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  1. I watched today’s show in like five minutes. There simply wasn’t anything else that attracted my attention having not watched since February. Billy/Victoria/Victor? Summer/Kyle/Lola? Yeah, that’s not gonna do it for me. For me, that sequence really showed how much Y&R’s directing/production has deteriorated in the past 15 years. They really would have sold the emotion of that dialogue-free years ago, just through camerawork and blocking. For me, the only part that cut through was CK/Lily convulsing in horror at the news. The rest just got lost in the extras at the party scene.
  2. Laura is so dickmatized. Dude’s in almost every photo she posts.
  3. Justin just needs to resign, although I don’t know if his ego will allow him to do it.
  4. So many characters on this show simply just don’t get an exit.
  5. I think it goes back to the uneasy fit between creators’ desire to make swooning romantic fantasy for housewives and the push to reflect uncomfortable realities of life. It’s a hard sell to make rapists romantic heroes. If soaps leaned more into the complicated lives of women coming to terms with relationships with their attackers (a tricky prospect for even the best of writers), maybe these stories would be more palatable. But they too often deify these rapists and make characters who are critical of them (or who have long memories) into villains. Roger/Holly was handled somewhat well on GL,
  6. I totally agree. But they were pushing the narrative that women should confide in certain authorities when they’re raped, and making her rapist the man who I believe examined her post-assault (!) contradicted that message.
  7. Yeah, #metoo seemed to shine a light on how unfortunately common sexual assault and rape are. But soaps have sensationalized and even glorified/romanticized rape in frankly disgusting and antiquated ways. I keep going back to Eden’s rape on Santa Barbara, which showed the brutality of it (albeit in a very amped-up, ‘80s-action-movie way) but sort of undermined all of their good educational work by making her rapist her gynecologist(!), which was so exploitative and unnecessary.
  8. Not great for any of the shows, but the primetime ratings for everything not Game of Thrones are as bad if not far worse.
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