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  1. It's been a million years since I've posted here, but tomorrow is THE DAY and I cannot bring myself to watch....yet. I have over 3 weeks of catching up and I have to be honest I think this is it for me. After 24 years of watching GH this might be the thing that gets me to stop watching completely, it seems like the past few years I would wait weeks before diving in and having a binge fest, but the truth is I can watch 15-20 episodes in less than 3 hours. The TQ Lovefest has been fun after more than a decade here, this is the longest fan site I have ever been apart of!!!
  2. I have to be honest, my cable went out the week of Labor Day and so I missed that entire week, now that I have my cable back I found myself not even wanting to watch the show! I have no idea what is going on and I think I don't care. This has been the longest I have ever gone without watching the show, with the exception of the OJ trial all those years ago. LOL!
  3. According to soaps.com Jane is interviewed as well as Genie.
  4. ^^^OMG! I was just about to post the GMA link! I just wonder if there was video of it!?!
  5. Not going to lie, I would have liked a goodbye kiss!
  6. Just watched on You Tube, couldn't wait to get home! I have mixed feelings, not about today's show, but I guess I have to accept that Lacy are over! And today is the last time they will ever be together. Jane did kill it, and Tony did good too!
  7. Not going to lie, I am flipping out about todays show! It BETTER be good, otherwise I am going to have to go on a Twitter rant and it will not be pretty!
  8. Check out Tony's "final" interview, it's pretty spot on regarding Tracy and other things: http://www.tvinsider.com/article/28817/exclusive-exit-interview-anthony-geary-leaves-general-hospital-with-all-guns-blazing/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=TVGM ILTQ, I know exactly how you feel and agree 100% with you. As much as Luke infuriates me and sometimes I really hate him, I am still going to miss him and him with Tracy especially.
  9. ^^^I agree.....and I would have liked to see Luke explain everything to Tracy in person not off screen. I do have one question, do the Q's know that baby Jake was Jason's son? Because that seems like it would change a lot of what happened with ELQ is the baby has a share.
  10. Don't want to spoil, but after reading today's recaps I had to break down and watch on You Tube while at work! Can't wait to see what everybody thinks!!!
  11. According to Yahoo Tony's last day on GH is July 17th.
  12. I totally remember Wyn da whaaaaaat?!?! But for me, the absolute best was when Tracy and Luke came back from Vegas married in 2005 and they had to tell the Q's. I remember Wally biting the inside of his cheek so hard I thought it would bleed. And Jane was bent over with her had covering her mouth trying not to loose it, even Leslie was trying her hardest not to laugh.
  13. According to Entertainment Weekly's website today was Tony's last day of shooting. There is a 15 second clip of his farewell and I guess he did cry a bit despite his best effort not to. Unfortunately, I cannot paste the link on my work computer because of a firewall, but you can check it out.
  14. Lazy writers that's who!?!?! It's suppose to be some big secret that only Luke can know and now Lulu and Dillon know and soon Tracy will know. It's SO lame! **There is a new summer promo (no pic of Tracy, of course) that shows Lucky at Elizabeth's door, so much for danger!!
  15. I have a bunch of different feeling about last week, but I think the thing I am most mad at is the writers! I feel like this is just lazy writing and the fake sense of urgency to help Lucky and not tell anyone and pretend to be back together is what makes non-soap fans laugh at the genre and people like myself actual soap fans wonder why we still watch. It's as if the writers just blocked out the storyline like..... Laura comes back interrupts Lacy engagement tells Luke what's wrong Luke breaks engagement can't tell anyone pretends to get back together go helps Lucky But instead of this happening over a period time it all happened in one episode. And I have a feeling this is what Tony meant about having to "let Luke go" and do what they write because he is playing it so wooden and uncaring like hurting Tracy was nothing. It feels like he is reading a teleprompter and don't get me started on Genie, she is so NOT a good actor; when in the room with JE and TG she sticks out like a sore thumb. I do like this new Dillon and I agree with ILTQ when he told Laura to walk out I was cheering him on! Tracy needs someone completely on her side and he came back just in time. **There is a spoiler out there that says Bobbie gets in Laura's face about what went down at the engagement party, I hope this happens because someone needs to get in her face and tell her whats what!
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