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  1. Sorry for the Charlie Rose but...
  2. Wendy’s back and weighing in, as Jussie was a guest on her show a while ago. (Her comments are not that insightful, but I thought *someone* might be interested.)
  3. Megan Mullally! (I never watched that show.)
  4. So Y&R is up YOY in every metric except W 25-54, their primary ad demo? DAYS and GH, yikes. DAYS hit its ceiling. Plus, they have no way of course-correcting quickly. GH is just about unwatchable, so its tumble is well-deserved.
  5. There was Garry Shandling’s pre-Larry Sanders show, which is probably now best remembered for Gilda Radner’s appearance. I loved Get A Life! For me, it’s still his best work. And, of course, Roc, which seems largely forgotten but was consistently a huge show among black viewers. The later intro, which featured the En Vogue-performed theme, was so ‘90s.
  6. I was really into Brian Austin Green when he got buff. He did this very hot TV movie where he played Sharon Lawrence’s boytoy.
  7. This is real investigative journalism.
  8. The older guy on the left is built af:
  9. Verdasco has withdrawn from IW, replaced by Gulbis.
  10. There were rumblings that Ian was bracing himself for his own allegations, which he alluded to in his interview. That Apt Pupil set was super sketchy. (And, of course, he’s more than been around the block, as Rupert Everett can attest.)
  11. The sad news about Luke Perry’s death made me a bit nostalgic about the early days of Fox, which I watched more than any broadcast network as a kid. I’m sure that’s true for a lot of late GenXers and early millennials, who watched Married... with Children, The Tracey Ullman Show, In Living Color, The Simpsons, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Alien Nation, Cops, and later series like Martin, Living Single, BH90210, and Melrose Place. I thought it might be fun to remember some off-the-beaten-path series that don’t get a lot of love these days. Like, for instance, Herman’s Head.
  12. Someone is gunning for an Oscar. He’s not the first person I’d suggest for this role. Speaking of sisters (click through and read Naomi’s replies to comments. They’re hilarious)
  13. Rob Sheffield wrote really great remembrances for David Bowie and Prince, and he’s written one for Luke: From Sen. Sherrod Brown’s wife:
  14. What is Nene hiding in her closet that made her flip out so much? She really didn’t want those cameras back there. “She pregnant!”
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