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  1. In her new NYT advice column, Roxane Gay went off on a privileged woman asking if it was still safe to employ her housekeeper during a pandemic, and Times readers are *triggered* (read the comments). Plus, this, tying COVID together with the protests:
  2. This actor from HBO’s Insecure (he plays Nathan) got shot by rubber bullets and hit with batons while doing an IG Live from a protest in L.A.
  3. Winner was never in doubt. She’s amazing. I loved Heidi’s little sketch in the middle of the finale. She’s so much fun. Sad about the longtime Drag Race producer who passed away. That was a lovely tribute to her from the queens throughout the seasons. They really created a vivid picture of who she was. Much better finale than the lackluster reunion.
  4. A friend of mine, who is a Peyton Place fanatic, posted this and said watch from 6:52 to 10:32 (although maybe start at 5:26 for context). It’s not a knockdown, drag-out “confrontation,” but a tense discussion between a daughter and her mother (played by Barbara Rush) about life choices and the responsibilities of love and sex. Really smart and nuanced dialogue.
  5. Ok, watched the latest NYC episode. Everyone except maybe Luann was obnoxious. Leah is indeed exhausting, but Elyse, while insightful in a lot of ways, comes across very stuffy and self-righteous. I’d love to know more about Dorinda’s comment that Elyse isn’t in the position to judge. I’m glad that Luann put Ramona in her place. Again, Luann is perennially the MVP on trips, even when she’s not the center of attention.
  6. Gotta say, Gigi turned it for her second lip sync. Crystal’s was just fücking crazy. And Jaida’s was just flawless performing:
  7. While Bethenny is judgmental as hell (and she would have eaten up this season—in a bad way), I feel like she had a unique handle on Dorinda’s crazy that would have been useful.
  8. Agreed. This episode is just garbage on every level. I weep at what they did to this once-great show.
  9. As long as Fridays are going to be the most recent episodes, they’re going to be a miss for me.
  10. I love Stassi and I would say no more weddings. But you know they’re going to have to play that beat.
  11. All because of f***in Six Feet Under. Such shortsighted decision-making.
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