Edward had a heart attack is a favorite of mine too - when Dillon reminds Tracy of a gift that she sent Edward while in Paris, but then he sent it back:

Tracy: That Easter that I sent him the present, I showed weakness. That's why he sent it back.

Dillon: Oh, God, mom, he was wrong. Grandfather was wrong. When you reject somebody, you're -- you're not teaching them something, you're not making them stronger. You're making them feel alone, that's it.

The end of that conversation did confuse me though...Dillon asks shockingly if she'd rather he respect her than love her, and she says she doesn't need him to think fondly of her...So far so good. But then she says what she needs is for him to stand up for himself. I feel like that last line didn't go with the rest of the conversation...

Anyone want to fill in the gaps for me? What am I missing?

Edit: hooked, someone on Tumblr mentioned how they missed JE's longer hair, and I, of course, had to contribute to that discussion. It was like old times, like the discussions we used to have here.

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I'd have to re-watch that scene, but from the dialog there it just seems like Tracy ends that conversation treating Dillion how Edward would treat her. And the cycle continues...

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There is a new casting side out for Lila Rae for 3/4 months

Looks like Skye may be returning because in another side for one of Lucy's kids boyfriend, they refer to what is obviously Kevin dating a red head lady and Lucy being pissed. The red head lady has the same name as the fake name for Skye.

Anyway, appears that Ned calls her for help with the Fluke stuff. Here is the side. Wow they are so tricky and clever with calling Tracy and Luke :"aunt jane and an old friend tony"

This is the side. The Lily/Lila Rae part is described as being for 3/4 months.

Althea: We'll be in Port Charles before you know it. Grandma Charlotte is going to be so happy to see you.

Lily: I'm excited to see her too. She sounded really sad when we got to talk to her on the phone.

Althea: Yeah, she's been kind of down lately.

Lily: Because of Uncle James?

Althea: Yes.

Lily: But we're not going to Port Charles just to visit grandma, are we?

Althea: Why do you say that?

Lily: Because when I asked you before when we could go visit, you said you didn't know.

Althea: I can't get anything past you, can I? Do you remember my cousin Lawrence?

Lily: Yes.

Althea: He needs my help with something involving Aunt Jane and an old friend of ours, Tony.

Lily: What kind of help?

Althea: It's a long story.

Lily: Is Tony your boyfriend?

Althea: What? No. Well, he used to sort of be, but not now and not ever again.

Lily: Oh.

Althea: Don't sound so disappointed.

Lily: Well, maybe if we stay in Port Charles long enough, you'll meet someone and you can have a boyfriend.

Althea: I think that time has passed for me.

Lily: I don't. I want you to be happy.

Althea: Well, Port Charles is always full of surprises. I guess we'll just have to see.

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Thanks halee. That was my interpretation too. It just seemed like there should have been a transition from the love vs. respect comment to the stand up for oneself comment. That threw me off.

Thanks hooked for the info!

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My gosh I can't believe I haven't posted here in two weeks. Time flies, but at one point, I posted daily, as did Ms.Quartermaine. I can't decide if that's good or bad. Good that I am no longer so obsessed with Tracy, but sad, too. I also think that it's a commentary on the show itself, that there's just nothing to talk about. It's so much more balanced, but the cast is too big and the pacing is awful. We don't spend enough time at one stretch to get invested in any of the SL's. Or at least, I am having a hard time being invested and caring. I was about to say we need more relationships like Tracy/Dillon-so cool that you must have been thinking along those same lines, MsQ, since you posted those caps. That relationship had so much HEART, and that is a huge part of what the show is missing these days. However, with Ned around, hopefully we can get some of that heart with Tracy and her older son. Their scenes already elevate the episodes they are in. I just hate that they seem to be pushing Ned and Olivia for no other reason than that Olivia and Ned are both currently unattached. If he has to have one of Sonny's leftovers, I always felt Ned and Carly would be interesting, or Ned and Kate/Connie if she were alive. Olivia is just so dull to me, and thus far I don't really see any chemistry with the two of them.

PS hooked I PM'd you !

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Yeah, I remember those days, ILTQ.

Episode Counts are up. For July, Jane was in 11 of 21 episodes (tied with Nancy, Lisa, and Dominic).

Michael Easton and Kelly were #1 with 17 of 21 episodes.

Even though Jane's yearly total is so sad (49 of 148), I am going to be positive and point out that last month, Tracy's numbers were higher than the following: Sonny, Morgan, Rafe, Julian, Michael, Jordan, TJ, Ava, Kiki, Levi, Anna, Molly, Lulu, Nik, Britt, Obrecht, and Elizabeth. :o

Ned in previews, kissing Olivia. Sonny sees them.

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Yeah, still not feeling Ned/Olivia, though I am glad Wally is being given something to do.

I think I'm going to remove GH from the DVR, if someone here would be sweet enough to either posts Quartermaine related clips, or they could direct me to a place where I could get them. I find myself increasingly frustrated with this show, and from the lack of posts here these days, I'm not alone. I know even when Jane was on, we found things to talk about and now...not so much. It isn't even that I hate most of the characters-we are given so many old and new, that it's easy to find some in each episode that I like to watch. It's a number of things: quite frankly, some of the storylines going on right now, seriously just turn me off, big time.

Was that harsh? Oh well. I'd rather be harsh and honest, than pretend I don't mind some of what they are doing, and not be true to myself.

I think the fact that they seem to be doing S&C AGAIN, is the final straw that broke the camel's back for me.

That, and the threesome business. I just can't, and won't. Yes, I have the DVR button to skip through what I don't like, but at this point, I am doing so much skipping....might as well just skip the show altogether.

I hate to do that, because I am one that if I watch something, I watch it until the (sometimes) bitter end. But life is just too short to waste, TBH.

I will still check back in here from time to time, and may even read show recaps now and then, but as far as watching live or recording, I'm done, I think. If the Tracy/Luke storyline really picks up later, I may change my mind, but I don't think even they are enough to make me watch daily anymore.

So.....anyone here willing to post Q clips? Or do you know where they can be found?

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