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  1. He’s like Eva Marie Saint. She’s almost 94, and in some lights, could go for 60. Genetics, diet/health, long marriages...
  2. What a sad state for ATP tennis. Almost all of the top players are injured.
  3. I’m sold. Is there a Neil angle we can work in? All of that would mean taking the Winters seriously as a family and not as a “Look! We’re diverse!” checkmark.
  4. Ha. I think Tatyana Ali would actually do well with that.
  5. Hilary could still be tough and cunning and not some pushover heroine, but a tricky adversary would allow us to see her in a different perspective. That’s the best way I can see to freshen up this story.
  6. Totally. I’d watch the hell out of a story where a true female villain, a Sheila or early Phyllis-type and not just a schemer, goes after Devon for his influence/$$$$ and possibly frames a reformed Hilary for some crime. That villainess could manipulate and align herself with Lily, et al, but it would just be a different element in the story. I’m a little scared of how Y&R handles slightly unhinged characters after the damaging scourge of psychos who appeared under MAB and Pratt, but just something to take the heat off Hilary (at least in the eyes of viewers).
  7. One hopes. That’s certainly up to Mal. But I’m just exhausted by them at this point. I’m not interested in seeing Hilary re-earn Devon’s trust. It’s stale to me. It could be interesting to see an interloper who, instead of Hilary, plays the baddie/schemer in that dynamic. And NOT Neil.
  8. I know it’s “damned if you do/damned if you don’t” with Brad Bell. We complain about dropped stories. But the fact that we’re picking up these Thomas/Sally/Caroline threads (with scripts from a year ago being dusted off and reused) after MONTHS of them being off canvas is just a head scratcher
  9. I hate Victoria as a character, and she’s been pretty loathsome recently, so I’m mildly relishing her getting a little of her own medicine. It’s just sad that AH is returning to her dead-behind-the-eyes style of acting. These big casting announcements (Arturo, Shauna) have been glorified day players. I did get a kick out of Nick’s “ew” face at discovering Arturo and Nikki. I’m not at all invested in the Hevon baby. It’s just rinse-wash-repeat with Devon getting exasperated with Hilary’s behavior and then doing a 180 the next day. This doesn’t feel like a story advancement to me.
  10. It’s music rights, digitizing, editing and color correction, tagging, etc. plus the sheer volume of episodes. (In or year or two, soaps have as many episodes as the longest-running primetime TV dramas.) Add to that a distaste for acquiring old programming or film (explained here), the stigma of soaps, and the renewed focus of the more mature streaming services on creating original programming, it’s just not a good environment at the moment for soaps to appear on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon. Hell, Hulu expressed hesitation to acquire the run of “ER,” and that was a relatively recent show, starring a current movie star, which was critically beloved and watched by TENS of millions. It’s been successful, yes, but the hesitation shows the mindset. I think it would be easier if the owners of the content (Sony/Disney) put their soaps on their own services. Their fledgling services would be in need of content to build their libraries, so they might be able to justify the loss on the costs of editing, etc.
  11. It pisses me off too. Sony isn’t even putting classic Y&R and DAYS up on its own service Crackle, which I think is probably the only option we have at the moment. Netflix/Hulu/Amazon I don’t think would be interested, and what they’d offer Sony probably wouldn’t cover the costs. I wonder if Disney would ever stream classic ABC soaps on its soon-to-be-launched SVOD service.
  12. Oh that’s lame that he’s the Vulture recapper with such an obvious bias, but at least the readers take that into account and call him on it. He’s a “journalist” who likes to insert himself into the story. See his handling of his interview with Lee Pace.
  13. Erika Jayne fangurl and Vulture recapper Brian Moylan has tried to spin it as TEDDI’s fault. Thankfully, the commenters aren’t having it. http://www.vulture.com/2018/03/rhobh-recap-season-8-episode-13.html
  14. Kasatkina keeps snatching wigs of GS champions.
  15. I always heard 1976 was great too, but really I just want to see those early episodes. I know I’m always a Debbie Downer about classic soaps getting on streaming, but they have to figure out *some* way of releasing this stuff to the public.
  16. Totally. And it’s certainly not a good look right now, especially when your average viewer doesn’t see the behind-the-scenes economics (and in film, the big-money investors) that influence all the decision-making. All people read is, “Female star makes less money than her male supporting actor.” Which IS sort of bonkers on the face of it. I have no idea what kind of deal they signed, though. If Netflix committed to two seasons upfront, Claire may not have had a chance to renegotiate. She certainly has come out of the show as a VERY valuable and sought-after commodity. So has Matt, but not nearly as much.
  17. I think they like anything that drives buzz and/or “conversation.” Beyond quantifiable viewership measurements, it also helps lend Netflix prestige to attract high-level talent.
  18. She (and John Lithgow) got the accolades that drew attention to the show, and he didn’t. It’s possible they had her on a contract she couldn’t renegotiate since they only signed on for a couple seasons before handing things over to Olivia Colman et al.
  19. Erika is getting rightfully roasted on Twitter tonight (even from some of her stans) due to her behavior towards Teddi.
  20. Yeah. I get it. Someone mentioned if the Queen were played by, say, Emilia Clarke, she would have earned more than Matt Smith based on her GoT fame. It’s just the way the machine works. Same with Michelle Williams. She’s Oscar bait. She doesn’t have a track record of leading blockbuster films, even ones as empty as the Transformers movies. However, Claire should have gotten a second season bump after her first season award recognition. Her fame exceeds his by leagues at the point, so she should have renegotiated for more.
  21. Was there ever an explanation about EJ’s British accent? Did he attend a British boarding school as a youth?
  22. She can be wonderful. It’s just funny to hear Eve sound like Loretta Lynn.
  23. I’ve been watching Kassie de Paiva for three decades, and that bourbon-soaked Kentucky accent somehow keeps getting more pronounced.
  24. Venus and Serena are BATTLING.
  25. CSN knocks out Svitolina. Elina plays lights out at exhos and small events but can’t get it up when it matters. Verdasco. SMDH. He played so stupidly against Fritz. How do you beat Grigor and just flop like this against a far lesser talent?
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