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  1. Again, I wonder if a lot of these pandemic viewership losses will be permanent. When casual viewers break the daily habit (see O.J.), they are awfully hard to get back.
  2. For me, that would have been fine. I’ve never loved junior awards. Let the kids work their way up as daytime veterans and earn it. They were getting enough praise and coverage. But I totally think, for example, Kimberly McCullough would have been recognized for Robin’s HIV story. In primetime, arguably more crowded than daytime, you’d have young breakthroughs like Fred Savage, Keshia Knight-Pulliam, and Claire Danes at the Emmys. It’s all moot since it’s water under the bridge, but we especially don’t need these categories now.
  3. I’m not sure I love Don Diamont’s haircut, but he looked great in this episode. Amazing that they somehow made Kevin a cuddly, wisecracking hero after this. Even after the years of sob stories over his childhood.
  4. My thoughts exactly. She’s just dead-eyed and such a wet blanket. Maybe she hasn’t had an opportunity to “pop,” but a lot of RH “friends” make more out of the little screen time they have. I’ve been souring on Leah in the past few episodes. She tries to be a verbal ninja in her confessionals, but when it comes to her interactions with the women, she’s comparatively timid except for with Sonja. I get that she’s feeling the ladies out a bit, but I’m getting a sense she’s a bit of a poseur and a phony.
  5. From Boca Raton, Florida
  6. Loved Gilly. And Monti Sharp was really GL’s lead (or one of them) for much of the summer of ‘93, after David killed Vinnie (and the whole Macauley West story that brought Joe Lando on).
  7. Beyoncé gets her seventh No. 1 as a solo artist. Oof, where did Ariana/Justin go!?!
  8. How much did that AC/DC song cost them? Chad Duell must have felt so self-conscious in that Magic Milo performance.
  9. An oldie I stumbled on: from GL in 1966, Bert Bauer confronting Maggie Scott, who’d had an affair with Bill Bauer. Like this is real grown-ass women talk and no pyrotechnics:
  10. I agree. She improved a LOT during her time on the show. She was unwatchably bad early on. I kind of think it was great that she doesn’t have a child, but too bad it have served to marginalize her (when it didn’t have to).
  11. The visuals of the 1999 opening were great. It’s just that if you’re going to replace something as iconic as the original orchestral Nadia’s Theme, it had better be amazing, and that sax theme was meh and forgettable IMO. It’s telling that even as production ditched almost everything related to classic Y&R, they knew to go back to (and stick with) the original theme.
  12. Couldn’t Jack have put on a shirt before he went downstairs to confront Ryan and Victoria? Loved HT’s early resting bitch face.
  13. Oh Sharon Farrell. Few actresses could believably freak the f*** out like she could. Flo was such a memorable character.
  14. From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  15. What an unsatisfying finale to this RHOA reunion. Started strong but went out with a whimper.
  16. That was my guess, as so many markets air them back to back. In STL, B&B aired at 12:30 (opposite the second half of AMC) and Y&R at 3/4 pm, so I never watched them together.
  17. A cast member of the Japanese Netflix reality series Terrace House took her own life this past week allegedly due to relentless cyberbullying (which is notoriously vicious in Japan), so I think that show’s done. Sad, because it was such a special and warm series at its best. I completed Love Is Blind and the reunion and...
  18. From Zürich, Switzerland
  19. Just a fabulous scene, and it feels like MKA could create electricity with any acting partner. I would have been obsessed with her as a kid. I remember feeling the loss of Neal as a young viewer of ATWT, and I didn’t even watch it that much.
  20. Alexis reading Sam for filth, and basically saying what GH viewers were thinking about that time (not that Alexis was a great messenger but still):
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