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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest

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I really think Alice is just a fluff plot point for Tracy's scheme to not be exposed by Michael and just filled because the fluke story is delayed now til Oct when TG is back

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Watching today's Tracy just made me sad that Michael, Morgan, Monica, and the maid are what constitutes a Quartermaine scene these days. sad.png

Time to watch some old school Q clips.

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hooked, you may be right, but they could have done *real* fluff or just ignored the Q's altogether while TG was gone. That's the usual MO of the past few summers. They could have also just had Rafe and Molly go on the run (that might have been fun, every soap needs a teens on the run story now and then). But killing him off and giving Alice the heart? (if that happens)

I can't help but think that Alice specifically having Rafe's heart is going to lead to something. However, this is the same show that just makes the characters stupid in order to move a plot along, so eh. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

halee...I was thinking the same thing. THIS is what the Q's are reduced to? Not that I mind Morgan being there. I like his chemistry with them. Kind of dumb though, that the show paid Wally to show up and he wasn't at the hospital. Maybe he will be later this week?

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Ned should be there. I believe he will for a episode or two. I just wish we would see more Q action in tge mansion or at ELQ. Is it so hard to give Monica 2 shows a month at her house?

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ILTQ, you called it about Alice getting Rafe's heart. Looks like it's going that way. I don't know about the cellular memory thing though... Seems too deep.

Tracy mentioned calling Ned the other day. We know he's in town. He was at the park with Alexis not too long ago.

Spoilers had Tracy blackmailing Alice on Friday. That didn't happen.

Loved this exchange:

Tracy: I'll talk to Dr. Clay.

Morgan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is that a good idea?

Tracy: Why wouldn't it be?

Morgan: Because you piss people off, and I don't want you messing things up for Alice.

laugh.pnglaugh.png laugh.png

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I just wish Jane could get decent material. Sometimes, I miss the hijinks. I don't think Tracy is evil, nor do I care, if she DOES end up blackmailing Alice. Don't like Alice, never did, never will...but the reason IDC what Tracy does to her, is because I know Alice would do the same thing or worse in the same position. If Tracy had stolen ELQ from Michael and the situation was reversed, I don't believe for a minute that Alice would warn Tracy that Michael was trying to steal it back. She's put Tracy in headlocks, she's done other blatant things to disrespect her...and I'm supposed to have sympathy for this character because she gets on her moral high horse about what Tracy is doing?

I just see Tracy trying to take back,(albeit in an underhanded way) what was taken from her in an also underhanded way. The way I see it, the only villain here is Fuke.

I think Alice is almost as unsympathetic a character as Tracy is being right now. And truthfully, the only reason I have any sympathy for Michael is because he just isn't in Tracy's league. Yet. He might not have wanted to hurt Tracy, but he certainly didn't try to stop the takeover, and he really sort of deserves whatever he gets as well.

As far as the cellular memory thing being too deep.....I hope I am wrong about it, purely for the fact that Bergen Williams isn't all that as an actress. She really can't handle deep material. I still can't help but think it's too convenient not to mean something down the road.

Oh, and MsQ, yes I liked that (do Morgan and Tracy have a squish name LOL) moment. Tracy likes him. There's no way she'd just stand there and let him say that, otherwise.

Then again....no way would Tracy be as stupid as she's been since Fuke began.

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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I think it's safe to say Alice ain't gettin' no storyline. wink.png

I saw Wally Kurth tweeting Hooked that he has good stuff with Jane coming up after the dark weeks. Here's hoping that's true.

When are they back to work again?

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I guess I just don't understand the point of having Rafe being brain dead and Alice needing a donor, only for him NOT to be a match.

Unless Nina unplugs Rafe to make sure he doesn't wake up-she might believe he will after those hallucinations.

Still, it just seems dumb. I could understand the dramatic tension of Alice getting a heart if she were a major character and we were left wondering if she was going to die. But she isn't a major character. She's been around for years and yet, we hardly know Alice. And what I know....I don't like.

Who is so emotionally attached to Alice, that they'd cry if she died? I guess there may be some people, but I find it unlikely. I can't even cry for Rafe, and his death or possible death is much sadder than losing Alice IMO because of the tragedy of the situation and his young age.

This show. It's just a series of random events with no feeling attached. SO disappointing. I will say, that Nina's screaming at Rafe yesterday, was the first time I felt Michelle Stafford did a decent job acting wise, in playing Nina. Up until now, I've felt she was very flat and stiff. It's about time we see this character feel some guilt over her actions.

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That's all true ILoveTracyQ. I remember how Rafe was introduced. I miss Lucy in this story. What I like is that they gave the Qs a little to do, even when it is just about Alice. Ron could have dropped Tracy completely until TG is back. If Ned were involved it would be so much better but I believe he will be for a little bit.

GH simply has too many characters. I hope some of the newbies are out soon. But I fear they rather get rid of some vets.

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ILTQ, Rafe actually was a match, but his toxicology report showed heroin in his bloodstream. The hospital has a strict no organ transplant policy when the donor tests positive for heroin. But it was OK for him to have cocaine in his system. rolleyes.gif

Tracy on today in true Tracy form... She will not use her resources to find Alice a heart if Alice spills the beans to Michael.

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Tracy on today in true Tracy form... She will not use her resources to find Alice a heart if Alice spills the beans to Michael.

You know, that would be fine if it didn't make Tracy look like such a damn fool in the end. She's protecting someone who can't even pretend to act like Luke, and she's supposed to be the smartest person in any room. That tidbit alone has turned me off this story completely. Stretching someone's character is one thing, changing it to something unrecognizable is a different matter altogether.

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SeanM, I don't think they'll "get rid" of vets- I think they'll just not show some of them for months on end, like with Lucy and Kevin, who haven't, to my knowledge, been seen since the nurse's ball. wacko.png

Remos, exactly. I don't have a problem with Tracy being Tracy. The thing is, she isn't. It's one thing to be desperate for love, it's another thing to be completely blind and stupid. I don't mind her being manipulative as long as she's also vulnerable. If they want me to believe she's so in love with Luke she's swallowing all this because she needs him, then show me that. Show me she's so terrified of losing him that she is going along with his actions even though they are bizarre.

You know, Luke's always been a schemer, so I can even get that Tracy doesn't think much about him wanting into ELQ. It's kind of a huge part of what they are about. And also, he's always had a roving eye since being with her.

Add to that, the fact that the audience sees her as stupid...but we the audience KNOW what's going on. The other characters do not. I don't think "OMG my husband is not my husband" is a thought most people would think. So I can give Tracy slack on that.

But there's just something "off" about all of this. Even if Tracy thought everyone else was crazy, she's savvy enough to keep her eyes open. Yes, even if she's scared to death of losing Luke and being alone. Tracy is desperate for love. She's not STUPID and blind.

So that's why the story irritates me. They are making the character fit the plot, not the other way around.

And I just can't bring up sympathy for Alice, or much horror at Tracy blackmailing a dying woman. Alice would(and has) stabbed Tracy in the back/treated her like crap, more times than I can count. I have no use for Alice, and the "oh poor ALice" all these other characters are saying is making me roll my eyes.

Perhaps if she didn't go around putting people in headlocks for her own amusement, I'd feel differently.

Okay, I admit it. I cried yesterday when they were in the room with Rafe. I still don't get the point of killing him off, only to have his heart rejected.

Ms.Q- I thought the part about the reason for the rejection of the heart was so STUPID. The only reason I can think heroin would be an issue, is if the user used a needle, and that the heart could be possibly diseased with something they might not detect at first. HIV, etc.

But Rafe had no track marks.

So....I don't get it. Any medical savvy people, can you explain? Or is it just idiotic dramatic license?

Edited by ILoveTracyQ
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