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  1. While Bev was irreplaceable, I thought she was quite compelling in her early GL days. It’s just too bad what they did to her later on. Glad she at least got a great role as Vanessa on AMC, where she was so much fun.
  2. From Road Town, British Virgin Islands
  3. And yet DAYS completely squandered him by making him Generic Bland Hunk and lapdog to boring Sonny and Will. He was absolutely captivating in those early days. Unapologetically slutty, a shameless flirt with both men and women yet a certified Kinsey 6. And beyond gorgeous. One of the biggest missed opportunities in a decade full of them. I know people hated Guy Wilson, but he lit up around CS.
  4. I love when Melissa Villaseñor gets a platform, and she got a big one this weekend.
  5. I haven’t seen a lot of Regis as an actor (aside from occasionally pretending to tolerate Kathie Lee) so I was surprised he was actually pretty credible there.
  6. For me, they went through all the trouble of snatching MS from GH, potentially alienating an audience who had gotten used to Gina’s interpretation, and then did nothing with Phyllis except turn her into a Lucy Coe-type comic relief busybody. They would have been better off keeping GT, who was better suited to this type of material by virtue of being a more versatile actress, than pairing MS with Melissa Ordway, nuAdam, and nuChance. They really haven’t made much hay out of her being the OG Phyllis, as the show has recently marginalized the one person who she had really clicked with over the ye
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