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  1. Just flagging the NOLA article, which is well worth reading.
  2. Agreed. And tribal allegiance above all else. It’s sad that the only way these politicians may pay a price is with the deaths of thousands of innocent people.
  3. OMG the recklessness. My mom is in Mississippi.
  4. Republicans are unfreakingbelievable. Hmmm...
  5. From Guadalajara, Mexico
  6. This is interesting. And true for me as well. I do listen to music at home but it was mostly something I did on my commute. Ditto for podcasts.
  7. For “daddy” fans (even though many of us have already achieved “daddydom”)
  8. From Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  9. Natalie Portman’s SNL raps will probably always be the best work she ever does.
  10. The majority of coronavirus victims in Milwaukee are African-American men.
  11. ESPN2 will a 10-hour Serena Williams marathon on Friday at 6 pm ET, including 5 Slam finals with 3 against Venus. 2017 Australian Open vs Venus 2003 Australian Open vs Venus 2002 Wimbledon vs Venus 2012 Wimbledon vs Radwanska 2012 U.S. Open vs Azarenka
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