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  1. Some more people if you’re still interested: Rena Sofer Signy Coleman Helen Gallagher Ana Alicia Michael Fairman Wesley Addy Grant Show Christopher Durham
  2. I posted them in the nominations thread.
  3. Just not a fan of the actress or the character, but good point.
  4. I actually thought they might give it to NLG.
  5. Yeah, Maura won two as Carly (ATWT) and one as Ava.
  6. Still no actress of color to win Lead Actress and I believe Debbi Morgan is the only one to be nominated (three times).
  7. Abe at Theo’s bedside when he woke up made me cry buckets, so yay to him.
  8. I thought so. She has done enough marvelous work since to deserve several more. I think her work during the reveal of Scott/Abby could be enough for next year if AH doesn’t take it.
  9. I was pulling for Marla, but honestly when those Mariah scenes aired last year, CG had this locked up.
  10. This makes me appreciate televised award shows, which seem tight and fast-paced compared to this.
  11. Wow to Rome. He was surprisingly good in those scenes, but I thought Casey had this in the bag.
  12. That would be amazing. And would make Lily off limits to boot.
  13. Just one of those euphemisms that make me giggle. But it’s appropriate.
  14. I love the word “urban.” He’s pretty hot. Dug a bit deeper in his Instagram and sweet sassy molassy. But yeah he’ll get a drive-by storyline, and it’ll be on to the next brutha.
  15. He still looked good to me at the end of this clip. Older and plumper as expected for a fortysomething but still impressive. https://tennischanneleverywhere.com/watch/jared-nba-debate-round-3 The boyfriend is stunning, but is probably several years younger and has more melanin.
  16. JMG? He was shirtless in the one clip I saw. JMG and his apparent partner Malek Alqadi.
  17. My patience and goodwill are running thin with this show.
  18. I was reading Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers bio of Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner, but I keep getting sidetracked by other work projects. A pretty decent read so far.
  19. Lol. I need to see if he addresses that on “My Tennis Life.” I totally doubt it, but I want to see... EDIT: They totally don’t mention it as I expected. Those videos would be not at all worth watching if not for the gratuitous JMG eye candy.
  20. Yeah. Not to make excuses for Ron, as he can do bad by himself, but he has a lot of things working against him.
  21. The guy’s got a temper. At least he didn’t get all Jared Donaldson and have a tantrum.
  22. I think he knew he should have won that match. We’ve seen antics from Grigor before (the Istanbul final with Schwartzman) that are OOC.
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