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  1. For me, the MAB era was an absolute stake to the heart of Y&R., possibly because of the fact that she believed she was honoring history yet warped it beyond belief. I think there was this idea that Y&R needed stronger villains in the Gothic tradition of Bill Bell, but the show during her era got so hideous and amoral that I found it unwatchable. (I’m assuming a lot of it was also Sheffer’s influence, as he did a lot of the same “honoring history” by desecrating it on ATWT.) I hated LML, but hers was another show entirely. MAB was just a deeply distorted and not very well-written or we
  2. In the Villains thread, Khan made me think of this re: The Edge of Night, and someone on another board suggested this remedy for lost Doctor Who episodes. It sucks that we’ll never experience the greatness of much of Henry Slesar’s work on screen, with the bulk of it (most of the CBS era) likely irrevocably lost. (And in the case of things like DW, some early episodes are marred by crappy production values anyway.) If surviving episodes can’t be found (but scripts are indeed available), is it possible or feasible to reshoot these old soap stories with great, modern-day production
  3. Given daytime’s predilection for resurrecting and “redeeming” rapists and disturbed, abusive men, it’s to AMC’s credit that they put him under ground and kept him that way. When a serial killer can become a heartthrob on daytime, it feels like very little is beyond redemption.
  4. I’m sure this has been posted before, but Linda and Alicia together were just special. I find myself mesmerized by the scenes I rediscover (or many cases, see for the first time) on YouTube.
  5. I was trying to find some clips of him in the role, since I know there’s some late ‘70s AW material on YouTube. Came up short on that front, but I stumbled on this:
  6. I remember that, yeah. And Beaty only came back to wrap up the story.
  7. I thought Frank Beaty brought a very dark, unhinged quality to his performance, and as we learned, that story took its toll on him IRL. I remember thinking James Patrick Stuart as Will Courtlandt on AMC was pretty unnerving as a kid growing up, but yikes at this scene.
  8. More of David from Guangzhou, China
  9. Oh I hated Lucy, so I would have been cool with that. Re: Sherilyn. What a great actress. Forgot about early Ryan Chamberlain on GH.
  10. Too much of a new actor, even if he’s good and playing an old character.
  11. Coric has withdrawn from Wimbledon, making Roger’s path to the final that much easier. And meanwhile...
  12. Sherilyn Wolter (formerly Celia on GH) played a very short-term character on GL in November 1993 named George, a henchwomen (I believe) hired by Roger to kidnap Eleni. She had such a creepy, icy menace. I can’t seem to find clips of her. It’s funny how so many actors who play villains start off giving these eerily calm, controlled performances that are very unsettling and effective, but after a while, they almost always become scene-eating caricatures with jazz hands.
  13. Indeed. But I also noticed the same undercurrent with Adam/Nick when Chelsea burst into Dark Horse at the end of Friday’s episode. They looked like they were about to tear their clothes off for an incestuous hatefück. So this could just all be my projection lol. But there was clearly something happening in the Adam/Kevin scene, which seemed to be a winking acknowledgement of GR.
  14. Until we need embeds for video, but this is nice.
  15. Janis Danner from Hamburg, Germany
  16. Not campy fun or just people you love to hate, but chilling and frightening in a way that haunts your dreams. For me, it’s always going to be Sheila on Y&R. I was a kid when she was torturing Lauren, but when she’d cock that eyebrow and almost coil herself up like a viper, I would feel a shiver.
  17. Is it me, or is Y&R winking at us a bit and hinting at a gay S&M undertone to the Adam/Kevin dynamic? I noticed it in today’s episode when Adam put his hand on Kevin’s at Crimson Lights.
  18. Just a meh week. No big collapses but nothing to write home about. No one is improving year over year, but that’s happening all over the TV schedule with few exceptions.
  19. RSinclair had a field day with that Brenda cackle, if I recall.
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