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  1. I sometimes randomly hear the Port Charles theme song (I know!), the sax version of the Y&R theme, and the late ‘80s synth version of “My Guiding Light” in my head. I used to know Erica Kane’s drugged-out rant at the Woman of the Year awards word for word. I also used to imagine the AMC falling photos intro with family members or friends replacing the residents of Pine Valley. When someone would refer to me in the third person in my presence, I would quote quote Lily Walsh’s “Stop talking like I’m not in the room. I AAAM! I AM HERE!” Whenever someone references “Big Spender,” I think of the version Lucy Coe performed at the Nurses Ball on GH.
  2. That’s going to be tough to watch. My two favorite players. Not even going to venture a guess as to who’ll win. Taro Daniel wins his first title in Istanbul! Didn’t know that about Sousa. Did he get cited for match fixing? Madison Keys lost in the first round in Madrid. Osaka and Ostapenko also out.
  3. Sousa was lucky to have that insurance break in the second set after failing to serve it out at 5-2. Playing at home can be a double-edged sword as we’ve seen with other players who can’t get it together at home tournaments. It was a good week for Frances. A lot he can build on and learn from.
  4. Malek Jaziri has this menacing, international playboy type of beauty.
  5. Wow at Tiafoe. He just might win his second ATP title tomorrow (while the more hyped Fritz and Donaldson have yet to win their maiden titles on the main tour). Dominating a player as crafty as PCB on clay is no small accomplishment. He may have unorthodox strokes, but they’re effective.
  6. To be honest, every soap is a snooze right now. It’s been a while since the shows across the board have been this bad IMO.
  7. Someone on another board said GT’s OTT facial expressions reminded them of Dr. Julia Hoffman from Dark Shadows, and it made me chuckle.
  8. I’m assuming this is a typo, @Toups. Women 18-34 Viewers 1. Y&R 122,000 (+18,000/+7,000) 2. B&B 113,000 (+113,000/+15,000) 3. GH 101,000 (+13,000/-10,000) 4. DAYS 83,000 (+6,000/+13,000)
  9. Michelle Stafford is a Scientologist. Michael Fairman (ex-Murphy, Y&R) was excommunicated from the group and talks about it here. https://www.villagevoice.com/2011/04/27/michael-fairman-talks-to-the-voice-after-his-scientology-excommunication/
  10. Deidre is underrated at comedy, but it seems that they only play her for slapstick now. Vivian/Kate/Marlena is just a slightly less goofy version of Hattie/Bonnie/Anjelica.
  11. Thanks for those articles, @Paul Raven and @amybrickwallace. An interview from years ago about Vincent Irizarry and his faith while he was on AMC: http://www.beliefnet.com/faiths/christianity/2002/01/soap-villains-christian-walk.aspx Marcy Walker’s story of leaving acting to become a youth pastor: https://youtu.be/xiabPzYPnDg Rena Sofer talking about the role of Judaism in her life back in 2002: http://jewishjournal.com/culture/arts/6981/
  12. Over the years, I’ve noticed that Daytime Emmys have many more references to God than most secular award shows (even more than the various country music awards). You certainly won’t hear many actors unironically professing their faith on the Primetime Emmys or the Tonys (unless it’s Kristin Chenoweth). I remember SOD did a big article on the particular phenomenon back in the late ‘90s, and we know the folks who are most publicly “devout” like Scott and Missy Reeves, Jonathan Jackson, Austin Peck, Vincent Irizarry, Gina Tognoni, Marcy Walker, and Greg Vaughan. The point of this isn't to shame actors for their beliefs or to assume that anyone holds any extreme right-wing views on account of their religious affiliations, unless they’ve expressed said views explicitly. But I wanted to see who else has been particularly vocal about their beliefs (e.g. appearances on religious broadcasting networks, interviews with religious publications, etc.)
  13. Some more people if you’re still interested: Rena Sofer Signy Coleman Helen Gallagher Ana Alicia Michael Fairman Wesley Addy Grant Show Christopher Durham
  14. I posted them in the nominations thread.
  15. Just not a fan of the actress or the character, but good point.
  16. I actually thought they might give it to NLG.
  17. Yeah, Maura won two as Carly (ATWT) and one as Ava.
  18. Still no actress of color to win Lead Actress and I believe Debbi Morgan is the only one to be nominated (three times).
  19. Abe at Theo’s bedside when he woke up made me cry buckets, so yay to him.
  20. I thought so. She has done enough marvelous work since to deserve several more. I think her work during the reveal of Scott/Abby could be enough for next year if AH doesn’t take it.
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