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  1. I had this in the back of my mind when posting. I know soaps in many ways are about the seedy and breaching propriety (it’s soapy goodness, after all), but this was so gross to me. They could have even teased it, but not allowed it to go all the way, as there IS drama in unfulfilled temptation.
  2. Totally. Monday’s episode might be my favorite episode of any soap in maybe 20 years or more. Too bad it wasn’t set in the fictionalized world of the show and took the real-life premature death of a beloved star to make it happen. But I could watch that episode again and again. Just bravo to CBS and Y&R.
  3. We’ve seen how Y&R flirted with pairing adopted siblings Devon and Lily, but thankfully never went there. But we haven’t always been as lucky. Of course, we’ve discussed many times the all-too-familiar love stories between rapists and their victims (or friends and family of the victims, à la Jake/Marley/Vicky on AW). And the creepy incest-adjacent stories on B&B or the outright incest on GL. But what else do you remember?
  4. LOL! Were you this happy when he beat Federer and won Indian Wells? I suppose Thiem’s form was even more lethal here.
  5. Y&R has such a dour cast that you could guzzle a couple Red Bulls and show most of them up. Of course, Shemar has become a beloved CBS primetime star, and he has the deepest history with KSJ aside from the “radioactive” VR, so it’s sensible they cede the stage to him for a few days. They really stepped up for Neil/Dru in a way I never thought they would, given Dru’s erasure from the show since VR left. I thought they’d do just enough to appease people, but they really let scenes flow, and I’m so grateful for that.
  6. Indeed. French model Antoine Morieult.
  7. Wow, Monday’s episode is... perfect. Beautifully done, thoughtfully executed. Emotional, laugh-out-loud funny at times. Very probing as well. It makes you wonder how creative minds who can put together something so special could also be responsible for such an uninspired overall series. Then again, it shows how loved KSJ was, and that love made production rise to the occasion. Such a shame we didn’t see Mishael Morgan and Victoria Rowell act opposite each other. There are simply too many “such a shame” situations regarding Y&R.
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