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  1. His impact on culture was incalculable.
  2. From Oscar winners Kim Hunter (Nola, EON) and Celeste Holm (Isabelle, Loving) to Ruth Warrick (Phoebe, AMC) and Farley Granger (Will, OLTL, etc), lots of stars of the silver screen found a home on soaps in their later years. Who are some of your favorites, and who would you have liked to have seen do soaps? Classic film clips welcome! Ruth Warrick’s famous scene in Citizen Kane (starts about 0:30): https://youtu.be/CMkPIW22bq4
  3. Wow, the Drag Race editors (and Michelle Visage) are dragging Sherry Pie tonight. But it’s weird because the judges seemed like they enjoyed her performance. They’ve done a somewhat seamless job of downplaying her this season, but moments like this show the disconnect. They obviously don’t want to elevate someone who admitted to heinous things, yet it feels dishonest. I suppose they didn’t have much choice. The two black girls in the bottom... Heidi out. Although it’s clear RuPaul genuinely adores her. So since we know Sherry Pie is not making the finale, the Top 4 is set: Jackie, Gigi, Crystal, and Jaida.
  4. Yeah, it’s just rare that a person in the HW circle would be so ubiquitous (showing up to almost every! single! event!) yet so silent. Almost eerily silent. She’s like a strange inanimate object with a face that rarely even smiles or changes expressions. They must have really hated her, or she must have given them next to nothing to work with.
  5. This Elyse chick on NYC is just the weirdest presence. It’s like they were testing her, and she was such a dud that they’ve essentially silenced and erased her from the show. But she’s always around!!!
  6. Is Wikipedia correct that, in one of the most legendary years for a soap ever, when it took Best Drama Series and Emmys for Bryggman, Marx, and Byrne, ATWT wasn’t nominated for writing in 1987? So funny that Justin Deas actually turned up at the Emmys that year only to lose to the guy who succeeded him in his first major soap role: https://youtu.be/eP42-h2sEO0
  7. Yes, AH was fabulous on Loving. But she was so anemic on AMC and just got more lackluster on Y&R. I know a lot of us watch AH play scenes as Victoria and wonder how HT would play it. I do it all the time. But then I remember how the show was changing Victoria even before she left and how HT is currently playing Katie on B&B. She would have more energy and fire than AH, no doubt, but I think we’d still be disappointed at the portrayal.
  8. Certainly not unpopular here. But I would say EB and MTS were both better and more consistent in the ‘80s and early ‘90s, like Y&R itself. Never rated JM highly, even when he had good direction, although he’s had enough strong moments to make me think he’s capable of more if he actually cared. But even Heather Tom has gotten lazy and predictable over at B&B, so who knows how she’d be if she stayed and had to deal with this level of production. She’s certainly not thriving under Bradley’s pen.
  9. Ugh. Hated the blond hair on Heather Tom. Josh Morrow looked great with that short cut, though.
  10. Totally forgot about Queen Sugar (which is on my list to watch). They also film on location, which lends a lot of authenticity that a soap filmed on a NYC/LA soundstage wouldn’t have. Primetime and streaming have really made up for a lot of the gaps in recent years with the explosion in content from different perspectives.
  11. If you lived in NYC over the past 20-30 years, you know this guy’s commercials.
  12. I also wonder if the cultural specificities would make a Southern soap harder to write, especially when writers just cycle through shows? Even getting the language right could be challenging. We’ve certainly had some esteemed soap writers from the South: Pam Long and Nancy Curlee, just to name a couple off the top of my head. A Louisiana soap would be SO interesting. Did you watch Treme? If so, what did you think of it? HAHN had such an interesting premise. Shame Tyler Perry didn’t let a competent person write it.
  13. I agree. (Throw True Blood in there.) I feel like the center of gravity of the country has moved South, with so many northern transplants going to Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, etc. Plus so many black folks who’d settled in the north for generations returned to their family homes down South. (My family left Missouri for Mississippi in the ‘90s after 40 years.) Like with so many cultural trends, it’s just a shame that soaps didn’t stay viable long enough to capture that.
  14. From Hendersonville, Tennessee
  15. Ok that pisses me off. I see that a lot of it is posted online so I might give it a rewatch.
  16. Yep. That’s what came to mind for me as well. Sad that it didn’t connect. I read that the Corringtons had planned a soap set in the Antebellum South before they did Texas. I wonder what that would have looked like.
  17. Oh ok. I think I remember that. Thank you. This?
  18. The Midwest (“America’s heartland”), the Northeast, and the West Coast have been well represented in the annals of soapdom, but why hasn’t there been a real attempt at a daytime soap set in the South (and not Texas but Louisiana and eastward)? I suppose part of it is that these other regions feel more “generic” for storytelling purposes (soap cities have traditionally been “Everytown, U.S.A.”), less potentially alienating for a wide swath of audiences, and easier for a wide variety of actors based in Los Angeles and New York to convincingly do the accents. (Plus Irna, Agnes, and Bill were all from Chicago, and they were the architects of daytime as we know it.) But we all know Southerners are huge soap viewers, and Southern culture is just *ripe* for drama and intrigue. It would have been cool for a daytime answer to Linda Bloodworth-Thomason to have done a multiethnic, irreverent soap set in Atlanta. Soap characters from written as Southern have traditionally been trashy (Opal Gardner) or mystical oddballs (Luna Moody), so that’s somewhat telling as to how the South’s been perceived.
  19. I looooved Zapato. When that dog was “murdered,” I stopped watching. And at that point, we had endured some real exploitative crap.
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