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  1. I definitely think that’s it. We were talking about this in the ratings threads. It seemed like the strategy was to slash costs, as the plummeting ratings seemed inevitable. But now they seem like they’re scrambling to win back those lapsed viewers.
  2. Weren’t there some currently offscreen vets on that survey we took a few months ago? I remember Jill being included. Anyone else?
  3. Yeah, we heard the clamoring for Jamie Luner and Robin Christopher, but Gina almost made it work despite being a decade too young. The last episode I watched had a scene with Phyllis and Christine negotiating a deal, and I completely felt the years of bitterness and animosity between those two. She’s a fantastic actress, and, yes sometimes she goes too hard to make up for bland, generic dialogue or a lack of depth on the page. On a show where half the cast sleepwalks (basically the Newmans), a little fire is sometimes needed (and sadly sometimes stands out in a jarring way).
  4. Just send JT’s butt back to GH. They’re down a doctor now, right?
  5. “Phyllis” is trending on Twitter right now, so this is the most seismic soap casting change in a while. Seeing more folks dismayed with GT leaving than celebrating MS’s return.
  6. Given this guy’s distaste for Phyllis as she’s been written with GT in the role, I had to see what he thought:
  7. Yeah, I can defend the Labines’ OLTL, which had promising elements among the failed comedy that often bogged down their GH. Claire’s GL is much harder to defend, and I know it’s not entirely her fault. But those were some genuine WTFs.
  8. Re: Heinle. If Billy Miller also jumps ship from GH and returns, we know she’s absolutely safe beyond a shadow of a doubt. None of AH’s pairings since BM have worked, and they’ve got to be aware of that. Between the new Nate and this, sounds like they are really looking at their cast and seeing who’s working and who’s not. They’re not afraid to recast if an actor isn’t clicking but the role is needed.
  9. Wow ok. GT deserves better. I’m not a Phyllis fan regardless of who plays her, but I recognize she’s a pivotal character on the canvas that Sony has built over the past 20 years. MS does embody the character, and now they can play more of the history. But the tics. GT has her share of affectations, but MS takes the cake. I do agree Jason Thompson is a marked man with this news. Preach. I think if this next pairing bombs, they may consider it.
  10. JER had free rein to put his most depraved fantasies on network TV while we’ve struggled to have even the most vanilla depictions of same-sex relationships on soaps in the years since. He certainly was equal opportunity in his debauched vision, though.
  11. I vaguely remember this because I wasn’t watching regularly then, but, man, if there’s a hell for writers, Brad Bell has a lot of [!@#$%^&*] to answer for.
  12. This site doesn’t like the IG embeds lately.
  13. Why is Steve so RED? Laura’s preggers, I’m assuming?
  14. FAA choked away two sets to Isner apparently (dude’s 18, so I’ll give him a pass), but this is a key tweet:
  15. I think DD (and EB) orchestrated a lot of that “fan dissatisfaction” (retweeting complaints ad nauseum, etc) whereas others never really corralled their followers in the same, persistent way.
  16. I used to love BE so much. So talented and charismatic. But I suppose you could say something similar happened to other ingenues. It’s a hard road. Do we know of any confirmed same-sex real-life soap pairings? We’ve all heard the rumored ones.
  17. Josh finally speaks. I suppose they’re finally flushing the vestiges of Mal Young out of their system, so now he can fully take ownership of the show. It’s so funny how Lauren almost always figures prominently at the beginning of a new regime, only to be shoved aside unceremoniously after a few weeks.
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