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  1. LOL at the replies to this.
  2. LOL. I saw that and thought, “Someone’s got too much time on their hands.” 😂 Kerber can be frosty at the net when she loses, but not usually that vocal. She’s taking these losses hard.
  3. I used to start the thread, but I haven’t watched in ages. Basically, the show barely exists to me. I know that Thomas is back, and that’s about it.
  4. Nasty behavior from Kerber. And from Kyrgios... typical. No fine for this tantrum?
  5. I remember this in 2004 when all of these iconic older soap legends were given lifetime achievement trophies because they’d never won competitive awards. (Jeanne later won one.) It was a nice moment, but also shameful considering who can count themselves as Daytime Emmy winners. Thankfully, several of them (Hastings, Fulton, MacDonnell, Ames) are still with us.
  6. This guy is just stunning to me.
  7. And then all the other women like Constance Ford, Nancy Addison, Eileen Herlie, Darlene Conley, et al. The Daytime Emmys are similar to many other acting awards (like the Oscars) in that older men are celebrated while older woman seldom are. (Not that Addison was older before her sad passing from cancer, but a lot of the earlier male winners on your list were quite up there in years: Carey, Haines, Dufour, Pritchett, Hansen, Barrow, Watson, Lewis were all born before 1930–and some before 1920. Of the female winners, only Cooper, Dailey, and the still-living Helen Gallagher were born before 1930.) And only one ever nominated as a Lead (Debbi Morgan), right? Especially when Ellen Holly, Tamara Tunie, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Renee Jones, several Y&R actresses, and many others have done worthy leading work.
  8. Putintseva just beat Bencic.
  9. Wow, Aga’s a good dancer. Much better than Monica Seles or Martina Navratilova.
  10. Kei SMDH. Meanwhile, is he auditioning for his Grey’s Anatomy walk-on?
  11. I watched for the first time in ages tonight, which may have been a repeat (the blackout-in-a-snowstorm episode, which doesn’t feel very new-in-late-March). I laughed more than I thought I would.
  12. Naomi’s marketing/PR folks are putting in WORK.
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