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  1. The dialogue for JT is great. He really knows how to emotionally manipulate Victoria.
  2. Gutsy win from PCB. He could have totally collapsed.
  3. He was melting down for a while, Anderson. But PCB just imploded. He seems to be hanging in there in the third.
  4. Laughable choke by PCB serving for the match with two match points, even though he was cheated of a point.
  5. Vika at it again. I want to like her, but she always pulls some diva bullish!t to try to throw off her opponent. LOL!
  6. I like Mary Joe and Rennae a lot, but he’s just an absolute fool. UGH, Sloane, just hold serve.
  7. To me, it’s currently the only show that interests me in the slightest, but it is the soap I’ve been watching the longest so I’m biased. It’s not Bill Bell’s show at all, but it’s watchable.
  8. You know who’s annoying? Patrick McEnroe.
  9. How are we defining “soap”? Does it need to be five days a week/multiple times a week all year round? Multigenerational core families in a community? Female point of view? Melodramatic? No definite endpoint? I’m asking because a lot of dramas and sitcoms have “soapy” elements, and perhaps they are sufficient to scratch people’s itch for long term visual storytelling.
  10. I haven’t been watching the match (because work) but looks like Vika is dominating Sloane. EDIT: Sloane is making a comeback.
  11. Oh I haven’t seen him in a while. Eddie from a couple seasons ago...
  12. Not gonna lie. Eddie and David Beador would make a hot couple.
  13. Yeah. Gotta hand it to Raonic. He pushed Delpo. Made him dig deep for the win.
  14. Del Potro just gave me quite a scare going over that barrier. Miami fans are the WORST.
  15. Yikes. Del Potro totally out of sorts, double-faults, and hands Raonic the first set.
  16. Yeah, I saw. Heh. And Venus exits. She was classy in defeat as usual. She just didn’t have any answers for Collins today. I think those early matches in which she conceded early leads and had to dig out of holes didn’t help. Even if she had managed to escape, she wouldn’t have had enough in the tank for Ostapenko or Vika/Sloane.
  17. Again, watching Venus like this can be frustrating as a fan. I wish she’d swallow her pride and ask David Witt to come down. It’s a tool at your disposal outside the Slams to win matches. Use it.
  18. It’s not often that you see real tears on a sitcom, but Gilbert did it twice.
  19. If Danielle Collins has a major breakthrough here, the American tennis media will push her HARD. Much more than they ever pushed Madison or Sloane... I’m gonna need Venus to handle business and put the upstart in her place. Venus is letting this girl get away with powderpuff second serves.
  20. Roseanne adjusted up to a 5.2 in the final ratings. http://tvbythenumbers.zap2it.com/daily-ratings/tuesday-final-ratings-march-27-2018/ Interview with ABC head Channing Dungey about last night’s ratings and the possibility of a fall launch for the next season.
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