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  1. No one on this show is really playing to their strengths right now. A lot of actors are being forced to play things that aren’t grounded in character or reality.
  2. Rome Flynn/Zende can be OK to good. The scenes he won his Emmy for were pretty solid, and he’s managing to get a lot of work post-B&B. Xander is bad (he’s marginally better using the English accent), but the Emma girl is just jaw-dropping. There was some dialogue today that made me wonder if it was just really stilted and poorly written or if Nia Sioux’s delivery was just that awkward, and I came to the conclusion it was the latter. I feel bad for her actually. She’s not ready for this kind of role, and if Brad were doing her any favors, he’d recast her. But, then again, she’ll be out the door in a few weeks anyway for more Liam drama.
  3. The Nick stuff makes no sense. And I’m going to have this stuck in my head for the rest of the day.
  4. On a positive note: I like the Victor/Nick flashbacks today.
  5. That food looked delicious. I would have needed a sprinkle of salt over that avocado, though, even if the turkey was probably salty. But she likely needs to watch sodium intake. Helmut wasn’t miked properly. I could barely hear him.
  6. I do wonder if we’re heading towards a GL-like overhaul. If they can’t get demo ratings up, they may as well slash costs to the point that margins increase.
  7. I wonder who they are too @slick jones. Gotta love hot twins.
  8. This show was mortally wounded years ago, but I did enjoy the first quarter of this year. Maybe it was just a delayed honeymoon period because even MAB’s first few months felt like a big improvement from the previous regime, and we know how repulsive her stories were. But I feel like once JT was killed the show became borderline unwatchable. And they are also using Marla Adams a lot less. These charismatic actors made the show somehow seem better. I don’t know: all of the veteran actors feel flat. Even Jess, who can be OTT in a great soapy way, felt shrill and looked uncomfortable in the scenes I watched from Monday.
  9. It’s funny how it never felt as glaring when someone as bad as Ronn Moss was in scenes with Susan Flannery and KKL because RM’s woodenness became just part of Ridge. But these guys were just thrust upon us out of nowhere.
  10. This is a very strange and slapdash of doing That Black Storyline™️. All three actors are dire, but I disagree that Zoe is the worst of the three. I was actually embarrassed for Courtney Hope and Heather Tom for having to keep straight faces while these guys strained to emote. It’s a shame: B&B has done their black cast dirty, but they’ve usually hired solid to excellent black actors.
  11. I was expecting worse given it was up against the World Cup final. The full day ratings for Saturday, conclusion of Nadal/Djokovic and the Kerber/Serena final, was up 86 percent over from 2017, most likely due to Serena’s return.
  12. At one of my old jobs, I organized a web chat years ago to promote the first season of Ladies of London, and from my limited contact with the cast, Annabelle was by far the most easygoing. This is terribly sad.
  13. I try to stay out of this thread, but I thought this was a bit funny.
  14. This actually bothered me a lot in the final and other matches as well. Lots of missed serves because the camera was lingering elsewhere. ESPN did a very poor job this Wimbledon, and it wasn’t much better last year. It’s almost as if they didn’t value the actual sport being played.
  15. MBE and SN were so stiff on GH. Some of that was the writing, but I never enjoyed Stefan and Katherine.
  16. Novak and Angie cutting a rug.
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