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  1. “Into the Night” (and its video) is super creepy, though, even if it’s a great vocal performance. That said, I don’t really hear it that much anymore.
  2. Sad. He was a large part of my childhood, especially with Mama’s Family. May he Rest In Peace.
  3. Everyone’s snatching up IP like crazy. I’m surprised we haven’t heard of a new Dark Shadows reboot. That seems like a no-brainer even with the failed movie franchise.
  4. ESPN has given up on tennis, yeah. The season is over, and perhaps outlets simply don’t care if it’s not about a name like Federer or Serena? I know Wertheim won’t cover it for SI because of his TC employment. Still, it’s a bad look for journalists to not even seriously engage the story.
  5. You’d think the current cultural climate would force TC’s hand on this, as more powerful people have been fired for less recently. But Sinclair owns TC, so you never know.
  6. This is getting ridiculous. Why is the Telegraph the only major outlet covering this story? They’ve had a steady stream of information, a lot of it publicly available. Ben Rothenberg says that the NYT assigned it to another reporter, but nada on any of the recent developments. Unless they are planning a bigger piece requiring further research, this is gobsmacking.
  7. Y&R is already doing a hatchet job on Loren Lott/Ana. I remember having that conversation in college with a budding filmmaker friend about how to light a darker-skinned actor in a scene filled with white people. It’s something most crew don’t even bother to account for.
  8. Even Lamon Archey, who is stunning. Somehow the puffiness below his eyes is super pronounced on DAYS. I never noticed it as much on Y&R or in recent photos.
  9. I get why Chandler’s look is appealing: the white, gawky good ol’ boy with the gym body is a thing. But in addition to the wardrobe fails, he looks tired all of the time, like he’s just off a bender. But I find a lot of the DAYS guys look a little haggard, even the ones who are “objectively” pretty.
  10. What’s very weird is that there are *so* many little stories happening all over the show, but it’s all written so poorly and shallowly and with characters no one gives a sh!t about. (This is the 2018 version of an overstuffed Marland soap, written by people without a tenth of his talent, backed by a network and production who are like “whatevs,” and it sucks.) The day-to-day scripts make Mal’s dreadful Y&R feel like Claire Labine. It’s really that bad. Maura managed to partially rescue some very weak writing.
  11. Felt like Noemi Gonzalez/Mia was somehow on more than that. (Not questioning the numbers, and I didn’t watch all month to know one way or another, but her presence simply feels overwhelming.)
  12. Thanks! That’s the most Rena’s had in a while, right? Lol at Aaron Spears near the top when he’s playing a budget Douglas Austin.
  13. Updated with statement Why is the Telegraph the only major outlet other than the initial LAT report to really cover this? Tennis journalism continues to disappoint.
  14. In spite of Maura’s extravagant anguish, this show is....ugh. Not good.
  15. Speaking of W&G, disastrous ratings last night for a new episode. A 0.6 to Murphy Brown’s 0.8. I’m sure they gain some with delayed viewing, but still. https://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tv-ratings-thursday-nov-29-2018/
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