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  1. I saw a lot of cheating rumors, but that IS juicy. Reba McEntire’s (former) stepson has a lot to answer for!
  2. Now Zack Conroy! That’s a man I can get behind.
  3. From THR: TV Execs, Writers Grapple With COVID-19 Era Scripts: "We're Not Going to Be Able to Shoot It, So Don't Write It" “Showrunners are being asked to cut extras, reconsider sex and fight scenes and, in some cases, shorten page counts.“ https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/top-tv-execs-grapple-covid-19-script-changes-were-not-going-be-shoot-it-dont-write-it-1297752
  4. Question: we’ve had actors who identify as Native American (A Martinez has emphasized his Apache and Piegan heritage along with his Mexican background), but how many Native/indigenous characters have we had on daytime? I believe Kimberly Norris (now Guerrero) played a Native character on ATWT before she played Jerry’s girlfriend on Seinfeld.
  5. She’s coming for Jax too. https://www.usmagazine.com/entertainment/news/faith-stowers-thinks-vanderpump-rules-should-fire-jax-taylor/
  6. Billions star Asia Kate Dillon, who identifies as nonbinary, is petitioning the Screen Actors Guild to have gendered categories abolished at the annual SAG Awards. If this indeed happens, I can imagine a push for other awards to do this. (The Grammys and the various MTV Awards already did this.) https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/asia-kate-dillon-billions-sag-awards-open-letter-1234630871/ A quote:
  7. Just an embarrassing category. Could they have chosen less compelling clips?
  8. I used to hate her, and she certainly never gelled with the Winters family early on, but I think she’s grown a whole lot as an actress. Enough that I actually enjoy her. She and Mishael had wonderful hate chemistry. Y&R was dumb af for killing off Hilary.
  9. I know ATL has gone on hiatuses. But BH and NYC both off the air leaves me with little to watch on Bravo, which is my go-to these days. Top Chef’s season finale is right around the corner, and I’m not a fan of Below Deck or M2M:LA.
  10. I’d prefer Dru back from the dead than the long-lost twin trope, and that’s the only time I’d ever say that. At least she’d have established connections to characters on the canvas, even without Neil (Devon, Lily, Nate, a possible Olivia, Sharon, Phyllis, even Jill and the Newmans to an extent). VR is the rare actress who can sell bad writing, too, which is guaranteed on a soap these days. She and Mishael Morgan would be electrifying.
  11. Danielle needs to shut it. Novak often makes himself an easy target with his lack of PR skills and outbursts, but it’s such a calculated move for a disliked player (like Danielle or Nick Kyrgios) to win fans in the Roger-loving tennis media by having a go at Novak. Nadal and Ash Barty spoke out first, but it’s Novak that’s trashed?
  12. James Reynolds (I know he’s still on DAYS but seems open), Renee Jones, Donn Swaby, Petronia Paley, Vivica A. Fox, Loren Lott, Henry Simmons, Ellen Bethea, Nathan Purdee, Tonya Lee Williams, and Sherri Saum would also be good additions. I’d also like to hear from the “soap hoppers”: Stephanie E. Williams Russell Curry Randy Brooks William Christian
  13. Ugh. Brian Gaskill. That’s a nope. OK, Sally and Stephanie getting blitzed together. I’ll suffer through BG.
  14. I thought this was a joke but nope... lots of comments about the return of glory holes.
  15. Totally. You could clock that overeducated, overmedicated white female media types living in Brooklyn were Girls’ target audience, and that lent it coverage far beyond what the show actually deserved in the culture. You weren’t going to see HAHN recaps on Jezebel or Vulture.
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