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The Tracy Quartermaine Lovefest


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Thanks. One day soon I hope to get to watch theses. anyone have a good youtube downloader? I had to remove mine cause of space issues on my mac. I don't think zamzar worked anymore. i used to use that

The September 3 episode had Carrie scenes that were already uploaded in another form (under the ClassicGL gifset Machinations - it's somewhere in the mid-teens of that gifset), but this episode has some new material (for me anyway).



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hooked, try convertfiles.com. You shouldn't have to download anything...

The only thing is, and I don't know if it's a copyright measure, but sometimes when converted using that site, they come out distorted... When that happens, I use Freemake Video Converter. It converts *really* slowly though...

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Thanks again for posting and thanks Ms. Q

I am using clip converter.com it is working pretty well although I haven't tried playing them back.


Thanks for the heads up. I used to look regularly on youtube but have been so busy getting my business started I haven't had the chance lately...

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Thanks for sharing the Guiding Light episodes. I remember in an interview where Jane said that was her favorite role because it was the most challenging. She went on to say that Tracy is her most fun role.

As we knew, there was no Tracy in the Christmas episode. I was pleasantly surprised to see Monica though. She was perfect calming down the children after Obrecht scared them with her performance. She had nice scenes with the judge as well. I had forgotten they had started a relationship. Not sure why they skipped over the Christmas story. Elizabeth mentioned it to Monica, but no one ever read it.

If anyone is following, is Jocelyn (sp?) always annoying? I knew Spencer was annoying (though not so much in this episode), but Jocelyn was just UGH.

Merry Christmas to those celebrating!!!

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All the main kids on GH now are annoying and fake. I get so tired of the bizarre idea, often from people who barely know children, that kids are smarmy, robotic quip machines. It makes me uneasy.

Merry Christmas everyone. Sorry for clogging up the thread with these, but these are the last for a while, and at least we get a showcase of Jane's talents. Hell, maybe Ron will see them on Youtube and get a hint.



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