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  1. Tobias Menzies (Outlander, Game of Thrones, etc) is the new Prince Philip. http://deadline.com/2018/03/the-crown-tobias-menzies-prince-philip-matt-smith-netflix-1202354968/ He is an *incredible* actor. He and Olivia Colman together will be special.
  2. Yeah, he’s only made it past the third round at one of the clay Masters twice. But who knows in this current field? You have folks like Krajinovic making deep runs in tournaments.
  3. He has semifinal points from Rome, Cincinnati, and Paris from last year he has yet to defend, but I dunno.
  4. Chung is giving this match away. But Isner’s rise says more about the vacuum that exists at the top of the ATP than it does about his play.
  5. Sheesh. No bueno. Chung is gonna have to do a complete reset after that terrible first set against Isner. I haven’t seen him play that badly (uninjured) in a while.
  6. Natalie Minardi Slater (alongside Janice Ferri Esser) has somehow weathered the storm of all of those regime changes. She should have a lot of institutional knowledge Mal can draw upon.
  7. Between this and the respectable ratings of the AI reboot, Channing Dungey has likely bought herself a couple more years atop ABC. EDIT: Forgot to mention The Good Doctor. Yeah, people on social media are definitely trying to co-opt the show for shallow political purposes that are at odds with what’s on screen. I have seen a few conservatives claim that it’s portraying liberal caricatures of conservatives.
  8. W&G’s premiere got a 3.0 demo rating, which I thought was huge at the time.
  9. Those are astonishing ratings in this day and age. Well, the reboot/return trend will continue with renewed zeal...
  10. For all of Kyrgios’s talent, he makes some dumb shot selections.
  11. A seemingly injured Kyrgios is handing this set to Zverev. I wonder if he’ll simply retire from this match.
  12. The show does feel extra laugh-tracky, like a show within a show. EDIT: That was actually better than I thought it would be. Everyone settled back into the rhythms of the old show so quickly. And the political stuff was handled relatively organically. Those first two episodes were great. They really captured what was fantastic about the show at its peak. And Sara Gilbert was the MVP.
  13. I know a lot of people hate how Ashley is behaving right now, but I just find Victoria’s behavior in the past few weeks repulsive. It’s hard for me to feel badly for her, aside from her getting strangled by her fiancé.
  14. Berdych played a shocking tiebreaker and lost in three. Tiafoe is currently on court with his next match against Kevin Anderson. This Shapovalov kid is good for 18. But then he goes and serves disastrously in his final game.
  15. What don’t you like about Tiafoe? Just curious. He seems to have more potential than his American next-gen peers.
  16. Oh I remember that scene. It was romantic (which is what I expected here) as opposed to lustful.
  17. I was wondering. No one’s expecting anything risqué, but the way they promoted it I was thinking we’d see something along of the lines of Chabby love scenes or Brady and whomever he’s schtupping.
  18. Love seeing Sloane methodically exposing Kerber’s weaknesses.
  19. Jack to Nikki about Arturo: “You were smart to get into bed with that one.”
  20. Re: Will/Paul. Is that it? Will this be continued tomorrow?
  21. I guess. I can just imagine Sara Gilbert thinking to herself, “Damn, this is how you guys are running things over here?”
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