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  1. She’s British, so she just needs to play Sophie Okonedo’s sister or daughter in something.
  2. Between Keith Flint from Prodigy apparently taking his own life and this, it’s been a rough day for people who were icons when I was coming of age. Both so young.
  3. Lots of angry tweets like this today (can’t watch):
  4. And, again, what was the point of bringing Maya back having split with Rick offscreen if they weren’t going to use her? Why not just sail them off into the sunset together? So many WTF dropped stories on this show.
  5. That’s the thing: people often say that Y&R was like a bunch of a spheres that often didn’t mix. But within those spheres, relationships were honored. You didn’t have situations like Eden going through a traumatic experience within a little silo with Cruz and Julia or Maxie (on GH) mooning over her creepy boyfriend while her longtime best friend was in the hospital in critical condition after being stabbed by a serial killer. Nothing frustrates me more about soaps than beats in relationships not being played, especially when they waste so much time with throwaway scenes. I get that cast availability is an issue. But... figure it out. These oversights destroy my investment in a show. I was checking in on GH a bit for the Ryan story, but now I don’t care. They lost a viewer.
  6. I think it’s tough, though. They lucked out this year with Black Panther, Bohemian Rhapsody, and A Star Is Born. The types of films they usually nominate like The Shape of Water, The Hurt Locker, and Roma are just never going to be what a general audience is going to seek out, even if given more time.
  7. They’ve done exactly the opposite: in 2020, the Oscars are moving up two weeks to February 9. They felt that awards fatigue in that long march to the Oscars was partially responsible for the ratings decline. So now the precursor awards will all have to pack into January. The Grammys have moved back to January 26 to get out of the way. And the BAFTA Film Awards will be held February 2, 2020, the same night as the damn Super Bowl!
  8. @DRW50, your John Mulaney fandom is so funny to me. If there was one person I thought you would stan for, he just wouldn’t be the first to come to mind. (I think he’s very funny too, and SNL elevates whenever he hosts.)
  9. OMG at this typo from José. 😂
  10. Sir Ian got in trouble for saying on a recent podcast that Bryan Singer and Kevin Spacey might not have committed abuses had they been publicly open about their sexuality. He’s now issuing an apology. Clip from the podcast:
  11. SNL skewered the Jussie saga in a Shark Tank: Legal Edition parody last night (with Chris Redd as Jussie):
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