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  1. I like @Forever8‘s idea of her as a Forrester rival on B&B. Since this is a dream, I’ll just fantasize that she’d be written well (as opposed to Bradley’s inevitable hatchet job).
  2. I also find it super distracting to have these iconic soap stars replacing each other. Louise and Robin are each so identifiable in their performance styles and mannerisms. Maybe it won’t be as distracting if you’re not prolific soap viewers like many of us here. But, like on ATWT, you had Ben Warren, Dixie Cooney, Todd Manning, Karen Wexler, Morgan Winthrop, Kayla Brady, et al, suddenly running amok in Oakdale, all played by actors not that far removed from their iconic roles, and in most of those cases, playing pivotal characters re-imagined to fit the performers and their tics. On DAYS, you
  3. It’s the adaptation of Wally Lamb’s novel, which was an Oprah’s Book Club selection many years ago. The cast looks amazing.
  4. I forgot about Nina, with Michelle Stafford in the news lately. Nina Reeves, GH Nina Webster, Y&R Nina Cortlandt, AMC
  5. Truth. Yet Y&R bends over backwards to appease both of them.
  6. Zzzz. These recasts are damaging. After a while, it’s like a game of telephone and the essence of a character is lost. It feels like 2000s ATWT.
  7. Yeah, why bother? He’s not going to move the needle one bit.
  8. And Ben Rothenberg creams his pants.
  9. If soaps actually wrote for black people, Jasmine Guy. I know she did Melrose Place.
  10. I’m just curious how they’ll promote this. Shades of Rebecca Budig/Sabine Singh? They’d never get away with something that egregious, of course—GT is not SS—and they may want to stay low-key after all of this backlash. I do wonder if we’ll see MS on The Talk discussing her return.
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