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    Doctor Who

    Billie Piper is making her NYC theater debut and the Times interviews her about going from pop star to DW to becoming one of Britain’s most respected stage actresses.
  2. Chadwick Boseman (AMC) is hosting SNL April 7 with Cardi B as musical guest.
  3. Maybe someone with more knowledge of the inner workings of SNL can explain, but why are Mikey Day and Alex Moffat still featured players when they appear in more sketches than many of the main cast?
  4. John Goodman is on SNL as Rex Tillerson right now.
  5. I get you. He was totally arrogant to think he’d slide with those comments.
  6. Should he have? I suppose for his own career and legacy’s sakes, but I think it’s good to know these things. Let all these MFs out themselves.
  7. NBC has already renewed it for a THIRD (or 11th) season. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/will-grace-renewed-season-3-is-it-11-1087240
  8. The tea is exceptionally good today ☕️
  9. It’s funny. When I was a kid they were thought to be so unbelievably cheeseball, but they were amazing. My fave:
  10. I can’t stand the Bryans either so I gave that match a miss.
  11. That, Soundgarden’s Superunknown, Hole’s Live Through This, and Green Day’s Dookie were my entire middle school experience. You know, I’d never really gotten into Talk Talk even though I’m an Anglophile and love ‘80 music. I only knew them because of “It’s My Life,” which No Doubt covered. But a friend turned me on to their other stuff, and I’m obsessed.
  12. Just imagine them saying that about Marion Bartoli. They’d be fired. When you play Federer, you play him *and* his fans. I can understand how it can be intimidating. The younger generation of tennis players is still in awe of him, whereas Nadal, Murray, and Djokovic saw beating him as a challenge they tirelessly pursued. And Djokovic especially used the crowd’s dislike as fuel.
  13. I know Twitter has changed its Trending Topics algorithm, but I feel like a year ago that Fed/Coric match would have trended, even with March Madness going on. Did it for anyone else? I feel like interest in the game is flagging. EDIT: Never mind. Federer is trending for me now.
  14. Man. Well, the serve clearly isn’t bailing him out today. C’mon Delpo. Win this tournament for the good of tennis.
  15. Ha. I decided to go to gym instead of watching this, but I see the score. What did they say?
  16. Ha. In any case, that was going to tough for him.
  17. He made the final in 2014. That was a tough one because Cilic was just in the zone.
  18. And it’s a shame because the talent *was* there.
  19. He did. But I just hope Delpo doesn’t get too beat up today against Raonic. I don’t think JMdP has looked all *that* sharp this tournament. This has been sort of a “meh” tournament on the men’s side in keeping with things from the past 18 months. Again, the drama comes from the women.
  20. Oy. Just going back to Kei briefly. Yes, he has a size disadvantage. But there are far too many times when he’s in full command of a match, goes off to La La Land mentally and puts himself in a hole, and has to dig himself out of it. And he often does dig himself out of it. The problem is, you do that a few too many times, your body pays the price. I always say to myself, you had the energy and stamina to fight back and win a five-setter. If you had remained mentally engaged throughout, you wouldn’t have to consistently do that. It’s primarily a mental thing with him.
  21. So. Many. Errors. I think he could do it, but things would definitely have to line up for him. I will say I give Borna credit for staying with Roger in this third set so far. He hasn’t completely imploded. OK, Borna, you GOTTA hold serve.
  22. Yeah. With Roger’s game today, if he were playing an in-form Wawrinka or even Thiem, not even mentioning another Big Four member, they would have won in straight sets. Let’s hope Borna can regroup, but I suspect Fed will rout him like he did Chung. Wait, Coric already broke?
  23. Ugh. Bad time for Coric’s serve to go off. When Federer smells blood, he pounces.
  24. He’s playing with such control and maturity.
  25. OMG. My heart is beating so fast. I can only imagine how Borna was feeling down 0-40.
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