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  1. An update on Tika Sumpter and the Black-ish prequel Mixed-ish: Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been cast as her husband, replacing Anders Holm, who left for “undisclosed reasons.” They’ll play the young Bow’s parents.
  2. Sibusiso Kotelo from Durban, South Africa
  3. David Ortega from Mexico
  4. Thanks! I knew British soaps would have stepped up at some point. Although I know some people would have found that “female...by choice” line problematic.
  5. Let’s get it out of the way: soaps have been poorly written for years, and they don’t write their heterosexual cis characters very well, much less the LGB end of the spectrum. I wouldn’t expect any of the current teams to do a story like this justice, not in this TV environment. But I was thinking about the few trans characters we’ve seen on American soaps: Zoe on AMC, Maya on B&B, Terry on GH. I might be missing someone, but none of them were legacy characters. (All of them were trans women as well. Trans men apparently don’t exist.) As open-ended serial storytelli
  6. Alfie Parker, Jr., a dancer from NYC
  7. Budig as Robin? Yikes. And GT? That’s absurd. The primary appeal with Kimberly is that we watched her grow up on the show from a small child. People would riot.
  8. Is there a gay? I’ll catch this on demand.
  9. When Nick goes low, Novak goes high.
  10. They just split sets, with Kristyna breaking in the third. I’m sure it’s a nervy match. Ostapenko did God’s work today and since I forgot to haul out this video during the French, I’ll do it now:
  11. The Pliskobot twins are playing their first tour match against one another right now:
  12. “Nomad” from Mongolia
  13. I love(d) Brenda, but I never want to see her again.
  14. Pedro, Jr., military officer from Brazil
  15. It would be easy to just do a list of soaps from shortest- to longest-running and call it a top 10. Might be somewhat truthful actually, but predictable and kinda boring. It’s at least interesting to see Santa Barbara rewarded for exploring and playing with soap conventions, and by most accounts, doing it quite well up until the dodgy last couple of years.
  16. I was going to (mistakenly) post that I had no idea that Chris Bernau (Alan, GL) and Doug Watson passed so close together, but Douglass the actor passed in early May and Mac Cory the character passed in mid-June. (Bernau died IRL June 14.) Still, two premature deaths of iconic P&G stars in a short period. Such spectacular performances in those episodes, made even more bittersweet by the relatively recent passing of Carmen Duncan.
  17. Dave Swatt of Indonesia
  18. Hmmm. Just when I thought I was taking a tennis break, give me all the popcorn:
  19. Lee Jangmin from Ulsan, South Korea
  20. IG: the_l_word. Not clear where he’s from (L.A.?), but somewhere in America.
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