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  1. From Melbourne, Australia
  2. From Long Beach, California
  3. I think they’re in a difficult position with albums receding as the primary way of organizing music consumption in a post-mp3, now-playlist-driven streaming universe. They’re trying to apply the brave new world to an largely antiquated idea that certain artists and record companies are trying to hold on to. I like that streaming now provides enough real-time data to show how people are *actually* listening to music, as opposing to the era when an album would sell millions and people would only listen to that one hot track and skip the rest. That’s great for the singles charts but creates the s
  4. 0.5 would count to one week, 0.5 would count to the next.
  5. Wow. Yoshi going toe-to-toe with Rafa.
  6. It’s both. If you just bought tracks 1 to 10 on Taylor Swift’s latest album and no more, that’s one album unit, or if 10 people bought “Miss Americana & the Heartbreak Prince,” that’s also one album unit. Basically, they are simply dividing the total cumulative tracks bought from a particular release in a week by 10, no matter if someone buys all of the album tracks or just one.
  7. I agree, but the guy playing Evan is as bland as a communion wafer.
  8. Not a great day for gender diversity in director shortlists:
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