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  1. We should have the mods merge this thread with the one in the CBS section, but Ving Rhames has joined the cast. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/live-feed/ving-rhames-star-cbs-cagney-lacey-reboot-1095545#click=https://t.co/SCdygEPdWF
  2. That is a fascinating article, @ReddFoxx. Thank you for sharing that.
  3. I dunno. Winsor as Thorsten Kaye’s *little* brother would be pushing it. That aside, Ingo would have been better as a new character. Agreed.
  4. Surprisingly Lauren-heavy for a show that couldn’t give two effs about her... It’s always a shame when recasts mean certain parts of a show’s history are tossed aside (Terry Lester, Brenda Dickson, Heather Tom), but we’ll have to see how they handle it all next week.
  5. Because they performed it on “The Voice” tonight...
  6. I’m just going to leave this here because this sh!t is BONKERS
  7. I see the security head just resigned from Facebook. They’re having nearly as bad of a week as Trump.
  8. That is a meh draw for sure. I don’t get Novak’s thinking, but Schwartzman will be a good test to see where his game is. He does need match play. Nishikori and Kyrgios are also playing, I see.
  9. Yep. With the ratings tanking, I suspect we’re going to see some other big cuts as others have said.
  10. How about... Dorothy Lyman Morgan Fairchild Colleen Dion John Wesley Shipp Anthony Addabbo (RIP) Brian Gaskill (ugh) Charles Grant Rick Hearst Warren Burton A Martinez Jon Lindstrom Susan Brown Virginia Dwyer I think all of the above had at least five soaps in their individual careers. I know it’s quite a list, but if it’s still fun for you...choose which ones you like. Thanks for your work here!
  11. That’s my guess too. The possibility of a Nadal-less RG might be tempting, but I think Fed is smarter than that. The interesting thing: if the Big Five are either skipping or still recovering from injury and Thiem isn’t 100 percent, who becomes the favorite at RG? Delpo? Chung? PCB?
  12. Ugh. Thanks. I suppose ESPN had a hard out on their linear channel. I think Roger’s always going to be a threat in this depleted field, but I am curious as to how he’ll schedule clay season. He’s had an amazing 2018, but he was showing major wear and tear during the North American hardcourt season last year. And that was without playing a single match on clay. He knows his body better than anyone else, but every year he’s on the tour and playing deep into tournaments, he’s going to have to make some difficult choices. This might be his last best shot at a second Roland Garros, but what will he sacrifice down the line if he decides to play the French? Miami ladies main draw. Azarenka plays Cici Bellis, and Bethanie Mattek-Sands plays her first match back against Cornet:
  13. Absolutely. I don’t root for Roger, but his matches are dazzling displays when he’s tested. I always get annoyed with the loudly partisan crowds who follow RF, but Delpo handled it well.
  14. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    I haven’t, but I heard great things about CM in it.
  15. That was an amazing match. When Fed broke to go up 5-4 in the third, I thought it was over. But just like when La La Land “won” the Oscar, something told me, “Keep watching. There’s a twist ahead.” Thank heavens I did. Thrilled for this guy! Absolutely thrilled at his guts and belief. Lame that ESPN didn’t air the trophy ceremony unless I missed something. Interesting stat:
  16. Osaka’s prize for winning Indian Wells? Serena in the first round of Miami.
  17. Just a random aside: I didn’t realize Delpo and Nick Kyrgios have never played an ATP match. I know Delpo was injured during much of Nick’s rise (and somehow Nick had never played Novak until last year), but that’s a match I’d like to see.
  18. Of the main cast, I’d put Sharon Case and Gina up there with Eileen. If we’re adding recurring, Marla and Beth.
  19. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    I just find her career trajectory fascinating. It’d be like Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears taking a detour through an admittedly somewhat campy sci-fi/fantasy series and somehow ending up as a young Colleen Dewhurst within a few years.
  20. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Billie Piper is making her NYC theater debut and the Times interviews her about going from pop star to DW to becoming one of Britain’s most respected stage actresses.
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