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  1. Coronation Street will resume filming June 9. https://deadline.com/2020/06/coronation-street-to-resume-filming-next-week-1202948003/
  2. Like a lot of Western culture, soaps have often had problematic relationships with race and depictions of people of color. We’ve spoken about this many times in different contexts on different soaps over the years, but what are the moments that leap to mind as particularly egregious? We talked a bit about Mamie as “mammy” in the classic Y&R thread. Recasting biracial Asian-American Mia Korf with white, Kentucky-born Kassie Wesley (later DePaiva) as Blair on OLTL, essentially erasing a key part of her history, ranks up there for me.
  3. A lot of people did, I’m sure, but I rarely saw any criticism of Mamie in the soap media over the years.
  4. Lady Gaga’s collaboration with Ariana Grande debuts at No. 1. It’s Gaga’s 5th and Ariana’s 4th.
  5. As potentially problematic as the “mammy” relationship could be perceived through a 2020 lens, Mamie really should still be a presence in the lives of the Abbotts. She really did adore those kids.
  6. Never realized how much Scarlett Johansson’s voice is similar to Brenda Epperson’s. I literally thought I was hearing ScarJo with Y&R in the background.
  7. That I could tell, but it seemed like they playing up some sexual tension.
  8. I think the weird arts-and-crafty thing was what Crystal was going for, but I do feel it needed something else. Like a big full-costume reveal at the end as mentioned. Ru seemed like she loved Jaida (in addition to how her win speaks to the moment). But if Gigi did indeed attempt to cheat, I can imagine that sealing Ru’s decision.
  9. I think Jaida’s edit this season laid her out as the favorite, although they provided arcs for Crystal (finding her quirky voice) and Gigi (early front runner rediscovering her confidence after several shaky weeks) to try to make them seem competitive. (To be honest: The mostly white Drag Race fan community have often diminished the black queens, so I’m not surprised if there’s controversy beyond the usual “my favorite didn’t win,” but I see a good bit of support for Jaida.)
  10. Flo added so much dimension to Nina, as Doris did for Sharon. Part of it is budgetary, I know, but I miss when recurring family members were integral and constant influences on characters who weren’t part of core families.
  11. In her new NYT advice column, Roxane Gay went off on a privileged woman asking if it was still safe to employ her housekeeper during a pandemic, and Times readers are *triggered* (read the comments). Plus, this, tying COVID together with the protests:
  12. This actor from HBO’s Insecure (he plays Nathan) got shot by rubber bullets and hit with batons while doing an IG Live from a protest in L.A.
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