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  1. Elizabeth Keifer Ian Buchanan Judi Evans Ernest Graves Michael Corbett Sam Behrens Matthew Ashford Bibi Besch Constance Towers Hillary B. Smith Tracy Melchior Jill Larson Daniel Cosgrove Susan Walters Leigh Taylor-Young John Bolger Randy Brooks Michael Tylo Marcia Cross Jed Allan
  2. I remember when she mentioned it in her SAG speech during her award season run for to Oscar for “Still Alice,” and some comedian mocked her for it afterwards. She is so unbothered.
  3. Agreed. It is bizarre that they thought that press conference was important enough to break into regular programming. But as Les Moonves said, “Trump may not be good for America, but he’s damn good for CBS.”
  4. Kei just won in three over Millman. He’s one of my favorites as you know, so I hope he has a long run in him, but these marathon matches aren’t going to help.
  5. I want to like Kenya. I always root for her against Porsha (and did against Phaedra) certainly, and she can be kind and supportive at moments. But she’s her own worst enemy.
  6. I had a feeling Novak would lose. He, like Serena, has a lot of work to do to get back to where he was, and I think Serena may be further along sadly. Goffin really struggled today coming back from the eye injury. Wow. That’s a shocking scoreline against Sousa. Kasatkina also out.
  7. Frankly, I like MY’s Y&R better than any regime since Jack Smith, which ain’t saying much. It is FLAWED, but I’m neither bored nor pissed on a regular basis.
  8. At least he got his ass handed to him this time. But yeah...
  9. Well CBS broke into the show with Trump just now. So lame and unnecessary in a world where you can get news from a thousand different sources. I bet MY is furious that his massive reset has been overshadowed in several major markets. But I was going to say that this show today felt like someone hit the FF button and it got stuck.
  10. Shame about Osaka losing. She got screwed with that draw especially after playing eight matches in a row.
  11. Co-sign. It’s hard to tell what’s going on here mid-story, but some of what I’m seeing (and hearing in terms of spoilers) doesn’t look promising.
  12. Nicholas Walker Louise Sorel Marj Dusay
  13. Wow, well, Mal is certainly taking big swings almost six months into his tenure. How much is desperation due to the dismal demos? Sorry, hadn’t seen this, but yeah.
  14. He threw Diane out of an ambulance.
  15. This show just burns through story. Very much a nod to Psycho.
  16. Aaaaand Sandgren is out to García-López...
  17. Given that life expectancy in the U.S. generally only increases a couple of months per year on average, and the median age for soaps is increasing at probably more like a year or two per year, it’s only a matter of time before the soap viewing audience literally dies off. But it’s really not that much better for the rest of linear television. It’s not sustainable.
  18. Well that too, but I’m certain that will come up as a justification for giving AH for this particular story.
  19. Just to play devil’s advocate: I sort of get what MY is trying to do, in that Victoria is someone we’d think would be the least likely victim of domestic violence superficially. A “strong business woman” wouldn’t “let” her husband hit her, right? I suspect many have, and the #metoo movement has exposed some very unlikely victims. “If it could happen to Victoria, it could happen to anyone.” It would be easier to have it be Tessa or Mariah or even someone who is traditionally thought to be witless like Abby.
  20. I know people are tired of WWHTD (“What would Heather Tom do?”), but it’s hard to not compare when AH half-asses it so much. It’s inevitable to compare someone to the person who made a role famous. Hell, people still compare Peter Bergman unfavorably to Terry Lester, who’s been off the show for nearly 30 years, and we KNOW Terry ain’t coming back.
  21. The primetime (broadcast and cable) median ages are similarly increasing across the board, right? (This chart was from 2015, and I’m assuming those ages have gone up since.) The young audience is simply abandoning the medium or never really started in the first place, and the ship has sailed.
  22. I thought everything leading up to the tussle was good, but the violence I didn’t think worked.
  23. It’s kind of cool that Marla Adams and Susan Seaforth Hayes, who’ve both been in daytime for 50 years, both getting recognized when so many of their peers have retired or passed on.
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