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  1. It must suck to do the dirty work of defeating Nadal in a clay Masters 1000 tournament and not win the title. And it’s happened to Thiem twice in a row.
  2. Nick is just a nothing character, and that’s particularly pronounced when he’s not in a relationship, which is why they are throwing him back at Sharon. Right now, I feel like that ship has sailed, and they are forcing it. There’s just too much water under the bridge for them to be viable in my eyes. I’d be interested if they really were forced to tackle their issues in the way a couple pushing 50 with grown-ass children would. But that doesn’t happen on soaps anymore, so I should stop dreaming... Aside from the panicked googly eyes surrounding her role in the JT coverup, I’ve been impressed that they’ve consistently resisted going back to the crazy well with Sharon. I like feeling SC’s warmth and goodness again. Sharon and Nikki have had a complicated and combative history, but they’ve had rare moments of bonding over the years, and I like seeing that again.
  3. Yeah. Both roles are seriously miscast. I like KdP a lot (when she’s not screeching) and EM can be good (when he’s not mugging), but they just still seem out of place to me.
  4. That was a gutsy win. I missed the first part of Eurovision because I was glued to that match.
  5. There was a BBC adaptation a few years ago with Dan Stevens and Hayley Atwell that’s worth checking out.
  6. I didn’t mind that. Jack had just been publicly humiliated, and his feelings were still raw when he lashed out initially. Once he got out that immediate anger, he was shamed/talked off the ledge by his family and realized he was irrationally railing at a vulnerable old woman with Alzheimer’s.
  7. Just some tweets from Todd VanDerWerff, Vox TV writer, about LMS. There’s a lot of uncertainty at Fox now because it’s not part of the Disney acquisition and may need to stand on its own independent entity without any production arm.
  8. I didn’t think so either, but it didn’t seem like there were any witnesses to dispute Nelle’s story should she say Carly pushed her. Carly already publicly lashed out at her minutes earlier. Memories of Reva “pushing” Annie on GL:
  9. Grand Hotel, featuring Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan, GH) and executive produced by Eva Longoria (ex-Isabella, Y&R), has been picked up by ABC to series. http://deadline.com/2018/05/grand-hotel-whiskey-cavalier-dramas-picked-up-series-abc-lauren-cohan-the-walking-dead-1202388835/
  10. Sweet scene at the end with Marla and Peter.
  11. THIEM! Let’s see if he can hold things together unlike last year in Rome. He’s never beaten Kevin Anderson, but of course they’ve never played on clay, Thiem’s best surface. Nadal has always been most vulnerable on the Madrid/Rome swing, peaking at Roland Garros.
  12. Yeah, those were my favorite scenes with this Kyle since he arrived. Really great dialogue.
  13. I would venture a guess that Victoria Principal was one of them, but I have no idea. Linda Gray was probably a few years too old, but that’s never stopped soaps before. Wow at LK actually taking a tumble in that fight scene. DAYS is so low-budget.
  14. Yeah this would be bad, and I’m not a SH fan either. Mal seems to value and use ED more than previous Y&R regimes so I understand why he wouldn’t want to loan her out.
  15. Whoa. Kvitova took Kasatkina out to slaughter. Good semi matchups with Kvitova/Pliskova and Garcia/Bertens. The men’s matchups for the quarters look fun too. Nadal/Thiem. A Miami rematch between Sascha and Isner. A young gun battle between rivals Shapovalov and Edmund. The only one not as interesting is Anderson and Lajović.
  16. The thing is, JMW is very good and deserves so much better.
  17. Haha! I saw! Good that Kiki B could do what Kiki M could not. In less happy news: I saw that Lajović took out Delpo.
  18. Oh I just meant that he’s been poised to break through on that household name status. I know he’s been in a ton of big stuff.
  19. Looks like he’s finally going to the next level.
  20. I was just about to give Mladenovic props for going hard against Sharapova. And then she surrenders a 3-1 lead and let’s Maria walk all over her. Pathetic. Hopefully Bertens gets in that ass tomorrow. I don’t even know what to say about Novak. He basically gave that match away. Sometimes it looks like he’s hungry and then he turns on a dime and looks completely apathetic. Makes it very hard to be a fan, so I might just pass on his matches until he can string together some convincing wins.
  21. My favorite and I saw this happen live: The infamous “Go put a jacket on!” catfight on Australian TV:
  22. And all the mess in which Neil enlisted Cane’s daddy to set up Devon to be drugged and sexually assaulted by a prostitute. They really went hogwild turning Neil into Stefano DiMera, and it’s like none of that happened.
  23. And no one’s really allowed to step to them. They win 95 percent of the time and we’re supposed to be okay with that.
  24. That’s a really good comparison.
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