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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. RIP. When I was a teenager, I wanted to be a soap opera writer, and I wrote to her not expecting a response. She mailed me back the loveliest note filled with practical advice on life and career. I'll always be appreciative of her for that.
  2. Echoing everyone's praise. She not only said the right things, but she backed up her assertions with solid reasoning about why things aren't working. As we know from politics, campaigning and governing are two separate things. We'll see if she can actually push through her ideas, but her dual EP/HW credit gives me hope. I was done with soaps before this, but this interview alone has excited me enough to give Y&R another chance starting in December.
  3. Grant Aleksander was so great as Alec. That was the last truly good era of the show.
  4. Just saw Jason Brooks (Peter Blake, DAYS) on an episode of How To Get Away with Murder.
  5. Deidre Hall. Left DAYS and did Our House, which was mildly successful, and later returned. Debbi Morgan. Even had Oscar talk for Eve's Bayou after leaving AMC. Then came back and did PC and then AMC again and then Y&R.
  6. An Indian "super-intelligent creative engineer who isn't so smooth with the ladies"? That's not stereotypical at all.[/sarcasm]
  7. This show is trying to make sure I never watch again.
  8. That last scene was laugh out loud hilarious.
  9. Crazy, bitter Marcie is the best thing on this show. Aiden Turner is a solid actor. He's actually really great here.
  10. Cynthia can scrap. I like the new brawler Cynthia. It took a while, but she came prepped this reunion.
  11. Christopher Sean is just delicious.
  12. Agreed, Claudia behaved obnoxiously.
  13. Freddie Smith is bringing it. Can't wait until tomorrow.
  14. I remember Nurse Lynn on DAYS repeatedly saying something like, "It's all over for you, Sami. I'm going STRAIGHT to Kate." That used to crack me up.
  15. I don't think the guy playing Derrick is a very good actor. Hot, yes.
  16. I don't like Geraldo, but Kevin Jonas is a little punk weasel. Glad he got fired.
  17. Matt McGorry's body is voluptuous, but Billy Brown's is like a relief map. I thought we were gonna see some ass during the Viola scene, but like many things about this show, it was a letdown.
  18. Oy. So mad that a Victoria-heavy episode happened on my day off.
  19. I largely agree. And I think Viola's performance has suffered. I don't buy a single one of those snot-infused, melodramatic breakdowns. She's doing too much. Every now and then, the series shifts to the "Emmy for Viola Show."
  20. Meh. The Richards sisters droning on about their "happiness." The ladies protest too much. Lisa V. has never had a duff tagline, has she? Adore her.
  21. Oh dear. The '80s were not a good time for men's hairstyles.
  22. I laughed when Andy cited the viewer tweet that said Nene's makeup was too much. Her face was pure Shangela.
  23. Totally thought Marcie was going down those stairs.
  24. Why do people care about this? Honest question - I see that brought up a lot. I don't have a dog in that fight about network vs. cable standards. From an adult viewer's perspective, it's all just TV to me, and the rest is up to the network censors and bean counters to care about. I'd love to see network television push the envelope a lot more when it comes to sex in the same way that foreign TV does; how many times are we subjected to gruesome murders and bloody surgical scenes on shows like CSI or Grey's Anatomy?
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