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  1. The Edge of Night could just be rebooted as a standard 10-to-13-episodes-a-season drama. Any of the shows could. What we would lose in the immersive day-by-day experience of a soap, we’d gain in quality and production values.
  2. I see that BBCA is airing the BAFTAs as Super Bowl counterprogramming.
  3. It’s funny that it’s been a truncated season, yet it still feels as long as previous ones that ended in March. It all feels so stale. Glad that it’ll all be over eight days from now.
  4. With just the points he’s accumulated this past month from the ATP Cup and winning Australia, Novak would have been just behind Berrettini (by 5 points) in qualifying for last year’s ATP World Finals.
  5. From Tallahassee, Florida
  6. A little more static than the WTA Top 10.
  7. I’d love to see GL or ATWT on streaming, but if it’s just post-2000 stuff, I’d take a pass (even though there’s good stuff there from both shows). Although, on second thought, if the later stuff proves popular, they might be motivated to put in the work to restore the more challenging older stuff.
  8. Dominic looks DEVASTATED. I can imagine this being very motivating for him.
  9. Djokovic wins his 8th Australian Open and his 17th major. First male player to win Slam titles in three different decades.
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