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  1. The role of Lisa Wu-Hartwell in the Nene/Kim battle will now be played by Kandi Burruss.
  2. I’ve never rooted harder for Stevie Johnson in my life. And he almost fûcked it up. Hola!
  3. Pablo Andujar is just lovely to look at, though, and it’s nice that he was able to string together so many wins after injuries.
  4. Jack Abbott and Victor Newman on Y&R Adam Chandler on AMC Eric Forrester on B&B Basically all of the blustering male corporate titans on soaps. Zzzzzz.
  5. Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey are on Food Network’s The Kitchen as a couple. And Laura has that tousled Ally Rescott/Cassie Layne sex hair.
  6. In isolation the Karen Wolek scenes seem insane, but when I saw more of the Wolek story and how quiet most of JL’s work was, those scenes felt more cathartic. Slight tangent, but I used to think Susan Lucci tossing herself on Mona’s coffin was over-the-top and embarrassing, but having watched those scenes recently after losing a parent I found it all just heart-wrenching. Maybe I was projecting my own situation on it, but I was moved. But to your point: the Jenny jet ski death scene on AMC was so cheap and cheesily done. The aftermath was incredible and painful, though.
  7. For me, the imitation here just feels ham-fisted because it doesn’t feel that organic. It just feels like another instance of soap writers clumsily striving to replicate something on premium or streaming (like LML killing off John for the Six Feet Under knockoff). There’s just so much self-loathing among soap writers, it feels. Mal seems to admit as much in that SOD podcast. I get that soaps need to advance with the times, but sometimes I think they take the wrong lessons from primetime and forget why people would gravitate towards soaps in the first place.
  8. No Delpo or Chung (smart scheduling), but Nadal’s quarter is stacked.
  9. I know many have been praising Amelia throughout the story (I’ve been more ambivalent), but today was the first time I was fully invested in her. Emmy No. 3 is pretty much hers for the taking. But yeah they’ve shoehorned these characters together to mimic BLL. In BLL, a bunch of women who have complicated relationships (and in the case of Madeline/Renata, actively hate each other) team up to take down “toxic masculinity,” and here we are. JT and Victoria’s dialogue felt natural, but the conversations between Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis veered into the cringeworthy, especially Sharon, who was there to assuage the audience’s doubts about why a “strong woman” like Victoria would endure JT’s abuse. It was just so obvious.
  10. I’m not sure he says anything we didn’t already surmise in discussion threads. He actually says pretty much what you and I had discussed re: his convenient excuse for using JT/Victoria in a domestic abuse situation.
  11. They are good at keeping these returns under wraps. But why was Taylor walking with the cane?
  12. I guess the show’s so dreadful these days that we have no discussion thread 12 days into the month, but she’s back?
  13. Just now? Today’s ending felt... false. Like a “Very Special Episode” of Y&R. Like others have mentioned, this is the budget version of BLL’s costume party finale.
  14. Kohlschreiber isn’t having a good week. Re: Houston. There’s almost no one rootable playing so I’m giving that a miss.
  15. GT goes from working every day in February to falling out of the top 10. (Thanks for compiling this as always, @FrenchFan.)
  16. Lead actress reels. Sunday, April 29 is the date. Not sure where they will stream.
  17. His tape is really strong. Long, but that scene with Ben and Sami is probably the most impactful scene I’ve seen on daytime in a while. I think any of the Y&R women could take it except EH for Supporting, with Camryn maybe in the lead slightly. Mishael really had a dynamite reel, though.
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