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  1. I'm way behind on the Locher Room episodes, but I just managed to watch the Snyder kids episode. I know most people around here aren't very fond of that era and may not have watched it, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts: Mick seems like a really nice, down to earth guy. I guess that doesn't really come as a surprise, as he always seemed that way, but it's nice to see it affirmed. I'm pretty sure he's been on the show longer than any of the other people in that episode (well, I guess Allie was there for the same length of time), yet he never once tried to draw attention to himself. I wish we could have heard more from him. I love that he's still in touch with Michael Park and they play golf regularly. I was struck by how much Christopher Tavani reminded me of his on-screen brother Agim Kaba. I know they were on around the same time, though I don't remember seeing them together much, but they seem really well-cast as family members. I wish Ashley Marie Greiner would have been a part of the episode. No offense to Valentina, but she'd been Faith for much longer. Plus, with the hints that were dropped by Elizabeth Hubbard, I would have been interested to hear her take on what happened (though I guess it may be the reason why she wouldn't want to be on).
  2. I was watching a random '98 episode yesterday, where Lisa and John are growing close again after his marriage to Barbara. This would of course soon be cut short by his marriage to Carly, which pretty much ended before it began. I was thinking it was a pity the show didn't allow John and Lisa to get back together, with everything that transpired between them behind them, and see where it would go. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad John ended up with Lucinda in the finale, but I think a renewed John/Lisa pairing in the late 90s could have given both of there characters an impulse.
  3. Here's a small photo from 2002 that shows Aaron with Caleb and Julie both When did Julie appear in 1999? I know she was present at Holden and Lily's wedding in 1998, but I can't remember her '99 appearance
  4. Along similar lines, it always confused me that Susan went back to Stewart after divorcing Larry. She and Dan divorced before he died (he was married to Kim at that time), so why wouldn't she have gone back to Burke, but kept Stewart? It made even less sense when Alison became largely known as Alison Stewart, even if she was biologically related to Emily, Dan, and Ellen. As a watcher during the 2000's, I always thought of that house as Susan's. I was shocked when those 1979 episodes were released on YouTube to find that the set was around (and largely unchanged) at that time. Makes me even sadder to think that it did eventually disappear. I believe I remember seeing some scenes there in early 2007 when Emily was drifting into prostitution, but I think it ended up one of the casualties of the massive set destructions in 07/08.
  5. I wouldn't call it chemistry exactly, but the short-lived pairing of Craig & Dani on ATWT was wrong on many, many levels. Around the same time, the show had brought on Laurence Lau to romance both Lucinda and her grandson, which, though carried by good actors, always made me uncomfortable as well (I guess that was the point, but still)
  6. Whoa! @mikelyons you are officially my new favorite person in the whole world. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've never seen this before!
  7. Hi BoldRestless, with pleasure! If you go to https://nyshistoricnewspapers.org, you can browse through all kinds of NY (state) publications, a number of which have TV listings included. It takes a little playing around with to get a feel for it, most likely. What I did is I started by using "As The World Turns" as a search term, and set the date to post-1956 to eliminate irrelevant results. I focused primarily on the eras where I was the closest to making connections in terms of episode numbers, and soon learned how to "read" the way some of these papers publish their listings. I actually have several that I found useful, with ADE being one of the more consistent one throughout many eras (other publications you might look for are 'Press-Republican' and 'The Journal'). If you know which publications you're looking for, you can also find the page for that publication, where you can easily overview all accessible files in a year, for example. Needless to say, just because a certain date is listed, that doesn't mean that it aired. In fact, I found several dated listed which I know were pre-empted. The trick is to distinguish between planned pre-emptions (i.e. holidays, sports events) and unplanned ones (due to recent events). But of course I know your not a newbie to tracking soap history, so you are probably aware of that already. Keeping that in mind, this wonderful resource actually provided me with a lot of information, for example for dates I had assumed would have been pre-empted, but found out they actually weren't. I hope that helps you in your search! I will certainly check out the links you provided here as well. Let's keep in touch to help each other out!
  8. I've been wondering about this for a while, and since the conversation has turned to Jennifer recently, it's a good time to ask: Did Jennifer ever find out she was not biologically Hal's child? Does she know about Darryl? I started watching the show in 2000, and I don't remember any mention of this. I feel like Jennifer died without ever knowing the truth. I understand what you're saying about the death of a legacy character, and I guess I agree, but I will say that that whole storyline around Jennifer's death was executed really beautifully. I've said before how 2006 was a rare highlight to me in an era in which the show's quality was generally declining, and the storyline surrounding Jennifer's death was a big factor in that. It helped that Jen had been the focal point of a huge umbrella storyline the year previously, which means her death had a wide-reaching effect in Oakdale. Someone mentioned Hope, and I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but back in 2000 there was a pretty good episode after David Stenbeck died where five women (Emily, Molly, Julia, Lily, and Denise) were summoned to his funeral to watch a video message he had left behind. His message to Denise promised that he had arranged that Hope would be informed of the fact her mother had sold her on her [I can't remember if it was 18th or 21st] birthday. For years, I had been anticipating the moment when Hope and Faith would grow up and find out the truth about what happened to them, and then the show got cancelled just around the time that Parker and Faith (in a terrible recast) were shown to be close to that point. I always imagined Hope would run away from Denise and end up in Oakdale, to spend some time with Kim and Bob. This would have turned in to the return of the much-missed Andy, and with Denise in pursuit, it could have given a much-needed impulse for the African-American representation on the show. It's a shame the show got canceled before we got there. Although I agree about Hope, I'll raise the point that the lack of Daniel was much more unforgivable. Both of his parents were in Oakdale the entire time. Parker, who was born around the same time, was driving stories for years at the end. Although I actually kind of liked Ben Levin's Gabriel, why create a new character with a convoluted backstory as a rival for Parker, when they could have easily used either Daniel or J.J.?
  9. Thanks for linking my efforts in this thread! I'm not a Y&R watcher, but please let me know if I can help out with anything. I'm a big fan of any effort to track soap history! This is too funny, because I'm working on doing almost the exact same thing for ATWT. I felt a little obsessed, so I'm glad to see I'm not the only one . Fascinating stuff!
  10. Continuing my full list update with 1994. I've made my way from 1989 to 1994 on RATS and have collected several recaps confirming dates that were previously unconfirmed. I skipped 1995 on purpose... Since that year is included in another (way more massive and altogether unnavigable) RATS group, it'll take me a while to sort through that. Since July 4 is a holiday in the US, am I correct in saying it makes sense that there was no OJ trial on that day? July 5 throws me for a loop. Many people stated it was pre-empted, but at least 1 person claimed to have received the show. However, since the Independence Day ep ended up airing on July 12, it seems the July 5 ep almost had to have been pre-empted. Most likely they pulled a "Belltower" and re-broadcasted the ep on July 11 (although unfortunately I was unable to confirm that). Post-July 8 it seems there were many regional pre-emptions, but I wasn't able to confirm any national ones.
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