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  1. Oh no! I guess all the work needed for that comeback against Vekic took its toll. I just read she said she felt something in the first match.
  2. It’s very Disney soundtrack. I just find her very “arrested development,” and that’s not a reference to the Fox sitcom.
  3. It’s definitely an end of an era. But the future? I dunno. I hate to sound vaguely nihilistic, but is there a future? Y&R is mortally wounded in so many ways. I don’t think a cancellation is imminent, but I feel like we’re in a prolonged denouement of Bill Bell’s creation. Lots of spinning wheels. Bryton has really stood up to scrutiny in this difficult time. He’s been the focus for a lot of this, and he’s held his ground admirably, beyond proving his worth in my opinion.
  4. Happy to see Kei playing well again, especially at a tournament he’s won before.
  5. I really can’t remember another soap funeral like this one tbh. Where the loss of the actor and the character seemed so interchangeable. Even the dialogue seemed to be referencing KSJ as a man as much as Neil.
  6. Yeah, it would have been nice to see Victoria talk and mention Neil’s friendship with Ryan. Still the deepest Victoria/Neil stuff feels so long ago, way back in the HT days. There was a lot more focus on Jack than there should have been over the past couple of days. The show values Peter Bergman as an actor, I get it, but Jack’s addiction and sobriety loomed much larger than was warranted in Neil’s tribute. I’m not a Victor fan, but when EB shows tenderness or grief, it is truly beautiful to watch. I know they are waiting on Neil flashbacks, but I still thin
  7. As sad as this show was, people weren’t kidding when they said Shemar and Gina Tognoni had chemistry in that tiny little scene.
  8. Yeah, that’s worth a default. You can *never* put your hands on someone.
  9. Victoria the cold bitch a.k.a. “her father’s daughter” would be interesting if they ever truly committed to it. Which they won’t. They’re too invested in the flawed heroine narrative. Nick... meh. They have zero idea of what to do with him.
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