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  1. I think that was the first Daytime Emmys I watched live. ATWT won Best Drama without winning anything else? What a darker (in color) ceremony than the previous year’s. The clip selections were terrible (especially if they were going to show so little of them). OT: What was the emergency that took Finola back to London? And man, Peter Bergman can cry at the drop of a hat, especially when mentioning his wife. I suppose that’s a... nice quality?
  2. Notes on that: Loved Kim kissing each of the GL writers as they walked to the stage (although it freaks me out in this post-COVID world). Her acceptance speech was wonderful (“I love to chew the scenery”), and her clip was the best of that bunch. She did indeed come back one day. Forgot that A Martinez won that year. What an eccentric show Santa Barbara was. I sort of agree with JFP that it would be a great show to bring back in some form, if only because offbeat works these days. Holy sh!t. Fiona Hutchison’s outfit. They showed Michelle Forbes as the background when Julia Barr won. KSJ, Kin Shriner, and Stephen Schnetzer were GORGEOUS. Cady McClain knows how to bring the melodrama in her Emmy speeches. Her speech when she won for ATWT years later made me uncomfortable. Edit: I watched her ATWT win, and she was actually very composed. She’s just a bit off-putting for me. That little Andy Kavovit had swag. Sad for little Bryan Buffinton. Must be sad to lose when you’re one of two in your category. Not a good year for Y&R. Terry Lester seemed so happy with the SB crew.
  3. I think the timing of soaps‘ decline was unfortunate (That excerpt from Elana Levine’s book dates it to 1984, but let’s say 1999 was when daytime really divested, as that was the last year a new soap was launched). They couldn’t hold out until a new platform could support a lasting transformation (AMC/OLTL were tantalizingly close). As of now, we’re stuck with the remaining soaps operating at a much lower frequency, with no real purpose, basically on to fill time, while all these other TV genres have spent the last few decades plundering all of daytime’s conventions, reaping the benefits, and executing them with style and production values. When my younger colleagues talk about the shows they watch, I can barely keep up. And a few of my co-workers are former soap viewers (one 30-something is a RHOBH watcher who grew up loving Lisa Rinna as Billie on DAYS). That daytime still exists is barely on their radars. But they sure love Little Fires Everywhere.
  4. Interesting reorganization of the Primetime forum with the streaming services integrated. I do wonder why Fox and FX/Hulu are bunched together when the latter two have been shuttled off to Disney.
  5. When you watch the older episodes and how sumptuous and timelessly produced they were (and in a lot of ways far more modern actually), you can only think, how boneheaded! But these people were looking at all the wrong things to blame for a stagnant and gutted show. As deluded as she is, her BTS perspective on soaps is invaluable (from its pop culture peak to its lowest of lows, which she helped precipitate). I’ll make time to listen, and thanks for the recap, @BetterForgotten.
  6. I do wonder if CBS would consider another daytime game show, considering the success of LMAD. Maybe female-hosted...
  7. I would bet on Jaida. She’s more consistent, professional, and well-rounded than Gigi and Crystal. Jackie was robbed. I would have loved to see her compete. She offered such a fun, unique perspective, and I thought her lip syncs were fabulous. Like Michelle said, she was Gilda Radner. It’s all shameful because Sherry, in spite of being a disgusting creep and an awful human being, was very talented. (That save when she flubbed her line in the one-woman show: “I just had a horrible stroke and none of you did anything about it!” Hilarious.)
  8. It’s interesting, though. The delayed viewing bumps are pretty small in the A18-49 demos. A lot of primetime series more than double their Live+SameDay in Live+7 in that demo (which allows for apples-to-apples comparisons), and GH leads here with only a 24% boost. I’m sure streaming adds some for the soaps, but it’s pretty much WYSIWYG in those weekly numbers Toups posts. Granted, most delayed soap viewers likely DVR during the day and watch when they get home from work (still SD), as opposed to primetime viewers, who will watch on weekends. And yes I don’t know how The Talk survives on those numbers. I suppose they are saving a lot of $$$$ with these janky Zoom episodes.
  9. Ugh. I hope they give her a slot in the finale with Sherry disqualified.
  10. This show’s choices for repeats are soooooo uninspired. I can’t be bothered.
  11. Dorinda goes harder with Tinsley than Bethenny did with Kelly Bensimon (bringing out “the heavy artillery against the fly”). The difference is Crazy Kelly deserved it for gratuitously picking fights. Tinsley may not be forthcoming or transparent, but Dorinda is doing waaaaay too much. But that’s a deeper issue that has nothing to do with Tins.
  12. I’m so glad Tonya Lee Williams gave us that gift of a quote.
  13. Constant writer turnover can really destroy the foundations of a soap. Bad enough to have one horrid writer dismantle all that had preceded. Of course, it’s good that some things are forgotten, a la Eddie Winslow Winters.
  14. Ok I don’t want to laugh at that, but that’s just sad and embarrassing. Oh Winters Wednesdays...
  15. Funny Reddit post that echoes a lot of what’s said here (edit: too long to embed): https://www.reddit.com/r/realhousewives/comments/gjsebz/kyle_failing_hard_at_trying_to_be_new_lvp/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
  16. Certainly 1991 and ‘92 Bev could have won. 1993 had Linda Dano (winner) and Ellen Dolan (off the rape story), who were both strong, but she could have had a shot any year. She was the best. Those early ‘90s Supporting Actress races were stacked. Especially ‘94 with Maureen, Signy Coleman, Sharon Wyatt, and Susan Haskell (the winner).
  17. That’s the thing I don’t like about this show. While I know the “Game of Thrones” exists on all the series to some degree, the BH ladies feel so cold and Machiavellian. Like they’d easily sell each other down the river under the right circumstances.
  18. As much as Michael Zaslow was underappreciated aside from his much-deserved win, Beverlee McKinsey was not once even nominated for playing Alex after being nominated four times in a row for playing Iris on AW. Talk about absurdity. Friggin’ Marj got nominated for playing Alex. I guess they put all their eggs in the Kim Zimmer basket, which paid off with three Emmys from 1985-90.
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