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  1. The guy’s got a temper. At least he didn’t get all Jared Donaldson and have a tantrum.
  2. I think he knew he should have won that match. We’ve seen antics from Grigor before (the Istanbul final with Schwartzman) that are OOC.
  3. I saw that. Lame from Grigor but he’ll get over it.
  4. Wow. So the reset worked for that week at least. Sustaining it is the question. And I wonder about the demos.
  5. Isn’t some of the tension of the JT story gone with Reed not on the show? Maybe the door’s open for returns.
  6. It is so tiresome to see characters having the same conversations over and over again (like Hope and Steffy). I know that this phenomenon isn’t new for soaps, but it’s particularly suffocating in this day of smaller casts. There’s just less variety of interactions.
  7. Wouldn’t mind more pops of color, but I just fear we’re verging on old-school Jimmy Buffett vibes at times. YMMV of course, and clearly a lot of people like that style.
  8. I know it’s trendy, but I hate these busy shirts and jackets on the guys. Especially those printed floral shirts on Kyle.
  9. Is Michael Mealor going to be added to the opening credits? I feel like no one new has been added since they were re-designed. Chelsea, Juliet, Scott, Graham, et al. These recent exits have been lackluster and anticlimactic given how much story they had been part of. Granted, in some of those cases, the characters/actors were so bad that you just needed to rip the bandaid off and get rid of them (like Scott), but there have been some missed opportunities. Again, EB steps up big time when Victor gets sick.
  10. Not watching the BH reunion, but Erika Jayne is getting dragged left and right on Twitter.
  11. I don’t like the portrayal at all. There’s something dopey and precious about her.
  12. If you told me CC was in her 20s, I wouldn’t necessarily question it.
  13. I’m digging Yuichi Sugita with the facial hair. There’s something Fognini-esque about him with the beard. EDIT: I just realized he’s wearing Fabio’s kit. Jared Donaldson is having a rough go of it. Out in the first round of Barcelona to Dutra Silva. Saw that Sandgren was out to Jaziri.
  14. Looks like DAYS has stopped the bleeding. I know any increase is good, but I can’t help but think Y&R is disappointed with the modest WOW increases (and YOY declines) in light of all the shock-and-awe storytelling after the 45th. I suppose next week’s ratings will be more telling, but shouldn’t all this activity be outrating Sally’s low-energy stuff from last year? (I suppose May-June 2017 was her apex creatively.)
  15. Wow at these Stuttgart R1 matches
  16. NISHIKORI! With this win, he’s up to #22 in the world.
  17. I saw things with Novak that looked promising, so I’m hopeful. Obviously his fitness isn’t all the way back, but I think getting back with Vajda will be helpful. Fingers crossed he stays the course. The one thing that’s been good about the time away is that fans are more appreciative of Novak and maybe even Andy. I’ll admit to wanting to have Andy back on tour. That’ll probably change pretty quickly once he starts scowling, cursing, and chirping at his box again lol, but he’s so effective at dismissing servebots.
  18. Glad to see Nishikori back in elite form, but AGAIN he has to take the scenic route to victory against an injured player (Cilic) he should have easily beaten in straights, which is one reason he stays injured himself. Zverev had a surprisingly tough battle against Gasquet, so we’ll see what he can do. Nadal looks pretty unbeatable, though. Wow.
  19. Other suggestions: Brian Patrick Clarke Michael Dietz Dax Griffin Geoffrey Scott Ted King Randolph Mantooth Tonja Walker Jensen Buchanan Sherilyn Wolter Lesli Kay Mitchell Ryan Barbara Rush David Canary Roy Thinnes Katherine Justice Jennifer Bassey
  20. This past week has been snoozeworthy. A lot of razzmatazz but as boring as Sussman’s tenure. I thought the show had been doing pretty well (in relative terms) until now.
  21. Faulkner

    The View

    Opinion that I expect to be unpopular: I think they need another regular conservative (and not Ana Navarro) to balance out Meghan. She feels the burden of going up against Whoopi, Sunny, and especially Joy so much that she comes on like a Teamster. She *could* be tolerable. But they have a conservative “slot” on the show, and it’s too much for one person. I think even Jedediah felt it.
  22. Some more: David Forsyth John Callahan Sydney Penny Alla Korot Scott Thompson Baker Susan Pratt Frank Runyeon
  23. I can imagine more heads rolling. The show was tanking in the demos for months and only recently saw some week-to-week improvements. How much longer can they keep Rena Sofer doing nothing?
  24. I’m a bit iffy on the show overall, but man is Rosie Perez great. Not that that’s surprising.
  25. Everyone is going in on Sonja, and I’m loving every minute of it. Dorinda was AMPED.
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