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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Since that one wasn't really a question, here's the next one: 4th era: November 10, 1992 - February 3, 1993 As specified in my last post, episode #9,437 aired on February 3, 1993. According to the Corporate Archives in Cincinnati, OH (http://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/studio/5185/sources/vidsources.html), episode #9,381 aired on November 10, 1992. Based on these two episode numbers, 5 episodes were pre-empted in between those two dates. I'm sure of these four pre-emptions: 1992 (post-November 10): November 26 & 27; December 25 1993 (pre-February 3): January 20 That leaves 1 more pre-emption, which I would guess is either one of these two options: December 31, 1992: New Year's Eve January 1, 1993: New Year's Day Since January 1-episodes were pre-empted more often than December 31-episodes, I would guess January 1 was pre-empted and December 31 aired. Unfortunately, though, there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the December 31 and January 1 pre-emptions. For example: In 2004 there was a random airing on January 1, something that defintely didn't happen any other time since 1998 at least, and I in fact have no other January 1-episodes confirmed since 1981. Meanwhile, December 31 was always pre-empted after 1997, but definitely aired in 1985, 1986 and 1987. Again, any info on the above two episode dates, as well as any info that helps making sense of CBS's December 31 & January 1 policy, is much appreciated. I'll be back later (I'm not sure I'll have time tomorrow, but I should definitely be back the day after) with another connected era (October 2, 1991 - November 20, 1992), as well as another unconnected one (June 3, 1991 - October 2, 1991).
  2. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    3rd era: February 3, 1993 - July 12, 1993 This one I've actually managed to connect. So no questions this time, just supplying some info. As specified in my last post, episode #9,548 aired on July 12, 1993. February 3, 1993 saw the debut of Jelinda's theme. According to this page (http://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/studio/5185/music.html) on the show's music history, it was episode #9,437. Based on these two numbers, the show must have been pre-empted twice between these two dates. And since CBS pre-empted the show for NCAA Men's Basketball in March every year since 1991, these must be the dates: 1993 (post-February 3; pre-July 12): March 18 & 19
  3. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Yes, as P.J. said, I listed the pre-emptions from September 11 through 14, 2001, as well as the one on September 11, 2002.
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I am keeping track of actor/character appearances in all episodes I watch, yes, but that's quite a separate project, as I'm only able to watch a few episodes a month. 2nd era: July 12, 1993 - May 12, 1995 As I said last time, episode #10,000 aired on May 12, 1995. Episode #9,548 aired July 12, 1993, as according to the Corporate Archives in Cincinnati, OH (http://www.oocities.org/televisioncity/studio/5185/sources/vidsources.html) Between these two dates, I have the following pre-emptions verified: 1993 (post-July 12): September 6 & 10; November 25 & 26; December 24 & 31 1994: February 2/3 (because the 'Bell Tower' episode was pre-empted in much of the country, it was re-broadcast on February 3rd); March 17 & 18; September 5 & 9; November 24 & 25; December 30 1995 (pre-May 12): January 2; March 16 & 17 Taking these pre-emptions into account, I'm coming up 10 pre-emptions short. According to btm0815ma's comments on magilla71's 1994 video's on youtube, the show was pre-empted on January 17, 1994 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbv9jZMbKLg). The January 14 episode (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKmq6-qW1IE) does say 'join us again Monday', but I'm assuming this might be one of those unscheduled pre-emptions. The episode that btm0815ma says to be from February 18 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhKtPEWYKek) says the show won't be seen the following Monday, which would be February 21. So if btm0815ma is to be trusted (and I think he/she is, based on their multiple specific datings), January 17, 1994 and February 21, 1994 would have been pre-empted. That leaves 8 more pre-emptions. I have the following episodes (exactly 8) marked as 'potentially pre-empted': September 13, 1993: Oslo Accords signing June 30, 1994: O.J. July 1, 1994: O.J. July 4, 1994: O.J. July 5, 1994: O.J. July 6, 1994: O.J. July 7, 1994: O.J. January 24, 1995: O.J. (opening statements) So, assuming these 8 episodes were all pre-empted, I'm actually able to connect episodes #9,548 through #10,000. But I don't actually know for sure these 8 episodes were pre-empted. I know the show was pre-empted because of O.J. a lot, but I'm not sure it was these exact dates. Again, any info would be much appreciated!
  5. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Thank you for giving me a preview. It does list a few more actors than the scrapbook, but it keeps the same order. The problem I encountered, though, is that in the December 24, 1982 episode that Soapclassics released online a few years ago, Paul Stenbeck was listed as being played by Elden Ratliss. Then, in both 1983 episodes released on the James Stenbeck DVD, he's played by Danny Pintauro. So there seems to be a problem with the order in which the actors appeared.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Thanks JarrodMFiresofLove for that info. I have in fact marked everything between July 13, 1987 and August 7, 1987 as potentially pre-empted because of the Iran-Contra hearings, except for July 21, 22 and 24, which did air, according to my info (23 was definitely pre-empted). That's interesting about the duplicate numbering. If ATWT did this as well, it may be quite impossible to ever get to a full episode list. I have noticed, though, that I have actually been able to make connections between the sparse separate episode numbers I've found online. It's definitely difficult though, as episodes found on youtube could easily be mis-dated as well. I've also based a lot of my info on hearing Dan Region (or McCullough, for that matter) say "Join us tomorrow..." / "This is Dan Region, inviting you to join us again Monday..." / "Due to special programming, As The World Turns will not be seen tomorrow, but will return...". That obviously helps with scheduled pre-emptions, but it may not cover any unscheduled pre-emptions. In the end, it's guesswork at best, but I already gotten much closer than I could possibly have imagined (from August 27, 1980, which is the earliest 'checkpoint' I could find, I'm coming up 99 pre-emptions short... which seems like a lot, until you realize that there were 6,761 weekdays between then and September 17, 2010), so I'm hoping we might be able to have a breakthrough together.
  7. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    I'm a long-time reader of this board and this thread (ATWT is the only soap I've ever seen), but haven't really posted in here before. Last year, while I had some spare time on my hands, I started trying to compile a full episode list for the show. A few episode numbers have been well-documented, and I'm trying to connect the dots between them, finding out which episodes aired and which ones were pre-empted. Obviously, it's not going to be possible to go all the way back to 1956, but I'm hoping to get as far as I can towards 1985, possibly even 1979. I've recently found myself having a bit more spare time again and I have completely re-traced every step I took last year to double check the dates. I'm keeping an excel file, in which I've put everything that I've confirmed in bold and everything that was pre-empted in red. I want to throw some of the question marks out here, to see if any of you can confirm if these episodes aired or were pre-empted. So, working backwards, the first (rather large) era is 1995-2010. The final episode was #13,858. Episode #10,000 aired May 12, 1995. Both of those episode numbers can be found in a number of places. These are the pre-emptions I'm sure about: 1995 (post-May 12): September 4 & 8; November 23 & 24; December 29 1996: January 1; March 14 & 15; September 2 & 6; November 28 & 29 1997: March 7, 13 & 14; September 1 & 5; November 27 & 28; December 25 & 31 1998: January 1; February 16; March 12 & 13; August 20; September 7 & 11; October 29; November 26 & 27; December 17, 25 & 31 1999: January 1 & 19; March 11 & 12; September 6 & 10; November 25 & 26; December 31 2000: March 16 & 17; May 29; September 4 & 8; November 20, 23 & 24; December 25 & 29 2001: January 1; March 15 & 16; September 3, 7, 11, 12, 13 & 14; November 22 & 23; December 25 & 31 2002: January 1; March 14 & 15; September 2, 6 & 11; November 28 & 29; December 25 & 31 2003: January 1; March 20 & 21; September 1 & 5; November 27 & 28; December 25 & 31 2004: March 18 & 19; May 7; September 6 & 10; November 25 & 26; December 31 2005: January 20; March 17 & 18; September 5 & 9; November 24 & 25; December 30 2006: January 2; March 16 & 17; September 4 & 8; November 23 & 24; December 25 & 29 2007: January 1; March 15 & 16; April 17; September 3 & 7; November 22 & 23; December 25 & 31 2008: January 1; March 20 & 21; September 1 & 5; November 27 & 28; December 25 & 31 2009: January 1 & 20; March 19 & 20; July 7; September 7 & 11; November 26 & 27; December 31 2010: January 1; March 18 & 19; September 6 & 10 Taking into account all of the pre-emptions listed above, I'm coming up with three episodes too many between #10,000 and #13,858. So three more episodes were pre-empted. The problem is, I have four episodes that I suspect were pre-empted. Therefore, one of the below four episodes must have aired. These are the four episodes I suspect may have been pre-empted: December 31, 1996: New Year's Eve was often, but not always, pre-empted. January 1, 1997: New Year's Day was often, but not always, pre-empted. July 4, 1997: I had this marked as pre-empted when I worked on this project last year, but wasn't able to verify it when I re-traced my steps this year. May 25, 1998: I had this marked as pre-empted when I worked on this proejct last year, but wasn't able to verify it when I re-traces my steps this year. Any info on these four air-dates is would be much appreciated, especially if it can be backed up with some evidence. I'll post the next era (July 12, 1993 - May 12, 1995) later...
  8. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    I've finally had some time to start looking through the 'B' and 'C' lists for ATWT... Not done yet, but here are some observations: 1.) I started watching in early 2000 and I am positive the character of Mei-Linn Chang (as played by Lia Yang) was introduced in that year. She was Winston Lowe's housekeeper while Carly was being kept there. A few months after Carly's return to Oakdale she popped up in Oakdale as well (I think it was October, during Craig's Halloween party), as she had something to do with the microchips Craig was investing in. The role has only ever been filled by Yang. I think Elaine Tse must have played another character by the same name. (IMDB lists Yang as Mei-Linn in 2000, Tse as Mai-Ling in 1996) 2.) You have four people listed as 'Blue County' in 2005 (Oscar Cary, Kurt Goebel, Michael Gailey and Ty Smith). I'm pretty sure that the band 'Blue County' that appeared during the Street Jeans launch party in 2005 consisted solely of one-time GH/Y&R-star Scott Reeves and Aaron Benward. I can't find any reference for the four people in your list... 3.) Senor (Salvatore) Chavez was not a separate character played by Anthony Herrera. It was James Stenbeck in disguise. This would have been in the summer of 1989. 4.) This is just a typo, but Martin Chedwyn was played by Simon Prebble, not Simon Preble. Hope this helps. As I said, I'm still going through the lists, so more might come up later. I just want to state again how much I appreciate your efforts here. I've already learned so much going through them, especially in terms of character names and order of actors playing them. I know 'R' is a long way off, but I'm really curious to see your list of actors playing Paul Ryan, because I know most 'official' lists have it wrong, but I can't quite make sense of it myself. In the meantime, I'm just eagerly anticipating the 'D' list.
  9. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Just wanted to pop in and let you know that I've been crazy busy lately, but I have all of the ATWT cast lists you've posted, just in case the internet ceases to exist, and I will go over them all when I have more time. Very thankful for everything you're doing and anxiously awaiting the C-lists.
  10. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    I just found this thread and I just want to say thank you @slick jones for doing this. Information like this (old cast lists etc.) is so hard to find, but oh, so valued. I only ever watched ATWT, so I'm excited to see that you've just started posting lists for the show. I watched from around 2000 until the end in 2010, but I've been watching a lot of classic episodes on YouTube, so I'll see where I can add things. Phyllis Somerville played a woman by the name of Annabelle Fettle (interchangeably spelled as both 'Fettle' and 'Feddle, although I've seen the former more) around 2003/2004. She was indeed tied in with Rosanna, as she arranged the illegal adoption of baby Cabot with Craig.