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  1. Did any character/actor introduced during MAB’s era survive? I know Cane/DG was an LML creation, and Mariah/CG was from Altman/Passanante.
  2. Yikes at Y&R dipping below 4 million on Monday. Was that a preemption? It seems like Monday was big or average day for the other shows. Demos up WOW but down YOY. The 18-34 demos are so small for all shows that the fluctuations seem almost random. Like W18-34 literally makes up around 3 percent of both Y&R and DAYS’ audiences. Nothing’s really working on B&B, GH, or DAYS.
  3. I’d prefer it if Isner won this, honestly, but he looked pretty sluggish. It’s maddening that Hyeon played so stupidly against Ryan, especially after he had leads. That was a match he could have won easily. It wasn’t like Ryan’s level was that great; actually he was downright crappy during the third set TB. EDIT: Isner pulled it out in the end.
  4. Most of the year he’s been injured, so we’ll see how he progresses now that he’s healthy again. The Harrison match wasn’t promising, though. A lot of just brain dead unforced errors. Isner vs Harrison isn’t a match I’m that interested in, but I saw in passing that Ryan won the first set.
  5. The sandwich that eats like a meal.
  6. Ah ok. Yeah, right at the top it says Donny Osmond won Emmys in 2000 & 2001 so it couldn’t have been 2000. I stand corrected. Thanks. I actually thought Susan wasn’t that bad. None of them were spectacular (understandably), but I thought she and Tamara probably came off best. Wally, Kyle, and RPG were all bad drunk dad karaoke. Ron is a very good singer, but he was doing so much with that operatic voice that it just got uncomfortably campy (IMO). Eden was ok in an Anna Kendrick sort of way but clearly nervous. Kassie, yikes. Eva? YIKES.
  7. Wait. Is it “bakery” because of all the cakes on display?
  8. Oh dear. Could anything be more boring than that? This show turned me against Gina Tognoni, and I’ll never forgive them for that.
  9. This wasn’t actually on a soap but involved soap stars. Ron Raines, Susan Lucci, Eden Riegel, Wally Kurth, Ricky Paull Goldin, Eva La Rue, Tamara Tunie, Kassie de Paiva, and Kyle Lowder singing a medley of love songs at the 2000 Daytime Emmys. I was most mortified for Eva, but there’s a lot of embarrassment to go around. Yikes.
  10. I’m surprised I’d never seen this before: a four-way conversation about film between Vivien Leigh (fiercely intelligent and eloquent, wielding a cigarette like a sword), critic Ken Tynan, and studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn on a 1958 episode of Edward R. Murrow’s Small World. It’s a great watch, and I love how Vivien so strongly defends Orson Welles. There’s an odd bit at the top when Murrow addresses Vivien, then just 45, as “Grandma,” which Vivien laughs off. (I suppose if she’s not offended, why should I be?)
  11. Lauren Roman. She does favor Jill Larson a bit.
  12. Is that Tommy J. Michaels? If so, he grew up quite nicely. EDIT: It IS him. Wow, he’s gorgeous.
  13. I know the rest of the show can’t simply grind to a halt, especially in this era, but the Devon and Hilary scenes made the Nick/Billy dick-waving, the Tessa/Mariah scenes, and the other nonsense seem extra frivolous. Like, Mal. Watch the tone. You can’t just shift from heartfelt deathbed scenes to hijinks at the bar. Thankfully, they gave Hilary and Devon the entire last segment, and Bryton and Mishael absolutely devastated me. What a shame that a character as empty as Tessa gets a SISTER while someone as dynamic as Hilary doesn’t get any blood family to speak of. Ridiculous.
  14. You might be right. After all, GH had been on cancellation watch prior to that era, so who knows what may have happened. I think there was definitely an early ‘80s bubble that burst, and, in a new economic reality, these shows were left trying to figure out how to move forward with an audience trained on a certain ‘80s excess. We have had some great drama since 1990, but so much of it was painful, demeaning, and desperate that sometimes you wish that they’d gone off the air with some dignity. You know, we’ve all trained ourselves to think of Y&R as this dominant No. 1 soap, floating unscathed above it all, lapping all the other shows in viewers, especially when Bill Bell was still at the helm. But going back and looking at what really mattered, the demos, in the ‘90s, it was VERY tight. Many months Y&R was No. 1 in the demo, but maybe a tenth of a point ahead of GH, DAYS, or AMC. And many months DAYS and GH would be on top despite having far fewer total viewers. So it was always competitive, so I can understand the pressure going back as far as Peter Bergman’s hiring.
  15. I don’t get these late year clay tournaments. Isn’t it jarring to go from clay to grass and then clay again and then hardcourts? In any case, this isn’t Dominic’s first time at the rodeo. Every year we say this, and nothing changes.
  16. McKenna certainly looks older but has aged into DILF status. Torpey still looks adorable. Geiger, I have no words. I guess he looks glad to be there, which is something.
  17. No Mia Korf/Kassie DePaiva shot?
  18. I think probably greed, as in, “This show’s old-fashioned and boring and we get 4.0. If we amp things up a bit and do stunts like Clear Springs, we might get a 5.0.” That’s just my guess. Even if Y&R was #1 it was still seeing declines. And stunt-driven GH (EP’d by future Y&R EP JFP) was often regularly beating it in the demos. (EDIT: I was looking back at old demo ratings from the 2000s, and there were many weeks when GH, OLTL, AMC, and even DAYS were beating Y&R. Given that demos determine ad rates, not total viewers, I can somewhat understand the ABC envy that ruled Y&R post-2000.) I’m sure there was pressure to show growth even if there were good structural reasons for the declines. Not that the stunts did anything to reverse things, but I would just bet that was the thinking. The pitch: “This is a musty old soap for the blue hairs, and we could be doing so much better by ‘modernizing.’”
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