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  1. Tomlin is very possible too. But I don't think GH will do big moves. Just a promotion from within. And please don't ever bring Pratt or Guza back!
  2. I could see Shelly gone too and Chris Whitesell/ Janet Iacobuzio promoted. I believe that would happen anyway at some point.
  3. This is the worst balanced episode count I have ever seen.
  4. I would love to watch 1978/79 episodes but there are so few on youtube
  5. The repeat for GH was counted, but it should not be. Total viewers for the week are 2.817 500.
  6. I have a feeling ABC would promote Chris Whitesell and Janet Iacobuzio.
  7. This sounds good. She could be Amy Vinings daughter. Someone for Laura to interact with. I like how they building the hospital staff back up.
  8. It will be a sad day when Jane retires and it sounds like it will happen soon.
  9. Will Tracy be on today? I thought NV said she would be on this week? I want some Tracy/Monica bonding!
  10. Is it really true? Spoiler for October 27: Hayden ends up invited to Liz and Jake's wedding (thanks to Nikolas).Olivia's happy news and then praise of Dante and Lulu causes him discomfort as he deals with his continued guilt. Will Dante and Lulu accept Olivia's request?Sam receives a text from Spinelli reaffirming they are on the right track to discovering Jake's true identity.Sabrina pours her emotions out to Michael.Sabrina wrestles with the consequences of her decision.Tracy has a lot to say to Monica, Michael and Sabrina.Alexis and Julian spend quality time with baby Leo.Julian introduces
  11. Thank you. OMG. You could be right. If so, it just gives me another reason to leave GH behind me.
  12. What? Did I miss something? Jane is on recurring? Since when? When did NV say that? Jane is in the GH opening that premiered a few weeks ago. I would think she would not be there on recurring status.
  13. I hope rumors are true and Tracy has some things coming up in the fall and winter. I want this Jason reveal about the Qs but with the new writers it will prob. be a Sonny/mob story. I could do without Olivia, Alexis, Julian, Kiki, Nina and Morgan. I wish the vets would get some more.
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