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  1. Still no mention of lights for evening matches:
  2. It’s crazy how good and competitive Halep/Kerber matches can be. I just wonder if Simona will have anything left in the tank for Garbiñe, who just has that sort of “I’m going to win my third Grand Slam title and try me at your own peril” game face on.
  3. My fear is that we’ll return to the depths of Pratt/MAB shock and awe. Some would argue that Mal has already gone there, but nothing he’s done has been egregious as Adam killing a child or Neil torturing Hilary or the crazy run of psychotic doppelgängers IMO. Not even the JT stuff, which was pretty poorly handled.
  4. They finally gave up on Robert Adamson, but he was given far more chances to spark than Bryton. And none of RA’s pairings were as successful as Hevon.
  5. Yeah, Y&R had like three days of sub-3.0 ratings in the most recent report, and the demos are just as abysmal. Granted, the other shows aren’t doing much better, save for DAYS with modest gains, but I can imagine the highers-up being alarmed.
  6. Oh brother. Back to that old poisoned well.
  7. GH has been wasting their *extremely charismatic* black actors for years. I wouldn’t wish that on Mishael.
  8. I know actors have a relationship with customers that some schmo toiling away at an office job doesn’t have, but I don’t know many industries where trashing your superiors in a public forum does you any favors. Doug isn’t Susan Lucci or Erika Slezak in terms of 2018 Y&R. That is, unless he knows Mal is halfway out the door, which wouldn’t be surprising given Y&R’s recent run of record ratings lows.
  9. I remember the S4 reunion being a shrill, ugly screechfest (where Andy had to tell the ladies to “shut the f*** up” in complete exasperation), and I think that led to the massacre of Alex, Cindy, Jill, and Kelly. Oddly, Luann, who was responsible for a lot of the hostility in that reunion, dodged that bullet.
  10. ^Jill’s acting in the “We can NEVER be friends!” scene was so cringe-inducing.
  11. Rafa saved by the rain AGAIN, but Schwartzman has made some brain-dead errors.
  12. As they say, Mugu does everything Maria does, just much better.
  13. Doug’s comments are so transparently self-serving. He’s retweeting all the people who want to see more Paul.
  14. I can’t imagine Mal being long for this world as Y&R EP/HW, but who knows these days? The bar could be lower now.
  15. Novak out, but he sure fought to the death in the tiebreak. Cecchinato is having a Puig-like run. Everything is working for him.
  16. “Johan face. Johan.” ”Alex was walking with VENOM!”
  17. This guy’s Nick Kyrgios impression is ON POINT! Federer: John McEnroe: A mashup of McEnroe, Murray, Nadal, Courier, Federer, and Djokovic.
  18. I hadn’t realized Tamara Tunie has a major role in the buzzy AMC show “Dietland” with Julianna Margulies.
  19. She made her brief statement and kept it moving. There’s a part of me that wished for more of a juicy discussion (à la when the ladies of “The View” are embroiled in off-camera news), but I suppose that’s all she really could say given that talks of a spinoff are still ongoing with ABC. Slightly off-topic, but Sara seems constantly irritated with Sheryl.
  20. LMAO at Diego Schwartzman getting his flirt on with umpire Marijana Veljovic.
  21. Sara is talking about the Roseanne stuff on The Talk now.
  22. Tsurenko retired two games in, so the Muguruza/Sharapova quarterfinal is set. Maria has beaten Garbiñe all three times they’ve played, including once at RG, but they haven’t played since 2014, well before her Garbiñe’s big rise.
  23. She just said she loves playing against Maria. “Her game matches so well against mine.” 😂
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