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  1. Also, here’s the latest annual Vanity Fair Hollywood issue cover. You knew they weren’t going to make the mistake of omitting a person of color from the front in this cultural climate. Chadwick is a good choice.
  2. People are PISSED about this. Only Gaga/Cooper and Kendrick/SZA have been asked to perform their Best Song nominees, even though Jennifer Hudson and Emily Blunt were among the other performers of nominated songs.
  3. Lol. How long has Zach Tinker been on Y&R? Those pre-noms are pretty much as expected with the state of soaps as they are.
  4. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    David Tennant is launching his own podcast, and his former Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman is the first guest. https://www.themarysue.com/david-tennant-does-a-podcast/
  5. I sort of wish LL came on as Devon’s love interest and not his sister (especially if they’re not bringing Harmony back). Their chemistry sometimes borders on the uncomfortable for me.
  6. I think you’ll get your wish with Roger soon. As for Nadal/Djokovic, I’m sure Tsitsipas, Zverev, Tiafoe, Coric, et al will do what Rafa and Novak had to do when they were emerging in Federer’s prime: take their Grand Slam beatdowns for the first couple of years and learn. I’m most looking forward to the end of the fawning Federer coverage, but they’ve already crowned Tsitsipas as his YouTube-generation heir apparent.
  7. Jan-Michael Gambill and the bf at the Elton John concert.
  8. Trask is a hoot, as Laura Kai Chen has this deadpan, robotic delivery that makes me chuckle. I do wish she were more integrated into the cast to see other sides of her. I’d rather see her than Kate (hides from the Koz fans). Speaking of Kate
  9. Totally!! You can tell she’d be a nightmare customer at Applebee’s.
  10. Perhaps those NBC renewal terms weren’t quite as lavish as usual. /s
  11. Tough when you don’t like the A story. It’s A story/filler. You can’t FF stories you don’t like to get to the one you do. It’s either watch the show or drop it. Right now, I’m dropping it. They must have some data that show Liam/Hope drama attracts the right viewers historically. Apparently I’m not the right kind of viewer because Liam’s romances make my eyes glaze over. (And while I have surprisingly appreciated AN, that’s totally not an endorsement of this show or this story.)
  12. I don’t think they’ll seriously have Mia pursue all those men, at least not in the short term. They just want to position her as a social-climbing troublemaker who’ll use her feminine wiles to get what she wants, which means flirting with anyone with a penis and a flush bank account. Whereas I think Summer might seriously have three men in her orbit, even as Hunter twirls back and forth between her CBS gigs.
  13. Y&R’s poor attempt to make her Latina Reva Shayne.
  14. Yeah, I wouldn’t bet money on that role being Ana’s ex. Just a passing “Hmmm,” with some possibility that there’s a more troubled life Ana lived while she was offscreen. Thinking out loud. If he’s for Summer, how many paramours does she need? Especially if there’s this outside chance she’s preggers with Billy’s child while she schemes to trap Kyle? It does feel like Kerry will soon lose her halo, so “pariah” could apply to her.
  15. Summer, Phyllis, Mia, and maybe Tessa are the only women currently on the canvas who, by any stretch of the definition, fit the “pariah” description. This guy could also be Kerry’s ex, as some of the commenters have said, since she’s apparently hiding a secret. It just seems like the timing is right for Ana’s ex to appear, which is why that came to mind. I do wonder if Josh would bring Adam/Chelsea back.
  16. Naomi is the first woman to back up her maiden GS title with a final in the next Slam since Jennifer Capriati won the Australian and then the French in 2001. She’s no flash in the pan. She’s the youngest to make back-to-back finals since 20-year-old Ana Ivanovic made the Aussie Open final in 2008 (losing to Sharapova) and then won the French.
  17. And I forgot: in the next weeks they’re having Leo perving on his own “brother” (Brady).
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