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  1. Tika Sumpter is on one of those awful (but very highly rated) Tyler Perry shows (The Haves and the Have Nots) and has not lacked for work because of it.
  2. I know these episodes filmed six months ago, but why is Paul wearing these long sleeve henleys in the middle of June?
  3. Patrika has written an open letter calling for an outside audit of the Academy: https://deadline.com/2018/06/patrika-darbo-daytime-emmy-award-letter-outside-audit-demand-1202407799/
  4. Asia is getting battered on Twitter, as is Rose, but people are looking for someone to blame for this. It couldn’t have been Anthony’s own internal issues. Social media has empowered a lot of vicious and desperate people.
  5. Y&R really needs to figure out what to do next because this is devastating to the show. She was the straw that stirs the drink, and Mal and Sally used her as a crutch when things got boring. Gina Tognoni, as fantastic and committed as she is, doesn’t have that arresting star quality that Mishael has. If only they could bite the bullet and get Victoria Rowell back...that’s the only person in recent Y&R memory (other than maybe TL, whose character they stupidly killed off) who just makes everything seem effortless.
  6. Robert Gant STILL looks amazing.
  7. Summer as Lolita and Billy as Humbert Humbert...zzzz.
  8. Whoever does Wendy’s social media...wow.
  9. Interesting how they start in with the drama instead of the funny, happy stuff in typical RH trailer fashion.
  10. Nasty rumors about Asia Argento and a statement on her behalf from Rose McGowan.
  11. Yeah, there are a lot of things about Sharapova’s situation that don’t wash. It just makes her insolent attitude that much harder to take now. Not to mention the willful amnesia of the tennis media, who have never truly held her accountable.
  12. Tennis players are tested a lot and are usually hyperviligant about what they consume, and if a massive star like Sharapova can get caught flat-footed and outed, I imagine anyone can. There are always TUEs (therapeutic use exemptions), of course.
  13. That’s funny, but her body looks great actually if you like an athletic figure.
  14. All of this looks ridiculous in typical B&B fashion, but at least they are acknowledging that other people exist than Steffy/Liam/Hope and their meddling parents.
  15. He certainly would have been more physically appealing than Wally, but again smug Matt Reardon taints him in my memory. Maybe if I’d seen him as Ned, I’d think differently?
  16. Some of it is it personal preference, of course. I like Novak and Serena, so I don’t mind as much seeing them dominate. (And both of them are fiery personalities who quite often got themselves into tough situations and had to Houdini their way out of them, which for me was nerve-racking but entertaining, and they weren’t crowd favorites for much of their runs, so they appealed to my Aquarian rebelliousness lol. Serena has only *really* been embraced recently, and I’ve just accepted Novak will always have legions of haters, even though his behavior has improved markedly since his childish early days.) Steffi and Federer always seemed cold IMO and yet had these worldwide cults supporting them. But aside from that, I started really following tennis 1995-96, and Steffi was winning pretty much everything but the Australian those years, just as Roger hoovered up nearly everything 2004-07, leaving Rafa content with Roland Garros. Steffi still had some great matches, especially with ASV, but tennis never really captivated me until there were multiple *real* contenders for Slams like Serena, Venus, the evil Hingis, Davenport, and then the floodgates opened in the early 2000s with the resurgent Capriati, the Belgians, et al. And I liked the stories of the Big 4 men, later on, all pushing each other. I never felt like the men’s tour really had that during the Sampras/Agassi years, and Pete was, to me, a not particularly compelling servebot who rained aces to win matches. More power to him, and he was clearly a more complete player than someone like Isner or Karlovic, but I just didn’t find that rootable. Speaking of Arantxa, she is living her BEST life:
  17. I found Wally Kurth so charmless and snide as Ned Ashton that it’s hard to imagine him as Tad (even though WK certainly aged more gracefully than MEK, who just looked uncomfortable and tetchy in those later years on AMC). The young MEK was just a star and dead sexy.
  18. More power to Nadal, but it’s the same as the Patriots or the Warriors or Manchester United back in the day winning every year. Why follow a story when you know the ending? There’s nothing anyone can do about it. The other players just have to get better or wait for Nadal to get worse.
  19. Andy will get WCs wherever he wants, but he has a steep hill to climb. We will see. There’s more time to play yourself into some kind of form during the summer hardcourt season, but he has to be careful. Obviously, Wawrinka’s recovery from knee surgery has been quite protracted. I always thought the men’s tournaments from 2008-14 were fantastic because there was a real tussle between the Big 4, all of them pushing each other to be better on the various surfaces. But the women’s game from 2000-2010 was fabulous with Serena and Venus, Capriati, Mauresmo, Henin and Clijsters, Davenport, and a few others all vying for titles and creating classic matches. Much more interesting than seeing Steffi steamroll everyone, especially after Seles got stabbed.
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