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  1. Totally. That would be next best thing, and there would be a 360 experience online to increase their social media followers. Or in lieu of pop ups, they could promote more live tweets for viewers to follow along with the writers or actors who could share more info about the stories and who’s who (although that’s a bit trickier with varying timeslots in the different markets, but that never stopped primetime live tweets, where the West Coast often gets screwed over). One of the complaints I see from the smaaaall minority of naysayers is that they’ve seen these episodes before and have no need to see again. Having some extras and maybe some BTS secrets revealed would also freshen them up.
  2. I think that’s the key part of the classic episodes that is missing: context. The intros don’t really provide enough of it. I’d hate to see these beautiful episodes marred by the VH1 Pop-Up Video treatment, but even things like highlighting Dennis Haysbert’s appearance would be nice. Bravo does a decent job with their annotated Housewives episodes; their pop-ups are pretty unobtrusive. But... the timing was a bitch. I’m sure they scrambled to even get these on the air. History and getting talent to do interviews, even on Zoom and everyone’s schedules freed up, takes time. Maybe they can coordinate some of that for future episodes, especially if this becomes more protracted.
  3. So funny to see him then looking like a nice young insurance salesman. 40 years later, he’s a leather daddy. All things considered, he’s aged well. OT: I can’t with how extra both Tony Geary and Robin Strasser were when they won.
  4. Everything was so yellow in that episode. Daniel’s Kurt Cobain hair was yellow. Sharon and Nikki were yellow. The hay was yellow. The blinding light on everything was yellow.
  5. Thank you! I will say that’s what great about her area: people look out for each other. But isolating there can be a struggle. I think folks are scared, though, because people they know are being infected and hospitalized. It’s no longer some crazy thing that’s happening in NYC. My mom was so afraid for me up here, and now the tables have turned. Much of it is tied to chicken processing plants, which employ a LOT of people in my mom’s county:
  6. So glad to hear he’s in recovery. I can’t imagine what that’s been like for him, or you. (Thanks for your prayers!) Also learned that a former co-worker was completely laid out with an illness a couple weeks ago and only just now was informed she had COVID from the antibody test. Thank you! Having an 81-year-old diabetic mother and a sister with lupus/kidney transplant in a COVID hotspot is scary, as I’m sure it’s been for all of us with vulnerable loved ones in hard-hit areas.
  7. The novelty has worn off, and a lot of the viewership gains TV shows found after the stay-at-home orders started have disappeared. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/whats-behind-ratings-slumps-remotely-shot-shows-1294397
  8. The Sharon/Nikki fight (and the silly dialogue they are spouting) is just so crude and awful. Bailing on this one. Governor Murphy, take it away...
  9. Oof. A MAB/Sheffer/Hamner episode. Michael Graziadei is hot, but that bad greasy ‘90s alt-rocker hair was doing him NO favors. Lord.
  10. A bunch of ATWT actors paid tribute to him when he passed, right? Michael Park? I know CZP appeared to love him, as he centered the show around Barbara. I don’t recall any of his so-called innovations, but I’m chalking that up to the feature writer not knowing soaps. At the time, I did like that at least he tried to ground Leah Laiman’s stories, most of which felt like half-baked gimmicks, in character (like Andy’s paralysis and Rose). He did bring buzz to the show during a time when it otherwise would have faded into obscurity. But man, did things come undone.
  11. Gosh. You’re right. Throw another sociopath on Bradley Bell’s dumpster fire. And if people want to watch Matthew Atkinson’s sculpted physique bumping and grinding with another dude, let them have it. Love in the afternoon, as ABC used to say...
  12. Thank you! I think the news about it hitting close to home made her take it more seriously (someone she knows who lives up the road from her tested positive), and she’s being very cautious.
  13. I love how we’re dissecting this scene lol. Ok I see it now. I just adore how AD plays this scene, savoring every little pause, and MTS expressing Nikki’s growing anger as Diane taunts her is wonderful.
  14. She is as of now, but I was furious to learn that she and my nephew left to go to the local Dollar General to pick up groceries over the weekend... Thank you!
  15. Ok, rewatching that fight scene with Diane and Nikki in the booth at Gina’s, did Alex not only throw water but the whole cup at MTS’s face at 2:24 in the clip? Speaking of hateful chemistry transferring off screen... I love the smug way AD says, He’s not interested. It’s all very sad and pathetic when you think about who (and what) they’re fighting over...
  16. My mom just told me that her county in Mississippi is a COVID hotspot. Scary stuff.
  17. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/69/wr/mm6919e6.htm Long road ahead for this guy:
  18. This was the most ignominious moment in Maura West’s run as Diane:
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