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  1. Muguruza out of San Jose with an arm injury. It’s crazy. Even with hampered mobility, Murray gets to balls that would be winners for most of his opponents. Malek Jaziri’s lips, though. Lisa Rinna wishes.
  2. Is it weird that I used to be annoyed with Andy Murray’s running commentary during his matches but now find it amusing?
  3. Well, with the Abbotts going to battle with each other, and the Newmans getting splintered down the middle, it’s time for the Winters to have a civil war. Ugh. Phyllis. Stay out of family business.
  4. I think you never know with Sloane. She could just turn things around on a dime when you least expect it. But she typically GOATs on U.S. soil.
  5. Petkovic knocks out Sloane in DC.
  6. I can see it being dismissed as a cute little deathbed fantasy played as a joke, but it still felt odd to me that it was omitted, as if the script editors weren’t keeping track. Maybe it would have overtaxed the wardrobe budget. All in all, it was a decent service. Loved Hilary’s notes to the survivors, although it still rankles that Phyllis was the one delivering them, giving her history with the Winters family. Neil’s speech also annoyed me, but I suppose it was in character.
  7. Agreed. I can understand why a few lower-ranked clay court specialists would play on the surface this way in the year to make some cash, but Thiem should have earned enough money and technically should be a contender on all surfaces. He’s doing himself no favors.
  8. Didn’t Hilary ask for the women to wear royal wedding-style fascinators? Disappointed lol.
  9. She needs to. She’s not getting any younger.
  10. I completely agree with this. Every year, they struggle to come up with nominees in the Younger categories. Some of them barely have scenes to submit. No other major award (Oscars, Tonys, Primetime Emmys, Grammys) does this.
  11. Very few in the tennis press have acknowledged that story as a possible factor in Serena’s loss. I really hate the media.
  12. This is funny if true. He lost in three sets to Istomin in Austria.
  13. There’s another thread in the Daytime Emmys section, so maybe we want to merge them?
  14. CNN will air a five-episode final season of Parts Unknown this fall. Only one episode will have Bourdain’s narration. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/cnn-readies-final-season-of-anthony-bourdain-parts-unknown-1202892042/
  15. I would be so bored if I were CK and DG, even if I had this adoring fanbase. You get no chance to switch up the routine. But maybe they are just lazy and collecting a paycheck so they can do interesting things in their personal lives, which is their right if they’re allowed to get away with it. They both have *some* talent (I know many disagree), so it’s a waste.
  16. These shows are always going to go for the easiest short-term dramatic and sensational thing over the creative thing, even if it hurts them down the line.
  17. One of the few things Sussman appeared to do right was making Cane the pathetic loser we always knew him to be, and I felt DG played that remarkably well. I actually enjoyed that Cane. But the Lane fans obviously complained about Cane’s emasculation, and we saw DG kvetching on social media, basically helping kill the best material he’s ever had on the show.
  18. The British press is being obnoxious about Konta’s win. They are the worst. They are in for a rude awakening when an in-form, dialed-in Serena spanks that ass as she did in Melbourne last year.
  19. That came up for me when I did a search on Serena too. I do wonder... She did press afterwards, but that would be a tough topic to broach. This quote is telling, though:
  20. WTF is going on with this Konta match? Serena is getting destroyed. Is she injured? This might be the worst match of Serena’s entire career. She looks near tears. The entire crowd seems shellshocked. Yeah, something’s not right with Serena. Konta didn’t even celebrate because she can’t take pride in that victory.
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