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  1. While Bethenny is judgmental as hell (and she would have eaten up this season—in a bad way), I feel like she had a unique handle on Dorinda’s crazy that would have been useful.
  2. Agreed. This episode is just garbage on every level. I weep at what they did to this once-great show.
  3. As long as Fridays are going to be the most recent episodes, they’re going to be a miss for me.
  4. I love Stassi and I would say no more weddings. But you know they’re going to have to play that beat.
  5. All because of f***in Six Feet Under. Such shortsighted decision-making.
  6. They could have kept that 2019 episode.
  7. Gronk is so annoying. I refuse to watch anything with him in it, even for Venus.
  8. These women definitely need to get a hobby [/Eva Marcille]. The dramas feel so petty on this show right now. At least on NYC little slights are played mostly for comedy, but these harridans are deadly serious. That said, Kyle/Teddi are a two-headed hydra, and if you come for one of them, the other feels obligated to get involved in a kneejerk way, so I understand why Dorit is annoyed. Like STFU, Teddi, I’m talking to Kyle right now, not you!
  9. Gina Rodriguez has had a decent enough career, but... meh. All of the Thomases after Drew Tyler Bell have been absolute himbos. It’s funny that Scott Clifton is so hot in person, but it doesn’t really translate on screen that well.
  10. Totally. Same with reboots and revivals being so popular now. They’ve amassed all of this brand recognition when there was a monoculture. They are household names to begin with, and don’t need a lot of marketing investment to break through the flood of content. One of the reasons why a revival of an old soap (on a different platform because the broadcast ship has sailed) would be waaay more viable than a new one, even though I’d love to see a clean slate of a daily program...
  11. What was the reason Amelia Heinle gave for her divorce from Michael Weatherly? Has she ever opened up about their marriage?
  12. I think B&B really benefited from time slot and its stylistic similarities to its fellow Bell soap Y&R. It’s also interesting that the next youngest soap that survived deep into the 21st century was Y&R itself (1973), so you could really broaden the question as to why everything from the mid-‘70s on failed to survive. It says a lot about the trajectory of soaps as a viable genre. Unless they were mortally wounded by the early ‘80s, the established iconic soaps really overshadowed the newcomers. Just as an addendum: watching soaps are a huge investment of time and profound emotion. (Not to mention work and $$$$ on the production side.) I suppose it’s easy to see why they’re so hard to get off the ground. A lot of the earlier soaps had the benefit of wide brand recognition and viewership that passed down through generations.
  13. I just saw Erika is Cancer Sun/Aquarius Moon (which I can totally see). I’m the reverse: Aquarius Sun/Cancer Moon. Definitely warms my cool nature lol.
  14. Yep. What happened with Shangela was absolute bullish!t, especially after she worked so hard to refine her look and polish her act during her years away from the show. I’ve never understood Ru’s desire to create fake drama on All-Stars in order to differentiate it from the mothership.
  15. As much as I’ve disliked recent All-Stars seasons, I’m all for an untainted season of this show right now.
  16. It’s not that they confused the names. It was the reaction of “Betty White’s not dead? Phew! F*** that other b**** who I don’t know.”
  17. I should have embedded it to skip the ads. But I love that those 1966 clips exist. I think @DRW50 mentioned it was some of Agnes Nixon’s last work on GL?
  18. Again, I wonder if a lot of these pandemic viewership losses will be permanent. When casual viewers break the daily habit (see O.J.), they are awfully hard to get back.
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