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  1. Just saw Rachel Bloom, who worked with Adam Schlesinger on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, gave birth to a baby girl today after learning her friend had died of COVID-19.
  2. My college best friend hightailed it out of NYC to his hometown of San Diego with his wife and two small kids. Can’t say I entirely blame him.
  3. That’s so sad about Adam Schlesinger. Loved Fountains of Wayne back in the day (before “Stacy’s Mom” made them super popular).
  4. COVID-19 cases by zip code in NYC. Look at how bad Queens and Brooklyn are compared to Manhattan. There’s really only one neighborhood in Harlem that’s really strongly affected. https://www1.nyc.gov/assets/doh/downloads/pdf/imm/covid-19-cases-by-zip.pdf
  5. I totally agree, and I also loved FOTH. You don’t always need to see faces of characters. Sometimes a spinning globe or an hourglass or a speeding ambulance is more impactful. And no need to constantly update.
  6. The View looks soooo professional compared to The Talk in this environment. Granted, Sunny and Sarah are still in the studio, but man. The Talk looks worse than our weekly Zoom meetings at work.
  7. What was Justin Deas like with Eileen Fulton and Don Hastings?
  8. Lol he’s literally three years younger than Alison Sweeney. But yeah he’d be an improvement acting-wise (and...I know you and many will disagree...looks-wise) by leaps and bounds.
  9. Thank you. If we can’t travel, at least we can enjoy the beauty of men around the world...
  10. I’m just curious about who makes the most of this time off to work on weaknesses in their game. And those with little injuries have lots of time to heal. Meanwhile...
  11. This show really went off the rails both on screen and off, so this is a fitting ending in a way.
  12. COVID-19 deaths here in NYC topped 1,000 today: now at 1,096 according to data as of 5 pm.
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