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  1. If rumors of Mal’s tyrannical management style are true, Sara might not be that empowered.
  2. I listened to the DC podcast maybe a year ago, and the audio quality was still so bad. It’s the late 2010s, and it sounded like an AM radio station with a fading signal. And he was still banging on about Ron on DAYS and praising the “Black Lives Matter” story like it was a groundbreaking achievement. The cynical part of me always thought Jamey was using the positive DC coverage to land himself a writing gig on one of his preferred shows.
  3. I’ve seen him on TC doing interviews, but I’ve never seen him on Live. Only Annacone, Chanda, Jim Courier, Tracy, or Lindsay with Brett, Steve, or Mary moderating. But I don’t watch all the time. He’s attractive. TC absolutely should make a statement. Justin has gotten away with so much over the years. I wonder why they feel such a need to protect him. He’s expendable. Maybe he knows where the bodies are buried.
  4. The guy on the right is 🔥
  5. Is Prakash Amritraj filling in for Gimelstob on TC in light of the arrest? Prakash is certainly more pleasant to look at.
  6. DWTS isn’t cancel-worthy, no, but it’s also not build-an-entire-night-around-this either. These shows don’t DVR well so they aren’t getting much of a boost. They definitely need to rethink how many cycles they air per season and when.
  7. In a perfect world, if they can’t bring back Debbi or Tonya Lee full-time, they can at least hire them to pop in every now and then like Beth Maitland or Jess Walton.
  8. And/or Harmony since she’ll have not one but two kids on canvas. To your point, though, Olivia might be better because Nate needs more shoring up than the other Winters/Barber characters. He’s a disaster thus far. So unlikable. Needs a lot of fleshing out and dimension (unlikely under Mal but still).
  9. Danny from the New Orleans cast has revealed his HIV+ status. He was diagnosed in 2011.
  10. The dialogue on this show is sooo bad most of the time. I know it’s rarely been this show’s strength, but man. Talk about phoning it in, scriptwriters.
  11. Zeljko Krajan, the Croatian Davis Cup coach, is kind of DILF, musclebear hot:
  12. I’ll just wait patiently for the Michael Mmoh snaps.
  13. Speaking of corruption in tennis...
  14. All these new sets are either garishly tacky (that orange Dark Horse monstrosity) or nondescript/cheap-looking.
  15. This guy is so handsome.
  16. I wanted Devon/Abby with Rylan in the role. I don’t feel the same connection with Ordway, but they’d make more sense together than Devon/Mariah. About time they updated the opening. Half the cast hasn’t been featured in it.
  17. These (ugly) new sets feel incredibly wasteful. I feared a Devon and Shauna bangfest, so if she goes, great. Still not sure what role Ana will play.
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