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  1. Video of the press conference Really hard to watch. He seems tormented. I suppose anyone with chronic pain would understand.
  2. I mean, it’s a good thought, but Jamie is always a contender with Bruno Soares. And even if Murray was unpleasant on court, he’s still miles more tolerable than the disrespectful douchey other Andy.
  3. Big gains for the holidays, but man, those YOY numbers for everyone but DAYS. And GH is dead last in the demos. I wonder how that’ll soon impact what we see on screen or BTS.
  4. He’d be great at that. I heard he did well covering Wimbledon for the BBC last summer. Someone on Twitter said that the Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray fanbases are all getting along for the first time, but it took one of them retiring to do it.
  5. End of an era. I’m sad for him.
  6. Kei and Naomi together in a Japanese commercial for Nissin! 😍😍😍
  7. This is actually a very smart, considered, and mature response regarding that USO incident, which was obviously brought up in the above piece.
  8. This is the first episode I’ve enjoyed more than loathed in a while. They even had some signature Y&R camera work (Phyllis and Mac observing Victoria/Billy’s affection and turning away, facing a camera in tight close-up, with Villy in the background). And Kelly Kruger is a breath of fresh air. I’d say they should bring her back full-time, but I think we’d all regret it once we saw the stories she’d get.
  9. Really not a bad draw: Wow. That is ROUGH.
  10. Lady Gaga has made a statement and plans to remove her duet with R. Kelly from streaming services.
  11. RIP Green Book. First Viggo Mortensen’s N-word slip a few months back at a Q&A, and now today’s turn of events:
  12. Oh I have a good one. Torchwood and Gwen/Eve Myles. God I hated Gwen. This scene was a big reason why.
  13. Andy Murray is practicing against Novak right now.
  14. Oh totally. There should be more. But I’ve found Fen to be mostly an intolerable doofus to this point. Forgive me: who’s Alice? Not Alice Johnson, right? Oh you mean Alice Hunter, who plays Kerry.
  15. They’ve had a few scenes with Fen and Michael/Lauren since the intro, including a very strange singalong with Fen and Lauren. I think Kyle and Jack had one scene where they spoke out their love lives, but I don’t think Jack has met Lola. Can’t be sure, though.
  16. So it looks like Devon/Abby/Arturo/Mia/Rey/Sharon/Nick/Phyllis/Billy/Victoria and Ana/Fen/Lola/Kyle/Summer are in the offing, basically. If they somehow paired Devon/Victoria, it’ll be like a whole Genoa City daisy chain with the entire 30-50 y/o cast, save for Nate and Kerry.
  17. ‘92 was also an amazing year for Y&R.
  18. You can’t think too much about how mental illness is (mis)handled on this show. You’ll drive yourself insane (no pun intended) trying to find logic in it. Thirsty Leo is fun, but this show still feels inert to me.
  19. B&B is so unbalanced, which was clear in the monthly threads, but that lopsidedness is thrown into sharper relief alongside the other shows. Still JMW has nothing on Lindsay Hartley or Dominic Zamprogna’s totals from years past. Amelia Heinle was on the back burner for a few months and still narrowly missed the top 10. Is there a typo in the years for Rebecca Herbst or did she make the list 13 consecutive years? Funny how much Dante dominated GH, yet DZ just essentially faded from the show.
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