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  1. Ha. I don’t get why a lot of actors don’t train lower body. Obviously there are aesthetic benefits, but developing glutes helps tremendously with posture, which is great for an actor. Maybe having a big ass makes it harder to fit into pants (and PF is also a model)? I dunno.
  2. Lol. You’re the Ass Police, and I love it.
  3. Julie Chen is suppose to resume The Talk on Monday. This article asks what might happen to Chen as the walls close in on her powerful boss/husband. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/julie-chen-leslie-moonves-cbs-future-1202888951/ I’m angrier at our craven, cynical, clicks-and-ad driven media than I’ll ever be at the man in the Oval Office. They helped him get there, as Les Moonves so crassly said. So I take all the fake outrage from Anderson Cooper and his peers with a huge side eye. It’s the 24-hr Trump Show, they are loving it, and I certainly won’t be helping them profit from it. Speaking of $$$, I do worry about Ronan’s safety given the money at stake with these powerful people. Weinstein was on the downward slide, but Moonves is a huge scalp.
  4. Meanwhile, Ed Westwick won’t face rape charges due to “insufficient evidence,” prosecutors say. https://variety.com/2018/biz/news/ed-westwick-no-rape-charges-1202888205/
  5. What can The Talk do? It’s the elephant in the room, just like Sara and Roseanne, but this one hits FAR closer to home. Will they go into reruns, if they weren’t luckily scheduled for a summer hiatus already? Vacation for Julie Chen?
  6. Memories of Phaedra’s “rental car” shade towards Kenya at one of the reunions. (Not that Phaedra could talk from her glass house...)
  7. Oh sh!t! Now Les Moonves is in Ronan Farrow’s crosshairs. What will Julie Chen do? https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/news/leslie-moonves-accused-sexual-misconduct-ronan-farrow-expose-1130268
  8. I forgot Finn. The show has a TON of dead weight, so if they wanted to drop some of it, there are plenty of places to make cuts. I’m sure they have some data that Maurice and Steve are draws, so they are unlikely to give them up. But they don’t even have to touch them to dramatically change GH.
  9. I’m assuming you’d get rid of Carly, Sonny, Jason, Anna, Ava, Julian, Maxie, Alexis, Franco, Drew, Nina, Valentin, and their kids, which they’d have to do make room/budget for the influx. I dunno. In an ideal world, that’d sound good to me because most of the above characters are either horrid or played out. But I think ABC would cancel the show instead of doing a drastic reset.
  10. A year ago I complained that there were no go-getting ambitious men in their 30s/40s on the show. Every dude was a mopey slacker. Fast-forward to now, Scott is gone, Billy is running Jabot, Nick is starting a rival conglomerate to Newman, and Cane is running Chancellor. The problem is that none of it feels organic. All of these guys are mopey slackers. They just are. It was a tough place for the show with all these passive men in Genoa City who couldn’t really drive story.
  11. Ah ok! It’s a funny pic. Was curious. I was like, “Is that Charlize Theron in a wig with James van der Beek?”
  12. Maeve Kinkead’s bob as Vanessa was also great. The grey was a bit much, but I suppose it was freeing for her, especially if the show wasn’t using her much.
  13. I can take or leave JM. Sometimes he surprises me with his acting, like in those argument scenes with MCE/Chelsea when Graham kidnapped their son and framed Dina. But most of the time he phones it in because he’s not really given much to emote in the first place. It’s just hangdog aging frat boy “Duh” face all the time. But that’s Nick. Well, until they dusted off old Adam scripts and tried to pass them off as Nick, which doesn’t jive. He doesn’t typically frustrate me the same way Amelia Heinle does, where there’s a gap between who Victoria is supposed to be and the xanned-out performance.
  14. Yep. It’s sad. Bethenny is very funny and immediately brought energy to a flagging show with her return, but it’s not enjoyable to watch a bully constantly get away with it IMO, whether it’s Victor on Y&R or Frank Underwood on HoC or Queen B. We see it all the time in corporate America. It’s not something I like to see in my entertainment. She needs an equal, but it appears that she won’t allow that. If next season is Bethenny streamrolling over the other ladies, I’m out. Lol, yeah, I compared Bethenny to Frank Underwood, but her body count is getting up there.
  15. Come on, Bryton. Get that second Emmy. I suppose we’re lucky to get this sendoff. We were robbed of the chance to say goodbye to VR/Dru (or for Phyllis to suffer any consequences...the entire Winters family should resent the hell out of her for her part in that mess). I don’t even remember how Nathan Hastings died.
  16. There was Nurse Barbara, Sonia Satra’s crazy character on OLTL. And Erica’s nemesis Barbara on AMC. I think Holly’s mother on GL was named Barbara (edit: yes, she was). A handful. I didn’t think Linda was such a popular name, but Melissa Leo played Linda Warner on AMC and Linda Patterson was a popular DAYS character in the ‘70s and ‘80s (played by the late Margaret Mason and Elaine Princi, who had previously played Kate Winograd on the show).
  17. That’s true. Nene is jealous of Kandi’s success. But they seem to have stayed out of each other’s ways for the most part and made a shaky peace.
  18. Yeah, it’s not so much wanting Carole to stay, but there needs to be a check on Bethenny. I felt that same way when Nene’s ego grew to the size of an asteroid on ATL. There were always people who could get under Nene’s skin (Kim, Sheree, sometimes Phaedra), but they weren’t rootable figures at all. Kenya couldn’t really hang with Nene. Claudia could go toe to toe with Nene verbally, but that was *all* she brought to the show, and she came off as a one-note thirsty pest. I think Nene, since her return and some career ups and downs, is a less condescending, more likable presence now, so there isn’t as much need for a counterbalance. (That could change.) Bethenny, on the other hand, is more out of control than ever.
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