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  1. Certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but they did seem like caricatures of names for lacrosse-playing Andover students.
  2. As was alluded to, Jake was a popular man’s name in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s on soaps. Jake McKinnon (AW) Jake Maclaine (B&B) Jake Morton (Santa Barbara) Jake Martin (AMC, although I think he was known as Joey up until Michael Lowry took the role) Jake Harrison (OLTL) Being named Jake clearly meant “studly” back in the day. Tom Eplin, Todd McKee, Rick Edwards, Joe Lando, not to mention Lowry and J. Eddie Peck. All sold as beefcake.
  3. My thinking: I wonder if it would have been tough given the still-elderly demos of the soap audience when streaming services were still nascent. The early adopters of these services had been traditionally much younger. I suppose when Hulu started 10-11 years ago, creating high-budget content exclusively for streaming was still a wild fantasy (the HoC reboot was still six years away), and they had little understanding of how to monetize content. (They still don’t actually, to be honest. The content bubble will soon burst). Putting established soaps online would have been a big risk, mostly likely a loss leader, and given how little regard these networks have shown soaps, it was probably not one worth taking. May as well get rid of them altogether at that point. I think, later on, the Prospect Park resurrections were likely more successful than most people anticipated, but they couldn’t sustain it for various reasons. I just think it would have taken some very passionate cheerleaders or a Steve Jobs-level visionary who would have bled to death to present a compelling business case for the viability of bringing soaps online. Too many headwinds otherwise. In short, I just don’t think anyone was or is willing to stick their necks out there to save these shows.
  4. I forget who it was, but the comedian who was presenting the next award sort of derisively repeated Moore’s line, “When I was on As the World Turns...” and got a big laugh out of it.
  5. And Julianne simply offers it up, without being asked. Like when she reminisced about getting her break on ATWT when she won the SAG on her way to winning the Best Actress Oscar. All that in a room filled with snooty and pretentious Hollywood types. Some comedian mocked her afterwards, but I’m sure she was unfazed.
  6. Yeah, if they couldn’t pull off the effect, they should have just shown the truck/bus coming and cut to black before impact so you could hear but not see it. Still not as bad as those ATWT plane crashes where you had a bunch of standing actors drunkenly weaving from side to side as if inside a careening jet, barely stifling laughter.
  7. Oh totally. I know some who associate their tenures on soaps with dark periods of serious drug abuse (particularly those who did daytime in the ‘80s) or trauma they may have suffered on set.
  8. There was that woman who put Brad in the cage on Y&R named Lisa, but agree it’s underused. I wonder if that’s a name writers stayed away from because Eileen’s portrayal was so iconic.
  9. I’m surprised there aren’t more Sebastians in soap history. It’s just a perfect soapy name for a rich, douchey guy à la Ryan Phillippe in Cruel Intentions.
  10. Speaking of Julia Lindsey, I’ve known a lot of Lindsays in my life, but the only major soap character who comes to mind with that as a first name is Catherine Hickland’s OLTL character. It’s used as a surname more often on soaps than as a first name. EDIT: Forgot about Lauren Koslow’s Y&R character.
  11. There’ve been quite a few Lilys over the years as well. Lily Walsh (ATWT) Lily Winters (Y&R) Lily Slater (Loving) Lily Blake Capwell (Santa Barbara) Lily Montgomery (AMC) Lily Corinthos (GH) Lily Darnell (RH) Lily Mason (Jackee’s character on AW) Unless I’m missing someone huge, the only other major Jill than Y&R’s Jill Foster is Jillian “Jill” Coleridge from RH.
  12. Such scraping the bottom of the barrel with these BH additions, although I like Teddi. It’s like putting rusty metal patches on a sinking ship. I just don’t see how the show survives with its current dynamics, with Kyle/Lisa V.’s love/hate dance eating the show and deeply unlikable folks like Lisa Rinna, Dorit, and Erika still around.
  13. Totally. Both sides can be shady. Folks like Julianne Moore and Justin Hartley are just a few of the exceptions who still shout their soap backgrounds from the rooftops, though. Hartley seems to talk about Passions in every interview.
  14. Didn’t know that about Morgan Fairchild’s character. Interesting. I agree that certain character names should be retired. There can never be another Erica. Or Marlena (a far less common name in America, I know, but still). I suppose Victor on Y&R only became a household name in the late ‘80s, years after Victors Lord (OLTL), Cassadine (GH), and Kiriakis (DAYS). Otherwise, that name should also have been retired. Carly Manning (DAYS), Tenney Snyder (ATWT), and Corinthos (GH). It just feels like a random name for so many female leads.
  15. What are character first names that appear to be overused or underused on soaps compared to what you’ve experienced IRL? Overused: I know that words that represent ideals or purity are inherently soapy names (like Faith), especially for heroines, but so many soaps have had major leads named Hope. There was Hope Bauer on GL; DAYS has Hope Williams Brady; Y&R had Hope Adams; B&B has Hope Forrester; on a smaller note, on ATWT, Denise and Andy’s daughter was named Hope and on Starr and Cole’s now-deceased daughter on OLTL was named Hope. I know IRL there are famous Hopes, from Solo to Hicks to Sandoval, but I don’t personally know *that* many. Underused: Lauren. In every office I’ve worked, we’ve had to differentiate Laurens by last initial or surname because there were so many. It was a running joke on the last Bachelor that there were like 15 Laurens on the most recent season. Yet the only daytime character that comes to mind is Lauren Fenmore from Y&R. Any other ideas? Feel free to disagree.
  16. One reason why I think reducing the number of eps a soap produces each year and taking breaks would fail is that soaps are very much a habitual phenomenon. Even monthly breaks just give viewers the opportunity to form other habits. Primetime shows that increase viewership despite year-long like Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones are by far the minority. Most shows (even good ones) lose significant viewership each year, and it takes a lot of marketing budget to rope viewers back in, budget that most networks wouldn’t have even with reduced production.
  17. The Devon/Hilary scene felt like such a rushed throwaway moment. They could have milked so much emotion from that reveal. There’s a part of me that thinks Devon would have kept that from Hilary given her fragile state or at least wrestled with telling her. Sex on kitchen islands? That HURTS.
  18. I can definitely see Nate being centered. That distracting little catty back-and-forth with the other doctor really foreshadowed it.
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