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  1. Is anyone watching? The Iceland/Argentina match was scintillating...
  2. Ash Barty beat Osaka in seemingly routine straights in Nottingham. Konta and Vekic, who I believe had a very competitive match at Wimbledon a couple years ago, are next up in the semis there. Remember Krunic, who had that fairytale run at the USO a few years back? She just came back from a set down to beat Coco in two tiebreakers in ‘s-Hertogenbosch SF. Krunic will play Flipkens in the final.
  3. We’ll see. Nick is making a mess out of the second set. He thought he could just ace Roger out of the court, but the double faults are piling up and when Roger actually gets a return in play, point Roger. EDIT: Nick got it to a third set TB, but he can sometimes let up against the better players he likes personally (Murray, Fed) as we’ve seen before. He often can be unplayable when he’s serving out of his mind (like the Acapulco match against a befuddled, antsy Novak), but I don’t know if that holds up best-of-five over two weeks. And... he’s injury-prone and gets unsettled when calls or circumstances don’t go his way.
  4. Chris Hardwick has released a statement in which he denies Chloe Dykstra’s claims and says he ended their relationship because Chloe cheated on him. https://deadline.com/2018/06/chris-hardwick-denies-abuse-allegations-chloe-dyskstra-1202411897/
  5. Leslie Grantham (Dirty Den) has died at 71. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2018/jun/15/leslie-grantham-obituary?CMP=fb_gu
  6. Federer/Kyrgios semi in Stuttgart. Raonic/Pouille on the other half.
  7. He’s also on the wrong side of 30. Not that you can’t make a living as an older model, but it’s way more challenging. Certainly I’ve seen actors who were terrible learn and grow, but I just wonder how committed to the craft he is if he’s learned to coast on a sculpted torso.
  8. Yesterday, before this came out, BBCA announced him as the moderator for the Doctor Who panel with the first female Doctor at SDCC. I can imagine they are in a tough spot, as Chris is the face of AMC Networks fandom. My prediction is that he’ll bow out himself to save them from having to fire him from the gig.
  9. Another police death or is there an angle to send him out of Port Charles?
  10. It’s easy to compare it to golf, which is similarly a country club sport, yet it’s hard to go a week without seeing a tournament on one of the broadcast networks. The PGA audience skews even older than the tennis viewership. But there are many important differences, I know.
  11. My theory: I think there was a bit of a drumbeat for last year’s USO women’s final due to it being two black American women (biracial in Madison’s case), and there had been four Americans in the semis (with Coco and especially Venus, a legit household name who transcends the sport). I also think Sloane squandered some of her momentum after winning the Slam with all those losses, especially in with the failure to make an impact at the next GS in Australia, so there was less interest in her here (Miami win notwithstanding). EDIT: We’d almost certainly have gotten a boost if Serena hadn’t gotten injured and had advanced. But the Kerbers, Muguruzas, Haleps—excellent players, not stars here. The tennis audience is aging more quickly than even the daytime soap audience, which is crazy. The sport is speeding toward irrelevance.
  12. I’d be more concerned about the person they’d choose as EP if Mal goes.
  13. One of the greatest songs of all time.
  14. I like David Marchese and E. Alex Jung’s interviews a lot (Marchese’s interview with Quincy Jones was the most talked-about, but he’s gotten thoughtful, off-script stuff from many celebs; Jung’s interview with RuPaul was brilliant). But I think Vulture, like all outlets who get the bulk of their content from aggregating, can be desperate and slapdash in the quest for clicks, so I can understand some ambivalence. And they do slavishly pander to the most obnoxious elements on social media.
  15. Lol. The guy knows when to play his cards. It was only a matter of time.
  16. Act, maybe? Provide more than dazed stares into the distance? Give us some sense of an internal world happening?
  17. After all this time and years of credible allegations, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Just the conviction?
  18. Right now, there’s so much pressure to be in the industry to be superficially “diverse.” Even CBS, which resisted for YEARS, is now casting POCs as leads. The movement has thankfully elevated a lot of talented artists, but so many folks are half-assing it and paying lip service to Woke Twitter. Again, in a cynical way. Some people are satisfied with scraps after going hungry for so long.
  19. He’s handsome and can clean up when wearing a nicely tailored suit. He’s gorgeous, but it’s also a charisma and a swagger thing. That dude pops onscreen. Michael Mealor, Jason Canela... great-looking guys both of them, but no.
  20. I don’t think he’s bad-looking at all, but the bloom has long been off that rose for me. Thad Luckinbill, on the other hand... To each one’s own, as always. Not like I have the opportunity to bag either one.
  21. That’s what I don’t get. So many opportunities to illuminate character in different ways, and we have this monotonous mess. A lot of running in place. I wonder what kind of research they are using to pace stories. Like most people in the demo only watch 2-3 days a week so they have to make sure the casual viewer can keep up? But with the illusion of action and movement to keep people “entertained”?
  22. Surprise! Another Bachelorette contestant in legal trouble. http://www.vulture.com/2018/06/bachelorette-lincoln-convicted-of-indecent-assault-battery.html?utm_medium=s1&utm_source=fb&utm_campaign=vulture
  23. It wouldn’t have taken but a moment to have that scene. A phone call. Didn’t even need to book the actress playing the therapist.
  24. Have they had any scenes of Victoria’s therapist calling her after a missed appointment or anything, or did she just end treatment? The way they used that story was so cynically done. No follow-up, no momentum.
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