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  1. Nishioka beat Sandgren! Meanwhile:
  2. Bennett is confirmed. The others aren’t on the official list, but the cast is still pretty bonkers.
  3. Kandi’s on the new season of Celebrity Big Brother, alongside a bonkers cast including Tamar Braxton.
  4. IDGAF about Megyn. She can take her check and f*** off. But... this:
  5. Well, Tennys Sandgren won his first ATP title just now. It means that he’ll go into Melbourne with a cushion as he tries to defend all those points from his deep run last year.
  6. It’s funny that the characters we’ve selected are overwhelmingly female. I’m guessing that’s simply because most posters here are primarily drawn to shows with a female focus (not surprising on a board devoted to soaps). But it’s... interesting. I’m certainly not exempt from that observation.
  7. The Green Book writer who tweeted anti-Muslim stuff has apologized. Lots of Oscar campaign rehab going on this week, in addition to Gaga disavowing R. Kelly. While a lot of the blowback is deserved, it’s always fascinating to watch how rival studios take each other down during Oscar season, especially with stuff that’s already been publicly available but didn’t cause controversy when it originally happened (like the Farrelly penis-flashing admission from 1998, a pre-social media era). Nate Jones writes about it in Vulture: I found that line telling: how #metoo has been used not to make Hollywood workplaces safer or more equitable, but instead cynically used as a weapon to exact revenge or cripple enemies.
  8. I saw that CBB cast rumored on Twitter. I thought it was too good to be true.
  9. DAYS has already hit bottom for the time being. I checked some of the recent years’ holiday ratings, and I hadn’t seen GH falling below DAYS at any point in the main demos, so it does feel unusual, even if GH recovers it’s No. 3 spot next week. Unlike DAYS, GH has even further to drop, and again, in addition to the bridges burned with viewers, I’m curious how much the poor performance of GMA Day is responsible.
  10. Not a Nick fan, but this is a nice message.
  11. Nishioka/Sandgren is an interesting R1.
  12. A nice story about the late James Gandolfini.
  13. Video of the press conference Really hard to watch. He seems tormented. I suppose anyone with chronic pain would understand.
  14. I mean, it’s a good thought, but Jamie is always a contender with Bruno Soares. And even if Murray was unpleasant on court, he’s still miles more tolerable than the disrespectful douchey other Andy.
  15. Big gains for the holidays, but man, those YOY numbers for everyone but DAYS. And GH is dead last in the demos. I wonder how that’ll soon impact what we see on screen or BTS.
  16. He’d be great at that. I heard he did well covering Wimbledon for the BBC last summer. Someone on Twitter said that the Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray fanbases are all getting along for the first time, but it took one of them retiring to do it.
  17. End of an era. I’m sad for him.
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