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  1. Dominic looks DEVASTATED. I can imagine this being very motivating for him.
  2. Djokovic wins his 8th Australian Open and his 17th major. First male player to win Slam titles in three different decades.
  3. I will say I’m glad that Porsha got saved. She’s evolved into one of my favorite HWs. She was awful her first season, and the dumb act for cheap laughs did her no favors (she may not be the most informed but she’s proven herself to intermittently very clever since).
  4. Muguruza had a complete meltdown in that final game. I suppose she only peaks against Williams sisters in championship matches. Still, after the disastrous last couple of seasons, this is a HUGE step up for her. LOL at Bencic now Top 5. She’s defending a Dubai title, so we’ll see how the spring goes. Pliskova and Svitolina must be seething to see all these newcomers lifting Grand Slam trophies while they toil away year after year.
  5. I think he’s hot and not untalented. But he’s always put in roles that don’t suit him. I like the Ryan McNeil-type idea. Maybe a touch more roguish.
  6. Ok I take back what I said. Mishael looks great. And thank god they updated Hunter’s. Her previous one was not flattering.
  7. Oh dear. Witness Protection Mishael. Her Hilary shot (with her opening her eyes) was iconic.
  8. Such a good summing-up of her brilliance. To me, her GL was everything I had ever wanted in a soap. At times, it was quite nearly perfect.
  9. Elizabeth Hendrickson looks... odd in that photo.
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