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  1. Oy. Just going back to Kei briefly. Yes, he has a size disadvantage. But there are far too many times when he’s in full command of a match, goes off to La La Land mentally and puts himself in a hole, and has to dig himself out of it. And he often does dig himself out of it. The problem is, you do that a few too many times, your body pays the price. I always say to myself, you had the energy and stamina to fight back and win a five-setter. If you had remained mentally engaged throughout, you wouldn’t have to consistently do that. It’s primarily a mental thing with him.
  2. So. Many. Errors. I think he could do it, but things would definitely have to line up for him. I will say I give Borna credit for staying with Roger in this third set so far. He hasn’t completely imploded. OK, Borna, you GOTTA hold serve.
  3. Yeah. With Roger’s game today, if he were playing an in-form Wawrinka or even Thiem, not even mentioning another Big Four member, they would have won in straight sets. Let’s hope Borna can regroup, but I suspect Fed will rout him like he did Chung. Wait, Coric already broke?
  4. Ugh. Bad time for Coric’s serve to go off. When Federer smells blood, he pounces.
  5. He’s playing with such control and maturity.
  6. OMG. My heart is beating so fast. I can only imagine how Borna was feeling down 0-40.
  7. When did Borna become such a servebot?
  8. !!! Hope he holds it together.
  9. I wasn’t talking about them from a career perspective, just from how they are playing now with their respective current physical limitations. Of course, Venus is much more accomplished. No one can take away Venus’s seven GS titles. Whoa, did Coric just take a set on Fed?!
  10. I actually thought Venus was surprisingly demonstrative last night (slamming her racquet on the ground in frustration, groaning loudly at mishits, etc). You could tell she really wanted it and was angry with herself for those momentary lapses. That was a winnable match for her, even though Dasha played well. I knew if it went three sets, the odds were in Dasha’s favor, but Venus was soo close. I love Venus too, and I really wanted her to win. But it’s like how I feel with Kei Nishikori. Wonderful player with lots of potential, but he’s a bit fragile, and he exacerbates situations with these lapses, letting his opponents back into the match. He’s a great defender and often fights back to 3-5 set wins, but at the business end of a tournament, he’s out of gas. He doesn’t manage his energy that well. Here’s the difference with Federer. If his opponent shows the least bit of vulnerability, Federer puts his foot on the guy’s neck, even when Fed’s not at his best. He just has such awareness, and he also knows he’s no longer 25. Dasha had moments of vulnerability too. I love that we’re still seeing Venus play at an elite level after all she’s been through. Maybe it’s a bit greedy to want her holding the big trophies again. She IS capable of it.
  11. I think she’s playing great. But every time she’s close to a trophy, there’s just something that can’t get her over the line these days, which is why I’m wondering if it’s fatigue. I fell asleep before Halep/Osaka, but wow. After how Naomi handled Pliskova and now Halep, I think she’s going to be a handful for Dasha. Sascha has really helped Naomi develop rather quickly.
  12. Ugh. Why does Venus always have to make things so hard for herself? She had been playing so beautifully and was two points away from taking Dasha out. So angry. She could have won this *entire* tournament. Is it just fatigue? She has come so close in so many tournaments over the past couple of years.
  13. This Venus/Kasatkina match is BANANAS.
  14. Wow, now that you say it... And Pouille debuts in the Top 10 on Monday. I know he’s won a title and made two other finals so far this year, but his Indian Wells performance was less than stellar. Yet there’s a vacuum at the top of the game, and Federer’s partying like it’s 2004-07. Maybe Andy Roddick should come out of retirement...
  15. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Hey, for whatever reason, HBO likes being in the Lena Dunham business, so unless the show really tanks, he’ll get at least 2-3 seasons out of it and something to pad the resume. Then again, it could be disastrous, and he’ll be back in the U.K. where he’ll get steady work until he croaks...
  16. Yeah. It’s sad because she seems very nice, and she’s talented. Just could use a bit of a makeover.
  17. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    David Tennant has signed on to play Jennifer Garner’s husband in Camping, the new HBO comedy from Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner. (The show itself is a remake of the Julia Davis Britcom.) After some false starts with the never-aired NBC pilot and the failed Broadchurch remake, Tennant is finally making inroads into American TV between this and Jessica Jones. http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/david-tennant-joins-jennifer-garner-in-new-hbo-comedy.html
  18. Ha. I always thought CSN resembled Alfred E. Neuman from Mad magazine. In any case, I’m glad Venus is still in great form. She looked totally out of sorts at that MSG match and her form late last year was not up to standard. I see Raonic got past Querrey. I normally thought Milos was just a servebot, but I saw things in the Sousa match that looked promising. EDIT: I heard Querrey choked the match away. Here’s to hoping that Coric has a gear that can test Roger. I dunno. I don’t think Fed looks invincible. Chung had him going for a while but collapsed in the 2nd set. As others have said, if Chung works on his subpar serve, I think he could get multiple Slam titles. Man, that was a lethargic first set for Delpo against Kohlschreiber.
  19. I understood. And Buzz was Frank Sr., so you were correct in any case. 😜
  20. Murphy’s son Avery has been cast: http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/lady-birds-jake-mcdorman-to-play-murphy-browns-son.html?utm_campaign=vulture&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=s1
  21. Did Harley and Lucy ever interact? I thought there might have been overlap before Harley left with Mallet. No one ever thought to bring Lucy back after she was gone, even to play sibling rivalry with Harley, and good riddance. But it was just so obvious that she was just a stand-in daughter for Buzz. She had that obnoxious baby voice, and of course, I was pissed that TPTB decided to play Lucy/Alan-Michael instead of Gilly/Alan-Michael. I loathed Sonia Satra on GL, but I was surprised at how little I minded her on OLTL as crazy Barbara. Another bland actress who benefited from playing a psycho.
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