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  1. What’s happening with Vika? She’s getting demolished by Caroline Garcia.
  2. I had forgotten about this lol.
  3. Right, which is different. Netflix is more disruptive in terms of the medium and not necessarily artistically. I think Netflix has been aiming at a sort of total world domination and complete changing of the rules that HBO had never aimed for, which is why HBO is suffering such growing pains as AT&T is forcing them to adopt Netflix’s model of pumping out a high volume of content with only a glancing regard to quality. Netflix wants to be everything to everyone, which means a lot of middle-of-the-road sh!t. HBO has HBO Films, which had Warner as a distributor for their theatrical releases like the SATC movies, which had normal theatrical windows. And things like Leaving Neverland simply air on the channel, so there hasn’t been that conflict.
  4. They really didn’t love Y&R this year as much as in recent years. Most were expecting noms for Amelia, Eileen, Thad, and possibly Sharon Case. All that destruction of JT/Victoria and nothing to show for it. I think Eileen deserved a nod, but most of the right Y&R folks were nominated (like Bryton/Mishael).
  5. Wow. All of the Supporting Actress winners are still alive, with two from the Lead category gone (compared to the numbers for Lead/Supporting Actors and even Younger Actors with KSJ and Justin Gocke). Certainly it’s sad that a late legend like Beverlee McKinsey was never honored by her peers with soaps’ biggest trophy. I loved Zaslow’s Emmy speech. You can see the love from Hendrickson’s castmates when he won his Emmy (made even more retrospectively bittersweet that it was handed out by John Ritter shortly before he suddenly passed):
  6. Wow. Make those coins, Rodgers & Hammerstein(‘s estate).
  7. Teddi is getting annihilated on Twitter.
  8. Yeah. It would have been a glaring omission to leave her out, and not only just day-to-day soap fans will be watching how they handle this.
  9. Yeah, TLW’s absence is a WTF, but who knows if she could even participate. Very happy to see VR’s involvement after all the bad blood.
  10. I thought his message was clear: in a time when TV was becoming more adventurous, instead of following in the HBO mode of being disruptive creatively, Netflix is churning out formulaic schlock based on viewing patterns and algorithms. People in the comments are awfully defensive.
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