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  1. Do we trust this show to provide the detail and psychological insight such a story would deserve? I’d trust it in the hands of Labine or Bell or Marland. Mal Young? I’m not so sure.
  2. NBC is bringing back Megyn’s Sunday night show for a spring and summer run but without a premiere date or a sense of how frequently the show will air: http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/megyn-kelly-vladimir-putin-sunday-night-newsmagazine-1202719154/
  3. LOL! You really know how to pick a reference to precisely illustrate a point.
  4. I love him. This is my favorite of his solo work:
  5. It’s a huge factor, and I suspect Black Panther will be nominated for BP and possibly other major categories next year for this very reason. However, I do think this audience erosion is largely irreversible and once live events and sports begin to collapse, it’s curtains for broadcast.
  6. I’m assuming the bigger winners (Shape, Tonya, Billboards) will take a theatrical victory lap before hitting streaming but I’ll check them out once they do. Last night’s telecast was watched by 26.5 million, the least-watched by a wide margin. I just wonder how many will tune in 10 years from now.
  7. Right. It’s tough. I’m not sure I trust MY to handle a story that would require Shakespearean skill for us to see JT as anything other than an evil jerk, especially in the #metoo era. But I’m trying to separate what’s just bad writing from what is just me being a JT fanboy.
  8. I think it’s natural to want to protect a character you like, but that’s what I’m wrestling with. Am I simply trying to protect my image of the character and not allowing him to evolve?
  9. I prefer Madonna’s version surprisingly, but this is good.
  10. This kind of behavior always bugs me on soaps. Like when characters are shocked, just shocked I tell you, when people return from the dead when it happens so often. It’s like the past never really happened.
  11. They’ve been playing up JT’s controlling behavior for the past few weeks, setting up for the inevitable I suppose... Sometimes I think we forget that actors want to show off their abilities more than “protect” their characters (an exception being Daniel Goddard, who received his best material ever which was totally in character for Cane). With soaps, viewers feel cheated when don’t witness grand character evolutions over time. It’s why Jack suddenly being attracted to men or something similar wouldn’t fly. But it’s tough to play things out over years when there’s so much behind-the-scenes turnover. Seeds planted by one writer are abandoned by the next. Still with JT, he’s been off the canvas for years, so of course we’re not going to see his evolution. Can a person change that much in a few years? Maybe. I don’t know. But it’s uncomfortable and upsetting to watch given my fondness for the character.
  12. So many recasts have ruined more than just characters, they’ve damaged shows. New producers wanting to put their stamps on their soaps will just say, “F*** your years of history. I’m going to hire my friends and mold these characters to their specific talents or lack thereof.” And it becomes this game of telephone in which the characters we knew and loved become unrecognizable through these new interpretations from different actors and writers/EPs.
  13. Does Willow Stark ever get mentioned on DAYS?
  14. I was wondering where I saw her before. Attractive couple.
  15. Totally. Leslie hosting the BET Awards last year was painful to watch. So much mugging. I saw that as someone who found Robin Williams intolerably manic even as I recognized his talent (and his impressions were often spot-on). But it’s hard out there for black comedians.
  16. It’s the same with Cardi B. Someone with a lot of natural charm and skill, but through overexposure she feels the need to play up her idiosyncrasies and top what she did before. Now she looks like a damn fool.
  17. I liked Tiffany before she became the It girl. She was extremely charming and charismatic in her interview with Jimmy Kimmel last summer. But she’s playing up her persona to the point of shrill self-parody.
  18. Agreed. KT I can’t quite see, but CH would have been fabulous.
  19. Wow. I didn’t notice this at all. How embarrassing.
  20. They love the ingenues but make the guys prove themselves before allowing them into the club.
  21. Oh God. The reaction to the Grammys from the Twitter set was hilarious. I wanted to tell them, “You do realize that this is the same Recording Academy that gave Jethro Tull an award for Best Heavy Metal album? That gave Shelby Lynne Best New Artist SIX albums into her career? And you’re still putting stock in their decisions?”
  22. Frances reminds me of a white version of one of my aunts. Fierce but with a sweet softness that peeks through. Hey, at least this ceremony ended before midnight Eastern, but it still somehow felt interminable. They really went all in on politics, but a lot of it felt forced, like Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue.
  23. Roger Deakins wins on his 14th try, and somewhere Susan Lucci waves her tiny hand and scoffs, “That’s nothing.”
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