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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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So, they didn't air the show on network tv at all? Eh, now that I know Jane didn't win, IDC really that I missed it. Did she get a lot of cheers when her name was called?

I have to say, about the show....I love Chad D and Jane scenes. I know they are supposed to be sort of adversarial, but they just seem so WARM to me. I love them. Not as much as Tracy/Ned or Tracy/Dillon back in the day, but my fanwank is that Tracy actually kind of adores Michael and feels a little compelled to watch over him because of Alan.

Really hope that the annullment is for real, though, so that Tracy can get wise to Fuke.

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It looks like GH didn't win any acting awards, and I know they weren't nominated for writing/best drama/directing. Not sure about the "Creative Arts Emmys."

Kelly Monaco posted this on her Instagram:


Happy her bangs are gone! I don't think she really cared about the Emmy so I'm fine with the absurdity of it.

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I think Chad is a droop face sad sack. I think the Morgan actor is much more interesting than Michael.

But ILTQ Jane has been taping a lot with Michael Morgan Kiki and Alice

so there will be more scenes

Not sure if you want to know this or not, but the annulment is fake of course and from what I have heard the fluke story will not wrap up for quite some time. I don't think Tracy wises up anytime soon. But I suspect once the real luke returns there will be a luke/tracy reunion.

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I'm really praying that she's been working behind the scenes the whole time, and will be part of the team that exposes the impostor. fingers crossed...

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hooked lol about your comments re: Chad. I like both him and the Morgan actor, don't know his name. I like their brotherly relationship, too. I think Chad is very good at being vulnerable though, and I actually think I agree sort of, about the sad sack thing. I think that's what draws me to him, because he's AJ-and yet, at the same time, he's NOT AJ. If that makes sense. Morgan is actually AJ, and Michael is the Jason in that pair, IMO.

I think Chad is cuter, though.

I hate that the annulment is fake. I hate that this story is dragging on. They are going to beat that horse until no one cares by the time it's resolved.


But thanks for the heads up about Jane and the "kids". I love that they always seem to pair the best younger actors with Jane. :) And I kind of get a kick out of Morgan and Tracy as well. I still remember Tracy telling Morgan to go get a juice box (when he wanted to drink alcohol to celebrate his engagement to Kaka) and Morgan asking Tracy if she wanted a turn (with HIM lol) when Tracy was asking about either Ava or Kiki, I can't remember which.

He's snarky with her. I like it. And I think she likes him too. :)

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So I just saw this article on Yahoo's homepage about Tony, I didn't realize he had 2 major back surgeries and was so close to spending his life in a wheelchair! The article said he would be back in October.

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Thanks nex. I checked it out. For anyone else who is interested, here is the link. Not sure how long it will work for:


Small JE mention:

TV Guide Magazine: Fluke is so fearless that it borders on recklessness. It's like he doesn't care if he gets busted, and that leaves some of the other characters looking like idiots.
Geary: He has no filter and he doesn't care. It's fun to play that but it's been really difficult for the other actors, particularly for Jane Elliot [Luke's wife, Tracy]. Fluke's behavior is so obviously different from Luke and so extreme that you wonder why Tracy is buying it, but I think Jane has handled it well by drawing upon her character's vulnerability and deep need to be loved.

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Well... from an actor's POV, I can understand his interest. They don't get in this business to play just one character. But in catering to him, TPTB have done damage to all the other characters around him. I hope in the end it's worth it to them, because I can think of a number of other ways this could have been done without making those closest to Luke look like fools. I will grant the Luke/Fluke scenes were amazing, but it's a lot to pay for so little.

From a shipper POV, it's nice that JE/Tracy is the other person he thinks of. No mention about the rest of the cast at all. But still, from the sounds of it TG is having all the fun and JE is doing all the work.

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Has she been on this week at all? Eh, I am glad they are acknowledging how stupid this story is.

Really, this regime isn't much better than Guza or the recent others. Sonny, Sam, and Carly are still monopolizing more screen time than any others.If they ever recast Jason, of course he'll be right up there with them. They are never really back burnered. And yes, we do have better integration now, but the pacing is horrible. Is Carlos, for instance, still on this show? Is Ned? It's been weeks since we saw Lucy and Kevin, so anyone invested in their story is just left hanging. I guess if the stories were compelling, it'd be worth it, but right now, they are not.

And I can't STAND Nina. I don't mean, I love to hate the character. I mean, I want her to go. Far, far away, and never come back.

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Hey ILTQ. Not sure if Carlos is still around, but based on episode counts, Carly hasn't been on in the same capacity as Sam and Sonny. I think the air hogs right now are Sonny, Julian, Sam, and Silas.

June was a really bad month for Tracy. She was on this Tuesday and Wednesday though. She was foolishly talking about taking ELQ from Michael in his office. Alice caught her and called Michael, but before she could reveal what Tracy was up to, she had what looked like a heart attack. Tracy dialed 911.

Soon, Michael and Morgan arrived, and Tracy lied and said she just walked in on Alice, already collapsed. Michael and Tracy watched as Morgan performed chest compressions. The paramedics came and shocked Alice and got her pulse back. In the previews for Monday, Michael questions Tracy as to what Alice wanted to tell him.

Ned and Alexis were on yesterday. Ned wanted Alexis to double check the Luke and Tracy annulment papers. Alexis says the papers themselves look real, but she will have to check if they have been filed legally. Alexis thinks that Tracy is playing Ned.

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*waves to Ms.Q*

Yeah, I DVR the show every day just in case, and I did catch those episodes. I saw yesterday's, and apparently, Alice is going to need a new heart.

Coincidentally, at the same time Molly and Rafe are both injured in the car accident. Unfortunately, they aren't going to kill off Molly, so it'll be Rafe and I guess Alice will get his heart?

Nina will think her secret about being able to walk and being eeeevil and all, is safe.

BUT. I think I know where this SL is going. I think that phenomenon known as (I think I am getting the term right) cellular memory is going to play a part here. There are documented cases where an organ recipient for instance, has attachments to certain people or places, or craves certain foods, etc, and they find out it has a connection to the organ donor. I think Alice is going to mistrust Nina and not know why at first-I don't know if she'll actually have Rafe's memory of knowing Nina can walk, etc....or that Nina paid him off to leave town, etc. But I do think she'll start snooping around and be one of the ones to help expose Nina. And since Rafe was apparently paid by Fuke(or Fuke's flunky) to run Patrick off the road, she might even be the one to open Tracy's eyes.

I really don't like Alice, but this could be interesting. If Fuke starts being hateful to Alice, if that doesn't wake Tracy up...she's truly beyond stupid.

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