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  1. AMC has cleared Chris Hardwick to return to The Talking Dead in August after an investigation: https://deadline.com/2018/07/chris-hardwick-returning-talking-dead-amc-sexual-harassment-allegations-1202433461/
  2. I’m a bit ambivalent towards Kenya, but she was the only ATL housewife who inspired any anticipation for next season for me. I suppose if she refused to film the good stuff, it’s all moot. But RHOA just doesn’t have any interesting dynamics at play for me anymore.
  3. I dunno. I’m torn. An existing title will immediately break through the clutter of nearly 500 scripted shows. Folks have so many viewing options now... what’s another reboot? What would we get in its place, another Zach Braff sitcom that will come and go in a month?
  4. Truth. The bad writing is a feature, not a bug, to them. “Don’t think too hard about it. It’s just a soap. Viewers expect nonsensical sh!t.”
  5. I thought Jacqueline Macinnes Wood was off her game a bit in the scenes in which Steffy confronted Liam and Hope yesterday, but she really, really stepped it up with $Bill today.
  6. Some context but nothing most of y’all don’t already know: Percentages of mothers who were stay-at-home moms over time. Interestingly, the percentage of mothers with children under 18 who didn’t work outside the home reached its lowest point, 23 percent, in 1999 when Passions, the last totally new network daytime soap, debuted. That was down from roughly half of all mothers in 1967. Numbers rebounded over the next decade or so to 29 percent in 2012. (Note: the data are percentages of mothers 18-69 with minor children in their households, not all adult women.) http://www.pewsocialtrends.org/2014/04/08/after-decades-of-decline-a-rise-in-stay-at-home-mothers/
  7. I think that makes sense. An American legend of the sport (Venus) on a comeback trail. Federer is clearly famous, but no one thought that Cilic final would be much of anything (it wasn’t). If he’d been playing Nadal, at least there would be a narrative. If he’d been playing a healthy Djokovic or Murray or Delpo, at least there could have been a competitive match, since all have beaten Federer at the highest levels. Cilic? Not so much.
  8. True. I admit I’ve never watched because the word of mouth on those shows was so dismal. @Chris B, the timing point is a good one. I almost feel like if soaps could have held on for 10 more years or if we had our current streaming moment 10 years earlier, things could have been different. Alas, that’s a lot of what ifs. I wish there were more classic TV and classic film options on streaming. Filmstruck’s partnership with TCM has been a godsend, but it’s not enough. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon have pretty paltry classic (pre-1980) film offerings. M*A*S*H just got put on Hulu. These streaming services pull tons of data on what people are watching, so if these ventures are successful, we’d see more of them. I always wondered why the BBC hasn’t put EastEnders on streaming in full: they own it, it’s been a huge brand for over 30 years, they often post classic Christmas eps on iPlayer, and it’s still popular. But they might just have good reasons for not doing it. It wouldn’t surprise if there was some discussion around soap reboots/revivals now. After all, anything that is a recognized brand name from the “monoculture” era is going to cut through the glut of new content out there. But it also wouldn’t surprise me if those reboots weren’t five-days-a-week frequency. They could just turn them into 13 episode a year seasons like any other scripted drama on streaming. And would that be ok for fans?
  9. Well, they knew to pair Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson à la Y&R.
  10. It’s just funny. There’s a whole treatise to written about black characters and their disposability on soaps. Writers have tried to tie black/POC characters to core families. Sometimes the families themselves become persona non grata, like the Hardys with Simone/Tom and their son and the Quartermaines with Bradley Ward’s offspring on GH. (If you’re not a Spencer, a Cassadine, a Corinthos, or a Jason, you don’t matter on GH and haven’t for 20 years.) Other times, they are picked up by one writing regime and kicked to the curb by the next (Vicky and the black Spauldings/GL; Adrian Sword and Gabriel Devane on AMC). Carlivati doesn’t seem to be interested in Horton offspring Eli on DAYS. Y&R is never bringing back Keemo to mix it up with the Abbotts. B&B touched upon the tension between Zende and Steffy/Thomas at Forrester and dropped it. So many interesting stories that just never came to pass. Sorry, just an aside.
  11. That’s true. She at least leaves a legacy.
  12. I know they brought back David as Russell Curry and Terrell Tilford (daytime’s go-to black actors alongside Randy Brooks), but once he was gone, it was like he never existed. We get a Dru mention every blue moon, but she seemed to fall off that cliff and out of Y&R history. I’m sure some of that is animosity towards VR.
  13. I know people think Devon is boring, but what I like about BJ is that he never hits a false note. You never feel him straining and stretching for an effect, and I can’t say the same about any of the more heralded actors on the show, except maybe Marla Adams or Beth Maitland.
  14. Even though they’re in service of a maddening story, these Hilary hospital scenes have been effective. Everyone is bringing it.
  15. Just a random thought: has Jesse Hubbard (AMC) been the only black character in soap history whose death/departure has been allowed to matter and reverberate through a show’s history? Only due to his friendship with Tad (flashbacks, dream sequences) and Angie’s return on Loving and The City with the Jesse doppelgänger? I really can’t think of another. Of course, he came back alive, which is notable in its own way.
  16. The show spent like a year dilly-dallying and tarrying over Hilary and her desire to have a child. It just felt like such a waste of story. Just give her a baby, and it would have been even more emotional to have Devon left to raise a child alone in this event. I’m typically against young and vivacious characters being tied down with a baby, but I suppose we should have all gotten used to that by now as a soap trope.
  17. Tiger’s really a paradigm-shifting pop culture icon, and the possibility of ending a 10-year major drought would have been huge. The only person in tennis who comes close right now in America is Serena, which is why the ratings for the final Saturday of Wimbledon were so good. I think it’s hard to draw a definitive conclusion about this year’s men’s final, as it was up against a World Cup final watched by nearly 12 million viewers.
  18. Emma as a runway model is a lot harder sell. Nia Sioux is a perfectly cute, cuddly young woman who has amassed a huge social media following for a reason, but, yeaaaah no. EDIT: although she’s done it before:
  19. Faulkner

    The View

    Just random and rather late: The View opening is hilarious. Whoopi holding out the bouquet; Sara’s little coquettish hand wave with the lonely rolling chair in the background; Joy’s TA-DAH! pose; Sunny’s painful-looking rope climb; and Meghan opening her mouth so wide you can see what she had for breakfast. It’s like the director asked them to make the stupidest gestures they could think of, and that’s what they used. I know it’s been used for ages, but it always strikes me as funny.
  20. I don’t know if it was @KMan101 who made the comment, but the simultaneous stories of Hilary and her baby dying on Y&R and Eli/Lani’s baby dying on DAYS do feel meaningful to me. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see, but these tragic stories don’t seem like huge jumping-off points for long term stories, as they often are for white/non-black characters. (Look at Gabi’s inability to have more children as fuel for a frontburner revenge plot on DAYS.) It just feels like more black erasure.
  21. I mean, the girl is a real-life working model for reputable clients, so that look appeals to someone. Not that it means anything.
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