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  1. Aaaaand Kei continues to thrive in three-setters with the win over Grigor. I love that guy!
  2. Clay might not be her thing, but I suppose she’s having a rough patch. She has seemed emotional after the big IW win. A lot of stress and expectations. Djokovic had a comprehensive win over Basilashvili. Nikoloz clearly isn’t an elite level player but he’s a big hitter and if Novak was off, that could have been a difficult match. Glad to see him get through it. Still, I’m not counting my chickens until they are hatched, and we’ve seen Novak look unbeatable in one match only to completely collapse in the next. Fognini over Thiem! I think Dominic is probably exhausted from the big run at Madrid. Last season, Fabio really challenged Nadal in a couple matches only to throw in a bunch of WTF unforced errors. We’ll see if being on home soil again could allow him to make a run.
  3. The Pliskobot is malfunctioning! 😂 Why was she so pissed at the chair? Saw that Halep returned the favor from Indian Wells with her beatdown of Osaka. Yikes!
  4. Three nights of comedy is super ambitious in this day and age. I know they’ve done it in the recent past with middling success.
  5. Are they still doing two cycles of The Voice next season? I totally agree that the show is worn out, and ironically American Idol, the show The Voice helped kill the first time around, has returned to club The Voice at the knee. The Adam and Blake Show is tired; JHud is a bust; they still haven’t figured out how to sustain audience interest past the early gimmick of the chair turn; and the show still hasn’t produced a star. I heard that they are testing AGT during the regular season, but they really need another big hitter in the reality space to take some pressure off the aging Voice.
  6. I like KKL (and MTS for that matter), but Brad doesn’t seem to know what to do with her now.
  7. He pretty much always beat who he was supposed to beat in the past, but he’s so much more vulnerable against lower-ranked players now. He could still play on, of course, if he remains healthy and still wants it. There are so many players who never contend for big titles who keep on truckin’ year after year. (Look at Kohlschreiber.) Tomas really seemed like he was on the upswing last spring into Wimbledon (where he played well).
  8. There’s literally nothing going on but Hope/Liam/Steffy/Bill, and if you’re not interested, there’s no reason to watch. Everyone else featured (Brooke, Ridge, Wyatt, Taylor, Justin) is supporting that narrative, and everyone looks stupid. They could fire John McCook, Rena, Karla, Reign, Ingo, et al and save a whole lot of cash.
  9. I don’t find him to be a very likable or rootable guy, but I do too. I know he’s had a mental coach, but he’s been well-positioned to win majors and just never managed it. It’s definitely a head thing. He’s beaten all of the Big 4 multiple times (including SIX times against Federer, twice at Slams, once at Wimbledon), but just couldn’t do it when it mattered most.
  10. Scott Clifton and Darin Brooks are both so shrill when they get loud and agitated. I guess they are well cast as brothers.
  11. Gotta hand it to Shapovalov. He steps it up. He could have been a Tommy Paul/Casper Ruud type flash in the pan, but he’s still in the mix nearly a year after his breakthrough summer and is now in the Top 30. He’s pretty fearless and gutsy, which you can’t say for a lot of his peers. Basilashvili is underrated eye candy. Cecchinato can’t capitalize on the home crowd. What is going on with Ash Barty?
  12. Just saw Lia Langworthy as today’s Y&R scriptwriter. Is she new? http://writers.uclaextension.edu/instructors/lia-langworthy/ http://www.writersresist.com/2017/01/19/dear-daughter-by-lia-langworthy/
  13. I was googling the famous Beth Ehlers quote on J.R. Martinez when they were on AMC, and I found this amazing Twitter thread. More where that came from starting below...
  14. It was crazy. Even during the weakest years of the ‘90s (and there were some stinkers), ATWT had 10 or more cast members who could act circles around PS. A ridiculous comment. His later interviews were more gracious.
  15. I didn’t think so either, and it appeared to be a clear slam on his co-star Martha Byrne whom he didn’t mention. It was when he left around ‘97, and he wound up returning several times. I think he thought he was hot stuff because he booked “L.A. Confidential.”
  16. His 3rd (after Rome and Montreal last year). He’s pacing ahead of Federer and Murray at this point. Djokovic had four at his age, while Nadal had 11 (!!!).
  17. You can tell when it’s a Mulcahey script (I remember when Quinn had this long monologue about how women are punished for their sexuality, and I was like, yep, that is a PM script), but that show is a total waste of good scriptwriters (him and MVJ). He’s such a smart, interesting guy. An openly gay Catholic dude who is a major public figure in the BDSM/kink community.
  18. Paolo Seganti’s interview with Michael Logan in which said that, aside from his theater-trained ATWT co-stars like Larry Bryggman and Kathleen Widdoes, most soap actors are “not that talented.” Peter Bergman's comments about Victoria Rowell: “I look at her with compassion and concern. I don’t think she’s playing with a full deck.” Rowell’s various interviews after leaving Y&R, including a podcast interview with KSJ. The profile of Susan Lucci in which it was revealed she heavily campaigned to play the female lead in “The Bridges of Madison County” (which ultimately went to Meryl Streep). Camille Paglia’s various interviews with Logan in which she praised Melody Thomas Scott and I believe said MTS was a better actress than the aforementioned Streep. Bob Guza’s interviews in which he slagged off Claire Labine, declared his GH an examination of “love during wartime,” and expressed admiration for Sopranos creator David Chase. Shemar Moore saying that he wasn’t gay but if he were, he’d “have it goin’ on.”
  19. It must suck to do the dirty work of defeating Nadal in a clay Masters 1000 tournament and not win the title. And it’s happened to Thiem twice in a row.
  20. Nick is just a nothing character, and that’s particularly pronounced when he’s not in a relationship, which is why they are throwing him back at Sharon. Right now, I feel like that ship has sailed, and they are forcing it. There’s just too much water under the bridge for them to be viable in my eyes. I’d be interested if they really were forced to tackle their issues in the way a couple pushing 50 with grown-ass children would. But that doesn’t happen on soaps anymore, so I should stop dreaming... Aside from the panicked googly eyes surrounding her role in the JT coverup, I’ve been impressed that they’ve consistently resisted going back to the crazy well with Sharon. I like feeling SC’s warmth and goodness again. Sharon and Nikki have had a complicated and combative history, but they’ve had rare moments of bonding over the years, and I like seeing that again.
  21. Yeah. Both roles are seriously miscast. I like KdP a lot (when she’s not screeching) and EM can be good (when he’s not mugging), but they just still seem out of place to me.
  22. That was a gutsy win. I missed the first part of Eurovision because I was glued to that match.
  23. There was a BBC adaptation a few years ago with Dan Stevens and Hayley Atwell that’s worth checking out.
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