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  1. I was thinking about the character of Diego Santana/Umberto Malzone, and I wonder if someone could clear up a few things for me. 1996/1997 is not my strong suit for ATWT (then again, it wasn't a strong suit for the show in general). First of all, what's up with the two names? Was Umberto Malzone his birth name and did he change it to Diego Santana? I think in the few episodes I've seen from around that time, I've always heard him referred to as Diego Santana? Also, since Pilar Domingo is his sister, how does it work with the last names? Are they full siblings or half siblings? Do they share a mother, but have different fathers? Was this ever even clarified on the show, or was it left intentionally vague? I also have never known that any actor other than Bronson Pickett played the role (as I learned from Slick's Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists thread). Was Rick Gianisi in the role only very briefly? Or was it a younger actor who portrayed the character in flashbacks? Thanks in advance!
  2. I believe there were issues between Colleen Zenk and Jacqueline Schultz as well, a few years ahead of Smith's and Reed's arrivals on the show.
  3. OK, I've been thinking about this topic for a while, but since I only really know 1 daytime soap, I'll have to draw from primetime as well. Are there any pairs of first names that have been a couple - however brief - on multiple soaps or series? Caleb & Julie Caleb Snyder & Julie Wendall - As The World Turns Caleb Nichol & Julie Cooper - The O.C. (Julie was a redhead in both cases as well) Mike & Molly Mike Kasnoff & Molly Conlan - As The World Turns (brief, but they were an item for a while) Mike Biggs & Molly Flynn - Mike & Molly (I've never seen the show, but always thought this was funny) Please continue...
  4. I can't believe John Dixon hasn't been named in this thread. I know he returned in ATWT's final weeks and got a little happily-ever-after with Lucinda. But after driving decades of story, he just stopped appearing in 2004, without so much as an explanation. The same thing happened (around the same time too) to Ben Harris, although he had slightly less history on the show.
  5. And Doug Campbell in the late 70's. ATWT loved that name.
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