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  1. I wonder if there’s just a sense of inevitability to a lot of these scenarios. If it wasn’t O.J., would it have been something else, as media was already trending into the oversaturated 24/7 celebrity scandal mode? O.J. was a perfect storm, though. You couldn’t craft a story to trigger so many deep American and human fascinations and anxieties (racial, sexual, you name it). How could anything have competed with that? Was O.J. the single most disruptive news event in soap history? I remember the Iran Contra hearings resulting in several preemptions. 9/11? Watergate?
  2. An interesting list, no doubt, but aren’t Istomin and Kukushkin (and for that matter, Isner, as Florida is part of the U.S.) based in their countries of origin, if this chart is to be believed? Lots of Frenchmen in Switzerland.
  3. Yeah, that’s boring. I hate to say it. Not interested in Rinna doing cabaret shtick.
  4. Just saw this. Wow. And Sonego beat Khachanov. Decent day for the Italians.
  5. I thought the Juliet actress had this sexy, enigmatic Scarlett Johansson voice that was alluring.
  6. I like him as a blithering idiot. He’s really great at that, actually. I don’t mean that in an insulting way. It’s too bad that soaps don’t allow men to demonstrate a range beyond different types of “leading men.”
  7. You can’t criticize King Roger (and Stefanos is also on the Rolex team): I have to say, most of these guys look amess, especially Kei. FAA and Mischa look good, and that’s about it.
  8. What if Gina Tognoni had replaced Amelia Heinle instead of Michelle Stafford on Y&R? What if GL had moved forward with Alan-Michael/Gilly instead of Alan-Michael/Lucy? What if Claire Labine’s Heart and Soul had gotten the green light at ABC? What if she’d gotten a shot at head writing AMC?
  9. She’s the woman in my avatar, and she’s fabulous.
  10. PAS did Cyrano on Broadway while he was on Loving. He posted this photo circa 1993 on his IG. Dude was hot.
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