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  1. Someone tweeted this in response to the above Carlivati tweet. A scene from SaBa: Edmund and Maria make love for the first time on AMC:
  2. “All My Children” is currently trending on Twitter because of this sad news.
  3. Eva’s full post on IG. Laura Wright, Jessica Collins, Cameron Mathison, and others reply in the comments if you click through:
  4. Very sad. I was never much into couples as a young soap viewer, but I was an Edmund/Maria stan for a good long while in the mid-90s, until AMC became unwatchable. He was such a great soap leading man.
  5. Wow at the just-posted ratings. And it’s behind both B&B and GH in 25-54.
  6. Holy sh!t. B&B is no. 1 in viewers. Y&R has lost 1.1 million viewers YOY and is behind B&B AND GH in 25-54. A regime change has to be imminent. Did the Trump press conferences only happen during Y&R’s main timeslot?
  7. “Same Old Love” is fun, as are “Hands to Myself” and “Bad Liar.” Can’t say I rate much else that highly.
  8. I certainly hope not. As much of caricature as she has become over the past 20-25 years, I can’t deny that the first 10-15 years of her career is one of the greatest runs by any recording artist, and I’m still constantly revisiting it for joy and inspiration. Madonna always felt like she would dodge the self-destruction that affected her peers, but the years of grueling performing have taken their toll on her body, in spite of her well-known obsession with fitness. I hope she takes an opportunity to heal.
  9. I know some people have clowned KKL for her acting, but she always brought it against Flannery and she’s bringing it against Rena. She never gets wiped off the screen by these forceful performers. She’s another one who can have chemistry with a rutabaga.
  10. There have been rumors similar to those that plagued Prince.
  11. Michael Mealor did an IG Live yesterday with his GH BFF Josh Swickard and mentioned that the castmate he most wanted to work more with was... Bryton James. He talked about a small Kyle/Devon scene that wound up being some of the most interesting work he’s done on the show. I’ve heard a few Y&R actors (off the top of my head: Braeden, Heinle) say similar stuff.
  12. From Zürich, Switzerland
  13. Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, has tested positive.
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