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  1. That’s all of the POCs, barring Neil, who has been generally sidelined. Not sure if you’re considering Lily. Would you rebuild the Winterses with Neil and Moses perhaps? Bring back Keemo over Peter Bergman’s dead body? It’s a tough call with such a damaged show with such weak or ruined characters, but I’m interested.
  2. Who would you have killed? I’m assuming a couple Rosaleses and perhaps a Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman?
  3. LOL at thirsty journalists swarming celebs for pictures at award shows.
  4. I don’t think that guy’s saying that Tsitsipas has trouble with the tennis balls; he was claiming Nadal did in Toronto. But his tweet was in response to a guy who said something similar to what you’re saying: Tsitsipas and his team were overconfident due to how well he played Nadal late in that second set in the Toronto final and failed to do the necessary scouting in Melbourne, a totally different court and a different Nadal. But not sure how much difference it would have made.
  5. Too bad not much Y&R exists on YouTube. Lots of good stuff to post from the early ‘90s. This was fantastically creepy when I watched it as a kid, but it might not have the same impact out of context. AMC fans will remember Aunt Grace kidnapping Mimi and Derek’s baby Danielle after Mimi, a police officer, killed Grace’s son in the line of duty. Grace wasn’t evil so much as deeply broken and unstable. (RIP Lynne Thigpen, who had a lovely voice.)
  6. Some speculation about Tsitsipas/Nadal:
  7. Not shocking given the player involved (Serena), the drama of the match, and, yes, the fact it didn’t air at 3:30 am on a weeknight.
  8. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    Matt continues to kill it.
  9. I definitely think she’s telling a lot of truth (anyone who has followed Whoopi’s career know Mo’Nique’s comments cut DEEP), but, damn, incinerate those bridges, girl.
  10. The length is an issue with the Garland, Streisand, and Gaga versions. It’s definitely a story that can be told in under two hours, I agree.
  11. Weezer were popular when I was in junior high/high school, so they were important to me as a budding music fan. Well, in the wake of their viral remake of Toto’s “Africa” last year, they’ve released an album of covers, and it has drawn an unusual amount of ire.
  12. And they don’t have a host and an opening monologue, so they should already have time available. But I bet they won’t cut their self-aggrandizing “Film Is Important!” montages. I found it a bit dull, especially the last half or so. Certainly not a patch on the Garland/Mason classic. But I enjoy “Shallow” enough, even with Gaga’s oversinging and the meh lyrics.
  13. Also, here’s the latest annual Vanity Fair Hollywood issue cover. You knew they weren’t going to make the mistake of omitting a person of color from the front in this cultural climate. Chadwick is a good choice.
  14. People are PISSED about this. Only Gaga/Cooper and Kendrick/SZA have been asked to perform their Best Song nominees, even though Jennifer Hudson and Emily Blunt were among the other performers of nominated songs.
  15. Lol. How long has Zach Tinker been on Y&R? Those pre-noms are pretty much as expected with the state of soaps as they are.
  16. Faulkner

    Doctor Who

    David Tennant is launching his own podcast, and his former Broadchurch co-star Olivia Colman is the first guest. https://www.themarysue.com/david-tennant-does-a-podcast/
  17. I sort of wish LL came on as Devon’s love interest and not his sister (especially if they’re not bringing Harmony back). Their chemistry sometimes borders on the uncomfortable for me.
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