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  1. Deas was also great with Robin Mattson over on Santa Barbara (from what I’ve seen—my boyfriend grew up on SB, and was in lust with him), but you could always see peeks of Shouty McShouterstein coming through. He was so flippin’ handsome from what I’ve seen of him on ATWT. What a talent when he was in control of it.
  2. Marie Oldenbourg: https://m.imdb.com/name/nm5721848/
  3. 11-month high also indicates it’s the only soap down YOY.
  4. My question: do any of these pop stars have a late-career resurgence like Tina Turner in the ‘80s or Cher after “Believe”? Is that even possible in the streaming ecosystem? Not sure if it’s Britney...
  5. Even Beyoncé hasn’t been a big hitmaker recently aside from tagging onto already popular songs like Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect.” She’s at a point in her career where she’s so iconic that she doesn’t need to be. It’ll be interesting to see where Adele and Rihanna are when they are pushing 40.
  6. So funny to look back at Nelly Furtado’s big moment as a big hitmaker with Timbaland. From quirky “I’m Like a Bird” to “Promiscuous” to *crickets.* I was just listening to “Maneater,” a song I hated back in the day, and I was like this song bangs. The Weeknd has had impressive longevity. It’s been rough for black pop and R&B artists recently, and he’s bucked the trend.
  7. Dumbass Gov. Reeves is finally realizing the gravity of the situation in Mississippi, but of course his implementation of preventive measures is foolish. The seat of Lauderdale County is Meridian, home to Sela Ward.
  8. “I’m loving my husband...” Alright now. Can we expect a Serena coronababy next winter?
  9. Stumbled on this oldie but goodie from the Whitney/Bobby reality series.
  10. The Weeknd has ended the 11-week run of “The Box” atop the Billboard Hot 100 with “Blinding Lights.” Meanwhile...Post Malone is a streaming and radio MONSTER.
  11. I like that. 1993 was a great year for soaps (the last one) and other genres and media as well.
  12. God, Candace Owens is such a twit. I’ve learned an executive at one of my company’s leading partners is in the ICU due to COVID-19 complications.
  13. I’m a bit more charitable towards her post-2001 work (I really liked I’m Not Dead, especially “U + Ur Hand,” which is just fire), but I agree that she’s not a risk taker and a lot of her recent songs sound the same. But she found a lane to thrive in that feels authentic.
  14. I think P!nk has been surprisingly relevant, on a somewhat lower level (she’s now sort of settled into an adult contemporary artist). Britney’s life just seems like a mess, which hasn’t helped.
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