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  1. A somewhat uncomfortable NYT interview with most of the Arrested Development cast in which Jessica Walter tearfully confirms that Jeffrey Tambor verbally abused her on set. Tambor takes his licks, and Jason Bateman, David Cross, and Tony Hale come to his defense, which isn’t going over well on social media. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/05/23/arts/television/arrested-development-netflix-interview-jeffrey-tambor.html Looks like Jason Bateman is having his Matt Damon moment. Also, Moses Farrow defends Woody Allen and alleges some very alarming physical and emotional abuse from Mia Farrow. I realize his assertions aren’t new, but these are the first I’ve read in this level of harrowing detail. http://mosesfarrow.blogspot.com/2018/05/a-son-speaks-out-by-moses-farrow.html?m=1
  2. This show needs a B-story. I’m sure viewers would take a silly sideshow about Crazy Pam competing in a bake-off at this point.
  3. Oh dear. At least it’s not Kristen Alderson as many feared.
  4. Ditto. There have been couples I’ve enjoyed in TV series (like Mallet/Harley on GL or Victor/Hope on Y&R when I was a kid or couples with undeniable sexual chemistry like Max/Gabrielle on OLTL), but it’s very rarely what draws me to a show. Parent/child or friendship bonds are always more compelling to me.
  5. I had been wondering why he’d been severely underperforming this past clay season, and this may explain the utterly lackluster performance against Isner in Miami.
  6. “L.A. to Vegas” has been cancelled, so Kim Matula is free again.
  7. Kitty and Robert; Kevin and Scotty; Justin and Rebecca (Brothers and Sisters) - Just deeply, deeply unlikable characters and boring couples with repetitive and predictable problems. Such a bad show with a promising premise and good actors.
  8. He is getting dragged up and down the street for this. This clip is hard to watch because I don’t think there are two more obnoxious people than Andy and Jenny McCarthy.
  9. I was reminded of that absolutely epic Bronson Pinchot interview with AV Club years ago in which he goes IN on Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington. But he spoke a lot about his time on PS and how rough it was, how his relationship with Mark-Linn Baker was initially rocky but became a very deep bond. It is one of the most honest interviews I’ve certainly ever read from a celebrity. https://www.avclub.com/bronson-pinchot-1798218088
  10. It sort of serves Sascha right to have his match unravel due to a rain delay today. It was ridiculous that he didn’t get a time warning and racquet abuse violation during the Goffin match. Halep is the also-ran again this year. Svitolina has looked amazing, but how many times has she looked “amazing” only to tank in Slams?
  11. Thank you, Simona Halep!
  12. That stuck out for me as well. He said it completely unironically.
  13. Cady McClain Ingo Rademacher Cynthia Watros Jeffrey Vincent Parise Priscilla Garita Todd McKee
  14. Great match between Kei and Novak. Kei’s level dropped considerably from that dominant first set, but that third set was an intense battle. Glad to see Novak putting together some solid wins. Not sure if he’s serving well enough to beat Rafa, but at least the fire is back. I knew Ostapenko wouldn’t be steady enough to defeat a tenacious Maria. Not sure who has a better shot of taking out Maria, Halep or Garcia, but both have recent wins after her after nothing but losses.
  15. The Shick reunion is definitely going warp speed. It just feels like they didn’t know what else to do with them. I can understand Jack being very, very upset about learning his late father wasn’t really his dad. It’s not an insignificant development that he’d shake off and laugh about. But this self-flagellation with Jack all bruised up and drinking is too much. And I do wonder why they haven’t included more John Abbott flashbacks.
  16. @Toups, if it’s not too much trouble, do you have the median ages for this week?
  17. Nishikori beat the brakes off Kohlschreiber. Didn’t expect him to be so dominant in that matchup. Djokovic is having trouble closing out Ramos-Vinolas. It’s sad that, if he gets over the line, he’ll have to meet Nishikori in the quarterfinals. They’ll knock the f*** out of each other, softening each other up to be easy pickings for Rafa. But somewhat encouraging signs from both. Sad that Del Potro is seemingly injured. Hope he recovers for RG. The Zverev-Edmund TB looked epic. Sascha held his ground, though. Meh, Sharapova. Can someone get this girl together in Serena’s absence? Not sure Ostapenko is the one to do it.
  18. For those who watch the commercials during RuPaul’s Drag Race:
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