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  1. Maura Mandt, the late producer who got the remembrance at the end, was better known for her sports documentaries, I see.
  2. Susan Sullivan? I mean, they aren’t wrong in the ultimate fate of soaps and how they’ve mutated into new forms (any astute observer of pop culture knows that), but it’s telling that they are writing this epitaph when a daytime soap is still airing on their network. GH runs out of original episodes in two days. I want a proper documentary now. One that delves into the roots. Gotta do it soon before we start losing even more of our early veterans.
  3. Touché. And she basically said that young writers would take her job from her cold dead hands when she spoke on a soap writer’s panel years ago. She was like “F**k you, noobs. There aren’t enough jobs to go around!”
  4. LOL at them using the very deceased Jeanne Cooper to represent Y&R in 2020.
  5. Absolutely. And she was a little pipsqueak just a few years earlier. I just can’t believe they were even allowed to tell that story. And bravo to Michael Sutton, who I‘d never thought much of before.
  6. LOL they are sort of writing GH’s death certificate here. “How can you keep up with General Hospital when you’re binge-watching Orange Is the New Black?” I mean.... true?
  7. Still boggles my mind how brave it was to give that HIV story to Robin.
  8. Was about to post the same fücking thing lol. I admit I was almost as obsessed with The Real World growing as I was with the soaps. Same DNA with Mary Ellis-Bunim.
  9. She looks amazing, Mary Crosby! This special is trending No. 3 on Twitter, so maybe *some* notice will be taken?
  10. They blew their budget on all of these elaborate graphics. Which are great, but...
  11. Yep. Barely acknowledged. Aside from Julianne Moore, a few Reva clips, and the aforementioned Stephen Schnetzer. Y&R and DAYS are getting a lot of love, but they are still on the air. Not much B&B love, though. Edit: right when I posted that, Brad Bell appears as if on cue.
  12. Really, this could have been a five or 10-part series. They can’t help but skirt over things. They basically name-checked Generations with Vivica, which is more than I expected but still. No Angie and Jesse?
  13. Too bad soaps *still* haven’t learned that lesson. That’s what is being glossed over here.
  14. It’s a lot more restrained than I expected. I thought they’d go over the top with the catfights and bedroom scenes, but it’s very in the vein of the Tom Hanks CNN documentaries about pop culture through the decades. And they aren’t shying away from the vile nature of the Luke/Laura rape.
  15. Maurice Benard: “Even when the show’s not good, they think it’s great!” (loud cackle) You would know, Mo! Your show hasn’t been good in 25 years. Chris Van Etten looks 12.
  16. Aside from the appalling quality of the video clips, this is well-produced. Getting our Irna section now...
  17. It’s like they pulled them off YouTube. Hell there are soap clips from the ‘70s on YouTube that are clearer, even watched on my full flatscreen. Even that Annie/Erica bitchslap clip was a mess and that was less than 15 years ago.
  18. Oof. I guess you couldn’t expect much better, but the quality of the video clips...
  19. A mixed bag of a year with O.J. raging on. Loved AMC in 1995, though, with Alec/Hayley/Arlene, Liza’s return, and Erica’s pill-popping story that led up to her infamous Woman of the Year speech in early ‘96. For me, that was my favorite year for AMC of the entire ‘90s.
  20. There was a Hollywood Reporter article that reported that the initial increases from the stay-at-home orders have evaporated even for primetime. A lot of speculation that people are fatigued by watching news in the daytime and want to do other things at night, especially at the weather has been so nice across the country. The total viewers for CBS are strong, but those ad demos aren’t great, and I do wonder how many of those lapsed 18-49/25-54 viewers will lose the habit the longer this goes. Y&R and B&B didn’t have a lot to give up in the demos. All that said, the reruns are fabulous and much better than nothing. The bottom hasn’t fallen out, and it could have. GH had better brace itself, though.
  21. Well Kenya knows how to cast/pick ‘em.
  22. Yeah, that’s it! And makes it even crazier that Malcolm and Jill never had sex. Yet they brought on Sean Bridges...
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