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  1. I was having similar thoughts, which would just be too much to bear from this show at this point. I know they don’t care about Traci, but the audience does. It would be unnecessarily cruel to a character who has endured so much and been so good. I just have memories of Gabrielle on OLTL being gruesomely killed off right after losing her son.
  2. Yay Sloane! She was in full-on pusher mode for most of the match, but she didn’t have to do that much but let Ostapenko’s errors fly. Sloane did step up at the big moments, and, man, can she cover the court. Not easy when Penko is hitting with such power. Let’s see if we get a salty Ostapenko concession speech... EDIT: Not bad. She’s grown up a lot. Very gracious. Back-to-back American-raised WOC winners not named Williams on the Sunshine swing.
  3. This is disappointing. Novak seems totally lost, and he really shouldn’t have played IW/Miami.
  4. If Isner serve is on and his opponent is the least bit off, he’s virtually unplayable. Delpo has played a lot of tennis and is likely exhausted. But if you’re not taking care of your own service game and Isner is raining aces, you might as well just fast-forward to the handshake.
  5. Kim gets Nene turnt like no one else.
  6. If Ostapenko plays Sloane like she played Collins, I give the edge to Ostapenko. If Ostapenko plays Sloane like she played Svitolina, Sloane wins handily.
  7. They are beating the hell out of each other. Maybe the winner will be softened up for Sloane. Why is Delpo/Isner a day match while PCB/Zverev is a night match? Can you imagine the drunk, hyper-partisan crowd rooting for Delpo?
  8. It’s getting that much harder to get anyone interested in anything new. There’s just too much stuff out there on too many platforms.
  9. Great player with lots of potential, but he just seems like a fuccboi. Spoiled and entitled. Coric is just more sympathetic. LOL at Collins’s guttural screeching when she’s in trouble during a difficult point.
  10. Ostapenko hits with so much power, and Collins is going toe-to-toe with her. She’s good.
  11. But was the early swagger just a ruse to get into Victoria’s good graces? The other thing we’ve seen is the medication JT’s taking for his heart condition.
  12. They’ve been playing up JT’s insecurity with his envy of Raul and Brittany’s high-powered NYC jobs.
  13. The dialogue for JT is great. He really knows how to emotionally manipulate Victoria.
  14. Gutsy win from PCB. He could have totally collapsed.
  15. He was melting down for a while, Anderson. But PCB just imploded. He seems to be hanging in there in the third.
  16. Laughable choke by PCB serving for the match with two match points, even though he was cheated of a point.
  17. Vika at it again. I want to like her, but she always pulls some diva bullish!t to try to throw off her opponent. LOL!
  18. I like Mary Joe and Rennae a lot, but he’s just an absolute fool. UGH, Sloane, just hold serve.
  19. To me, it’s currently the only show that interests me in the slightest, but it is the soap I’ve been watching the longest so I’m biased. It’s not Bill Bell’s show at all, but it’s watchable.
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