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  1. I much preferred Stafford (at the time), but Sandra was an ok recast. How good did everyone look in that episode? Faces beat to the gods, flattering lighting...
  2. I think this is my favorite LLB look. She’s gorgeous with that shorter hair.
  3. Again, I think the Labines thought they were so whimsical and hilarious, and their attempts at comedy always fell flat. I say that as having idolized Claire and even sending her fan letters at one point. I felt like the Nora story and Todd and the bird were just so cringeworthy.
  4. Ah yes. Leah Laiman. Now that’s an “Oh dear” in and of itself.
  5. I’m more impressed that the bottom didn’t completely fall out in the demos. We all know Y&R has a devoted older audience.
  6. Sheila/Lauren deserve a whole week of their own. I’d be happy with a week of Lauren imprisoned in the farmhouse with Sheila’s mother.
  7. Didn’t we have a year of Passanante before the Labines took over? I feel like Michael Malone’s era had petered out significantly toward the end of his run. He was responsible for the “Brown Penny” stupidity.
  8. Is this the first full week of Y&R/B&B classics? Curious what people’s expectations were.
  9. She’s got the confidence. I like the queens this season for the most part, but she’s head and shoulders above the competition. I run hot and cold with Crystal, but she is super creative with makeup.
  10. He was *gorgeous* but total deer in the highlights. He was *gorgeous* but total deer in the highlights.
  11. I loved BE as Ashley too, but Eileen is such an idiosyncratic performer who put her stamp on the role. It’s hard not to see her as definitive.
  12. Peter Barton is the blandest bland who ever blanded. Sheila repeating “God I love you so much” is chilling. Those are the private moments I miss from Y&R. I didn’t want to jinx it by asking, “Will we get a full episode?” But here’s Governor Murphy.
  13. And now Novak and Maria Sharapova are doing a Live.
  14. Governor Murphy! F***! Loved Nikki sitting up in that coffin and smirking as Victor rejected Ashley.
  15. Dennis Haysbert looking fine and with that exquisite voice.
  16. Venus and Naomi are doing an IG Live workout now.
  17. From Kfar Saba, Israel
  18. And yet daytime doubled, tripled, quadrupled down on the charisma-free Brian Gaskill.
  19. Heavenly stays calling people fat while not exactly being a size zero herself.
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