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  1. Y&R is in absolute freefall, but it’s hard to look bad when the other soaps are collapsing as well. DAYS has finally plateaued in the demos.
  2. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    True. But they definitely need a break. Wouldn’t mind not seeing the Cybermen for a while as well. Bring on the new monsters.
  3. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    This is already encouraging. Moffat overplayed the Daleks just as much as he did the Weeping Angels.
  4. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    I’m not sold yet, but not because of Jodie Whittaker, who will knock it out of the park, but because of Chibnall. Having a writer’s room could be a great thing, and he says that the show will have one-episode arcs instead of the heavy, confusing serialization that often bogged down RTD and Moffat.
  5. For the fellow former Britpop fans.
  6. JV was a lot better once he dropped that faux-Brando cottonmouth gangster voice he adopted on GL. He was always sexy and charismatic. I know some would disagree.
  7. What was with Don Diamont’s JR Ewing-meets-Muhammad Ali accent today?
  8. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-jordi-vilasuso-joins-yr/
  9. I don’t watch regularly, but are any of the other Bradys aware that Kim has cancer again? I know this show doesn’t do “extraneous” character stuff due to guarantees and whatnot...
  10. Just saw this on Twitter. Just shocking and horrific.
  11. They are finally admitting they have no clue what to do with a character as passive as Nick (somewhat understandably), but they didn’t want to fire JM (their only veteran male lead under 50) or put in the effort/expense to resurrect Adam.
  12. Yeah. When all else fails, play victim, and I suppose the Crazy Ex-Husband drama is a winning issue. Although I wonder if she’s gone to the Hoppy well too many times. Of course, what’s she’s going through is terrible, but it doesn’t absolve her of responsibility for her behavior. And some of the other women like Dorinda and Ramona have been in enough scraps with Bethenny that they may be more ambivalent to her breakdown. I dunno, I’d hate to see Bethenny wiggle her way out of this, and Carole, as annoying as she can be, is as smart or smarter than B and can hold her accountable.
  13. To be a soap fan in the past 20 years is to spend a reverse engineer a landscape in which there are still 15 shows on the air, written impeccably with diverse characters and progressive subject matter, watched by millions. If only the writing had been better, etc. But folks like Curlee and Labine eventually realized the environment wasn’t suitable for good writing and bailed. Soaps were already dying before the writing got really bad, but the decline in quality only accelerated the inevitable. I’ve been having the same conversations with guitar rock fans angry that bands don’t chart anymore unless they are Imagine Dragons. (Look at the Apple Music streaming charts by genre, and the most-streamed rock songs are all by legacy acts like Queen, Zeppelin, Journey, and AC/DC, not new bands.) Maroon 5 re-defined themselves as a pop act, and that’s why they persist. Yet you still hear guitar sounds all over music, just like you see soapy tropes all over primetime and streaming TV.
  14. The reactions to Ramona hobbling out of the wheelchair into the car made me double over with laughter. Such contempt. 😂 Tinsley actually forced them to select rooms in an orderly manner. Is that a HW first? Bethenny started all of that, and it serves her right to feel the pinch after years of bullying other HWs. It’s refreshing to see people not back down to her. EDIT: I feel for Bethenny, I really do, but it’s ironic that she’s having a Kelly Bensimon moment on this Cartagena trip.
  15. It’s hard being the last hangers-on at a party that ended 20 years ago. The people with the real power never really respected them and didn’t want them to survive, so it’s almost miraculous that they are still on, even in depleted form, in 2018. But everything still seems frozen in the ‘80s. Daytime is like a hollowed-out suburban shopping mall with a bunch of closed-down Spencer’s stores to remind us of the glory days. LOL it’s late.
  16. I guess the finality of Hilary’s death will at least allow fans hanging on solely for her to make a clean break from Y&R with some semblance of closure.
  17. I think some of it comes from older fans (who are the vast majority) who feel like broadcast/cable TV confers some legitimacy, which is baffling in an age when Netflix outscores HBO at the Emmy nominations. Like why should the Daytime Emmys have to be on Periscope when the Primetime Emmys and the Tonys are aired on big networks. They may not realize that the Golden Globes, the second most-watched awards ceremony, have been close to going to Amazon.
  18. No one on this show is really playing to their strengths right now. A lot of actors are being forced to play things that aren’t grounded in character or reality.
  19. Rome Flynn/Zende can be OK to good. The scenes he won his Emmy for were pretty solid, and he’s managing to get a lot of work post-B&B. Xander is bad (he’s marginally better using the English accent), but the Emma girl is just jaw-dropping. There was some dialogue today that made me wonder if it was just really stilted and poorly written or if Nia Sioux’s delivery was just that awkward, and I came to the conclusion it was the latter. I feel bad for her actually. She’s not ready for this kind of role, and if Brad were doing her any favors, he’d recast her. But, then again, she’ll be out the door in a few weeks anyway for more Liam drama.
  20. The Nick stuff makes no sense. And I’m going to have this stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
  21. On a positive note: I like the Victor/Nick flashbacks today.
  22. That food looked delicious. I would have needed a sprinkle of salt over that avocado, though, even if the turkey was probably salty. But she likely needs to watch sodium intake. Helmut wasn’t miked properly. I could barely hear him.
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