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  1. Jack Davenport - This Life, Coupling Matt Smith - Doctor Who, The Crown Ronnie Barker - Porridge, Open All Hours, The Two Ronnies Dawn French - The Vicar of Dibley, French and Saunders Jennifer Saunders - Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders Aidan Turner - Being Human, Poldark
  2. A few more: Bob Newhart - The Bob Newhart Show and Newhart Tony Danza - Taxi and Who’s the Boss? Neil Patrick Harris - Doogie Howser, MD and How I Met Your Mother Johnny Galecki - Roseanne and The Big Bang Theory Mayim Bialik - Blossom and The Big Bang Theory Sela Ward - Sisters and House (loved Once and Again but not sure it could be called a “hit”) Ed O’Neill - Married... with Children and Modern Family Katey Sagal - MWC and Sons of Anarchy Allison Janney - The West Wing and Mom Richard Mulligan - Soap and Empty Nest Kristy McNichol - Family and Empty Nest
  3. I don’t buy Victor having that conversation with JT about what Victoria did to Ashley, but OK.
  4. Eric Braeden can be so incredibly charming. Loving Victor’s scenes with Dina. Although I’m not digging the telegraphing of Victor/Ashley revisited...
  5. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    I saw that. There were a lot of rumors at the time that he was “difficult,” which seem to have faded over the years. He and Matt Smith are still my favorite Doctors of the modern era.
  6. Using today’s far more forgiving definitions of “hits”: Julianna Margulies - ER (a huge hit no doubt), The Good Wife Michael C. Hall - Six Feet Under, Dexter Bryan Cranston - Malcolm in the Middle, Breaking Bad And someone I’d prefer not to mention but here goes: Bill Cosby - I Spy, The Cosby Show
  7. Who had lightning strike the MOST? (Not just steady work but major roles in hits.) Lucy? Bill Bixby?
  8. Can’t wait until Kandi snaps at Kim.
  9. Just saw the score for Halep. Wow she really turned her match around.
  10. I mean, if not for Bravo’s censors, we’d have seen everything her ob/gyn has seen.
  11. It’s sad to see Novak struggling, but I remember just three or four years ago people writing Roger off. So you never know. (Yes, I understand Roger has a less physically taxing style of play, but that didn’t change the premature verdicts on his career.) I question coming back so quickly after surgery, but I think he does need some match reps. Way to go for Yuki Bhambri beating Pouille.
  12. Re: Seinfeld. Veep may not be a Seinfeld-scale hit, but it’s a legitimate success in Julia Louis-Dreyfus’s career. It’s not like she’s just coasting on name recognition at the moment. Seinfeld himself doesn’t appear to have tried to recreate his sitcom, but he’s settled into a new legacy visibility with the digital stuff and Netflix specials. Jason Alexander and Michael Richards? Totally.
  13. Oh ok. That wasn’t “heated” at all. I think Rothenberg had only seen the transcript. (EDIT: he says he heard the audio.) While I don’t think that the racialized conclusions people are jumping to are justified (typical Twitter), he was wrong and Andy Roddick was right about his “clickbait” journalism.
  14. I understand protecting copyrights. I mean, the people who own those properties deserve to be paid. It’s just sad that people aren’t going to experience part of our rich TV heritage since it’s a costly prospect to get those shows on streaming services.
  15. Didn’t lightning sort of strike twice for MTM with The Dick Van Dyke Show and then her own show? (Not to mention Ordinary People?)
  16. The dead father who haunts Nate as a ghost.
  17. So lame that LML killed off John for a lame SFU imitation, especially since Jerry Douglas has been in good health. We could have had many years of him. Too many soap writers of the 2000s had HBO-envy.
  18. Ugh. Sucks that either Venus or Serena has to take the other out.
  19. I think when cast culls have happened throughout the years, the Newmans are the only family who’ve escaped serious pruning, probably because they ultimately value EB above all else. He may not be frontburner or hooking up with the latest hot leading lady anymore, but he looms over this show in every corner. I know he’s had his scrapes with TPTB over cash, but the Newmans just keep multiplying. And the days when you had four or five core families co-existing on a soap are long gone. But the balance on this show is waaaay off.
  20. It’s a tough call. This show has gone all in on the Newmans for as long as I can remember. Eric Braeden is Y&R’s Susan Lucci. They have more sets devoted to them than anyone else. Nick and Victoria are the Newman heirs. Josh Morrow has been around so long that he just IS Nicholas Newman, in spite of his very apparent deficits. It’s hard to imagine how this show changes course without a rebrand/reset that’s way beyond its budget at this point. I guess they made their bed with a series of bad decisions over the years, and they just have to lie in it until Y&R comes to its natural end. I enjoy enough of the show to be OK with it, but I damn sure won’t watch if it gets too crazy. I tuned out during the height of the Patty/Adam crassness and a few other times over the years. Life’s too short.
  21. Right. I mean, I sit through Josh Morrow and plenty of other actors I don’t rate highly. I sat through Lauralee Bell learning how to act on my time my entire childhood. Such is soaps.
  22. I like AH fine as an icy villainess, but the problem is they want her to be a romantic, flawed heroine who can carry the entire show on her back, and that’s beyond her abilities. She’s not a Laura Wright who will give it her all no matter what. Or GT who sometimes brings it so hard that it results in things like the Hair Flip Heard Round the World. Amelia will do the bare minimum and sometimes not even that.
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